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Katele tells MMD presidential aspirants to wait for next party convention

Headlines Katele tells MMD presidential aspirants to wait for next party convention

MMD National Secretary Katele Kalumba has urged party members to give the National Executive Committee a chance to ratify President Rupiah Banda as acting party president.

Dr. Kalumba says other members interested in the MMD presidency should wait until the next party convention.

He said in Lusaka, wednesday that President Banda should be allowed to assume party leadership for administrative convenience.

The NEC is scheduled to meet on February 7, to consider the proposal for Mr. Banda to act as President of the ruling MMD.

And a senior MMD official in Kafue has challenged some MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) Members who are allegedly holding dark corner meetings to come out in the open if they want to form their own political party.

MMD District vice Treasurer John Mwansa said the party in the District has received information that some MMD NEC officials and some prominent businessmen were meeting at a named guest house contemplating to form a political party .

He said that those contemplating should just come out in the open than hiding in the name of the MMD.

He said that the party in Kafue will not be taken by surprise if the new political party will be formed because Kafue has been a breeding place for the opposition political parties.

He said MMD is not afraid to face any opposition political party in any given election because it is already established.

Mr. Mwansa however, stated that any one is free to form a political party because that is his or her democratic right. He appealed to the entire MMD members not to fall prey to such activities and to concentrate on rebuilding the party.

He stated that the 2011 elections will be more tough because a lot of new parties which will be formed to challenge the ruling MMD.

And Mr. Mwansa has hailed the decision by some NEC members to appoint to Republican President Rupiah Banda as party President.

He said the decision to be adopted by the NEC when they meet will enhance unity in the party.

Mr. Mwansa urged Mr. Banda to do his best to ensure unity in the ruling party if the MMD is to scope the 2011 general elections.

He said the President has shown maturity and wisdom adding that the party is going to be stronger with him as Acting Party President.



  1. “MMD National Secretary Katele Kalumba has urged party members to give the National Executive Committee a chance to ratify President Rupiah Banda as acting party president.”

    Interesing stuff. Is this part of the bootlicking we have been talking about in the NCC debates that we must change the way we have been getting a Vice President?

    LT 2008 Award Winner. =; for Zambians in 2009 and in the future.

  2. How do you expect veterans to wait and give the MMD presindence to the new comer, there will be total bleeding in MMD , I CAN SMELL THE RAT. kavindele is there, yourself katele,sondashi and more old timers, what is so special with nyamasoya that these others can be sidelined. mwakulaipaya mwebene lwenu?

  3. Katele why cant you stand yourself and then when you are presido you start surprising us by giving a press conference, while you remain invisible, like palya when you are talking you just dissappear. I think it can be nice to have a harry potter like presido and iwe nizi,what about that ? :d

  4. If those holding dark corner meetings are trying to form a party, I have just one honest advise to offer……they’re wasting their time.

    We do not want any one from MMD, PF or UPND. We want a complete change. Just wait and see. A very strong political party is in the making.

  5. Thats Katele My boy,Head”Chiengi School of Medicine”.typical bootlicker ready to do anything in order to survive the plunder cases.

  6. MMD, this is really too much. Lets grow up and stop this mind game. Dont be bootlickers lets develop this land without egotism mwebantu.

  7. Let them wait until they wait no more, by waiting, they are giving HH a chance for 2011. Who still wants MMD anymore any way!

  8. This is an internal MMD matter, not for the who nation. As an organisation, MMD need to establish internal media and make use of internal communication channels. They can use email for instance. I am sure all those concerned are paid up party card carriers. They should add email addresses to their data base.

    In that way, they can sort out internal/marital issues without outsiders knowing about it, then come out as a united party. Please MMD, move with the times and with technology.

  9. # 13 Mo taim maybe you are right,the last time i was in zambia i observed how kids talk about the people they see on tv ,like john ceana,the rock and hanna montana probably with a dissappearing president they might be a change to this stories to how president dissappeared,so it will be “boyi did you watch the president mailo”lol :)>-

  10. we are democratically challenged not mentally. watch the space RB will he the prezido for MMD all ya bootlicker let dem RB control you even if he doesnt make any sense to you. gheeee nimalila ine mwandi chalo chathu cha bwino so ba chiononge banthu amwe mwe munthu ni munthu.

  11. Hope this time around there will be no vices such as threats, pribery mention it let it this be a clean election and only then will I rejoin MMD. Those thugs who live for the day should not get anywhere near the venue.

