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24 year-old woman suspected of murder


POLICE in Choma have picked up and detained a 24 year-old woman to help them with investigations into the suspected murder of another woman.

Police officer-in-Charge Victor Mateyo who confirmed this to ZANIS in Choma today said the named woman of Overspill compound was apprehended last evening.

Mr. Mateyo explained that the move follows the death of a woman who was six months pregnant in Choma general hospital from suspected injuries inflicted on her by the suspect during a fight that took place two weeks ago.

He explained that the deceased is suspected to have suffered injuries which forced her to go into early labour in which the still fetus was also found with bruises and was blood stained.

Mr. Mateyo said the husband to deceased told the police that his pregnant wife had complained of abdominal pains before being rushed to hospital.

He said the suspect is alleged to have picked a quarrel with the deceased over an issue in which their children had fought.

Mr. Mateyo said a scuffle ensued in which the suspect is said to have assaulted the deceased by repeatedly hitting her in the stomach despite her state of pregnancy.

Mr. Mateyo revealed that the suspect is a neighbour to the deceased woman.


  1. This is such a shame that this crime was committed by a fellow woman and a fellow mother. She should have known better, not fight with her pregnant friend.

  2. There is a possibility the fight was more than just over children. I suspect the the husband could be another reason. He is probably having an affair with the suspected murderer. LT investigate futher, we know these things, especially with increasing poverty:)>-

  3. Uyu umwanakashi!

    Iwe cimukazi how do you kill two innocent lives over a small fight? I think you are hauted by evil spirits.Ba kapokola pilizi mumeking’e shuwa ati cicose nsapato na belt elo cikambile kosogolo. :-j:-j:-j:-j

  4. What is happening in southern province kanshi imwe banthu? most of the stories today are from tonga land. anyway only ba LT can explain this.Mulebakaka pleae

  5. Why fight with a pregnant person. This woman should be punished for killing 2 pipo at once. May their souls rest in peace and the killer should also be beaten until she dies as well.SHAME ON HER

  6. Cage the woman and yu chi husband why didnt you stop the fight before it reached that level, i suspect hes blasting the neighbor

  7. Lets not be judge and jury on the blog, the fact that the accused has been arrested is enough. Zambian courts are usually competent such matters

  8. What suspected murder? She is the one! just cage her. You mean you dont know that women can be evil? Beware of the wife!!

  9. HI GUYS,MY HOLIDAY IS OVER HOPE YOU ALL HAD A WONDERFUL TIME. This is a sad story.i was actually looking for a story of a ndola woman who stubbed hubby with a bread knife after a christmas party,i believe she is in court today,i took interest in the case as i knew the guy very well some of you who were as UNZA from (i think) 1996 to 2002 will know the guy.he studed chemistry.he was currently working for ZANACO ndola branch. i wont speculate further you may read the rest in the post or other news sources.its sad as this guy was just at the begining of his great success.

  10. Most cruel people to women are fellow women. Cant you see even how they have failed fellow Edith Nawakwi. In offices, they cant work well alone, especially the immediate boss to one is a fellow woman. I really dont know why…but partly, women are extremely sensitive to their needs.

  11. Supergal, welcome back! I think I know the guy, but I have refused to believe until I read in black and white sources. Oh my God, I was @ UNZA during that period, let me hope its not him:(

  12. # 19 Zoe not all women are evil. They only become evil if they are going out with the same man be it married man or not. They will become very evil towards the other woman instead of the man coz they dont want to share. In short men are the ones that are evil coz they are in most cases not satisfied with one woman.

  13. Suppergal

    Welcome back.Bushe abanakashi ninshi kanshi?iam now scared,Wait a second!!No I think let me not blame women I think the problem is with us men,No way on earth can a womon kill someone without a reason.Palast ni noupa fye. :-j:-j:-j

  14. Ba Southern province what is going on, Fertilizer corruption, Mazabuka cholera, Magoye hunger and now Choma murder, Basankwa mulatushupa

  15. Zoe

    Its good that you are not like that, but most of these women can be cruel. Thats why when your wife is in a good mood its important to be alert! Those are usually signals of an impending evil deed. we know these things.

  16. i heard from his cousin who called me after christmas as all this happened 25 dec morning,but i also wanted to read it my self but i cant get the right sources for full infor. its sad after all those rough times at unza just to be murdered for really sad.imagine that she drove him to the hospital herself and not even telling or asking a neighbour for help.the girl is only 24yrs.they has a 6 months old son..left to suffer..its all dramatic

  17. Yes i killed her,she was too boastful and she never used to give me some salt and sugar, I deserve a life jail term for my action especially that i also killed the innocent baby. Iam really remorseful but in law i know i will be given a good one.

