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Govt challenges boxing promoters to explore talent

Sports Govt challenges boxing promoters to explore talent

ESTHER Phiri (c), her trainer Antonty Mwamba (l) and National Milling managing director Peter Cottan during a press briefing on Esther's training programme in Europe

Sports and child Development minister, Kenneth Chipungu has challenged boxing promoters and the boxing board of control to expand the exploration of talent among the youth to gloom them into successful boxers.

ZANIS sports reports Sports, Youth and Child Development minister, Kenneth Chipungu said the youths in the country are faced with a lot of challenges adding that they must be encouraged to venture into sports to become productive.

He said doing so will inspire them to take up the sports and become heroes and that this will put Zambia on the world map as a flourishing boxing haven.

Chipungu said in Lusaka today at a media breakfast meeting hosted for Ester Phiri to welcome her from Denmark where she had gone for a coaching course.

He advised Ester to continue working hard and maintain discipline and good healthy in order to strive to be a life time champion.

He also thanked national Milling for promoting women boxing in the country and urged other companies to emulate them adding that investing in such ventures is of great importance to the citizen of the country.

Meanwhile national milling Managing Director, Peter Cottan, is facilitating to establish a training gymnasium to train sports men and women in different disciplines.

Cottan however said he will continue supporting sports in the country despite the current economic problems.

And Ester trainer Anthony Mwamba has described the outing to Denmark as successful adding that this will enable them open a sports academy in Lusaka to impart skills on others also.


  1. How exactly do you find boxing talent? I think they need to do some shabeenary and some tavernary to find the ones that are good at makofi. The good boxers can be found mutu minzi where people struggle to survive.

  2. Mr Minister wake up there are more things to life than boxing.Think Mr Minister ways you can help businesses increase their productivity hence create more jobs for the young people.

  3. I am just not comfortable with the closeness of our champ with the trainer Anthony Mwamba. Are you sure bloggers this trainer ta lya ? I have never seen Mike Tyson or Ali’s Manager too much on the Media. Sure even on a mealie meal advert mwebantu ?

  4. Bwana Minister how can you box on an empty stomach. Thats why esther is closer to NMC for the sole purpose of ‘aka white’ ! Ba mwamba has put on weight in Denmark look at utumatobo !

  5. ‘Government Challenges boxing promoters to explore talent’…what a load bollocks!!! This Govt.never learns. Its only a few months ago they released K400milliom for a similar quest. It is not the sports body’s responsibility to explore talent. Govt. should adopt strategic initiatives supported by policy to improve sport in the country. ‘Re-introduce PE in schools, train coaches and implement sport policies that will in future save us from global embarrassment i.e. not capable of hosting Major Games…and blaming it on the credit crunch!! What is Zambia’s sports future? Bet the minister of sport knows better…not!!

  6. New year, new beggining and adding on to old achievements. Hip Hip Hurray, happy 2009 all Bloggers. For Ester, congrats my girl. you have made Zambia proud. Asses yourself mentaly, skillwise and readyness then maybe 2009 u can aspire for the world renowned titles i.e. WBA, WBC and IBO. But dont rush yourself girl. we dont want a blemish in your carer if it can be avoided by waiting just a little bit longer.Go girl.

  7. well if they want the best female boxer out there right now all they have to do is come to akron ohio the place where lebron james came from she is with out a dought the best girl fighter in the world hands down.she started when she was 9yrs old and now she is 16yrs old 5’11 to 6’0 125lb. u know when she came up to me when she was 9yrs old and said daddy i want to box,u know what i told her, go sit your ass down u dont want to do this,u know why i told her that because in my mind i didnt think a woman was good enough to be on the same level as a man,i always thought a woman couldnt be as good as a man,so i told my daughter no she couldnt do it,but i believe god told her dont give up…….

  8. and u know what she didnt she kept asking me and on oct,1,2002 thats the day she change my life and thinking about women not be able to do what a man do.i been into boxing for 21yrs and i never seen no one work as hard as she has.over the yrs she has beat up so many boys when they have got in the ring with her because in there head they thought im going to beat this girl up and when that bell rings,u should see how them boys run around that ring like they got on dresses.but what im trying to say is sense my daughter been in boxing when they see her in the ring they dont know she is a girl until she take off her headgear and there mouth drops because they cant believe what they just witness..

  9. and now there bringing there children down to see her and the kids fall in love with her and then they want to do the same thing box because of one person.my daughter.who made me change the way i feel about women, now i believe a woman can do what ever she set her mind to and if she wants to she can do it better than a man with out a dought theres no difference between a man and a woman.so boxing is a good thing only problem is getting my daughter enough exposure so she could have little girl around the would looking up to her because she is also a straight A student been one sense the day she started school now she in the 11th grade wants to be a C-E-O which if funny to me.HAVE A BLESS DAY.

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