  12. From a political strategic point of view, this is a good and expected move.No experienced political party in the world can substitute a qualifying incumbent in less than one year between the convention and the national general election.What NEC is doing is to pave way for RB to smoothly win the presidence at the 2010 convention and then proceed to contest the 2011 elections.under 50%+1 a rerun between Sata and RB means that MMD will win by landslide because its imposible for southn, westn and eastern to go for PF under this scenario moreover southn has a population 3 times bigger than luapula.south + east will cushion the CB and luapula then MMD will be 2nd in Noth and win the rest

  13. Meanwhile…
    Tenta found worshiping and idle…RB. Check today’s post online. I cant imagine Tenta being my father, what I can tell him…Literally worshiping a fellow human [-o<

  14. 31. UK-Zed Observer
    The party with a higher number of litrates or informed people will take advantage of the already existing web based communication outlets to explain their agenda including the emails you have mention.For those with a lower following of litrates they have to start from scratch, driving everything from the secretariate including encouraging members to have emails for that matter.

  15. Ratifying RB to act as MMD Party President now is time and cost saving measure. There is a lot sense in holding a real Convention next year when a new Party president can be elected who, then, will be floated to stand as Republican Presidential Candidate in 2011.

    Is this the best time to fragment the MMD or any political party when we are looking at 50 + 1 %? 😕

    God bless Zambeziland.

  16. #38. Engines, are you my twin brother? glad to have you…South is a tricky province,dont be so sure that they can back RB just like that…

    If 50+1 comes on the scene, UPND will become a serious factor. I do however agree with coz the way PF is muzzling UPND will complicate their own presidential chances. From last elections, UPND has a 20 – 25% stake and thats a lot if we are talking about 50+1

  17. #50
    Muwuze kabbudo….achita ova…on the ground ( but I like the name) keep up the hiden meaning.ahahahahahah!

  18. #45 Engine Bbuloko
    Hi brother glad to have you too.Its tricky brother,UPND has a Print Media deficiency that now looks like a cancer. If by chance the rerun is between UPND and MMD then i can assure you my brother CB, Northern and Luapula will go MMD.You want 50%+1 my bro!? be carefull what you wish for, by the way it has already passed.UPND has two powerful enemies and they have collaborated so good Boy HH might not last as they say in the GODFATHER.If it so happened that UPND sorted the media problem before 2011 they may take Lusaka district and central off the jaws of RB but it wont be enough to counter the rest because the East block alone can handle southn although not squrely

  19. #51. Ukunda Ansi: Lonse inga ndiile kulanga ndati nobalombwanama! aya makani mapati. Olo kakuya bo inga takweli nabachala kung’anda batumbu….mwati kugama nyika???? Mulakatazya ba Chende!

  20. He is a Doctor…ahahahahaha.
    Wait a minute…your screen will soon blink and shut down with remote strength…now thats the doctor I am talking about.

  21. Okunda ansi, ulimulombwana taata. Hena nkubula basimbi?? Olo ndiza basimbi boonse bakasumpwa a AIDs then mwajana relief.

  22. 54. Engines, I here you right. UPND’s problem reflects a Zambian problem that goes beyond UPND itself. As a non partisan Zambian, I watch and get scared at the type of politics that are developing in Zambia. When we talkabout the media for the opposition, we literally talk about the POST. Given what the post has been publishing in the last two years, it is clear that Zambians need to rise above the schemings of bussiness men. For all their good manifesto, HH needs to step down in order to confound the cynics. They have enough good brains in that party to lead Zambia better. The Chirwas, Magandes and I have a soft spot for Masebo…maybe only maybe…otherwise we need a generation change!!!

  23. Engines,Lusaka,northern,CB and Luapula are PF strongholds.Northern is the biggest rural province by far.Check the ECZ electral register.The highest is CB,Lusaka then northern….etc.Northwestern and western are the least.Southern is purely UPND,in the event there’s a run-off and HH is not amongst the contenders,believe me,the majority of southerners will neither go for sata or RB,they would simply stay away-protest vote.Why do you think western province is got one of the least number of voters,most lozis fill sidelined and betrayed particurlaly the royal family,so they aint just interested in the current political dispensation.

  24. Space to watch..Its a pity that the party member from Kabwe was not named.I was going to offer you a free political lesson.One of the the fundamental rules of democracy is that people must free to debate issues such as the best person to lead the MMD.Therefore, quite naturally some people would want a different person fron RB to be president.Its okey to disagree as long as you show why you think RB is the best person.On the whole president Banda is a good choice in the mean time..There are others within the MMD who are qualified and in an even better position.I would go for Prof Chirwa or even ex first lady Maureen, but thats me..

  25. # 62. Deja Vu ….you have a point! :)>-:)>- Just that I can operate all the Major languages in Zambezi land…

  26. #65.I agree with you entirely.As most of you guys know its actually a pity that – in my opinion PF and UPND are very good parties who may never win elections.If Sata and Hachilema could stop the selfishness it would be very easy to win the elections in zambia.However lets dream on, because that is far fetched.May be these people need to be taught about the devine right of leaders.