  18. Supergal

    Hi. Sorry about your collegue mwe. However, it is not every day that one is stabbed at a christmas party. Not that i condon murder, but this story (which apparently i’ve heard also) smells a little fishy. Lets not be too quick to blame the madam here. Could be a case of “a woman scorned” peharps? Like i said, you women can be tricky. Honestly, couldn’t she have used a smaller knife? Chonse chija! 😮

  19. Hi martworld,im fine my dear i actually missed you. but i had to enjoy the holiday with family so i made it a point to avoid the way,i got a small 8inch screen laptop si miss some keys,its too small i have to get used to it so if i miss a letter bear with me.

  20. Ba Moze iyo nkani yashupa mwandi. i dont know whats happening to us.i wont judge as i dont know the true story he was a friend but i cant take sides for now.awe ba Moze its really sad.yayamba kufika ku ma knife sure?

  21. #21 spot on, i was really appaled by the so called Women Umbrella body NGOCC disowning Nawakwi and giving Hazy reasons for not supporting her.Women!! Ask Barker(Isidingo.He confessed To say”Women-a lethal species”, Be watchful of your girl or wife bro!

  22. casey dear i have learned that those movies acyually reveal the real life of nigerians.i know nigerians here they say thats reality for them.even talking too much in public, no nsoni,taba funwa how to present themselves,,they often lack public manners. even in family setup its a shame

  23. Supergal

    Tizayamba kuyopa kugona naba kazibathu manje. You think you are having a dream about owning a butchery, when in fact your wife is busy cutting you up!!! Awee mwe.

  24. Ba Moze

    Please spare me,I have no energy to laugh,let me first eat.nkhani ya Butchery iyo yani gomora mbambo :-j:-j:-j

  25. #19 Zoe
    Am I glad to hear that you are a fellow sister as I was condemned when I commented on your nice name. How was your festive season?

  26. #39 its sad, i believe that all that is due to premature democracy.right now the country is learning about this democracy and all that comes with it such as gender issue,literacy, human rights and alot will be missrespresented and mis used.we still have a long way.even these women NGO still have to find a balance in all they advocate for otherwise democracy will have a negative impact on our society.yes women should support each other but they have to believe in themselves first(this tells me we need some image building and self confindence in women)so they can appreciate and farely evaluate issue to the benefit of the development of the country

  27. its not a big propotion of women capable of doing that.its unfortunate but i actually dont belive these women planned to do that.they may have thought of kicking the other person but didnt realise they over did say only 1 out 10 can kill in cold blood


  29. Supergirl

    Imwe ba kazi muyofya nga mumenyana. ku wona muzake amanga rasta ndite chance yo menyana, kufuna ku donsa sisi.

  30. Relax # 49.. maybe its Sista D’s vitendeni, motivator but not kungo tenda-tenda we, na vamene vili bwino but still cut to pieces! IYOOOh!

  31. Relax, Matworld

    Museka bane? This is serious. Like i said ukaona madam akondwela iyo day, be suspicious and alert. When going to bed pretend to sleep but with one eye open. Dont hesitate to leap out of bed at the slightest movement from your wife. They move so fast that before you know it, matumbo yalipanja. Iwe, line! Ndaba tina sana ngabafulwa!

  32. How could one fight with a pregnant woman. This woman should be thrown in jail, I have no mecry on her. Shame.


  34. # 50 Supergal, you are right. If anything, when a woman hears her husband has an extra marital, she will confront the suspected woman squarely, but when a husband hears his wife has a extra martial, he confronts the wife and not the suspected boyfriend or whatever. Opposite approaches.

  35. # 57 Sara Jones, ninshi hang over, for the first time you are commenting on the wrong topic. Take care and welcome!

  36. Ati shani guyz,nenze kobizi to return only to find this story.gentlemen lets b very careful when dealing with ladies,jst last a banker whom i knew was knifed to death by his 24 yrs old wife.Today another 24 yr old is at it,whts happening?

  37. Man Kunde

    Natulandapo kale iyo story. Mwachiba kwi? Read other contributions before you make your own. Mwansekesha mwe!

  38. LT I would like to commend you for making these discussions very dynamic by changing topics everyday on the column “Latest”, sometimes even twice a day.
    However, I have noted that some categories are not changing, eg the column “Popular”. When you point of this category you find that even today the top topic is:

    “Sata leads so far”

    Why dont you make this category dynamic also by puting timeframe eg,
    “Most popular for the day”
    “Most popular for the week”
    “Most popular for the month” and,
    “Most popular for the year”

    We cannot have Sata leading so far, and up to now he is not winning.
    This makes the site give an impression that it is static.
    Please do something.

