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African Union Boxing pictures

Photo Gallery African Union Boxing pictures

ZAMBIA'S Steven Chungu receives punches from Ghana's Muhamed Akrong during the Africa boxing UNION middleweight fight
ZAMBIA'S Steven Chungu receives punches from Ghana's Muhamed Akrong during the Africa boxing UNION middleweight fight

AKRONG punches Chungu
AKRONG punches Chungu

The umpire helps Steven Chungu get back to his feet
The umpire helps Steven Chungu get back to his feet

ZIMBABWE'S Diana Makumbe lands a punch on zambia's Mable Mulenga during the Africa Boxing Union featherweight fight in Lusaka
ZIMBABWE'S Diana Makumbe lands a punch on zambia's Mable Mulenga during the Africa Boxing Union featherweight fight in Lusaka

MABLE Mulenga is lifted after being knocked out in the nineth round by Zimbabwe's Diana Makumbe
MABLE Mulenga is lifted after being knocked out in the nineth round by Zimbabwe's Diana Makumbe

ZAMBIA'S Charles 'Wasaja' Chisamba trying to hoodwink his opponent, Tanzanian Mbaruku Kheri for the Middle weight title
ZAMBIA'S Charles 'Wasaja' Chisamba trying to hoodwink his opponent, Tanzanian Mbaruku Kheri for the Middle weight title

MBARUKU knocked out
MBARUKU knocked out

Disappointed Mbaruku
Disappointed Mbaruku

BOXING fans cheering during the Africa Boxing Union fights
BOXING fans cheering during the Africa Boxing Union fights


  1. I have just observed that these boxers are Mulenga and Chungu. As usual my buyas thought that since plundering is becoming a risky business they better try boxing. The late Lottie Mwale or Stone Phiri would not take such punches

  2. I couldn’t help it but laugh on some of these pictures.
    The mouth specks volumes in pic 1. ha ha ha.
    interesting pictures.

  3. These pictures are disturbing. Especially that of the young lady being carried out of the ring punch drunk. I wonder if there is even a doctor by the ring side.

  4. ‘ZAMBIA’S Steven Chungu receives punches from Ghana’s Muhamed Akrong during the Africa boxing UNION middleweight fight’
    This is a mismatch.
    The Ghanaian has a six pack while the zambian has a small pillow.
    Please get him fit!!

  5. Diane Makumbe is a woman…
    Go girl goooooooo.
    Wish you could pounce on some anonymouses on this blogggg…

    I will send you one of my laptops… pembela..

    #1.#2.#3,#7,#9, Iam back bro’s.. just a short break =d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>

  6. Na Steven Chungu ali panshi ka!

    Ba Mbaruku bena kwashala ukubashindika ku Leopards hill cemetery…. =))=))=))=))=))=))=))8-}8-}8-}

  7. mable mulenga`s mouth looks as if she is saying owe mayo, where was the ring side doctor, these boxers are a disgrace to our country, how are they now have they recovered from their bittings, shame on them.

  8. these photos r hilarious, thanx LT.poor,poor mable shuwa. hope she was given a ka complimentary sumthn sumthn 2 cheer her up? =))=))=))

  9. Who says bembas can be boxers please? why cant they restrict themselves to plundering and fishing. shame on them :d/:d/:d/

  10. I’m A qualified first aider, the little relevant info I have about life saving & anatomy of a human being, thats not the way you carry a punneled human being picture #5, what if the spine is affected? You worsen it!!! We need stretchers with head locks & more people that are qualified to handle such eventualities. Zambians were really beaten and later mis-handled after the beating. Yaba lets improve our act or deaths will result due to mis-handling & not from blows. Mable..Mable how the hell were you beaten like that.

  11. I’m getting worried with Steven Chungu, he has lost far too many times. maybe time to hung up his gloves. Those knock outs will have a telling effect on his health in later years. he seems not to improve &I doubt if he shall win any awards or titles. Wasaja, Preacher man, from kalulushi has been around boxing. Congrats, but he too age is catching up.Good finally he has won something for all his attempts.Congrats & prepare/accumulate cash4your iminent retirement in future.

  12. :)):))

    Yaba! Nangu kuponokwa, being carried as if naufwa? Awee sure, that female boxer should just concentrate on pro creation. She belongs in the kitchen. Iyo, abalumendo bala puma mwee!!

  13. when as a couple,you had a rough night and are not on talking terms
    the best medicine is to visit LT bloggers early in the morning.kuti wakontoka imbafu check #22

  14. =))=))

    Mwe bantu! Picture #3. The chap Chungu doesn’t know whether he’s coming , going, standing or seated. At that point every thing is in black and white. In fact, @-)!!

  15. Struggling Comedian #36 :-j:))=))

    I tell you, my ribs are aching right now!! Takwaba ukupumwa filya!! Makes you wonder if that girl can withstand fimo fimo in the bedroom!!! Awee sure.

  16. =))=))=))

    Yaba!! The first aid technique being used on our female boxer is unprecedented in the history of boxing!! She could actually choke on her own tongue!! Iyee mayo!! Being carried like a car accident victim!!

