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Provinces endorse RB as MMD president

Headlines Provinces endorse RB as MMD president

President Rupiah Banda interacts with MMD cadres who gathered outside State House in support of MMD National Executive Committee members in Lusaka yesterday
President Rupiah Banda interacts with MMD cadres who gathered outside State House in support of MMD National Executive Committee members in Lusaka yesterday

All the Provinces have endorsed President Banda as MMD president and are confident that he will unite the party.

MMD has advised members wishing to contest positions at the 2010 convention not to start campaigning now.

Speaking on behalf of all the party provincial leaders in Lusaka yesterday, North-Western Province MMD chairperson James Katoka said Mr Banda was the right man to lead the party.

“I would like to confirm that our programme has succeeded. We are happy because we did not want someone else to take over and divide the party,” he said.

Mr Katoka was confident that Mr Banda would strengthen the party further.

“As provincial leaders, we feel that we must maintain the power that we have as a party,” he said.

Northern Province MMD chairperson Griever Sikasote said he was happy that the President had started on a high note by working hard.

“We have seen the President in Kasama…he has been to Kasaba Bay. He has also been travelling outside the country on official assignments.

“This shows that he is committed and determined to develop the country. He has shown the spirit of hard work and commitment,” he said.

Mr Sikasote said Mr Banda was working to ensure that the country came out of poverty.

“We are motivated by the fact that Mr Banda was unanimously picked as party president. As provincial leaders, we will put in everything to support Mr Banda now that he is both Republican and party president,” he said.

He said the MMD provincial leadership was pleased that President Banda had focused on development issues.

Mr Sikasote commended Mr Banda for placing Luanshya Copper Mines (LCM) in the care of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH).

He was confident that ZCCM-IH would operate effectively until a strategic partner was found.
And Eastern Province chairperson Kennedy Zulu welcomed President Banda’s election as party president.

Mr Zulu said Mr Banda had experience and was dedicated to the cause of the Zambia people.
“We wish him well and we will give him total support,” he said.

Copperbelt Provincial chairperson Joseph Chilambwe said the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) proved critics wrong by remaining united.

“We know that some people expected a lot of divisions but we were all supportive of Mr Banda. With the election of Mr Banda as party president, we see the beginning of unity in the party,” he said

The MMD NEC on Saturday elected President Banda as its acting party president until their next convention due next year.

Meanwhile, MMD spokesperson Benny Tetamashimba has said it would be premature for anybody to announce their candidature ahead of next year’s convention.

“Announcing our intentions now will not be in the best interest of the party because it will bring disunity instead of focusing on other development issues,” he said.

Mr Tetamashimba said it was now time to unite the party and forget any differences that may have arisen in the past.

“It is time to put our differences behind…lets bring order and sanity to the party,” he said.

[Zambia Daily mail]


  1. How do put a sleepy charp on such a position? mmd is fullof imberciles, like Teta, mpombos and shakas. Mind you 2011 is just by the coner

  2. “Northern Province MMD chairperson Griever Sikasote said he was happy that the President had started on a high note by working hard.

    “We have seen the President in Kasama…he has been to Kasaba Bay. He has also been travelling outside the country on official assignments.”

    Mwe Bantu I need to understand here…
    Is Seeing someone in your area and hearing that the person has travelled on official assignement the new definition of “working hard”?

  3. Sikasote translates RB’s expensive globe-trottinng as hard work.Is Sikasote normal? Tell me,which foreign trip has obama taken since taking up office despite America being the world’s biggest economy?

  4. I dont blame RB, I blame the people who are are around him! who worship him like the almighty. As long as we have Teta, Mabenga, VJ, and the chief bootlicker himself in this goverment, such nosense will never stop

  5. All the political parties in Zed play the same ball game. Most parties do not hold conventions in years and those who do endorse leaders prior to the convention, what nosense..:@):@):@):@):@):@)

  6. These endorsements are stage-managed. They don’t mean anything. Anyone who opposes is victimised. Shame on these petty politics. :-&

  7. If going by what is being written in the papers is true about the going’s on in FRA and ZAMTEL is true then we are in trouble
    we need to think fast and real fast.It’s very disappointing

  8. It seems MMD equals Government and Government Equals MMD. RB is a shame as he busy with party politics and ignoring national issues. Whoever voted for him….twapenga nobantu ba mwami