  39. Casey,
    Maybe I didn’t read the news article very well. I thought this detained woman was in involved in a fight with a six pregnant woman two weeks ago.
    Was it the fight that caused her death? Please explain.
    Am I still on the wrong topic? If so, then I have a terrible hangover.

  40. Is Lifestyle the correct section for this story? LT How can you embrace this as a way of life in Zambia? This should be in Rural and since there are so many cases of hunger in the country, LT should consider opening a section for Poverty and Hunger stories.

  41. #65 Rashid.
    Please Rashid when did I become your wife? Uzanichaisa Kuli ba munabanga. Stop what you saying.
    I will never talk to you and Nine Chale again. Thats why I only talk to Cutey only.
    Am out of here before I get divorce. People Might assume I have an online Marriage.

  42. Tom Jones (Sarah)
    Dont Go.please I will talk to him.Next time remember to come with a bread knife. :-j:-j:-j:-j

  43. Sarah naiwe, mwamuna nga kukonda sichoyipa. Just tell your husband that someone else loves you. He will appreciate that you are still marketable and that he made the right bargain.

  44. These days chikwati needs a full package legal team. Proper contract with specific terms and conditions lest you regret.

  45. Men

    Lets be realistic,Women are just okay the problemis with us men.Hvae you heard of a man Forgiving a woman after he finds out that she is cheating on him?But with women I have heard it on several occasations.I cat like this because of the Love they have for us.Imagige after wamukotesha then wayasendamo sweet 16.She will definately deal with you in any way.Imwe bambi guys mulafulwafye nga mwamona girlfried weno na brother wakwe what more if she finds out that you are cheating on her after wamukotesha.Ni 50/50.Viva ladies,but dont take it for granted :)>-:)>-:)>-:-j:-j:-j

  46. **==**==**== this resulted in their children fighting!!,intead of discpline the chaps these ladies decided to fight,very shalow thinking indeed, MHSRIP

  47. Matworld

    You are very right my brother! You men have a problem! You are never satisfied with what you have. Whenever you see a chicken crossing the road, you run after it and turn into dress’d chicken within a day!

  48. #81 you have made my day
    Evenif you have legal papers, you are already dead how will you even regret. Just say Men should behave themselves to prevent their women from being evil

  49. Who is your intended victim if I may ask? I meanrt in view of assault occurring. I see you have death in mind. Please forgive that poor husband/boyfriend of yours, dont kill him.

  50. Njobvu Kazi

    Who is your intended victim if I may ask? I meanrt in view of assault occurring. I see you have death in mind. Please forgive that poor husband/boyfriend of yours, dont kill him.

  51. #40 suppergal, yuo are very right my dear. When i was home i thought nigerian movies are comedies. I was treated to a rude shock that is reality on the ground. nigerians will wake up in the morning and start fighting over petty issues. I cant go to nigeria not even as An Ambassador.

  52. African Queen, Suppergal and Njobvu Kazi,
    The other side we were at variance over the issue of sex and unfaithfulness. It is gratifying that here we are speaking the same language.
    That Choma husband also ought to explain. Why wasn’t the fight reported to the police in the first place? Secondly, I smell very evil intentions were at play prior to the fight. What kind of beating is this where even the unborn suffers bruises and was covered in blood.
    Talking ethically and phylosophically, shouldn’t the accused be charged with murder in the first degree for the 2 persons killed? She pulled the plug on the unborn. The results are evident for all to see. MURDER.

  53. Relax, Supergal, Sharp Shooter Listen to this:
    That is why, when one woman asked her husband to mend her kitchen sink pipe, I recorded this conversation:
    Wifey: Honey, you obviously want to mend my sink pipes in the kitchen and that one in the master bedroom today right?
    Hubby: Hell no! Do I look like a fakinqi plumber?
    The following day:
    Wifey: Honey, our daughter’s school uniform is torn; can we have it mended before we think of getting her another one?
    Hubby: Hell no, do I look like a fakinqi telala? (And He the left)
    When he came back home later, he found the sink in the kitchen has been mended, and the house was smelling fresh!
    Hubby: Hi Honey. You have the sink plumbing done?

  54. Wifey: Yes honey. It was John from the next door; he said he would do everything I requested for free if I only baked him a pie:
    Hubby: And you obviously baked him a pie honey didn’t you?
    Wifey: Hell no, do I look like a fakinqi baker:
    And at this time John walked out of the bedroom with a spanner because he was still working on the leaks in the master bedroom.
    The hubby collapsed and was rushed to hospital: his conclusion was clear.