  27. # 65. General Laura Nkunda, you are quite right in your analysis. Thats partly my worry in post #64, the politics of identity and ideology that are being introduced in Zambia will not help the country. While there is nothing wrong with parties having strongholds, its shameful when these strongholds tend to follow ethnic boundaries. MMD was going to be a good unifier but thanks to their self acquired title of being looters. Their pre-occupation now is not to develop the Country but rather how to stay in power. Am not a fan for PF so my choices are limited.

  28. 65. General Laura Nkunda
    Northern is big in size but not population.in terms of population southern is bigger than northern then eastern is almost the same as nothern. Then lusaka district and not lusaka province is the stronghold for PF because lusaka province includes luangwa, lufunsa,chongwe,chilanga, kafue and lusaka west all of which are MMD.
    within Northern the Namwanga and Mambwe land are MMD strongholds. luapula is 100% PF but again the numbers are too low.I dont agree with you when you say southern will boycot, are you sure even with adequate campaign resources?

  29. Quite right 71.On Zambia one nation.Just as ubuntu is important to South Africans,one Zambia one nation is the building block of what it is to be Zambian.

  30. 67. Syaamaleke…. :d:d:d kwendi! Katele is now just involved in politics of self preservation. Have you forgotten how he knelt before Levy when he was fished out of some hole in Chiengi???? After the knelling, his cases were almost quite. RB is behaving like a plankton so those who can influence the current, they will determine their own destiny!!!

  31. 76,you cant bite a finger that feeds you.Aren’t they all involved in ‘politics of self preservation’?Inchito ukushupa.By the way what exactly has katele a PHD in?Is it economics or kashikishinomics or kafifinomics.Talk about survivors Ba katele na ba uncle V.J.

  32. 74. Matworld-Nice guy!, sorry my brother, I beg to differ: God loves all of us, but why do you think some people will go to hell????Your post at 44 “Katele Lightening. Muli bantu besu imwe” was more of solidarity than love for an enemy. Of all people, how can you offer solidarity to plunderers. You are in SA coz its better than Zed and yet these brothers are looting the country and you offer solidarity…. :o:o…No Matworld-Nice guy! be a nice guy not ifyo!

  33. 70. ray
    That cant happen if Sata and HH teamed up with Sata on top then southern will not be part vote for them. if its HH on top Northern, luapula and CB will not vote for them. Remember when Saki teamed up with Sata in 2006.The pundits thot western would go PF, Sata even promised to honour the barotse agreement in its entirity but what happen? MMD won by a landslide in the province.So far its only Teta who has demonstrated that wherever he goes N/western follows Mazoka learnt this fact the hard way.

  34. Engine Bbuloko

    If we avoid them who will bring them to Christ? Mind you Christ did not come for the righteous but for sinner like Katele Lightening.

  35. # 77. ray, I aslo wonder what field it is….what a waste of money spent to educate him. Katele is still yound and could have been useful to the country but….as things happen? kaya mama!

  36. How about merging MMD and PF so that Michael Chilufya Sata becomes the presidential candidate for 2011? I mean, it’s like MMD has no hope now, since RBB will not be standing at the next elections!!

  37. # 79. Engines, you are partly right…the Soth-West, North acrimony is real and getting too much. It has to be addressed. But on North West following Teta, I have a different view. Levy did his homework in NWP….the mines, prospects of oil…remember, these were vote gainers.

  38. Yesterday I tuk a break to check out the men here. they are simply superb. seeing is believing. Fellow ladies, you havent seen anything yet.

  39. #85. Matworld-Nice guy! in what way are you trying to imitate Christ in this regard???? Offering solidarity to….????

  40. # 87. Lady chiza’s legs, the ladies on this blog disowned you yestaday that you are not a lady but a guy….check some threads for yestaday!

  41. prior 2006 pundits thot to win an election all you need CB, Lusaka, Northen and share the other 6.This was the Basis for Sata’s campaign in 2006 and that explains why he dint visit some provinces that time.However LPM showed that you can actually forget district with its hyper radio stations and focus on lusaka rural then invest heavily in provinces that have higher population and can swing.2008 the MMD also that you might not need CB and to win an election and that its better to come second in southern than first in luapula.The new ballgame is to invest more in southern and forget areas where its imposible to win.Come 2011 you wont see an MMD rally in CB urban its a waste of campaign funds

  42. 79,you probably right.I think its about time that regional politics came to an end.There are very influential Tonga people who can see beyond mediocre regional biases.Ideally if Sata and Hachilema could work together and then involve some other best political brains then they could possibly come through.Since that is unlikely to happen then may be Prof Chirwa is our man.I am a big fun of his and his leaving the job at Bolton in Merry England demonstrates that he has the interest of zambia at heart.