  9. #17 Sharp Shooter

    My thoughts exactly! If the definition of “hard work” means globe trooting, then we definately have a problem. They might as well declare it open season and let the entire cabinet globe trot as they please. I can imagine their (Ministers) first destination,…….Milpark Hospital in south africa for Treatment!!! 😮

  10. Charity begins at home.If our major political parties cant practice democracy,how can you expect democracy to flourish in Zambia.Democracy in Zed is lip-service coz not even Sata,HH or indeed any other presidential aspirant can claim to have been democratically elected on an even ground without intimidations and possible expulsions.sad indded>

  11. Good to know that RB has been made acting president,coz the person who will stand on the ticket of MMD will win the next presidential elections

  12. a few times I have strayed here, I have realised that most people are always on the net trying to be number one or something. when do you work? I suspect you are iddlers and we have a lot of you in Zambia

  13. Ba Moze Mudala, being surrounded by people like Siskasote is really retrogressive coz they can do anything wrong to get a job at the expense of development and good advise.

  14. To prove how iddle we are, just stop along a street in Lusaka and pretend you are seeing something up in the sky, a crowd will soon join you. It appears there is always an idle crowd waiting for something to happen.

  15. Pumpy!! :)>-

    Yenzeko bad malaria, mwee! Sembe ine ni, “tinalinaye, tinalinaye!”, sure. But i [-o<, and told the malaria that [-x, nangu chibe shani, i still want to :)), and =)), and even :-j. Sharp Shooter I understand how you feel!! So frustrating indeed! [-(

  16. MMD is finished with this man,he exhibits high levels of dictactorial tendencies.UPND & PF can win the next elections if they change their leaders & have proper conventions so that their parties are strengthened.
    #15. Nakabalika I am with you there,am disappointed by the words uttered by Sikasote a person i held with high esteem when he was a hardworking & intelligent Director at ZESCO,it seems he’s a finished man & wants a job,african politics suck big time,it’s all about job.jobs & jobs nothing else,i have seen so many real man turned into f.o.o.l.s just to get jobs.

  17. Yaba! ba Sikasote! What a waste of talent!! 😕
    Why is it that intelligent people end up boot licking the moment they become party cadres? Ninsala nangu shani? I need help here, mwee!

  18. #36 lady Chiza’s fimo fimo =))=))

    …or better still, ask just three people to stoop down, form a circle and start tying their shoe laces, everyone including those without shoe laced shoes will do the same and start tying something!!

  19. Ba Moze, muli bwanji, Bruder L, Matworld….sup

    What Rubbish, Ati..”we have seen the President in Kasama, Kasaba Bay. He has also been travelling outside the country on official assignments.

    “This shows that he is committed and determined to develop the country. He has shown the spirit of hard work and commitment,” he said.

    Mr Sikasote said Mr Banda was working to ensure that the country came out of poverty.
    ……………………………………………Please dont insult our intelligence sir…This is what we call( sucking up to the boss)

  20. Miss Daisy

    Hi. Tadabwa tonse khani ya hard working, mwee. Going to dar today at tax payers expense is “hard working”, ka?

  21. They say that when the party had begun, Tortoise devised tricks that ensured he would eat all the food alone, even as everyone else watched in disappointed disbelief. In the proper order of time, the owners of the feathers that fashioned his wings withdrew their feathers, condemning Mr Tortoise to untold difficulties. so watch out b-) RB

  22. Lady Chiza’s Legs, you are equally the same you are also on the net so let us not condemn each other her and try to be problem solvers and not seekers?

  23. #44(Beautiful1)
    No! i dont shoot at girls.They me a lot to me. I shoot at non-progressive politicians and fault finders.

  24. Question: If RB is now acting MMD President, were does that live Michael Mabenga, what position is he now holding in MMD (if any)?

  25. #53 General elections are supposed to replace tired leaders with young and more rejuvenated ones. Not yet, we are so tired or bored that we elect leaders that reflect ourselve!

  26. 57 Chewe. your statement shows how deeply embedded mysoginy is in you. I am a lady whose been to sku. its not my fault if you have unfinished business with UNZA

  27. All these characters who are talking of RB having been endorsed by all the provinces,are just job seekers. RB is toothless he doesnt have that authority as a leader.No wonder today any person in mmd can wake up and say whatever she or he wants.This was never the case when Levy was there.

