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Faz Has a Case to Answer Over Mayuka Transfer

Sports Faz Has a Case to Answer Over Mayuka Transfer

Sports minister Kenneth Chipingu said The football Association of Zambia (Faz) have been found with a case to answer in Emmanuel Mayuka’s controversial transfer from Kabwe Warriors to Maccabi Tel Aviv of Israel that he said was fraught with irregularities.

Chipungu said after studying Elliot Mhende’s commission of inquiry report in the case, the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) should take action against Faz over the matter.

Faz cleared Mayuka to move from Warriors to Maccabi without the Zambian clubs consent for whom he had played for 2 years but instead secured the teenage strikers released from his mother who gave parental content for the players move.

“Having read through the report and recommendations made I wish to state that the report has revealed a lot of irregularities in the manner the transfer was handled by Faz especially that the case at hand involved a minor below the age of 18,” Chipungu said at a press briefing in Lusaka over the matter today.

“In view of what has transpired it is my considered view that NCSZ must take the necessary action to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed in order to regularizes the transfer.

“The NCSZ should also institute some disciplinary measures on those that have been found wanting in executing this transfer. This is in line with NSCZ act no 15 of 1977 sub sec 2 and 3.”

In summary, the NSCZ can within the act punish an association, club or official or affiliate prejudicial to the interests of sports or the public interest generally and the council may order the suspension of activities of an association, club, office bearer or member.

Meanwhile, the contents of the full report have yet to be made public.


  1. Did the Player have a contract with his old club.

    Zed futoball, just leave the poor guy alone.
    Is he worth 1m like KAKA .

  2. This is a complicated report.. Was it the reason why FAZ shuned the 2008 meeting to resolve this matter?

    Why FAD took advantage of the teenage’s move to Isreal? Did he move there willingly or did short cut to avoid frustration from Kabwe warriors?

  3. It immoral to transfer a peadiatric to the killer nation of Israel. What is the fine attached to this established case. 🙁

  4. Kalu and his friends abena munaile are at FAZ for business, thier business that is. I respect Kalu and always will. But that’s great Kalu the footballer not the administrator.
    Ask any well meaning football admministrator and they will you these guys mean no good..

  5. I have never even heard about this guy, although we have a number of brillant players in Zambian football.
    When will we ever reach the level of players like Eto’o of Cameroun? Or Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal, who just won the FIFA World Player of the year Award, making him the first player from the Premier League to win this award.

  6. #6. Star Baby
    Fines are a deterant to possible and intented offences. After critical readance of the text i become of the opinion that FAZ offended deliberatly with full knowledge of the consequences possibly with “we shall meet bear the fine” attitude

  7. in zed i dont know why we do things like who cares, sure really can Kalusha or Munaile tell us how much the boy gave them coz they surpose to know who is in and out of the country items of football, or is it true that paper work tapaba its only the legs that talks..

  8. Israel ia a beautiful country, despite all the ‘balagan’ going on with their neighbours, i spent 3 wonderful years in Tel aviv, Netanya, Hafia, and enjoyed Maccabi beer!!!! My girlfreind “Lola” (Olaide, nigerian) is the mother and manager of her son Dele who play’s for Maccabi Netanya:)>-!
    The zambian boy will get proper training in Israel. He just has to stay away from the old bus stop “Tarkana Merkezit, Buzz Stop pub at the sea front, Joe’s bar on Allenby Street, and crowded places where suicide bombers are likely to attack innocent lives.

  9. kalu is bringing the footy game into disrepute. he should he maintaned/retained his credentials as a player rather than as an administrator.

  10. Last time it was National Olympic Committe and Mirriam Moyo and now it is Kalusha and Munaile. Sport must be good business.

  11. They are feasting on transfer fees from Arab money….I know how its done, been there, seen it all, that’s why Kalu was his own agent coz he knows how much money agents part away with, Too bad he never got himself a premiership deal.