  43. Yaba but LT is fun every other thread ati i smell a rat!!!LOL
    Katele should also stand..Y pave way 4 Nyamaz everone should be given a chance to stand but knowing Zed politics & bootlickers whose jobs are to look for and guess which boots to lick niku limba.. So Nyamaz is being given a free pass huh..Let’s wait and see

  44. 92. ray, you are probably right BUT we need to understand why some regions are reacting this way….whats the root coz?

  45. This is a fact: At the moment, Zambia has no trully inspiring leader, in govt or in opposition! That is the crisis we are having. All these guys, Sata, RBB, HH, Saki, BY etc etc are all ordinary lukewarm chaps. It’s a wonder why people are so crazy about some of them!! But, as an old saying goes, the state of the horse says something about the rider who has chosen it!!! We will never develop witn miniscule mindsets like what I’m seeing in Zambia today. We tend to support leaders with such fervor that I only see among Al Qaeda fanatics… Take a breath!! 😮

  46. 86. Engine Bbuloko
    Any way it could be a coincidence, the thing is in 2001 UPND won N/western by landslide, when Mazoka refused to appoint Teta as leader of opposition in the house he defected to MMD and assured Mazoka that he will never take the province again.The seat was declared vaccant and Teta won by landslide in the Bye election. In 2006 he assured levy and MMD that there is no need to inject more campaign funds in N/western because he can handle it with his own funds and the results proved him right. In 2008 he gave the same assurance to RB and again we witnessed the results.Based on this he claims to be a heavy weight in MMD.

  47. 92. ray
    Actually prof is my mentor,Sata and HH cant work i was told in a PF and UPND meeting PF guys suggested that Sata be on Top just to rule upto 2011 because of age then HH thereafter. The UPND guys countered that if age is the criteria then Munkombwe the oldest politician should be president,and HH said he cant come from a boardroom to be under someone with a humble education. PF as well reacted that HH is an under 5 and politically imature to lead Sata.From this you could see that their differences are solid both politically and personally. you cant have such a mismatch gorvening

  48. #97. kokolio, you are very correct, where have you been? this is the kind of thinking some bloggers and I have trying to enculcate.

    # 99. Engines, you have good data….thats how Engines should be….you sound Beng Beng….but rememner, am the Engine Bbuloko :d:d:d

  49. Lets bloggers come up together and form a Youth Movement or Political party.Ive read the comments on this site and i believe we are capable of doing wonders for mother Zambia.

  50. 45. Engine Bbuloko greetings and hhehhehhehhe.


    LT 2008 Award Winner. =; for Zambia in 2009 and the future.

  51. 101. Haach The Third greetings. On “Lets bloggers come up together and form a Youth Movement or Political party.Ive read the comments on this site and i believe we are capable of doing wonders for mother Zambia”, while the idea is technically feasible Zambia is 750000 square kilometres in area and there are 72 districts with about 71 tribes and associated languages.
    The Party you are proposing will take approximately 10 years to receive any meaningful votes from the Zambian people on the ground. To this end, I wish you all the best with this paln but sorry I am out.
    My working option for now is the mighty UPND (U-Team) led by president HH due to the calibre of technocrats in there.

  52. The 51% clause will end regional politics and pave way for politicians to start forging inter-regional alliances which will lead to better regional representation in both party and govt positions. That is what you want. Then jokers like Miyanda will be made to think straight and question their motives for contesting presidential elections instead of standing as a councillor because that is his level of reasoning. He can make a good councillor together with Sata and the like and leave high level politics to the enlightened visionary young leaders. We need world leaders and not village head men like Sata or witch-doctors like Katele.

  53. In the parallel thread, there is on President RBB:

    “President Rupiah Banda has maintained that he will only take-over as MMD party president when the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party officially ratifies his appointment.”

    Why NEC? Can’t the MMD hold convention where party cadres will have a chance to elect its president?

    “He however stated that he was willing to offer himself as Party President.”

    I heard such from former President FTJ Chiluba on the 3rd Term bid, that it was not him but people and he was willing to follow what they wanted, if I remember correctly.

  54. # 59 Ba Maureen
    how you doing its been a long time we should do lunch some time .By the way how is the young boy Mweshi ..and is his sister still in Swiss ( Geneva)..Ba Maureen we must link up just say when

  55. :d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d number 8 ur funny.:d/:d/:d/:d/:d/ these guys will begin to kill each other=))=))=))=))=))=))=))


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