  28. At the rate at which things are moving, Mabenga’s job will be to just esure that all cabinet ministers are taken to milpark hospital and brought back alive….and not as cargo.
    Who knows? He could even be appointed Chief Justice!! Nipa Zed pano, ka? Mukadabwa.

  29. Breaking News: Here is a sad truism about our country: Shame is dead. Well, almost. That is why RB is on the run. Mind you each trip he makes costs atleast K6 billion within Africa and K12 billion outside Africa.

  30. Honestly ba MMD do you think their was a sane Zambian who doubted the outcome of this endoresment????
    History is ever repeating itself in Zambia!!!
    I for one knew very well the outcome of this rubish just when the MMD started murmuring about it!!!
    Look at the reasons for endorsing the president from our Leaders like sikasote eeh Bane tulimuchibe

  31. It’s a pity that the opposition parties in Zambia are (1) very weak, and (2)they exist only in urban areas. Otherwise with RB as MMD president MMD would be canon fodder come 2011. FREE advice: PF and UPND should make inroads into the rural areas. The time to start that onslaught is NOW and not two months before elections.

    On the whole, MMD has become UNIP in blue.

  32. Iwe Ka Chewe Taunfwa. Today I am headed to Thornapark Matebeto Market mudala. Appetite ya nivuta because of the ka beer I hammered over the weekend. Got a lot of K50s. Kaili, ZB has reduced beers.

  33. How much kickbacks will the endorsers/bootleakers of RB get? Tax payers’ coffers again?? Over my dead soul.

  34. Ha Lol, NyamaSoya has already started camopaigning by ensuring people that want him to re-contest the 2nd term republican presidency in strategic positions. Using them i.e. Teta to instil fear in them and sideline them to make them unpopular. Well Africa is a brutal play ground, so brutal that those in authority abuse their positions to perpetuate their stay. look at magande, kavindele Sondashi etc though I dont support any including incumbent, they have been shunted, one false step they can be expelled.

  35. Viva corruption in Zambia. Twalila na ba Levy Mwanawasa SC (RIP). Zambia is headed for disaster. Does it mean there are no young and able bodied people to rule Zambia? Lets take an example of USA sure mwebantu.

  36. The cop who shot dead his superior was burried with handcuffs both on his arms and legs…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Power is sweet, as president, people bootlick you from all coners and from all 9 provinces. Even ghost cadres. You get an automatic support from former adversaries.

  38. I can hardly believe my wasted years in cold, whitewashed walls smelling of anaesthesia, working as a gynaecologist in Zambia while politicians enjoyed. You can imagine my voice dropping to a whisper behind my surgical mask, gently turning the patient’s body to peer at the diseased organ. at the end of the day, I wud get peanuts

  39. At the close of the day we have no option but being in the leadership of unwanted leaders.Just accept them unconditionally.

  40. Beautiful 1, i do change names just like politicians changing goal posts. Today they are in support of RB,HH,Sata cobra or tomorow they in support of Man-u, Chelsea, L/pool, or Arsernal.

  41. 85.
    Yes it is true, he was burried as an arrested criminal.
    The funeral was not supported and his family didnt complain. He was handcuffed even in the coffin..I hope LT posts the story

  42. Morningside, wont go to Lusaka Play House today. will go to Thornpark. nid a juicy t-bone steak and a choice of vegetables to crank my apetite. too much mosi over the weekend. got a beer belly!

  43. I saw it coming…….what Can I say…….promoting such people with awe mwandi when are ever going to wakeup. I wounder what will take off the position. I wish we could have a normal young person with new ideas. 😕

  44. Whats so specail about the idea of endorsing every Sate president as party president? It started with FJT, the HE LPM and now RB. Is it about inheriting legacy for corruption? Or Contuing corruption where the other president left??

    Please enlighten me.

  45. Inteady of endorsing the rescue stimulus plan for our economy, they are endorsing useless individuals that liabilities to our economy. Shame to our beloved Zambia.

    I wish LPM was alive to see where hiz country has crashed with a bang.

