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An African Authority?

Headlines An African Authority?

By Mingeli Palata

I somehow found myself in front of a TV on Monday and after switching through the channels I normally watch, I realized I didn’t want to be stressed with news on the war in Gaza so I tuned to the National Geographic channel and there was a program called ‘earth investigated’. Seeing as I was in some deep thought and only wanted something to keep me busy, I thought hey, here is something to watch! A few seconds into the program, the narrator said something that I found interesting, he said in the next 2000 years, all the continents would merge into one. Scary I thought, for a moment I tried thinking about what it would be like living with the Arabs and their friends the Jews, the Russians and the Chinese living right next to us. No. I stopped right there, we are better off left apart and far from each others evils. Now how much more the proposed United States of Africa?

About three years ago, when the Libyan Colonel was the Chairman of the African Union, I was privileged to be among a group of Youth advocates as we would fondly call ourselves. In Tripoli we joined other youths from the African Continent who had been called to talk about the possibility of one African Government. Aside from the fact that it was nice mingling with fellow youths from different African countries, making friends and all, this experience was also saddening. I realized the fact that Africa was divided and the possibility of one African government was merely Utopia. Allow me to highlight a few reasons why I think its ill devised.

I will begin with the person promoting the concept of one African Government, now I know you will find it weird that I actually like the colonels idea of democracy, I will tell you that I think the Green Book (A set of principles on which Libyan Authority is founded) is one of the most brilliant collections of thought on governance I have ever come across. Aside from central authority, the green book or the Libyan system promotes participatory democracy, in which people are more involved in making decisions on issues that affect them. For someone who believes in concept driven Governance, it was easy to like this guy. But maybe you could try out the fact that the man has built a country, he has gardens in the desert and the rest is cliché. He is a great man, a great man who idolizes himself. If you go to Tripoli today all you will see is pictures of the man. One of the pictures that really caught my eye was on in which he was depicting himself as the king or supreme ruler of the entire African continent. I paused and said look, isn’t this man thinking way too much of himself? Isn’t he up to pursuing a selfish ambition? I began to understand why other African leaders were opposed to the idea.

When it came to the actual youth parliament deliberations, I was more convinced that while the idea of an African integration was good, the motives and ideals behind it were rather crude. We had a rather wired system of voting. As soon as nominations started, the name of Gaddafi’s son was brought forward and before we knew it, everyone was clapping and at the end of the day, Gaddafi’s son was announced head of the African Youth Parliament. But wait? We didn’t vote? Clearly we were sort of duped or for lack of a better term forced into choosing a leader. For me, that was fore-glimpse of what kind of Democracy we would have in a United States of Africa. Then I thought of it from another point of view, a Ugandan friend told me that it was better for Gadafhi’s son to head the Youth parliament because then we would get the necessary resources. I didn’t think that was a reason enough for someone to be elected leader of what was to be an important African body. By the way, the Libyan Leader was believed to have paid for all the expenses incurred by the youth delegates. I found that odd.

Frankly, I just think this USA is nothing more than one man’s ambition to lead a continent. Hey, doesn’t the fact that it’s now being called an African Authority tell you something?


  1. If SADC has failed how do you expect this to succeed ?

    Bloggers, you should even blog on the Christian Thread !
    Check thhis outu

  2. What is that is purely home-made ideology, terminology, ethics in Africa today. If USA (Africa) comes to reality, how would we differenciate the acronym from America? Now we have the African Union, surely even this we had to copy from Europe. What about African development Bank and Asian developement Bank! Lets us wake up our creativity for God’s sake.

  3. The theory behind it looks good,but the practical implimentation aspect looks scarly.
    It has alot of disadvantages,because each country has different principles of democracies on which it is founded.

  4. # 6, you are right. Why USA? Why AU? Why can’t Africa have something different. Why a $? Why a pound? Hey Africa wake up. Zambia is great… we use a Kwacha, Ngwee… Rise Africa. Gaddafi is a terribly wrong leader. Even Mugabe is better, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

  5. I don’t think this will work. Arabs and bantu plus ‘Amabunu pa South’ to unite? Patali sana. You don’t know RB what is up to, to support this. Money can do anything!

  6. God Help our poor Zambia not to associate with people who are cursing Isreal everyday. I once thought it Good but taking evrything into consideration it is not good at all. Is there Christians in Lybia? What are they saying about the issue?


  8. Gadaffi have more than 20 female highly trained body guards who
    he travels with every he goes around the world maybe thats good
    am not sure though, apparently one of these girls is my long time
    girlfriend, let me stop here otherwise ‘Niza ulula nkani”

  9. . In Tripoli we joined other youths from the African Continent who had been called to talk about the possibility of one African Government.

    I think the only way we’ll have a USAF is through first economic integration. Africa is in a mess and before we try to integrate politically, we should first clean our own messes individually.

    I thinking putting a whole lot of messes is not going to create a healthy Africa. I think it is going to create an even bigger mess

    First and first most is economic integration like the one we are having with Mozambique. [tbc

  10. Hang on, will it be USA or USA 2? then also watch out with the Colonel Gaddafi’s so called democracy.Colonel Gaddafi is pushing so much that our leaders are also not educating its people in there respected countries the adv and disadv for merging these poor African countries.I personally say NO to this mother idea.Zed is still a disadvantaged piece of land and this will be only good for the rich people :((

  11. cont. #14

    I was recently reading from the daily mail that Zambia and Mozambique have signed a deal in which the ZMK and Mozambican Metticals will be used as legal tender in both countries. This move was to encourage cross border trade which was on the rise between the two countries. Before, they had to convert the currencies in USD first before they could trade. After the signing, the trades can convert ZMK directly to Metticals and vice-versa.

    This is the beginning of economic integration which we need and not political integration. At least not just yet. The idea is good, i’ll admit that but I think it is too early.

    [email protected]

  12. Moreover if Zed **== is a Christian Nation and what about Libya, Ethiopia,Somalia,Algeria to mention a few?:o
    Guys this cannot WORK, please God help us, prayer. :((:((:((:((:((:((:(( Please Help

  13. This thing can work just now due to serious differences fo governance in each country.The arabs want Sharia law, we want the english one besides we christians. Gaddafi the man spearheading this has no democracy, no multi partism and he has called christianity an altered & fake religion.

    K.K is still around to guide Africa wheather this is what the forefathers had in mind. I believe Gaddaafi is driving it to achieve own agenda.lets 1st consolidate regional blocks like SADC ECOWAS etc as currently toothless.

  14. We should be careful, Gaddafi’s aim is to finally face or stand up up to Israel using Africa. We can easly creat war with Israel if we are not careful with our Arab brothers speed, selfish desire to have USAfrica. God wont allow this to be hijacked.

