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Shikapwasha defends Permanent Secretaries’ appointments

Headlines Shikapwasha defends Permanent Secretaries' appointments

Information and broadcasting minister Ronnie Shikapwasha
Information and broadcasting minister Ronnie Shikapwasha

Chief Government Spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha, says there is nothing scandalous in the appointment of individuals who have held political positions, as Permanent Secretaries.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha says the action is not wrong when such individuals have reliquished their political positions upon being appointed to the civil service.

General Shikapwasha was reacting to a statement by Patriotic Front Spokesperson, Given Lubinda, who is quoted in a daily tabloid as questioning President Rupiah Banda’s appointments of some permanent Secretaries.

Mr. Banda appointed new permanent Secretaries recently and retired some.

General Shikapwasha also disclosed that Science and Technology Minister,Peter Daka, who left for south-Africa for medical treatment on Friday is being treated as an out-patient and that he has under-gone tests.

He said doctors are yet to recommend whether Mr. Daka should be admitted to hospital or not.

And General Shikapwasha said Chief-Justice Ernest Sakala’s condition is improving.

Justice Sakala was evacuated to South-Africa last week for medical treatment after suffering from a heart condition.

General Shikapwasha also described the condition of Chief whip Vernon Mwaanga as improving.

Mr. Mwaanga is undergoing routine medical check-up in South Africa.


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  1. Hi jenks,Jamaco etc,

    Gentlemen honestly how do u defend the appointment of pipo like Jazz,is he not MMD deputy fimofimo?

  2. Something is seriously wrong with the Government and Ministry of Health. Surely, the money being expended by politicians going to South Africa for medical treatment can be used to improve medical facilities in local hospitals. What about poor zambians who are over taxed and cannot afford to be treated abroad? This is scandalous. When are we Zambians going to hold politicians accountable? We are too docile that’s why we even praise thieves like Chiluba. Chiluba’s life should have been made very difficult even to move about is zambians were serious. I don’t think we really understand taxation because if we did, no politician or civil servant would easily abuse/steal from us.

  3. LT politics day in & day out! Is there nothing else in Zambia to report on? What about Education, Culture, History, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music & Arts????
    I’m fed up of politics imweeee!:((:((:((

  4. LT is also becoming another Daily mail and Times of zambia. big headings without substance. the topic was supposed to be General ‘Shikapwasha also disclosed that Science and Technology Minister,Peter Daka, who left for south-Africa for medical treatment on Friday is being treated as an out-patient and that he has under-gone tests.’
    thats the story. t

  5. **==
    #9 man kunde, Hai

    shikapwasha is not inorder to defend those chaps!! bt you know man kunde,politics at times is termed as a game of fimofimo!!!

  6. since Shikasplash is not able to eraborate further justifies our stand against scandlous appointments. Viva PF long live Lubinda Zambias next Obama… :d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d

  7. He should have had a brain instead of the big nose.GOD forgive me i didn’t mean to say that but he force me to .

  8. 15. Nine Chale does that explain your motivation to be Numbala l-) ?
    Some of these headlines are less attracting!!

    Money, Jobs and Corruption!! That is our main Food at LT!!

    Nine Chale I will never get tired of being Numbala l-)

  9. Bloggers, those appointed were part of RBs campaign team in rural areas. E.g Shan’gombo. Ni ‘Scratch my back and i will scratch yours’ efyo iya! :d

  10. Ala,so ba VJ fili serious?Oh no,”improving”. :o:o:o:o FILI UKOTULEYA. Yes this appointment leaves much 2be desired.Esp Mwalimu Simfukwe.

  11. so this man is calling this garbage he is suffing down our throats as an update on the conditions of our national leaders as if we are impressed.can any one close to him tell him the mood of the people.why can’t his coleagues under HIV tests and come back.it’s no longer a taboo to be positive nowadays.infact if you are disciplined and following medication you even stand high chances of living longer than a malaria patient.