  12. Faz charges an illegal $5000 for transfer which is never accounted for. please send anti- corruption commission. This is illegal as far as FIFA is concerned but Kalu won’t stop it

  13. Let FAZ and Warriors sort out this issue otherwise with Politicians involved FIFA will ban Zed soccer from all activities. Remember Kalu is close to Blatter as well. So iwe Chipungu just biuld Stadiums and keep your big mouth from FAZ

    If Mayuka was under 18 by then, then it is the Parents that can decide as he was under their custody. Another question is, Was Mayuka on contract with Warriors or was he a schoolboy? Watchout

  14. #35 Prince Of Z. Mwana age in Association Football has nothing to with transfers of players. Once a player has signed for a club, that club has more say on that player than any body else including the parents. As for contracts the set up in Zambia is that registration of the player is enough for that current season. At the end of that season the player can either accept to be retained by his club or decline by not signing the retention and registration forms. Once he sign he remains a property of that club and this should be respected by all concerned including Mr Kalusha the friend of Mr Blatter without exception. Of course politics are not encouraged in sport, unless things are bad

  15. The same agent that wisked Mayuka to Israel is at it again, now trying to get Kola to the same Maccabi team. We are told Mayuka was transfered illegaly, meaning the illegality ghost is visiting us again.Kalu & his team are crooks. Kalu was a great player yes but never a good adminstator. He is full of self, busy fighting to get into CAF after failing to win COSAFA Presidency. What has he done to get the boys break into competitive leagues? Nothing apart from into Kangaroo leagues using crooks law. atase.

  16. Bane WorldCup2010 ni next year. Instead of polishing up the team, whe dont even have the team & FAZ officials at Football house busy messing up the sport, illegaly getting kick-backs from illegal transfers. I could not believe my eyes when I learnt about the transfer fee for Mayuka, Sunzu etc. The boys are young but that & the talent they have must fetch them a lot. Look at Pato, Messi Salomon Kalou etc, how much did they fetch. A million times more than our boys, gap too big. Something is fishy at Football house. Really.I smell an elephant not a rat it is too small for that big mess.

  17. corruption is what is rife in this country! Very soon we shall be corrupting our own wives to have babies with them! Shame on whoever is behind it!

  18. That report should name and shame. How come we are not getting names of the culprits and their involvement ? Are the names so big they cant be mentioned ? FAZ have been coming out so arrogantly on this issue. They had earlier stated that Worriors should have complained through them to FIFA and that they are the only ones that deal with grievances. Basically, FAZ want to hide behind the FIFA statute of no-interference by GVT in the affairs of the Association. But should the country be subjected to crookedness in FAZ when it is financed by tax payers money. Is it the objective of the non interference rule to protect crooks in a national association ?

  19. joeder0978518440
    # 8,9,10,16,20,21,24,25,26 and 28 lets contribute positively not all the silly comments u are putting on the important topic and remind u to shut up if you have nothing to contribute .sil……..

  20. Forgget about zambian football zambia will never win the africa cup nor qualify to the world cup.so lets not waste our time talking about zambian football.And zambia national team must abolished cause a lot of money has been wasted since 1998 africa cup.
    Die hard Nkana supporter and i will never stop supporting them.

  21. Hmmmm #47 SMOG u tell us to forget about Zambian Football, Yes We Can. But again you sign off as Die Hard Nkana Supported. HMmmm thats Zambian Football we should forget. Hmmmm.

  22. Kalushya is too pompus. why did state house leagal council stamp the transfer? just because he is connected to RB thru joint ownership of the chiparamba soccer academy. remember mbesuma’s issue; kalu got the balance on behalf of roan united- but the money never got to roan united. now its mayuka and his underhand methods again.whoever u r, save us from this piece of trash of a so called admininstrator

  23. Smog thanks a lot. I accept your appology, I under stand once a die hard Nkana supporter very difficult to stop supporting Ba “Devil”.I remember your Golden days when your team used to go as far as semi finals in African club champion football. Sad state of football affairs now. Very sad indeed. Hope Nkana can rise up one day. They once had terrific squads Malitolis,Shinde,Chabala Micheal, John Soko, Kapambwe, Eston, Mweetwa, Simambe, Numba, Kelvin Mutale, na ba Simwala as coach. Yaba MTSRIP. bola ylipwa pa Zed

  24. It is unbelievable, but then anything is possible in backward Zambia. How can FAZ transfer a player without his club’s consent or knowledge? Obviously some individuals made money out of the transfer. This is a police case, NOT one to be handled by the Sports Council. There is lack of seriousness in this God forsaken country.