  15. Good morning Everybody!!

    #14 Spot on ! In africa we need economic integration before we can talk of political Integration. Politically,Gaddafi should be the last person to be mentioned for he is a harm to democracy.

  16. It is a trick move to take.It is very difficult to build,but very easy to destroy.
    The issue of religion was overlooked.CHRISTIANITY(Countries) and ISLAMIC(Countries) do there have one thing in common?

    I foresee CHRISTIANITY(Countries) to dropout from this proposed United States of Africa.

  17. May we educate each other foulks.
    what are some of the objectives of this proposed United States of Africa………….

    After knowing the objectives,then we can narrow down to the prons and cons of proposed United States of Africa

  18. US of Africa is someones pipe dream.
    Some one like Mugabe will stand to gain as his Dollar is worthless paper money at present..

  19. This such a bad idea. #14 is right, most parts of Africa are a mess and trying to create one government for the continent is just going to make it worse. What these leaders should do is strive fix up their countries, one big government is not going to do that.

  20. Remember Chitala’s support of a United states of Africa saga?

    RB has been sold this ideology flat out and nothing any of us say can change that as long as he is presido.

  21. PF says the resignation of party’s secretary general Edward Mumbi is insignificant
    Patriotic Front (PF) Leader Michael Sata says Party Secretary General, Edward Mumbi’s resignation from the party does not leave any vacuum. Mr. Sata says Mr. Mumbi was not an active member of the party, thus his resignation from the party is insignificant. He wondered why Mr. Mumbi waited too long to resign if the allegations he has leveled against the PF were true. Asked to comment on allegations that a named donor delivered money to his house in the run up to the October 30 Presidential Election, Mr. Sata challenged Mr. Mumbi to produce evidence. Mr. Sata was speaking to MUVI TV news. Opposition Patriot

  22. The whole idea about the one african government sucks,maybe they should consider forming a one african netball team period.

  23. A boss has to interview four girls for a secretary’s position. He thought of a question and asked each one of them:
    Boss: “A woman normally has two mouths, What’s the difference between the two?”
    The first one answered: One can talk but the other can’t.
    Second answered: one is vertical and the other is horizontal.
    Third answered: one is hairy, the other isn’t.
    The last one answered: One is for my use and the other is for my boss.
    Boss: You’re hired!:d/

  24. True democracy and one party democracy are strange bedfellows. They do not mix. Countries who recognise and have gone the way of Christ (Christianity)do not mix with Arab Muslim countries. Our good example is Nigeria where the Christians who have gone to live and work in the Muslim North of their country are being butchered every day and their president does not lift a finger to protect the Christians who come from the South. Watch out for the Muslin north, their interst is to kick Christinity out of the south of African

    MMD in its present make up, not mentioning the top leadership have shown that they do not understand issues and are not the right party to speak on behalf of the nation.

  25. Why is it that all the secretary generals of the opposition political parties leave their parties eg UPND Teta and Kahenya, PF mumbi, ZRP Ziba, ZADECO, sichone etc. These people trade party secrets?

  26. #30(Zambia)
    You are digracing from the topic.The core issue is not on Party Secretary General, Edward Mumbi’s resignation from the party(PF),but
    on an African Authority?

    Stick to the topic.

  27. Number twenty mentions K.K being around to advise. It’s like thinking backwards. Zambia is in shambles because of the flawed foundation layed down by Kenneth Kaunda regime. If African federation is what we want, then lets find a way of making it work. We are ruled by men and women from yesterday.

  28. Africa still awaits it’s real liberation & unification. De whole continent will never stop bleeding until de people come together as one!


  30. The New World Order is for the most part already here. This might be a horrible fact for most to accept but unfortunately it is a reality. For many years we have had international institutions like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and many others actively working towards global government. Phony free trade deals utilized to tear down borders between nations and usher in a new age of globalization. Prominent individuals such as George HW Bush, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Gordon Brown, Bill Clinton, Gary Hart and several others have spoken about the possibility of forming a global government or a New World Order. [TBC

  31. CON #42]
    Despite the revelations from these men, it has continually been dismissed as conspiracy theory by the corporate controlled mockingbird media. In fact Kissinger the former Secretary of State under Richard Nixon spoke yet again about a New World Order during a CNBC interview and recently wrote an opinion editorial published in the International Herald Tribune entitled “The Chance for a New World Order”. If the New World Order is a conspiracy theory, why is it that prominent individuals amongst the U.S. and European political elite continue to talk about it?

  32. for Gods sake Africas most authentic way to emancipation is thru single government. Politically there are fears which I share, but weigh the fears against benefits. the fact that kadafi is in front is minute. underone roof forein manipulation will definately be checked, which is one of todays africas thorn.


  34. This morning I was discussing this issue US of Africa with my African friends here in China. We all seem to be against this issue. They want to come up with one currency and 1 passport, then my friends said;”Who wants to use the same passport with Nigerians”.

    The whole thing is being propagated by selfish Gadaffi who wants to impose islam on the continent. A friend from Ghana narrated how Gadaffi splashed out cash in Ghana and invited Ghanians students to attend the summit in Tripoli. This man has been using AU Summits in various countries to brainwash Uni and college students. Remember when he came for AU summit in Lusaka how he attracted scores of students? Lets wake up!

  35. 46. Dontcare

    It depends alone on your understanding of Unity!
    I disagree with you because you have not defined that word!

    A Black person becoming President in the USA was also a dream to masses!!

  36. Goodmorning bloggers.

    This is indeed a very elementary topic that requires full commitment. Unity can only work if everyone agrees to come together, but there will always be skeptists along the way.
    I very much support the idea of a centralized government as mentioned by #44 Big Muzo. The concept wont be easy to implement but it is worth trying. I think it is the only way to secure the long term security of our continent from another holocaust by foreign intruders.

  37. 47. Mossad-Kgb

    Man to man is very unjust!!

    It hurts me to see how we Africans think about each other!! Nigerians are as much human as a Zambian!!

    What your friend said is very much real in the heads of some Leaders and will surely not make things easier!

    The Picture is real!! Discrimination among Africans is real!! Yes Africans can also be cruel to other Africans (Rwanda)!! It hurst me to see how we think about each other.
    It will not be easy to break down the barriers but nothing is impossible with Him who created us!!

    Yes we Can!! :)>-

  38. A United States of Africa can work.
    Those of you who who believe in conspiracy theories and all that crap dont need to go further.
    Now, let me share some points.
    First, this idea is not just about ourselves, but for our children’s children and those who will come after them. There is no doubt that africa would be a better place should we unite than if we remained divided.
    Second, a USA does not mean loss of sovereignity for member countries. Rather we would have a body that would quarrantee the interests of all africans and protect our resources from the western powers and China. I believe that with a common constitution, agreed by member countries, there would be less conflict and more.