  12. The irony is that they put members of their politcal parties in Govt Ministries as Civil Servants (Perm Secs) while emphasising the need for other civil servants to be non partisan. If the PS openly belongs to the MMD, why should a Director not openly belong to PF? The problem RB is creating now is that everyone in the civil service can openly belong to a political party.

  13. #10 Sony Erickson there is sum Mwalimu Simfukwe whom i knw as a consultant bcoz he once Expressed Interest in one of the consultancies at ma work place lelo mudala ni PS,awe kwena.

  14. When reporting on these sick pipo, Shikapwasha, yaba, this name is quiet a mouthful, he should disclose how much govt is spending. This is for transparency sake.

    There’re better qualified individuals who could ‘ve been appointed as P.Ss & not those tired brains. No wonder we’re having too many of them been flown out for treatment after being exposed to some little pressure.

  15. I have so far supported RB.
    But, on these latest appointments of perm secs, he has been misdirected. I was hoping that at last we could depoliticise the top civil servant posts. Permanent secretaries should be exactly that: PERMANENT! That is they should not come and go depending on which party is in power but they must be such civil servants as to serve and deliver the policy issues of the government of the day. Yayi apa Olemekezeka a Prezidenti alakwa.

  16. The appointing of former politician is a tactic to enforce blind loyalty as compared to appointing a professional civil servant. We shall never advance and will always be calling for the Chinese to our rescue. We like a man who complains when his wife is made pregnant by another man forgetting that its his fault since he never spent time with her to do the thing.

  17. Hon Shikapwasha, as at now you can’t see the wrong coz you are a GRZ spokesperson. Wait until you are in fultime ministry (Church) then you will understand. May God open your eyes.


  19. #10 some of the new faces are the following:
    Coillard Chibbonta-formerly of clerk of House of Chiefs
    Ndiyoyi Mutiti-formerly Chief Immigration Officer
    Stephen Bwalya-formerly Lusaka District Commissioner
    D.K Mendamenda-lands PS
    Godwin Beene-Mines PS
    Vilepi Mtonga-Health PS
    B. Msiska-Finace and National Planning
    Jazz Chikwakwa-Luapula PS
    S. Kakoma-Office of Veep
    Mwalimu Sinfukwe-Northern PS

  20. RB has played into the hands of his enemies. here is how I score the contest: Points are cummulative i.e. carried forward to next round.
    Round ONE (Mwanawasa’s illness and funeral) RB 0, Post 0 (Draw)
    Round TWO (MMD succession elections) RB 1, Post 0
    Round THREE (Election campaign) RB 1, Post 1
    Round FOUR (Elections) RB 2, Post 1
    Round FIVE (Cabinet appointments) RB 2, Post 2
    Round SIX (Handling of economy) RB 3, Post 2
    Round SEVEN (Permanent secs) RB 3, Post 3


  22. Hey bloggers, I have learnt from very reliable sources that former ZCCM Nkana hospital medical and paramedical staff in Kitwe wanted to buy Nkana Hospital after ZCCM folded. They had financial backing enough to raise the standards of the hospital to the level of these Milparks etc. in RSA. But Mr President FTJ Chiluba scuppered the plans and gave the hospital to the Chinese! Now it is called SinoZam Friendship hospital. Full of Chinese doctors! At that time, it was the ONLY hospital equiped with a CAT scan! Now UTH has one as well but it is not working very well. Dr Chiluba PHD (Pull Him Down) did not want Zambians empowered.

  23. What Shikapwasha should not forget is that a leopard will never change its colours,even if Jazz relinquished his political position to take a top most civil service appointment he will still remain die hard MMD.

  24. Its a pity that our politicians have even a courage to fly to South Africa! Zambia has capable Doctors and all we need is to improve our structures and purchase modern machinery. We can do it in Zambia. YES WE CAN!

  25. Shikapwasha is another total failure and he should really thank Levy for having paved his way.What did he achieve when he was ZAF commanding officer.