  17. =))=))=))=))=))=))

    Mwe bantu!! this is the best monday of my life!! Anisekesa Mable mwe. And these are the same people asking for equal rights!! Mwamona nomba. I would divorce har if she were my wife, instantly!! Ala!

  18. =))=))=))

    Picture #3: Chungu seems to be telling the ref ati, “Njimyeniko bamudala! Nabamponona sana! Namufika kale pa ten?”.

  19. =))=))=))=))=))=))

    Yaba!! Mwe bantu, this is too much. Ba Mable filya balemoneka. Can mouth to mouth resustation even work?? Techakwesha!! It would be a risk pantu pakubuka, kti bakusuma!!

  20. Relax

    Bwanji baba. Osayesa boxing mudala. People beat, ka? Onani sure mukazi uyu mable. Sikumwalila kuja chabe?? =))=))=))

  21. Relax =))=))=))

    Thats the problem! mable thinks she can also be given a house mu PHI. Instead of fighting the opponent, she was dreaming of the house. Mwaona manje! Awee sure. Chifundo sure Mable. Onani ku kamwa!

  22. Eh baries i was talking to mohammed Ali and njeba ati iyi baumine ba Mable bayita ati sucker punch kanshi ni lilya ikofi ilibi :d

  23. Zambian boxes do not get enough local competition. A few ‘tough’ local boxers are easily knocked like ba Chungu… by now chungu is even drinking shake shake.. shame shame.

  24. Shame on Mable, am sure Ester and Peter cottan are rejoicing. Ifyakukopa tefisuma. She must ask Ester what gymic she uses of which one of them is sleeping with yo trainer, sponsor etc etc….

  25. Am new on this blog but wondering where all you guys write from. Pic #5 for Mable is a celebration and not a rescue. Mable knocked out Diana actually in the sixth round!

  26. ba Moze

    mwaseka sana inseko shalapwa ka! ha ha ha mwandi awe kutiwaseka ukumwa so,what was she thinking,she probably thought she could be like esther.ha ha banamumenya bad…am sure she is on bed rest now no movements.ha ha ha

  27. zoe

    hey sis this is so serious mable would have collapsed ka.awe bana muchaya bad futi.whats happening to the man also its like these guys didnt really train well ayi?

  28. zoe
    i watched just a clip of the fight on snbc news last night i thought mable worn the fight kanshi banamumenya.what happened exactly.

  29. G BABY hws it?Yes wat i knw aswel is tht Mable won.Ba LT can be misleading at tyms balalubana sana.Bcoz wen she was lifted on tht pic u can see frm th background tht pipo wer rejoicung.Maybe fyalichinja nga wapumwa ku celebrata

  30. This is Zed Sports at its best. Let us support these ladies and Gents.
    I hope they earn enough to be hammered like that.8->8->

  31. G baby =))=))=))=))

    My ribs are aching. Nangu ku celebrata. Am telling mouth to mouth teti ibombe palya! Kuti akusuma chikashana Mable. Teyakwesha kiss.[-x


  32. LT You really brighten our days with pictures like these. #10 Zulu you are very right, Bembas like to learn the hard way coz they can’t just admit that they’re not good at anything apart from being crooks. Sorry my tribal cousins..go back to what you know best!!

  33. Relax #70

    But at that rate, she might just end up there, you know. Pantu takwaba ukufwa filya mani.
    Yaba, i have really enjoyed this monday ka? =))=))=))

  34. Zoe =))=))=))

    Yashani iyo? Am just telling you facts. Kuti yabako bad mouth to fimo fimo.


    Please[-o<, can we have some more pictures. Napapata sana[-o<[-o<[-o< =))=))=))

  35. What exactly happened between Mable & the Mugabe girl? Today’s post says mable won through a knockout,LT HAVE YOU MADE A MISTAKE?? Pls clarify

  36. ndine

    OK let us analyze the picture. If Mable won why is she looking beaten? Why is her rescuer in a tense mood? why is she being carried like that, winners are lifted shoulder high.

  37. Some of you bloggers have complained of luck of entertainment and other amenities in Zambia. these pictures have proved that infact we have so much entertainment and talent in Zambia.i mean you dont need to watch these matches, just watching picture 1 is enough to make you lough the whole by the time you are on picture 3 your lung will be in the mouth.it apears our boxers dont go in the ring to win the fight because they know even second slot has a prize all you have to do is survive a beating like picture 4 and 5 then cry faul in picture 3 after looking like a monster in picture 1

  38. ndine

    Another thing, the people in the background dont necessarily appear celebrating. It seems they are saying ‘owee muntu afwa, Dokota alikuni!’

  39. Ba LT, you have taken away my Monday blues, these pictures are really funny. LT bloggers for once forget each other’s neck and crack their ribs. I tell you I have never laughed like this from the time Ba LPM left us. The Pic says Mable was lifted after being knocked out in the ninth round!

    What a sporting weekend?

  40. The ref (cut off) is watching helplessly this girl being rushed out. That towel might have been used as a first aid tool.

    Look at some of the people in the audience whose hands are down, they are waiting for the arrival of the Doctor.