  39. #43. 1984

    I dont know why I am asking this but I will ask it anyway.

    Please answer me this…what are the bad sides to having a “new world order” because I see great economic opportunity.

    What are the negatives of a new world order???

  40. .. cont #51
    economic growth and stability. Remember that every sucessfull economic system depends on its diversity of resources, population and political stability.
    History will judge us by what we did, not what we failed to do.

  41. Gaddafi is the only African leader at present with enough guts to face the western world & the only African leader taken seriously by them.
    If African leaders don’t hold his back to represent African interests on the global stage, the whole concept will fail.

  42. Divided we Fall, United we stand!!!!





  44. #56
    What are you implying? what do you mean bu rome.Lets hope you are not referring to the Pope for he is infallible.

  45. A krisitu na a Luya (Arabs) it doent just work. its like squaring a circle. Arabs don’t forgive and they believe in sharia law how does this work with our Christianity which practices forgiveness and leaving vengance to God. Christianity you choose Islam you are forced.

  46. JAMA CO, Good evening !!

    I also need someone to elaborate more by giving disadvantages of the so called “New world Order”

  47. It’s not easy christians amd muslims to mix.I’ve been living with arabs since 2003.Arabs are useless chaps i’ve ever seen.Before i was thinking arabs are good people.They use to tell us slaves in front of whites.Again when they face problems with whites they come as if we’re brothers.They are hypocrits.Therefore,a good leader will not accept United State of Africa.look at what’s happening in sudan for example, blacks and arabs,muslims and christians(Darfur crisis).Really it can’t work.
    Arabs will just use us 4 nothing.we have to make good decisions before our black leaders are bought especially RB by arabs.In addition,u can’t find a christian church in muslim countries.

  48. #61
    I also have lived and still live with these arabs.They are really useless racists and treat blacks not as eequals especially if you are a christian.and their Qu’ran make it very clear about infidels(Preach to them about Islam and if they dont believe eliminate them).These people are radicals and we cant just graft.

  49. A Tswana gets on a bus and sees a pretty young nun. He sits down next
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    The Tswana promises to give it a [TBC

  50. “Surprise surprise surprise, I am the Tswana from the bus!”
    “Ha ha ha ha,” replied the nun. “Surprise surprise surprise, I am the bus driver and I am gay!!”:((

  51. We are going round this issue in a circle.

    1)what is the core mandate of the so called proposed “United States of Africa”

    2)What is the main objective United States of Africa ?

    3)What are the prons and cons United States of Africa ?

    4)Add are the implications between CHRISTIAN(Countries) and ISLAMIC(Countries)

    5)The list is endless……..You can add some more

  52. #65, this is not a comedy blog. Is it possible for you to actually
    make a contribution to the issue at hand? This is why we can never be taken serious; when there are matters that concern real politics that concern real people and real economies, all you can can up with is a silly joke! Childish, grow up!

  53. #71 blah blah blah you have nothing to say.Try your lucky with your comment if Colonel Gaddafi and all African Leaders will entertain your comments to be in practice, we can bet.This site is just a way of making you guys with nothing to do find a way of spending time to play around.
    Grow up yourself be wise :d

  54. I foresee antongonism between CHRISTIAN(Countries) and ISLAMIC(Countries)

    The day is still young to make such a conclusion,but this will come to reality.

    The big question behind our back is how much input(United States of Africa)is coming from CHRISTIAN(Countries) and ISLAMIC(Countries)…….?

  55. Wrong idea, wrong people
    whoever is thinking of a United States of Africa is dreaming!!!!
    These African countries can’t unite, to say the least not even SADC countries. Our so called presidents used tax payer’s money to discuss infrastructure issues at the summit but ended discussing a useless topic.

    Lets concentrate on developing our countries.

  56. A mother and a father were arguing on who is the most coward between them, after a long argument they decided to ask their two kids who they think was the most coward between them.

    The first one says,’ Dad is the most coward one, he?s scared of women. Whenever he sees a beautiful lady in town he closes his one eye.’

    The second kid goes,’ That’s nothing; Mom is so scared to sleep alone, when Dad works night shift, Mom sleeps with the man next door. Sometimes she invites the gardener to sleep with her.’:o

  57. Hehehe Hihihi Shaarea law and USA! It is a misplaced thought. A human being is very inconsistent. He would apply the law in USA with very much double or tripple or Tripoli standard. This guy is not a genius and don’t listen to him on a USA in Africa. The are a lot of weired philosophies this one is a true diversion of real thought.

  58. I have nothing against a little excursion away from the main topic or posting a nice joke from time to time, but please don’t overdo it.
    The internet has hundreds of pages where you can tell jokes in general, so please let’s try to respect the purpose of this forum. I think the topic at hand is too serious to be belittled by dirty jokes.

  59. Kadaffi,,,,kaddafii….First of all….I dont like the idea of United States of Africa…period, reasons…many of which has already been blogged above…but one more….Africa is not ready fro such a development, economically and socially.

  60. Is our current crop of African leaders setting a good precedence on United States of Africa?

    After 10-20years will then African leaders have a similar thought!
    Africa is too big to be united.Lesson learnt….SADC,Comesa etc.Alot of bottlenecks.

  61. #76 Livingstone ,you are one of the fuuz on this blog, freedom of speech now acommodates everybody including you.

  62. Most of the Afrikan leaders have outlived their usefullness…these are chaps from archived struggle of colonialism….nothing more to offer…suffering from colonial paranoia!

  63. **==**==

    #65, 71,76 Livingstone liule chabe. tayapaka


    God is powerful. We all worship the smae God. In Arabic he is Allah,
    Christian – God etc. Nothing is impossible in the sight of Yaweh.[-o<[-o<^:)^^:)^%%-%%[email protected]};-

  64. I would give this so called “UNITED STATES OF AFRICA” a chance.America had the same sentiments most of you are having when USA-america formed the union you now know today.America is powerful today because of the union.when the European union-EU,advocates advanced the idea of the EU, there was an out cry by other countries.Even when they further decided to change the currency to EUROS, some countries developed cold feet and decided not to.As long as Africa remains the way it is, we shall never be a strong united force to advance forward. Put aside the man that is advocating for it.No one would vote for him if were for elections.Look at the BIG picture-It may sound complicated.BUT IT’S WORTH

  65. Experiements to leave a legacy,that we or i was the brain child of United States of Africa.

    Our African leaders(Presidents) have reached the level of SELF ACTUALISATION.

