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Zimbabwe’s MDC disappointed with SADC

Headlines Zimbabwe's MDC disappointed with SADC

Morgan Tsvangirai led opposition Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, says the resolutions of the extraordinary Summit falls short of the party’s expectations.

The opposition MDC, said in a statement released in response to the SADC Communique that its expectation that the SADC processes would be above board in fairly judging the situation in Zimbabwe has not been met.

The party said its National Council will meet this weekend to decide on the issues and make its definite position known regarding the issue of forming a government of national unity.

“Quite clearly the conclusions reached as reflected in the Communique fall short of our expectations. Most importantly they are not in accord with our National Council resolutions of 14th of November 2008 and 12th of December 2008,” added the statement.

“It was our expectation that the SADC processes would be above board and be beyond reproach. Regrettably once again we note that Mr. Mugabe was allowed to sit in during the closed session of the plenary meetings. Thus again Mr Mugabe has been unfairly allowed to be a judge in his own cause,” read the MDC’s statement in part.

The opposition party expected the SADC extraordinary Summit to come up with, what it termed as, a ‘just resolution’ to outstanding issues in the interest of ordinary Zimbabwean people and concerned parties.

The extraordinary SADC Heads of State Summit which closed in Pretoria this morning has resolved that a government of national unity be put in place in Zimbabwe by February 13, 2009.

The extraordinary summit urged parties in Zimbabwe to cause that country’s Parliament to amend Article 19 of the Constitution to provide for the establishment of the position of Prime Minister.

According to a Communiqué released at the end of the Summit, read by SADC Executive Secretary Tomaz Salomao, the Prime Minister designate, Morgan Tsvangirai and his deputies should be sworn in by February 11, 2009.

The extraordinary meeting also resolved that the allocation of ministerial portfolios endorsed by the SADC extraordinary Summit of November 9, 2008 should be reviewed Six months after the inauguration of the inclusive government.

“The parties shall endevour to cause Parliament to pass the Constitutional Amendment 19 by 5 February 2009,” read part of the Communique.

The meeting also resolved that the appointments of Reserve Bank Government and Attorney General would be dealt with by the inclusive government.

Zambia’s President, Rupiah Banda, was among the heads of state and governments that attended the 14 hour closed door meeting called to diffuse the political impasse in Zimbabwe.

Others in attendance were Botswana’s Ian Khama, Mozambique’s Armando Guebuza, Namibia’s Hifikepunye Pohamba, Tanzania’s Jakaya Kikwete and Swaziland’s King Mswati the third.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and Lesotho Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili as well as opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai were also in attendance.


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  1. The club for heads of state of the world’s poorest region or population of some 300m people are making a circus of a desperate human situation in their midst.
    I agree with MDC why and how should Mugabe be a judge in his own case. It is againist the three tenents of natural justice. Its a horrible circus

  2. The main cry by the opposition was allocation of ministerial portfolios. Now that SADC has endorsed these portfolios, hope it will work.

    LT, Chiluba was in the dock today, any news?

  3. The role SADC is playing is simply a continuation of Mbekis failed Qiute Diplomacy. Zimbabwe needs a get tough approach. In any case what is Zambias foreign policy on Zimbabwe. Levy had adopted a call it a spade approach:Tell Robert the truth as you see it.

  4. who has the power to allocate ministries if the elections were not free and fair. I think this is what the SADC must be telling us clearly. The issue now should be left to the international community since our so called brothers have failed to produce something concrete. This is why we will be left behind in terms of progress. SADC is a joke. Akawalala

  5. Zimbambwe should its solve internal affairs! as long as Mugabe remains in leadership, the opposition will continue crying foul! We ve talked and talked about this issue. ZIM should put their house in order. We ve got our own problems to think about ala!

  6. How dyou frm a GNU with some who is holding you by the balls by having your people in his torture chambers. What cabinet composition review after six months? To endorse mugabes continued misrule?

  7. Out of the 16 hours meeting time, President Banda slept for 12 hours in time he dreamt Late LPM telling off Mugabe and Mugabe making LPM disappear after that Mugabe appointed him, RB, interim President of SADC. When he walk up indeed he was President of ZAMBIA. He owes to Mugabe and hence did not contribute to the deliberations lest Mugabe made him disappear.

  8. Where the leopard is made judge the goat will never get a fair judgment. May God help the poor people in the SADC Region.:-??

  9. Zim $-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$Let them sort their mess. -)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)$-)

  10. The probability of MDC actually becoming a ruling party is 5 to 1, but the probability of Mugabe stepping down is 5,000,000,000 to 1.
    Don’t ask me how I got this, I was never good at maths!:d

  11. Umwana ushumfwa patunono,napafingi teti omfwe so says a bemba proverb.Enuf meetings hav been held regarding Zims issue n they dnt seem 2pay attention 2watever is discussed their,only sit in their n get allowances.So let them run their countr in the way they want to.They hav jus proved tht they r uncontrolable.Things will stabilise wen Mugabe dies thts ALL. <:-p<:-p<:-p

  12. #22 ,Cholera is tropical disease and its everywhere in countries falling within these regions.They don’t just report of it as long as the country remains loyal to the them. :d

  13. Zedians let just concentrate on our problems it seems this Zimbabwe problem is dragging us behind because them selves are not ready to sort it out.