    “In another fight, Zambia’s Mable Mulenga emerged victorious with a sixth round knock out over Diana Makumbe of Zimbabwe in the super bantamweight bout.Makumbe contained the pressure in the first three rounds but it was Mulenga’s experience that stopped the Zimbabwean.”


  42. :-j:)):))=))=))=))

    Awee!!! Nafwa kunseko. Mable has made my monday lovable. Ba chungu bena should just retire. Wafuma ku tarven ati naya ku boxing? Thats how they die!
    But Mable!!=))=))=))

    Iyee Lesa Wandi!!!!=))=))=))=))=))=))

  43. Bloggers

    Pictures dont lie!! Period! Mable is out cold! What kind of celebration is that? Shes basically lifeless. Can you imagine footballers celebrating like that after scoring? there would be chaos on the pitch. You would need 11 team doctors per team!! =))=))=))=))=))

    Awee, but Mable!!!!=))=))

  44. When you analyse that picture, people are actually urging the chap carrying Mable to quickly rush her to the hospital. There is commotion in the background for sure! Awee, Mable was definately dismantled. Thats what happens when you are selective in giving sports men/women houses in PHI. She also wanted one like Esther. Now all she has is a bed in……….UTH!!!!! =))=))=))=))

  45. #92, Ba Moze you’ve made my day!!

    Munzanu Mable aona tu nyoni tuchova njinga ati celebrating?! Aweh!! More of these ba LT!!

  46. awe, abantu baloma!!!! b-(b-(b-(b-(

    what happened, that punch landed straight on Mables face, eish. Awe, engineering is better even if we’re not appreciated pa zed

  47. And look at the way she’s being carried 😮 being bundled like some bag of Kapenta, surely that’s not a safe way to handle someone in that state,

    what if the boxer has a fructured neck,spine or skull this is disgusting not to mention mind boggling

  48. #93 struggling Comedian =))=))=))=))

    unipailatu manje!! Ati aona tu nyoni tuchova njinga!!:-j:-j:-j

    But Mable fye, sazabwezapo futi. When the doctor shows her his palm and asks how many fingers she can see, i think mable sees seven!!=))=))=))=))=)). Anjipaya Mable!!!=))=))

  49. I still cant understand the first aid technique being applied on Mable! :-j
    That chap carrying her is not aware that vibaba munzake!=))=))

  50. Lt says Mable was knocked out in Round 9. The Post says Mable won the fight in round 6 of 8. Now I find this very confusing. LT kindly confirm the true position with regard to this fight.

  51. Zambians you are very funny including ba LT. Pictures speak volumes. I have laughed like never before. Kwena twalikwata circus pa zed. Iye.

  52. #102 Zoe

    Be honest. Does Mable look like a winner in the picture? She looks like a corpse if anything!! Since when did this style of celebrating come into being? Mable was beaten. Thereis no better picture that depicts defeat than that one. She is in UTH as we speak/blogg now. Heavily sedated.

  53. Ba Shibumi!!!!

    Bushe mable kuti awina kwena.

    Ba LT give me the residenital addresses to these two bembas who were beaten. I need to visit them and pray for their quick recovery. I will advise them to go back to fishing and never try boxing again.

  54. Ba Moze she won,my bro was there.
    Thts jus da excitement amaka yalipwa.Tamumona Esther nga awina alalila?Ne english ni “sori i hav win and she has lose.

  55. Zoe

    Your bro could have been there thinking the other girl was Mable, Ka? Bali mupuma uwesu! Yaba, kwena ansekesha umukashana uyu. Kwati chitumbi!! :-j:-j

  56. Ba Moze,Rashid,Mankunde,3RqU heres a msg frm Pinkly:
    She says she misses u like chocolate,she says she dnt wana be on LT bcoz alayamba ifyabupuba,so shes disciplined herself 2day.

  57. Ba Moze, Rashid,Mankunde heres a msg frm Pinkly: She says she misses u like chocolate n tht she dnt wana be on LT pantu kuti ayamba ifyabupuba coz blogging is addictive. So to u :x:x:x:x:x frm Pinkly:o):o)

  58. Bloggers, :-h.

    Naseka maningi khani ya mable mwee. Mulekalipa mumbafu nomba.
    Stay blessed.


    Tell Baby C and the rest that i will be going to mazabuka tommorow,ayi.

  59. Guys baZed Be real!
    these photos are so sad and disappointing!! Ninjala!!! I can only see some unfit people trying to make a living! are these guys medically checked before they fight!

  60. it seems you zambians never frm your mistakes. memories are still fresh for our departed felix. you can’t feed a boxer with chisense and kalembula & expect results. you reap wat you sow!

  61. **==**==

    Otherwise let us give them a hand. Boxers are the only ones in the country who have brought glory to the nation. Suppor them guys and we shall be somewhere in no time. Let us be positive towards our Zedians. ciao

  62. :(( Zambian boxers should be controlling der punchers.As if they were not given porridge. nicha 😕 should i diced to go back in the ring and show them how it is done? So many disappointments in the public:-?:-?

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