  66. Hey a ‘United states of africa’ is a good idea we can do alot together working in harmony. We should brace ourselves during the period of change before the day the united state of africa is birthed. Resolving issues of moslems,christians,arabs, black africans, different tribes and so forth issues no doubt that devide us, will be difficult very difficult to resolve but possible. We need leaders strong leaders to lead us into this not leaders with weird motives behind them. let us pray for that leader(s) to hit the face of africa.

  67. #77, I like the “double or triple or Tripoli standard”, Nice one.

    I think the idea of an AU or USA is not bad at all. In practice, this will prove to
    Be very difficult. The biggest problem is, I think, the differences
    In cultures that exist between the northern and the southern countries
    On our continent, and uniting us is going to be challenging. Seconded by
    Personal agendas that exist by some of those leaders that want to lead till
    They are diagnosed with altzemers. Fair play to our leaders who at least trying
    dialogue about the possibilities and, and the opportunity this may bring…
    Fair play mwe.

  68. #87
    Now now my friend…no matter how big the picture you want us to look at….Africa’s economy must be harmonised first to a certain standard…then slowly begin to integrate..The EU you are talking about has its original idea around 1973…today, only 27 countries are members, after meeting the minimum economical standard. So, the idea of integration at such a scale is more complicated and technical more than you can imagine. other than that…migration issues have to be tackled head on…in EU, most chaps have run away from their percieved poor countries to relatively rich countries in the EU such as UK. Now, today UK suffers high crime rate than any other country in the EU.

  69. I have failed to comment on this topic coz Iam pissed of with the leaders who attended this AU summit.How can they call Gaddafi ati King of kings sure? :-j:-j:-j:-j

  70. So my argument is not that it isnt possible, but rather, it is a long process and takes decades….most afrikan leaders will abondon the idea in the process. Tell me, what benefits we have we seen from SADC and COMESA so far?

    Crap!….only consumption of public resources by leaders who have nothing to offer other than politicking and clinging to power.

  71. you are right it will take long and the faint hearted countries like….. will give up and abondon the idea altogether.

  72. It is difficult to accept change and live with it.The world is changing rapidly

    Now with this animal “financial crunch”will the United States of Africa dream come true.

  73. The idea of United States Of africa works very well on paper but in reality,it rmais a pipe dream.We should just try United States of southern Africa(USSA),that is after Zimbabwe stabilises excluding Congo DR.

  74. #97
    First all of most African governments (apart from Botswana, RSA, Nigeria, and Libya) make budgets without cash at hand…budget dificits are always present…and these are covered by well wishers in name of donars. Isnt that shameful? So called donars have their own populations to support as well!

  75. Casey Khisho

    How are you big man?


    How is your day? I really don’t understand we they refered to him as that.

  76. African leader should ponder on resolving or rather stabilise Zimbabwe,DRC tension before propagating United States of Africa.

  77. In the United States of Africa,we have two camps …the underdogs and the champions.

    The champions will carry the day in the formation

  78. Matworld-Nice guy!
    Ndifye bwino.
    Kanjaani RSA? Is it correct…I am trying to learn the basics for 2010 preparations.

  79. Insight
    Now thats the reasoning…Hit the Nail.
    RSA, and Libya are the ultimate beneficiaries of this integration…Just check, where is Shoprite, PEPS,Steers,Muilti-choice from: RSA
    Where is the Farm equipment in most african countries from: Libya

  80. I Really don’t know why our african leaders have failed to help the pipo of Zim.Guys these pipo are suffering here while mugabe and his collegues are enjoying life in all areas.Our african leaders are busy talking about things that are less important,and yet they are things that really needs serious attention.Pipo are being killed by cholera like the way we kill flies with insectcide.Why is it that in africa we always want to be helped by the western to do certain things while we have all it takes to sort out some problems that we are facing as a continent.Does this confirm with those who say african are cursed or what? help me please.

    LT award winner for :-j:-j:-j:-j

  81. **==**==

    Well its worth trying. those who dont want to join will join later. e.g. European Union. Not all of them joined at once. The benefits would be good. I have been to Libya and have seen how beautiful that place is. some countries in the EU were poor countries Zimbabwe but look at them today they are benefiting from the Union. This, I see it to be long term plan for our children and not us. the problem we have in Africa we want to do things like magic. teapopene fye, iyo kulolela. God bless U.S.of Africa.

  82. #110
    Zimbabwe is not poor and can bounce back within half a decade.what is failing zimbabwe is ploitics cozmugabe thinks he owns the country.Thats tswana presido ian Khama has no kind words fpr him(he calls a apade a spade)and the rest fear him bali ndwii!!

  83. #111
    Tulekosa bwana…but na patala panse. we have experienced the snowy weather unseen in 20 yrs, experts say…but we are managing!

  84. The so called dream of USA 2 is without basis. For people to live together they must be in agreement on major issues.

    Please do not ignore the issue of Christianity Vs Islam.

    Christianity can and will live at peace with Islam BUT ISLAM will not(NEVER) live at peace with Christians. Its aim is to convert you by FORCE. If you do not convert then you deserve to die(You must die). Do not be cheated by the few(minority) Moslems who are in Zambia. When Moslems are the majority, everyone else LOSES their freedom. Where as you can allow moslems to congregate in Zambia freely; they CANNOT allow Christians to do the same in IRAN and elsewhere. Just look at their sharia law if you are in doubt.

  85. #113
    Exactly….they still have the infrastructure far, and far superior than than that in Zambia by the way.

  86. #52 Free-Market-Capitlst
    What are the negatives of a new world order.
    A One World Government and one monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to remain as the total world population.There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws.

  87. 115.USA 2?
    The problem is our friends believes in weired things,How do someone believe in Gihad war sure?

  88. #115
    That sounds scary……but you remind me of a Chritian friend from Northen Nigeria who when he has not heard from his wife…she is probably killed by the islamic militias? its traumatizing on the man!!!!! I have put my self in his shoes…it is very scary to leave among people that believe blowing out life is a blessing!

  89. #117
    To me it sounds like the way Max Webber defined Bureaucracy.Thats utopia and somehow similar to communism(which failed in Eastern Europe).

  90. Ba Dr Maureen

    Ba Doctor How are you today?
    ala LT nampwisha amaka lets hope these guys called ZNBC and Times have not infected him with the desease called EVER BEHIND WITH NEWS.

  91. Their objectives of the NEW WORLD ORDER are as follows:

    1) Abolition of all ordered governments
    2) Abolition of private property
    3) Abolition of inheritance
    4) Abolition of patriotism
    5) Abolition of the family
    6) Abolition of religion
    7) Creation of a world government

  92. The AUA is a worst of time batata. Derrick Chitala is stuck in time describing himself a pan-africanist.

  93. Ba matworld
    These moslems are fundametalist who are almost impossible to convince.some even choose not to talk to you just because you are christian.