  55. Gents lets help our Brothers & Sisters in Southern Province it seems every bad Sad story is coming from that side. Where are we going in 2009.

  56. Men, when u have decided to marry, dont look more further. If uve got problems with ur wife sit and talk abt it, else you spend three quarters of ur life getting those degrees only to use them at work for a few years and just end up being butchered :”>

  57. Dear all,
    I have a somewhat different approach to the issue of killing your spouse, more so in a very gruesome manner as in the case of the Ndola incident. I believe the best thing to do whether it is that your wife or husband has cheated on you is to cling on to sweet life. The experience will be painful and bitter to swallow. However, this is the only way you can be around to prove your point when life ya picking’a. Violence has never been Zambian. Ne fima Nigerian movies mwatemwa lyonse!!!
    As Lucky Dube noted, ‘There is no problem worth (somebody’s) your life. Celebrate life


  59. The truth is majority of us Zambians love illicit sex more than life itself. Some will put their lives and reputations on the line all but for a moment’s pleasure. I have been there and seen that. It is sad. For example, when at work the mindset is such that you tuned to work and issues of a seual nature are kind of switched off. But what is this nonsense that people are caught having sex in the office. Sick minds. Reminds of a boss I had some time back. The lady he had been having quickies with spilled the when he attempted to leave her for another lady saying ‘si munganisiye so ine. Ninavutika maningi pali amuna aba. Benzo ni gona pa floor mu coldroom (temp: 4 degrees celsis).


  61. The truth is majority of us Zambians love illicit sex more than life itself. Some will even put their lives and reputations on the line all but for a moment’s pleasure. I have been there and seen that. It is sad!! For example, when at work the mindset is such that you are primed for work and issues of a sexual nature are kind of switched off. But what is this nonsense that people are caught having sex in the office. Sick minds. Reminds me of a boss I had some time back. The lady he had been having quickies with spilled the beans when he attempted to leave her for another woman saying ’si munganisiye so ine. Ninavutika maningi pali amuna aba. Benzo ni gona pa floor mu coldroom’

  62. Weston

    You are a rare breed. at least you are honest. However, that story sounds like you are refering to an incident which happened to you, Ka? 😕

  63. Bye.

    Chat with you tommorrow.
    Also remember our friends in Gaza. It is hell for them. By the way, aren’t these half-brothers busy sorting each other out like that? Abrahamm, Isaac and Ishmael. Is this not what the Bible chronicles?.

  64. Mwe bantu ulubuli lwabana iyo kwena mashilu. dont blame one person suppose it was the woman who was not pregnant who died. Ulubuli fiko.

  65. #77,Sarah Jones, AKA Tom Jones, this Tom Jones thing has to cease.. doesn’t suit you at all. You are a woman of ‘substance’, there is no way hubby can desert you just because of blogging about your home land.. see what I mean??
    the only reason I am still on this blogg is to get a glimpse of what is going on pa Zedi. Remember we’ve got families back home…

    ‘words of wisdom and encouragement to you’ :o:o:o:-h:-h:-h@};-@};-**==

  66. To the main story here…
    Ilyashi lya pa chipanda.. I just do not favour parents who go into their kids squabbles before getting the truth.
    This lady kukakwa bebele, elyo she might find later on that her own kid was in the wrong in the first..??

    Love thy neighbours bane.@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-

  67. “Christian Nation” or is it a “Nation of Savages”? when i moved away from Zed, it was very “normal” for me to attack people who provoked me, its the **==ian way of revenge! My mother was a bad mother, she beat the hell out of us (10 children she brought into this fcuking world from 10 different zambian men) as a teacher she beat her students, when they met me on the streets they beat me because of that. ZAMBIANS must stop behaving like gorillas and learn to talk about problems instead of using brutality to solve problems!

  68. just a handfull of greedy pot bellied **== enjoy life paZed while Millions has to scrounge for wild leaves, shrooms and insects

  69. This woman’s actions were on impulse…. she must be regreting and full of remorse right now ku macells..

    Hard luck, the likely out come of her court case will be unfavourable, what a waste!!!!!!!!!!

    ‘THINK BEFORE YOU ACT’ :-?:-?:-?:-?

  70. Actually, this named woman is not a suspect. She is a convict already.

    2 lives have been lost here.(+ THE UNBORN BABY) ~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(*-:)*-:)*-:)*-:)

  71. awe u pipo ala things that r happinin to de o i can say is that we livin in the last days mweee…. :o:o:o[-x

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