  26. Birds of the same feather. Shikapwasha should just keep his mouth shut. Permanent Secretaries are suppose to be non partisan because they are civil servants also. Shika please dont :[email protected] too much

    Read 48 and you will understand what shenanigans go on in Zambia. Now, hopes are on Lumwana Mine near Solwezi. There is a state of the art hospital being built there according to the PS of NW Province recently. He was reported as saying that this hospital is at window level now. But, the question is ‘When are ZAMBIANS ever going to run medical institutions in Zambia to international standards?

  28. #58 yes Dr Mulungushi is at Commerce. Katwishi nomba Vision 2030 ukoileya since he n Magande r da founders of vision 2030

  29. It seems like Zambian have the Rich( or those who spentd Government money) medical schemes in South Africa. No wonder they cannot improve the University Teaching Hospital since there is no interest for them.

    Shame Zambians and as docile as ever no one speaks up.

  30. The idiocy that is going on in RBs gov should not go without reproach. Surely ladies and gentlement, how can he appoint thieves to run very sensitive and professional positions? come on! we are talking about running government ministries here, not a political part rite! Zambians can u please wake up from your slamber and denounce this nosene in strongest terms, we are tired of this NAINE KANDYEKO kind of affair. we wwant better schools , we wnat better hospitals and better roads hey! may be you have forgotten. that is the lanugauge everyone needs to be talking. Learn from OBAMA if you lack strategies…

  31. Hi Daisy, Jenks bwanji, jamaco, Nine chale…
    i just agree with Zambian British.

    And yes we tired of politics, am having a hot discussion on RB as a failure as i type on Face Book .

    TIVO, its time to pass your silly comments as your dad is in the pic

  32. No. 49 you are spot on.You can paint a leopard green, blue or whatever, it wont change its name;probably become blue leopard kwasila.Even the properly appointed PSs at some point tend to toe the ruling party line. Those who dare hold divergent views either kick the bucket or are relieved of their duties.As for Lt Gen Ronnie: I say again that it is a scandal to have you sir playing the role of ‘Squealer’, the Animal farm character whose job was to lie with his teeth clenched. But anyway, niba RB,what do we expect. Baligada(baligone)!! Lying supine. Zambia on auto-pilot.

  33. Okay, just one comment. Ba Kamushi, ubututu and political patronage drags Zambia backwards every second. POST 26/01/09 Comment:

    This is so because politicisation substitutes political criteria for merit-based criteria in the selection, retention, promotion, reward and disciplining of members of the civil service. Patronage means that civil servants are not appointed on merit and have no incentive to work hard. Patronage appointments do not only favour the incumbent party or president in power, but they also discourage rank and file members of the civil service.

  34. These appointments reminds me of “the party and its government”. I dont remember Mwalimu Simfukwe denouncing his political affiliation to MMD …

  35. I smell a big rat here. There is no smoke without ka fire. The people who are talking about the appointments must have seen the new PS’s licking Nyama soya’s boots during the run up to the elections. It just goes without saying that its time to make his “friends” happy. What cheap and dirty politics we still have in Zambia. Too much nichekeleko

  36. The Kwacha today is K 5200.00 to $1.00 and K515.00 to R 1.00. ….and still depreciating..We are in trouble gents:-w**==

  37. #70. Dr. Mature
    Aaah! But appreciated against the pound sterling! So Zambians should import from UK and sell to Europe, RSA or USA and in that way they win! It is NOT all DOOM and Gloom.

  38. Perm. sec must be the “CEO” of a ministry. The position requires good understanding of the operations of the ministry. Mind you govt depts are by their complex, bureaucratic and somewhat backward. They need a seasoned but sharp civil servant who fully understand the system and is versatile enough to turnaround the work culture. You need politicians to be PS. They further stagnate operations due to political inclinations. It’s also not just because one has Degrees. You need to complement this with experience. Jazman, simfukwe and steve may be educated but they are as good as having a driver for a PS. Chilipamushi that lazy man is a good example of this failure. PROMOTE THOSE DIRECTORS

  39. #73 Corrections. Should have read: Mind you govt depts are by their nature complex, bureaucratic and somewhat backward. You don’t need politicians to be PS. They will further stagnate operations due to political inclinations.