  94. Umunthu umo,alotele fye ku Libya uku.And when he woke up, he said.Listen everyone telling his fellow presidents now” OAU will change to AU”Am also forming the united states of Africa.Those countries with debts show me the figures,then he said”i will pay part of your debts”.The other leaders responded,Gadaffi chaume,chaume. Then Gadaffi went ahead and said,RB dont behave like Levy dont Criticise Mugabe like the late Levy.RB answered yes king of Kings,but we want to diversify our economy because the price of copper on the international market is very low.We want to improve on agriculture,Chi Gadaffi responded we manufacture tractors in Libya. Here are the tractors.So its unfortunate that Gadaffi can call himself king of kings,the only king of kings i know is Jesus.He has made the other Presidents believe that he is powerfull and when he says something its yes sir.Gadaffi this thing of his wont work.

  95. ako kanono ba nevers

    Tell them maybe they will listen to you pantu I have tried but its like my labour is in vain.

  96. #125 Ba Nevers
    Talking about Derrick Chitala, you have reminded me of his neck-breaking struggle to get a job from RB…what happened to the man, did he get on GRZ pay-roll?

  97. Ba Sharp shooter,

    How are these pipo kanshi? The problem is they always think they are right with what they believe in.The other problem is us Christian we are noe doing enough as well.

  98. The United States of Africa is a name sometimes given to one version of the possible future unification of Africa as a national and sovereign federation of states similar in formation to the United States of America, mirroring the idea of the United States of Europe. The idea has recently been advanced by Libyan leader, and newly elected chairman of the African Union, Muammar al-Gaddafi, at a 2000 summit in Lomé, Togo (and again in June 2007 and February 2009)[1], and by Alpha Oumar Konare, chairperson of the African Commission, on the occasion of the commemoration of the Africa Day, on May 25, 2006.[2]
    The phrase “United States of Africa”, was mentioned first by Marcus Garvey in his poem

  99. Chewe

    =d>=d>=d>.Ala mwandi Iam also pissed off with this title kings of kings.Otherwise ulishani mune?

  100. The phrase “United States of Africa”, was mentioned first by Marcus Garvey in his poem ‘Hail, United States of Africa’ in 1924. Garvey’s ideas deeply influenced the birth of the Pan-Africanist movement which culminated in 1945 with the Fifth Pan African Congress in Manchester, United Kingdom, attended by W.E.B. Du Bois, Patrice Lumumba, George Padmore, Jomo Kenyatta and Kwame Nkrumah. Later, Nkrumah and Haile Selassie (among many others) took the idea forward to form the Organisation of African Unity, the forerunner of today’s African Union.

  101. Definiions from the Fundamental Muslim Dictionary:

    Christianity: a way of life that adds earthly body pleasure in worship.

    Islam: piece be upon mohammad. a tru rligion that sacrifices welbeing, leisure and luxury to fulfil Ala’a teaching :d:d

  102. I have talked too much on these characters who dont even know what we are talking about.Let me greet friends Martworld nice guy,Casey,ako kakulu ba Never, Ba Dr maureen mulishani bane?

  103. 136. Casey Khisho
    That is true a warning which many do not see. These people define things they way they want -they see things in their own eyes.

  104. “Then I thought of it from another point of view, a Ugandan friend told me that it was better for Gadafhi’s son to head the Youth parliament because then we would get the necessary resources.”

    This thinking is similar to the more money in your pockets by PF/Undereducate. Let us not be moved by emotions, but use our heads to think carefully always.

    We do not need short-cuts but had work for everything. The ambitions of dictators MUST not be brought to fruition by those who think. Let us continue educating our dull friends about what it means to vote or have a working democracy.

  105. What we expect from proposed United States of Africa

    a single African military force,

    a single currency and

    a single passport for Africans to move freely around the continent”

  106. #139
    From that approach…Christianity and Islam are opposite…one has the luxurious approach ( and cannot be called religion, but a way of life) while another is very serious about God, (and is therefore called religion, not a way of life)

    But the Catholic Synode 1964, describes Islam as a way of life (and not religin)….and since we cannot agree on the basics on things as simple as definitions….living in HARMONY SIDE BY SIDE…. patali!!

  107. #145 Iwe are you sure ? you want Nai Nai to flock here from Abuja to con us. Even those thugs from South Africa, ama h.u.l.e from Zimboland !

  108. The reason why these toothless organisations never work in africa is because they are created by dictators and they dont involve their citizenry.when the OAU was changed to AU i dont recall any debates whatsoever on the merits and demerits of new organisation and how it was going to benefit us as africans.The Swiss are holding a referendum whether to keep their doors open to other Europeans in light of fact that they are not in the EU.why cant we do the same in africa.the success of the EU can be largely atrributed to the process of involving citizens.

  109. USAF!…I hope our African leaders are not copying concepts they don’t understand. They copied the concept of EU by forming AU..if and when you travel in europe, and your are a non EU passport holder, you feel the pain of not belonging to the EU and the EU passport holders, feel the joy of belonging! what has the AU done to make me feel happy to belong?

  110. #78, good contribution, and many others too have put up some good arguments.

    This is what a new Africa should look like; with people that can speak their
    Mind, constructively, without fear. I don’t mind the odd joke or making light of
    A topic, you know, if it is in context. Am sure a lot of people agree that jokes and
    Laughter are good for the soul.

    Lusaka times is only going to be a joker’s
    Website if we (the people that visit it to catch up on Zambian current affairs) allow
    It. It is silly to just close your eyes and put fingers in your ears (like my nephew does when
    He is told he can’t have ice cream) each time there is a serious topic or simply say
    Let others deal with it, I will jus

  111. #152
    The US televangelist once reffred to communism as satan’s work> P.W botha of SA told Mandela in his pridon cell never to embrace communism for it is devil’s work.

  112. Martworld Nice guy tuli fye bwino boyi.Bashi mulumbulwa kanshi epo baba. Naleti maybe bali ku southern ku campain ya 2011.