  14. Number 26. Someone pliz tell me what the Zimbabweans used before the switched to candles and firewood.
    Someone tell how well fed Zimbabweans were before they became the only trillionares the world has ever seen

  15. Number 22. Who is them? Do u mean the west or the whites? I thought those chaps gave Mugabes a spanking squicky clean Zimbabwe with a bouncy and robust economy almost 30 years ago. The buck buck stops with us independent black Africa. No point in blaming everything on colonialism and the West this , the wsest that. I thought OBAMA has enligthened us to move our away from thinking outside this colonial/west box. Let be responsible for our own actions

  16. Morgan Tsvangirai taishiba ukusenda inchisanda kunkoko people like Mugabe dont show them true colours kubafwe kwati walipwalala and then you start to ma move panonopanono…..

  17. Morgan is never pleased with any contribution that is made in an effort to alleviate the situation in Zim. Unfortunately, the stark truth is that our Zim brothers and sisters have to fight their own battle to be unshackled from “the grip of madness”. Count your blessings, you even have the attention of SADC or AU or what ever it is…but they cannot resolve all the issues in Zim…u need a revolution instead of getting all caked up till u belly conceals your belt.

  18. Number 33. Mugabe is battle hardened geurilla war commander who has paraded himself as a civilian President when in actual fact he is a ruthless SOLDIER. He is not a man to play Tom and Jerry with. Morgan better be extra careful. Few of Mugabe’s challengers have lasted as long as Morgan has.

  19. African politics stink> They suck! Our Friends the Rwandeese, Congolose, Ugandans are now able to persue rebels & capture them. why can’t SADC or PTA what ever ..do the same. Times have changed. It’s not interfereance in internal affairs but purging dictators from our midst.This should be our call. Ian Khama & the late Levy where the only strong leaders. The rest incapable to stand up to Mugabe whilst he sinks his country. Atase.NyamaSoya born in Gwada – Zimbabwe what do u expect???

  20. #32 Even Obama is not seeking help from outside but from within.Its time we started finding solutions without any strings attached my brother.Morgan wants just to reverse everything to square one.We are now thinking of United States of Africa,but with people like Morgan,the system is just a mere joke.

  21. There is no way you can form a government of national unity with a dictator like mugabe.Mugabe is the remaining dictator of subsaharan africa.It is shameful that SADC leaders even entertained Mugabe at the meeting.

  22. No 37 US of Africa is a fireplace joke from the word go. Morgan or No Morgan.Which shall be the official language? English, french portuguese arabic. Which civil service will function in all these languages from cape throUgh DRC to Cairo.And I suppose you assume everyone will fold their arms and watch the Great Dictator Muamar Gaddafi declare himself life President of the US of Africa and command everyone to rally behind him to Islamise Africa. A loose union maybe, just maybe. Otherwise we will be jumping out of the proverbial sauce pan into the fire

  23. CONTINUED Put your and Gaddafi’s efforts in stopping his fellow Arab and moslem, OMAR Bashir and his Janjaweed of Sudan from trying to wipe out black skinned African in Darfur. Thats a worthy cause and realistic objective.

  24. “The extraordinary SADC Heads of State Summit which closed in Pretoria this morning has resolved that a government of national unity be put in place in Zimbabwe by February 13, 2009.”

    This is time and money wasting on the part if Zambian from my personal point of view. Why do we need to tell the Zimbabweans to do something as if they have no brains to do what they like. The only solution is that let them go for free and fair elections and then we all forget about this GNU for it is not yielding results;

    LT 2008 Award Winner. =; for Zambians in 2009 and the future.

  25. Morpan Tsvangirai is a joker, a complete turkey! He should not be confused for a serious leader. His whimsical behaviour is characteristic of dementia praecox – a condition typified by a disorder of feeling, thought and conduct. Zimbabweans would regret the day he became their leader – a fact Jendayi Frazer has alluded to. [-(

  26. Morgan Tsvangari needs to be flexible for the sake of the suffering Zimbabweans and get down to work, if he is cream he will always rise to the top no matter how he thinks he is suppressed.He has wasted a lot of time by this moving up and down which he could have used to serve zimbabweans and fight off the sanctions. What he needs to be doing is advocating for the sanctions to be removed from the suffering Zimbabweans and let the west use conflict resolution skills to resolve their conflicts with Mugabe on a personal level which should lead to a win win solution because we all know the root cause of these sanctions is the lanchaster agreement which the British failed to honour and Mugabe

  27. contd took it in his own hards intead of using diplomacy by using International pressure to get the British to honour the agreement. For the sake of the suffering Zimbabweans there needs to be a win win situation on all ends. God sees the suffering of the Zimbabweans and it’s about time the west lifted those sanctions instead of hiding in the name of Mugabe, God is just and he speaks for the voiceless and those without power. It’s also about time the African Govts stood up for what is right and presurized the west to remove those sanctions for the sake of the suffering Zimbabweans so that there is a win win situation.