  40. Viva PF and GIVEN LUBINDA.Shikapwasha and Rupiah banda have now started not think properly.
    When will that man who has worked in the civil service for years be elevated to a PS of a ministry.Its a shame to note that you are one of the bootlikers.PF and SATA was correct about some of you ministers as being bootlikers.
    I even conquer with SEKANI’s statements.Bane, we need change.

  41. #73 spot on coz Mwalimu Simfukwe is educated big tym bt not suitable 2be PS,he once won a tender in the Ministry of fimofimo

  42. The reason why i say hes (Mwalimu Simfukwe) not suitable is bcoz hes a politician who lost some parliamentary seat in 2006.His elevation to PS leaves much to be desired

  43. This man has started irritating me.We know he is the one that signed a letter of dismissal of One Lupando Mwape from the Army. But let him not take his luck too much. He seems to support all the wrong policies of NyamaSoya. We know he escaped by a whisker in NyamaSoya cabinet since deemed supported Maureen+family mango tree.He is doing all this to perpetuate his stay in cabinet, to be seen as a loyal servant like Mpombo to SoyaNyama. Atase.

  44. 22. Baby C
    Good comment and what else do you expect politics to be about? Who ever won was going to do the same. people dont campaign for nothing you got to scratch there backs after victory. After all how will your mainfesto be implemented if you have controlling officers that dont belong to your party and therefore dont understand the mainfesto.Its the MMD program upto 2011 and only those that explained it to the people(caders) will be given positions to implement the program for as long as they have qualifications. politics is no better than oldest proffession, thats just how it is[Machiavelli .N.].

  45. Zambia is starting to stink.Let us remove the rot.I thot Mwalimi is a Businessman,like Jazzman,now are they being promoted to go & get more tenders in the respective ministries for themselves?.

  46. What an absolute joke these guys are!I thought PS were supposed to be proffessionals and non partisan.But to stuff the civil service with cadres makes the future prospects of our country frightening.Even KK who believed in the party and its govt had a civil service manned by professionals like Esau Nebwe and the like

  47. General ‘Rudolf’ Shikapwasha also described the condition of Chief whip Vernon Mwaanga as improving……Mr. Mwaanga is undergoing routine medical check-up in South Africa.

    How do you attach the word ‘improving’ if this is a routine medical check up ?

    I smell a fat rat !

  48. My generation is cursed. Jazzman Chikwakwa, Munkombwe, RB, VJ and a whole bunch of them. I heard of these guys knew when I was a toddler at Primary School. Now HIV/AIDS, the economic Meltdown! and RB again. SAVE ME

  49. 76. MWAZI ZED
    Its simple. If you have worked in the civil for a long time and you are at director lavel the only way to go to PS level is simply to join a political party. This is how its been all along, just make sure you join the party that will surely win and after that you will become PS, Implement govnt programs and the community will benefit. it doesnt do for you to just complain about promotion when the channell is well known and its been the same channel even before independence. Dont just complain make the move but beware if your prefered candidate ends up loosing, brace yourself for nights a the rail station waiting for your benefits. African politics a sad reality.

  50. Anyway LT thanks even we talk n talk we dnt see any change.They r PS’ no 2ways abt it so 4me nw its :-h:-h:-h:-h 2u all.<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p

  51. At the rate we are moving, RB will destroy all the achievements Zambia made under Mwanawasa before the next general elections. What critria did he use to appoint persecs? Berlin Msiska who almost brought ZRA to its knees and was consequently fired by Levy is back in the system. Very difficult to understand.