  113. [CTN]#157
    Associated Press
    November 24, 2008
    Lawmakers in Indonesia’s remote province of Papua have thrown their support behind a controversial bill requiring some HIV/AIDS patients to be implanted with microchips — part of extreme efforts to monitor the diseas.Health workers and rights activists sharply criticized the plan Monday.
    But legislator John Manangsang said by implanting small computer chips beneath the skin of “sexually aggressive” patients, authorities would be in a better position to identify, track and ultimately punish those who deliberately infect others with up to six months in jail or a $5,000 fine

  114. May I just remind the paranoid schizophrenics that the NEW WORLD ORDER doesn’t appear in the bible. There is no single place in the bible that says they will be one currency, one religion and one government. Making up conspiracy theories and pretending that the bible tells you so is the same work of confusion of the devil. The day all religions unite will be the day hell freezes . If you think muslims, judaism, christianity, hebrews will form one religion I suggest you kill yourself

  115. Lets hope this whole thing doesn’t work out. MERCIFUL LORD save our peaceful nation ZAMBIA.:((:((:((:(([-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<8->8->8->[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x

  116. 30/01/2009
    All Australians could be implanted with microchips for tracking and identification within the next two or three generations, a prominent academic says.
    Michael G Michael from the University of Wollongong’s School of Information Systems and Technology, has coined the term “uberveillance” to describe the emerging trend of all-encompassing surveillance[TBC

  117. ctn #164] .
    “Uberveillance is not on the outside looking down, but on the inside looking out through a microchip that is embedded in our bodies,” Dr Michael told ninemsn.
    Microchips are commonly implanted into animals to reveal identification details when scanned and similar devices have been used with Alzheimers patients.
    US company VeriChip is already using implantable microchips, which store a 16-digit unique identification number, on humans for medical purposes.

  118. I never said it did, you are the same lost person claiming the new world order is in the bible. The bible is clear on what the end times shall entail and theres no mention of the NWO you claiming.

    I suggest you read the bible instead of cpying and pasting a flawed conspiracy theory that has no basis with the bible but in people’s paranoia and ignorance

  119. [-( I assume yoiu think the microchip is in the bible

    One funny thing I have always noticed about NWO believers is that most of them have never even touched a bible in their life.

  120. This New World Order is not some prophetically speculative or futuristic fairy tale, but a real world reality. It is not some “wacko conspiracy theory” advanced by the fringe of society like the powers that be would have us believe. It is not a “conspiracy,” rather it’s an agenda. Anybody that will end their soma induced “holiday” and unplug from the delusional “matrix” will see the evidence all around them

  121. Post the verse or chapter that says so in the bible then:-ss instead of lieing that it is in the bible just say you saw it on youtube and because you are too lazy to read and actually find out facts you are quoting someone’s opinion not the bible

  122. Bloggers, lets not get bogged down by religious bigotry when discussing an important topic such as this one. Diversity of religion is good for humanity for ‘the world is but one country, and mankind its citizens.’ Africa stands to benefit from any semblance of unity – what ought to be analysed are the modalities. We should be seen to be realigning ourselves in order to beat the odds of the changing world political and economic landscape. To lag behind is to our own peril.

  123. Scripture tells us of the establishment of a New World Order by the Antichrist in the last days. Indeed, the devil must have a dictatorial form of government if he is to rule the world. It is being slowly implemented in our governments through legislation and in our churches with a new spirituality until ultimately it will be in the hands of an elite of intelligent politically-connected religious-minded people in league with the Antichrist

  124. #169
    (Dan 2 v 44) In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.

    A like to quote from news papers,i have a lot of collection on this topic(NEW ORLD ORDER).

  125. *sighs*

    I cannot stand liars especially ones that twist the bible

    The word antichrist appears in 1 john chapter 4:3,2(verse 18 and 22) and 2 john 1:7. The word antichrist appears 4 times in the new testament and nowhere does this say anything about one government of one leader and religion

    You pathetically take the interpretation of Revelations 13 which talks about a beast not the antichrist as one

    Like I said read the bible instead of watching youtube

  126. Stop with the lies

    Daniel 4:22 is a KIngdom that will last forever I.e the kingdom of Yahushuah the son of man . The vision daniel had was the vision of kingdoms to come not a new world order. You are silly to think the almighty’s kingdom that will last forever is the NWO.

  127. 16 And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred three score and six.


  128. Imwe ba BA, and SDA, if the bible predicted that the world would unite and become one..who are you to fight it. Just chill out get on the boat and support United States of Africa and stop this bible bashing. We are just fulfilling scripture and am sure you belive that the bible does not lie. So lets have one world, one currency and no borders and people would walk to any place they want to live ..I can’t wait to see that day and the immigration departments will be irrelevant

  129. #175

    Revelations 13 says BEAST not anticrhist
    the key word is kingdom of YHWH and forever, surely comprehension must be simple to you

    It still stands you are a liar that pretends that NWO is in the bible

    Theres no single shred of evidence that mentions one world religion, government or leader

  130. The arguments cannot end if you involve the bible or the Qu’raan. A scientist for example will tell you the Bible is just another theory of creation, just like big-bang and the cosmology of planets… human’s failure to think beyond :d

    Nakana….me and my bible …(inseparable)

  131. New world order is a fabrication of someone’s vivid imagination. I believe it is a fabrication of the devil to lead people away from the real truth and evil mentioned in the bible. the fact that you and your cohorts are lieing that NWO is in the bible shows that it is fabrication. The bible tells us where the seat of satan is and what satan will do in the last days(deceive many) NWO is just one of those deceitful plots. the real rulers of this world have always been the same since 321AD and yet nobody even touches them. The changed the sabbath, altered the bible, killed over 200 millions and yet people like you blindly ignore them and claim NWO

  132. #182
    In January 1991 the first President Bush told Americans in an Oval Office address that the collapse of Soviet communism presented an opportunity “to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order; a world where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations”.
    We will see very soon if Bush was right.

  133. #180
    Just like John, becoming Mary Magdalene…in the recent theory DaVince Code.. I had stopped watching Discovery Channel….it disturbs one’s belief….but again…sometimes I feel I am avading reasoning….but all the answers are written…in the Bible.

  134. #182
    We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times,
    Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended
    our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.
    It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had
    been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. But, the world
    is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The
    supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable
    to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.
    – Brother David Rockefeller –
    C.F.R. and Trilateral Commission

  135. #182
    We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order

    David Rockefeller

  136. Casey,Shalampungus and 1984.Are you guys saying that Gadaffi is the antchrist or what? Pantu Gadaffi ena guys awe sure.

  137. Hey, relax. Our God, as indicated in 1 John 5:7 of the KJV Bible, is in control of everything. Just worship God, the Creator, in TRUTH and SPIRIT. Whatever the case, the rule by one character is coming but God will protect His own people who truly believe in Him.

    As for AU turning into ONE AFRICAN GOVERNMENT politically, I feel this is being overzealous. Let us push for economic integration instead and maintain our sovereignty as individual African countries.
    “We are very weak at implementation and even staff at the Ministry of Finance are frustrated because of failure to implement developmental programmes,” said Magande. Source: The POST

  138. NWO, is actually just all world econmies becoming Capitalists…period…and this almost there. China and Cuba are only Communists in the Day time!