  28. Zimbabweans are better off with Mugabe. if they did not want him he wouldn’t be there. the world is being misled by the British imperialist. the current economical problems in Zimbabwe are as the result of the imperialist asking companies to pull out of Zimbabwe in an effort to weaken Mugabe,but unfortunately they have failed miserably in there schemes.Tsvagarai is a wimp and will never rule Zimbabwe.

  29. More sanctions on Mugabe’s regime
    By Eric van Puyvelde | Tuesday 27 January 2009
    The European Union is keeping up the pressure on the regime headed by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, as the humanitarian situation and democracy in the country continues to deteriorate. The Union’s foreign ministers, meeting for the External Relations Council, on 26 January in Brussels, decided to renew for one year the Council’s common position on the restrictive measures against Zimbabwe. They also added some 60 names to the list of persons and around 40 to the list of entities banned in the EU, whose financial assets in the Union have been frozen. This includes, for the first time, firms baed in europe

  30. Institutionally, we have relied for much too long on structures originally set to recover and rebuild Europe after a devastating war against Nazism. Over the years, these outdated institutions have been unilaterally transformed to dominate the world for the realisation of the strategic national goals of the rich North. That is why, for example, the International Monetary Fund has never been a fund for poor peasants seeking sustainable development. Even the United Nations, a body that is supposed to give us equal voices, remains unreformed and undemocratic, largely because of resistance from the powerful and often selfish North

  31. We complained about the unequal economic power that existed and still exists between the North and the South and had historically reposed itself in our international institutions, including the United Nations. We spoke against unequal terms of trade that made rich and powerful nations enjoy undeserved rewards from world trade

  32. The unilateralism of the unipolar world has reduced the rest of mankind to collective underdogs, chattels of a rich, the wilful few in the North who beat, batter and bully us under the dirty cover of democracy, rule of law and good governance. Otherwise how would they undermine at global level the same values of good governance and rule of law they arrogantly demand from the South?

  33. For these reasons, we join our brothers and sisters in the Third World in rejecting completely manipulative and intimidatory attempts by some countries and regional blocks that are bent on subordinating our sovereignty to their hegemonic ambitions and imperial interests, falsely presented as matters of rule of law, democracy and good governance. The rule of law, democracy and governance are values that we cherish because we fought for them against the very same people who today seek to preach to us

  34. #48,50,51 and others i like your contributions in the same light what do you think of the Obama’s administration’s lift of the ban that bush had put in place not to fund international organizations who were advocating for abortion.This lift has a direct impact on third world countries as the argument is abortion will be a method of controlling the population in third world countries, there was a debate on BBC website. Honestly is that what third world countries deserve our culture and christianity does not condone such practices. I hope our leaders will stand up against such practices if they will not be swept as maybe a condition for Donor funding. God bless Africa.

  35. The issue of Zimbabwe has become a disgrace for africa. Much more a disgrace for SADC. Yet much more of a disgrace for Zambia – the SADC Chairman? Obama is bringing dignity for the blackman, yet 3:-o like Mugabe bring us down. RB should have stormed out of such a worthless meeting :-w:-w:-w

  36. SADC member states what is your problem. You have failed to tell Mugabe the truth. The truth is that he is a dictator and he wants all the ZIMBABWEANS to kneel down for him including Morgan. The Government of national unity will never work in Zimbabwe, it was tried before. Ask the Nkomo men, they will telll you. Zimbabweans please workup, you don’t need Ian Nkhama to tell you what to do. Mugabe should be lifted by air and it is you the suffering Zimbabweans who should tell Mugabe to go, time is up for him.

  37. ” Morgan Tsvangirai led opposition Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, says the resolutions of the extraordinary Summit falls short of the party’s expectations. ”

    Madam is ‘disappointed’. Whatever happened to the cholera outbreak that was to be sooooo urgent, that it would warrant foreign military invasion.

    But because they are disappointed, everything should be on hold? The MDC is a party of stooges. They are so in hock to the US and UK that they can’t join a national unity government without permission.

  38. Tsvangirai,
    Why don’t u for once just go for it and give a chance to peace. Even if it is power that u need. U and RGM have brought untold suffering on your pipo. Don’t u think u r commiting genocide looking at the number of pipo in ur country who have died from hunger, famine and disease?

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