  52. I am very very dissapointed with RB and Ronnie’s running of our country’s affairs. Are we short of good civil servants? Should the civil service be politicised as well ?…. Politicians changings skins and colors in the night after losing elections only to turn up as civil servants ? I rest my case…I love my country.. We need correct these wrongs..Yes we can ! **==[-x

  53. Only last year Mwalimu tried his luck in the Kanyama by-eleltion. I was there…All People’s Congress president, Ken Ngondo was the first to arrive at the nomination centre to file his papers followed by Harrison Mukupa (UPND), David Kasanga of the Forum for Democracy and Development, Colonel Gerry Chanda (PF), Elizabeth Phiri of the United Liberal Party, Moffat Mwachilenga (UNIP), Mwewa Chushi of the New Generation Party and MMD’s Mwalimu Simfukwe.

  54. But pa LT apa kuti watolako ka kashana.You can easily tell the behaviour of some ladies here.E.g Lisa she has a very good heart.

  55. Chewe na Baby C Munga kwatilane kabili monse mungona kawilo. elo ndimwe paku northern power.
    Baby C mwamuna a pezeka uyu. So ukamba chani.
    Ali che Chewe, elo ni wa smart.

  56. Ba Maureen
    Iam gathering as many shoes as possible so that at the next press conference the presido addresses I “ndolic” will rocket launch them to unsuspecting appointees.That way I guess in a small way , is like hitting back.Will you join me?

  57. Iwe please Baby C. Mutandize uyu mwamuna ati vuta mangi. Bushe batate bako bangafune kulipila Lobola Na Gold. If thats the case nishi iwe na Chewe for life.

  58. #101

    Ba tate banga ni ovuta, Teta pansi! Sibangamvela iyo arrangment. first mukabagulile farm ,na manyumba yatatu ku kabulonga!

  59. Government has called on Zambians living in the diaspora to assist implement government’s efforts in addressing problems the country is currently going through. According to ZANIS, Energy and Water Development Minister Kenneth Konga said government was committed to promoting Public Private …
    !!!kaya??? ndibo ku stay pa america. Konga you must be out of your mind. Much as i could love to be home, fima polices fyapa zed make me sick.

  60. well shikapwasha is just as ignorant as the people & president he is defending. The PS is a professional person by way of qualifications as this is supposed to be the most senior civil servant for which ever ministry or province – This position should NEVER EVER be held by cadres!! This is what is called a country “Going to the dogs!!”

  61. I think Shikapwasha should swap positions with Dora Siliya. To ask a man of uniform (a general) to peddle such idiocy in the name of Govt spokesman is demeaning to the rank. For Dora one can assume that as a former Newsreader, she would just be reading a doctored press release as usual.

  62. “General Shikapwasha also disclosed that Science and Technology Minister,Peter Daka, who left for south-Africa for medical treatment on Friday is being treated as an out-patient and that he has under-gone tests.”

    Firstly, the news items is not complete from our 17 Year old MMD GRZ as I have not been informed of what government is doing regarding the sickness of Mr Cardson kabwe, a GRZ Sponsored 3rd year Medical Student in Russia who has had heart problem for 4 months months of which 2 months from today has been indicated as a time when his condition will be very worse by Russian Doctors. Please Minister Shikapwasha, inform us what your position is on Mr C. kabwe and how he is doing.

  63. 110. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.
    Secondly, how many people are accompanying Minister P. Daka on his out-patiently tour of South Africa as he waits to be told whether he needs to be admitted to hopital or clinic and is the MMD GRZ paying for all those people including the Minister’s health charges?

    As for all the sick linked to the 17 yr old GRZ and Zambia, like the beloved Government neglected Mr would-be Dr Cardson kabwe, I wish you all quick recurperation.

    LT 2008 Award Winner. =; for Zambians now in 2009 and in the future.

  64. Its much of these leaders trekking to SA for treatment. Pliz bring the facilities to UTH so that even those who are less privileged can have access to good medical (i have the Zambian student in Russia in mind).

  65. As for the comments from PF and the reaction by the MMD GRZ, there is no problem in President RB Banda appointing whoever he needs to or has done so as long as they have the necessary qualifications.

    Can you, MMD GRZ, please start responding to issues that matter and not everything that the ” daily tabloid” or the Undereducate’s Image-builders produce as news in their articles. The 17 years you have been in GRZ is enough to teach you how to be in control of GRZ and the Nation instead of being pushed around by undereducates and noramlly ulterior-motivated Image-builders.