  139. How can Gadaffi say that he is the king of kings? Uyu wine umunthu guys pali quetion mark.You who is saying dont bring religius issues.No one is out of topic here.The topic has been connected to what the bible says about the last days.Even the use of one currency,i have head prophecy on that.So we are within the topic boyi.Only that you cant understand spiritual issues.

  140. Revelation 17 + KJV Bible

    17:5 And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

    17:6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
    Take of the Mother of harlots/prostitutes and the Harlots/Prostitutes themselves as they will play a key role in this imminent One World Government.
    As for AU issues, when is our GRZ giving us opportunity to voice out our concerns in a referendum?

  141. we have enough tribal differences! african union…for trade only ..yes! besides our african leaders are our worst enemies.

  142. The idea & concept of African Unity will always be a thorn in the flesh of some but it is here to stay. Wait until it hits critical mass before you all feel comfortable with it.
    Leaders like Nkhruma and Haile Selassie, who pioneered the thought of Pan-Africanism were also opposed by some of their own people and ended up as victims of western conspiracy.
    Every intelligent African in the diaspora knows that there are forces here that would not like to see our African dreams become reality. They will do anything to stop us from uniting.
    And now there is a growing anxiety among leaders of the developed world as their economies begin to crumble…contd.

  143. contd. from 196.

    …so if we knew what time it is, we would start uniting now. We have the resources, the energy, the labour and the necessary brains. The time has come for Africa to be top dog.
    Africa is the future! Aluta continua!

  144. Just like the conspracy of HIV….thats why Mbeki refused that there is HIV…he argued HIV was poverty. Those of us in the diaspora are not seing any so called HIV patients….never, and kids here luv seks like hell, live seks by the way, 3 some, 4 some and gang bang.

  145. Thus, this seems to give me an impression that the HIV cure is there…someone (IPR) just wants to make real bucks before releasing the medics to reach the poor communities

  146. Mentioning Kwame Nkhrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Emperor Haile Selasie and Nasser, all these had their own issues that disqualifies them from talking about a US of Af. They were far removed from the people they were supposed to be leading and Selasie had more love for his pet lions and dogs than he had for the common Ethiopians. How many people did Nasser kill in Egypt for opposing him? Thousands. Now look at the man championing it now, Gadaffi, he has the cheeky of telling us that democracy is bull. The US of Af is just poppycock.

  147. bane, you don’t need a USAF to have a single passport! the AU should have facilitated this…what has the AU achieved that should convince me that the USAF will succeed?

  148. A blonde walked into a gas station and said to the manager, “I locked my keys in my car. Do you have a coat hanger or something I can stick through the window to unlock the door?” The manager gives he a metre long wire. A couple minutes later, the manager walked outside to see how the blonde was doing and he heard another voice. “No, no! A little to the left,” said the other blonde inside the car.

  149. 1984 dont waste your useful time on Shalapungu fimo fimo.The guy is SHALLOW MINDED!jst ignore him because he is an agent of the fallen son of the morning.i suspect he is demonic-bent of distracting those willing 2 learn eg Free Capitalist.

  150. 3RqU, ba Maureen

    Pa LT pala tinya Sunday evenings, kwati ni pa manda. Kuti limbi ule blogga ne fibanda, ka?

  151. Webo 3RqU wansekeshya…ati kwati ni blonde :))
    Boyi tu keshaa ko bwino next time. Nanaka nabo ba LT, kuti wayamba ukuponta nokutukana (:|

  152. LT
    Yo mama’s so ugly, she made a blind kid cry.
    Yo mama so fat when she takes a shower her feet don’t get wet.
    Yo mama’s teeth gap so big, she uses a gate for braces.
    Yo mama so big, everytime she turns around it’s her birthday
    Yo mama is so fat she sells shade in the summer
    Yo’ mama so old, she was a waitress at the last supper!
    Yo mama is so ugly, she stuck her face in cookie dough and made gorilla cookies
    Your Mama’s so fat that when she went to school she sat next to the whole class!

  153. Careful male bloggers noti ukwikata madam pa ntwenu ubushiku ulemona kwati ni mouse elo ule blogger !

    Goodnight !

  154. Conclusion
    The one world government under one religion is a false prophecy that is not even mentioned in the bible. 1984 or his cohorts have failed to show one single shred of evidence of a one world government prophesized.
    Imagination that comes from paranoia is not the same as scripture.

    If you know so much about NWO show us one shred of evidence in the bible otherwise keep quiet!!!

  155. Brotherhood of death , join your fellow charlatan 1984 in pathetic SELF MADE prophecies not mentioned in the bible . I live by the bible and I search it for instruction I don’t make up SILLY theories like 1984 and pretend they are in scripture. If you are going to lie don’t become a false witness against scripture .

  156. Wait for something the bible doesn’t even prophesize , no thanks . I don’t follow doomsday prophecies made by men because really they are useless to me. The only hinder you because if YHWH wanted me to know about a one world government and religion he would have told his prophets to write it down in scripture but he didn’t.

    * i still see no bible verse that mentions a one world government or religion *

  157. For some years, I have been warning people about THE NEW WORLD ORDER. My friends thought I have joined a cult, and my wife thoght am going insane. The freedom from knowing the truth has given me new passion and purpose in my life. Little at a time they have been coming back saying, what you said happened. tell me more.
    Be informed. Be aware. BE TRUTH.Speak out, open eyes, Be the passion of truth

  158. Here we go again. Has Shalapungu become slumdog. Well, it’s the New World Order. However, ladies and gentlemen, those of you who are blind to the events happening around us shall be soem of the ones to suffer more when the freedoms are curtailed. I can assure you of that. Then you will wish 1984 was around to explain what was going on, and he will be gone by then. Wake up from your slumber and repent of your sins, perhaps you may be saved from the hour of trouble that will come upon the face of the earth.

  159. Your wife is right , the only people that entertain such are usually odd nut jobs. For somebody to convince themselves that something thats not in the bible is really there then that person has surpassed chainama standards. I also noticed that when you are talking about the NWO you are actually pasting from a known nutjob website truthseeker com .:-?

  160. The “new world order” involves the elimination of the sovereignty and independence of nation-states and form of world government.Most of the new world order proposals involve the conversion of the United Nations and its agencies to a world government, complete with a world army, a world parliament, a world court, global taxation, and numerous other agencies to control every aspect of human life (education, nutrition, health care, population, immigration, communications, transportation, commerce, agriculture, finance, the environment, etc.).