  25. Kalu and his group are involved and serious measures should be put into account….the problem is kalu thinks he knows everything about football….Mr.Adams was the right man for the job and these dull footballers!

  26. #52. Problem is that there is no difference between The MMD Convention and The FAZ Council meetings. Intimidation and bribery are the order of the day. Mr. T. Mulonga a well cultured and highly educated individual was houded out by hooligans masqurading as Club officials because they were influenced by people whose main lively hood is to peddle lies.

  27. Kalu and his close alies at FAZ should change they way of running soccer in this country otherwise they will be embarassed. He must have been involved and got a cut. Remember what happened to the Mbesuma transfer. He chewed money which was meant for Roan United. And noone is talking about it. This report will expose him. Please Kalu change your leadership stance.

  28. Kibosech,

    Are u from Bosnia were hangin is the order of the day, hey.I suppose u survived a BALL HANG once.Wait for the full report and Faz’s respose banee.

  29. So many Kalu haters giving vent here. If you have nothing to say its better not to expose your inanity. Kalu wasn’t FAZ President when Mayuka went to Israel!

  30. #63 You dont know what you are talking about. Kalu was voted as FAZ president in march 2008 and Mayuka was sold in september 2008. Kalusha blocked the officials from Maccabi from seing Warriors officials and collected 50,000.00 Us dollars from the Israel team which FAZ was suppose to get 20%, Mayuka himself 10% and 70% to Warriors. This did not happen Warriors got nothing but i dont how much Mayuka got but Kalu and his colligues pocketed the money.
    I like Kalu as a player but not as an administrator coz this one everyone knows that they have stollen the money and these guys are really crooked.The police and the ant corruption commission should do something and bring the culplits to book.

  31. Kalu must be on a look out for character the association vice. They will just bring his name into disrepute. This is a shame and am embarassed.

  32. Plz stop this kalu rubbish thing. Let us luk at the national team’s preparednes 4 world cup qualiers. Mayuka he is settled where he is. Let us discuss how our players are performing in there respective clubs. So that we know their feetness. 0977861117

  33. MY HEART IS BRRROO =(( zambian football cant start havin petty politics instead we shuld be developin rather….so i prey dat all goes well in our soccer [-o< AMEN

  34. Nalelo Ba Nkana balusa,SMOG Iam also a die hard Kalampa supporter and Iam always troubled with sorrow when visiting my home town diggers or love town Kit-way seeing how devasistated Auther Davies, KPF,and our famous battle field pacilata is now.All this is due to Kani ya kang’ono pa Zed.Every thing that goes on in Zedian mpola involves cekelako syndrome from match officials,club administrators,match commissioners,coaches,players even supporters. Now this Kani yaka ng’ono syndrome we will always having mediocre players,coaches,football administrators,match officials and our mpola will never ever improve as long as this syndrome is not removed or stopped.

  35. it is a shame that mother body of football in zed is in the fore front of supporting dubious ways of doing things. Please bring to book all those who will be caught wanting in this saga!!!

  36. kalu,munaile & chilemena you are a let down in football administration in great zed .suppose the worst happened to mayuka in isreal with the current political tession there ,how will you explain to the zed pipo? sham on you .i suggest that ACC comes on board because corruption should not be allowed in the name of no political interference otherwise we shall all become player agents so that we are immune from prosecution.period!!

    frustrated soccer fan

  37. The current FAZ executive is incapable of adding value to our football game. You are yet to hear more. Look at the way they recruited the current ntional coach.

    Kalu was a great player but he has no administrative skills as long as the those continue heading FAZ we are yet to hear more scandals.

    Wait a bit even our outing to Ivory Cost for CHAN will not bring us anything. If our outing to Uganda was a disaster what else to you expect from West Africa? Wish the national team Good Lucky.

  38. ba great kalu ni ba bussinessman he want were there money he is involved so he had a cut in all this.they made a mistake to make him boss of faz. one ba kaso,that is y the wife divonced him.two he love money so much he can even sell faz :d/:)>-

  39. ba munee #77 am not a kachepa those are facts ask simata simata will tel you. were money is involved kalu is bad

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