  66. Actually, one may discover that the money Gov’t spends annually on these treks to SA could purchase the very facilities available in SA.
    MMD, slow thinkers…

  67. 114. Ultra.., we need a research paper done by UNZA on the funds that the 17 year old MMD GRZ has been spending annually since 1991 on sending sick GRZ officials to South Africa to see trends of what is exactly happening.

    I thus ask anyone who knows some lecturer in Economics or DevelopmentStudies and/or students pursuing such courses to inform them of this important work that can change the direction of our medical issues for all Zambians from the government’s part.

    LT 2008 Award Winner.

  68. MMD and government can only respond to what has been said. Some parties do not say anything until 6 months before an election.

    Thats why MMD are more worried about PF than other parties because they know other parties are not a threat at all. Look at the results of the last few elections before opening your gobs people.

  69. Enough of the MMD. Twesheko bambi.

    Read The Citizens Democratic Party Manifesto. Limbi ifintu kutifyabako bwino mwee!

  70. Bushe what kind of health issues do our beloved politicians/judicial officers have that can’t be treated at UTH…the best medical institution in the land? Malaria???

  71. Government Spokesperson – what else would be expected from him apart from mouthing rhetorics. Political appointees as Permanent Secretaries is not ideal for Zambia at all. In fact even under the UNIP Government PS in mainstream Ministries and Provinces were Civil Servants. However, in those days there was also a parallel party machinery running along aside the Government machinery, and that is where the political appointees went as Political Secretaries and the likes.

  72. these Jazz chikwakwas what can that thug do as ps kwena zambia twwsebana ata bane.finshi baishiba balya batata,he’s so ignorant please RB don’t appoint people for the sake of appeasing i dont know who-lelo niba chikwakwa savage proper-shame.and then you still maintain miti kabwalala doctor no 2 to chiluba when it comes to love of obtaining money by false pretences.shame-miti should be sorted anti-corruption where are you find out how many properties miti has and how did he acquire them ala nipompwe uyu munyamata limbi na ftj ashala.

  73. How come in zambia the more people steal the more the govt. thinks they’re good look at dr simon miti who could not amswer queries from auditor general’s office instead of being disciplined he ‘s given another ministry to go and wreck havoc-why? do any of these people from anti-corruption ever read these letters and comments peolpe write bacause if they don’t then its pointless to have this fora.
    Ala don’t transfer problems just fire them for good nd forget about them.This am was involved with bulaya’case but managed to get out of it why.He’ has so many scandles but somhow because he knows how to sweet talk he gets away with it Shame pa zambia.muleumfwa kubantu.

  74. nachine kanshi chaba shani uko kumushi kwesu.Ngoleiba ninshi mafuta. Uyo miti ngomobalandile nipompwe umukali.Kanshi nililali mukasumina mukepushe sata he knows all his deals and i am sure miti was one of the people that were glad that sata lost pantu ngabalimufulula without fail.And then mwebantu ps jazz what kind ayo ma savage ,illiterates from the c/b who is rb trying to please.you guys just be on the look out for the kind of talking jazz will be doing.batutu plus abobene ba jazz bulanda bwekabweka.shame on mother zed.

  75. Lt kindly avail us the list of the NEW Permanent secretaries. And for ignorance`s sake why are called permanent if there subject to removal by the powers that be

  76. PF we want change, yes tell Sata to step down or go to a convention, for democracy to prevail. So we can, Given Lubinda for presdo viva PF. If Sata stands in 2011 he will definately lose and of course he will be to old for this country. RB should rule for only one term next will be GL or HH. YES WE CAN……… :d/:d/

  77. I really support what our honorable Shikapwasha is saying. Zambia is blessed with intlligent leaders like Honorble Shikapwasha. Long live MMD and long live RB

  78. whoever feels ps we have are not ok foward names of your papas we see how well they can do in government

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