  161. Here comes another false prophet who thinks the south kingdom of Judah is Libya[-(. Goodness lsktimes has a lot of mentally cir cum sized

    Zammbian false prophet how about you show us where the NWO one world government, religion is in the bible

  162. You know whats funny, I used to teach people about the NWO and microchips when I was 19 . I have so many conspiracy dvd’s that I actually bought into the world is ending in 2012. That was until I read the history of Judea/Rome together with the bible . Once you know the history of that area you will see how silly you sound

  163. The New World Order,term refers to what is supposed to be a semi-secret plan by a small group of wealthy, powerful people to build a global, totalitarian, socialistic government that has dominion over all people and all nations.
    Most people I talk to have heard the term, and most of them also have definite feelings about the subject. Some people don’t believe in it, and think that if you do, you’re a wacko conspiracy theorist.
    Others do believe in it, and think the non-believers are denying reality. To be completely honest, I go back and forth on the issue. However, several recent news stories have pushed me to give more credibility to the concept.

  164. A recent Financial Times of London article called “And Now Towards a New World Order” is of particular interest.Keep in mind the Financial Times (FT) is probably the most respected newspaper on earth

  165. Maybe I should tell you why I think you are a nutjob. What you think the NWO is about to do has already been done 1900 years ago. Even your country Zambia is under roman control . So when you say the NWO are about to take over am looking at the computer screen like are you serious. Rome and it’s control over the KINGS OF the world is mentioned in the bible specifically revelations chapter 17.

  166. Everybody has seen a different wave of unity that has been sweeping our continent.The EU is expanding like never before.Africa is talking of the same.The is only one passport fot EU nationals
    and we all know that nowadays there is a form of big brother system around the world.Just a car number plate reveals my identity!
    BUT there is always one in the family…

  167. Next time 1984 don’t lie that NWO is in the bible . Some of us take time to read the bible and we have a duty to rebuke liars that blasphem the word of YHWH. If you believe in a conspiracy don’t lie that it’s in the bible to give it credance. Instead of trolling sites copying and pasting visit the library. From now on I will ignore your useless rantings because it seems you are stuck in your second childhood

    With all the rubbish you posted I haven’t even seen you mentioned the most powerful man in the world the black pope.

  168. Multi-party democracy denied
    The new African Union (AU) chairman, Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi, says multi-party democracy in Africa leads to bloodshed.

    Speaking at the AU summit in Ethiopia, Col. Gaddafi said Africa was essentially tribal and political parties became tribalised, which led to bloodshed.

    He concluded the best model for Africa was his own country, where opposition parties are not allowed.

    Analysts say the AU is in for an interesting year under Col. Gaddafi.

    The BBC’s Mark Doyle, at the AU summit in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, says many may wonder what direction the 53-member organisation will take under his leadership over the next 12 months.

  169. The writer of this article is ignorant. First, US of African was first mooted my Kwame Nkrumah and not Gaddafi. Second, human nature always has a bit of a desire to promote oneself to some degree. The idea of EU was a joke in the 1800s and now it is a reality. Stop being prejudiced against yourself. Even the US of America was a joke at the time it started 200 plus years ago.

  170. Before I read the above story, I thought it would be interesting to see how the different governing styles dotted across the african continet would be accomodated in the union..
    After reading the story quoting muamar gadaffi- I said to myself hmm dont worry about it because the union is not going anywhere because i dont see any of our african leaders just standing aside and allow the proponet of this union gadaffi take charge and govern all africans.
    Maybe, just maybe if they adopted federal type of union, maybe that will work but then federal system will need to adopt policy and principles agreed by all- Of paramount prominence should be the right to vote and freedom to choose a leader.

  171. Ok

    I am just going to explain something to everyone.

    We have already passed the prophecies of revelation 13

    Where we are in the Bible is somewhere ahead in revelation.

    If you read, you’ll understand. Be careful of the rapture folks who will lie to you about a pre-tribulation rapture and a so called new world order. Be careful because God warns of adding and removing prophecies in his book. I on the other hand do not believe man pertaining the prophecies but I believe the word for it will set you free.

    [email protected]

  172. Gadaffi is a wrong person. For a long time muslims have desired to dominant south of sahara but they have failed they a serious agenda for black africa we have to preserve christianity in the south for Gods sake lets wake up. Please Rupiah must be adviesd not to sell our country to muslims. I wonder if this man is a christian

  173. **==‘Quote for the Day’**==

    a)Dig where the gold is …. Unless you just need some exercise.

    b)I envy people who drink. At least they have something to blame everything on.

  174. This is not a new idea nor is Gaddafi’s notion, its an old idea in a new envelope…
    Nkrumah proposed this concept, the one passport and one currency, these features have united America and made it the most powerful country on earth. American people are different in culture, religion, race and even languages but they co-exist in hamony…
    Look at this, Europe is busy uniting and expanding, China is doing the same and so must we.,,,

  175. Thanks Brother for sharing your experience in Tripoli, I agree with you, the colonel can’t be the leader in Africa…he has failed to advise his comrades in Sudan to stop slaughtering the black people.

  176. PEOPLE LISTEN: All this is written in the Bible, we are going towards the end of the world.
    1. The fall of the Great Nation -America
    2. The reconciliation of Isreal and Gaza
    3. Men will be lovers of themselves, money, slanderers etc.

    Remember 666

  177. The only “African Authority” that can work or make sense would be an AFRICAN UNION, kind of the one Europe has, One Passport and one currency for one africa. But not one government, this will create civil wars as you know africans are greedy human beings!

  178. While RB is in support of the US of Africa, I strongly urge us to call for a referendum on the issue and let his governt ment know wether we are in support or not as democratically possible within the Zed system. Koma ine palwandi na bandi ni no chabe!!!!!

  179. 8-|Go ahead and form your US African. I will NOT be part of it. Ataseee! We’ll get back to the same place we where before the World wars, fighting for power. Why don’t these chaps just concentrate on ending wars instead of dreaming?

  180. The NEWEST Pretrib Calendar

    Hal (serial polygamist) Lindsey and other pretrib-rapture-trafficking and Mayan-Calendar-hugging hucksters deserve the following message: “2012 may be YOUR latest date. It isn’t MAYAN!” Actually, if it weren’t for the 179-year-old, fringe-British-invented, American-merchandised pretribulation rapture bunco scheme, Hal might still be piloting a tugboat on the Mississippi. roly-poly Thomas Ice (Tim LaHaye’s No. 1 strong-arm enforcer) might still be in his tiny folding-chair church which shares its firewall with a Texas saloon, Jack Van Impe might still be a jazz band musician, Tim LaHaye might still be titillating California matrons…

  181. [I didn’t realize there is a word limit apparently. The entire article, on Google, is entitled “The NEWEST Pretrib Calendar.” Lord bless you all. John]

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