  46. I wish RB and his goons could read this it might actaully be educative for them. But i guess they are too busy spend our money to read this………….what a shame

  47. #97, I’m not The Spectator but sound like The Spectator. The Bandit, its true that RB could have been reading so he can learn something but he is busy spending our every hard earned coins. But he knows its that he ignores.

  48. its time we leant that these guys are not after working for zambians but making money and remaining in employment.the know that unemployment is at higher levels so what do we expect :d:d/

  49. Zoe has recovered frm the monday blues, am out though rushing for an evaluation meeting,pa govt complex =))=))=))<:-p<:-p

  50. Mudala, we are now a nation of drunks. beer is cheap, you men can even get a ka zimbabwean trader at 5 pin. gud life thanx RB

  51. Zoe, imagine in 50 pin u drink 25 beers (a crate and top up). what a time to be a drunk. RB mwasembeza. I m told the reduction is cox Mudala and Plot 1 takes to the bottle most of the time.

  52. #114 [-([-(RB sanasebenze atleast mealie meal manje beer? ZAF officers kaya, i think now they will reduce kutenga moba pama chit.

  53. 3RqU. kumbwako. Had a sizzling juicy t-bone steak for 20 pin. six plates of cibwabwa, delele, impwa, beans, kalembula… nid I write anymore. ni matebeto badala. felling dizzy. had three quick ones (wash down)

  54. We shall soon chase SHREK & the Gang from State House & Stone them to death like dogs that they are. They do not deserve to be called leaders, they are Dealers!!!

  55. 3RqU. kumbwako. Had a sizzling juicy t-bone steak for 20 pin. six plates of cibwabwa, delele, impwa, beans, kalembula… nid I write anymore. ni matebeto badala. felling dizzy. had three quick ones (wash down)

  56. Lady chiza’s legs

    Can we get something clear. Are you the legs of the lady Chiza or what? If you say you are a lady, you are one hell of a hungry lady.

  57. Relax, I take it you are an ebony coloured skinny man with an insatiable lust for women! May be that is why you want to make sure I am a woman. OK for yo sake, I am a man. You might begin stalking me!!

  58. Wabwino, wabwino, pliz napapata. My hands are full. just discusss the topic. its only that LT stoped us coz I wud have called you a 3:-o

  59. Lady chiza’s legs

    Aha very funny,Neze na ziba, you were going to come with all guns blazing, dunking and kicking. Ok, you are right I am slim. I am not a lustiful stallion though, I have ever kept me zipped.

  60. Relax

    lady Chiza is a man, a very ugly one for that matter. he is shorter than Chanda Beu. He is a depressed creature

  61. BRAVO MMD for centering the power of purpose.Hey unity is the way to go.Ignore all these doomsayers and vacuous faceless trolls illussionary barking like slay dogs 24/7.They have no platform or backbornes to face the future in the real world but usual self fantasising blog rhetoric.Leave them eat their insults while you consolidate power,expedite glooming of mature and focused emerging young leaders already identified and deployed for professional training around the Globe. Keep mobilizing heavy logistics for another rollover needed in 2011 aginst trolls.

  62. Ladies & Gents I have the solution to all ya problems. You should change the way the country is administered it should be run like a company. This is what you should:

    A company has share holders who elect a board of directors the board then appoints an MD/CEO. Zambians (shareholders)should elect a board of directors(Parliament)Parliament should then elect a Prime Minister (Chief Executive) who then appoints his management team from outside parliament.

    This means the Prime Minister and his cabinet are answerable to Parliament if they mess up parliament with pressure from voters can boot them out with a simple majority and elect a new Prime minister.

    Problem solved!!!!

  63. Power and change is not in these cowardly pushed insults by faceless trolls online but on Ground games.While you wastefully burn yourselves here uselessly without dividends, winning structures are exponentially shaping up on the ground and logistics are being pulled together for a must win race that will leave you trolling insults for another 5 years.

  64. Those of u who voted 4 RB to finish off Mwanawasa’s term shud now know that RB will be standing in 2011 again!And this time you (MMD) will loose big time. Last elections MMD merged with 4 other parties who will not do the same come 2011! At the rate things are going come 2011 RB and his sons will be facing corruption charges, those close to them (Bandas), remind them that Zambians are watching.

  65. Sata 9 straight years today no covention, no caucus vote and no mandate from any entity but self impossition.

    MMD a chicken child of the Tonga only for President doctrine not ideal for the country.

    RB a baseline natural leader with mandate.

  66. 140. Beautiful 1. I remember u had a run-in with me on the other thread using another name.~X( careful.

  67. 145. kays,

    Be here and learn real clear politics.MMD is heading for triumpant crush of these titular paper based opposition parties like UPND & PF which exist only in your mouth, the post newspaper and blogs.Politics is no closer to any of those illusionary lines but the baselines.Its game of activating party predispositions and tapping from the apathetic lines mechanically or strategically.You double and combine your insults but be advised that MMD does not and will not depend on such illusionary views herein but the mobilized voters through existing yet reactivated ground structures.MMD is sweeping 2011 elections.

  68. Sata 9 straight years today no covention, no caucus vote and no mandate from any entity but self impossition.

    UPND a chicken child of the Tonga only for President doctrine not ideal for the country.

    RB a baseline natural leader with mandate.

  69. the usual Zambian political rubbish! we are a nation whose political future is charted by marketeers and cadres for hire .

  70. #151 Insider, you took the words right out of my mouth my brother/sister.

    Its pathetic to think that even when there is so much that needs to be done, we are pre occupied with this nonsense of preparing for next election.

    “The poor shall get poorer and the rich shall get richer…”

  71. Its amazing how Zambians waste resources. Many senior Zambians view secretarial work as too demeaning for their status and prefer a huge Mercedes car for every day operations in countries where many government ministers use bicycles and trains to work! Luk at the way b-) is flying out every week. Its like his bedroom is in the challenger!

  72. Powerman.
    Had MMD not merged with the other 4 paties, they would have not won last year’s elections. MMD won by about 31000 votes. UNIP is still popular in Eastern Province, Sikota is popular in Livingstone, Nawakwi is popular in part of Northern, put the figures together, it will be more than 31000 votes. Unless they rig off course. That is what African politics are all about.

  73. Ba LT can you give us story about Grade nine results.Other schools are giving results while others are waiting for the minister to announce results are ready. Igenga Girls in grade 10 opened this morning. Time waits for no one, well done Ibenga. 🙁

  74. The problem with Zambians is we vote for fun and not quality. Right now some MPs have never visited their areas. They visit once in five years and that is to get a vote and go back to the city. We must not vote with political mentality but developmental mentality. We are tired of talking about the same issues year in year out. In short we are stuck. The poor will become poorer if we are not careful. There is no way we can be living like foreigners in our country. If we are serious we could have erracted a beautiful structure on the Copperbelt to show the world copper also comes from Zambia. But nothing, are’nt we proud of our country. Come on Zambians we can do better.

  75. Hi everyone, Ladie Chiza’s Legs is Female…i can tell from her sex language because thats language of sweet ladies like Ladie Chiza.

    Thats why men here are being driven crazy. Advise all men folks here to take it easy and relax their apetites for Ladie Chiza.

  76. Iwe morning side clinic Lady Chiza is not a female.I called that number he gave and a big chi Voic answered i didnt even say anything ,thats how i hung up.

  77. When will Zambia have a true Zambian as its leader? Are we so 3 out of 4 is too much. Bushe tamwakwata amano yakuiteka?

  78. I just like the confidence nad disposition that Deputy Minister Shakafuswa has exhibited in the last few days. He really is a possible leader to take MMD to he next level of politics if they hope to win in 2011.
    To President RB Banda, all the very best in your appointment, not elections I think, as MMD acting president though some seem to be calling you MMD party president.
    To the MMD aspiring presidential candidates, the game has become hard for President RB Banda will try to seek a second term. Thus, make sure you have PLAN B if things don’t work out in MMD. Following someone above, when will Zambia have another REAL ZAMBIAN to lead the Nation. It appears alien-kinds-of are doing well.

  79. Am very sorry to hear about this endorsement. Ala bane we are back in Unip regime. The MMD wants to rule umuyaya. Wait and see how they will again rig the votes in 2011.Pliz pipo shine your eyes.

  80. The worst thing is that as a country we had began to do so well under LPM. Now, things are going all wrong everywhere. It will take a miracle to get us back on track that LPM left us on as a country. The first thing would be to derail from UNIP backed MMD policies.

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