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Govt has directed all water bill defaulters to be disconnected

Economy Govt has directed all water bill defaulters to be disconnected

Government has directed commercial water utilities in the country to disconnect all defaulting consumers if the institutions are to run as viable entities.

Local government deputy minister Crispin Musosha issued the directive in Choma today when he inaugurated the new board of directors of the Southern Water and Sewerage Company headed by Livingstone prominent lawyer Solomon Muzyamba.

He said government is aware of the consumer indebtedness which has affected operations of water companies in the country. Mr. Musosha said it should therefore be a standard practice by all utility companies to disconnect supply from defaulting consumers until the full outstanding bill is settled.

He said the utility company should also remove its water system from defaulters followed by litigation in the courts of law to recover money owed.

Mr. Musosha said his ministry will try its best to assist utility companies recover money owed by various government ministries and departments.

He said for water utility companies to tick, a lot of money is needed to spent on purchase of chemicals and other inputs to ensure supply of safe water to consumers adding there is no way the companies would be expected to provide this service for free.

The deputy minister said people should show appreciation of the services by paying for them. Mr. Musosha however urged water utility companies to be more responsive to the needs of the people if they are to achieve their objective.



  1. I’m sorry but my memory tells me that GOVERNMENT itself is the NUMBER ONE cultprit for not paying its utility bills, including water!!!


  3. #7 Utility bills are very much taken care of by Govt.Kanofye boma iyo nga yalibomfya funding yonse otherwise money for utilities is reserved

  4. Gorvernment building are the major defaulters.
    And they will give you the excuse of the credit melt down.

    :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-? pa zed imwee:o:o:o:o:o:o:o

  5. I personally think its a goo idea because people have to learn to pay for the water they use. Chlorinated water is not for free! The sooner people understand this the better. I have a neighbour who has been connecting water illigally for the past 5 years! And the guy goes drinking with his pals nearly every day. The excuse of poverty does not apply here.

  6. Good after lunch fellow bloggers.Ine kulema chabe.

    GRZ is talking about closing institutions that owe water companies. As late as last week or 2weeks ago, Choma prison was closed because they do not have water because their water bills have not been paid…
    If you live in glass houses…..

  7. This is the definition of “Hypocrisy” at its best! Disconnect, ka? Start with all govt institutions then we will know that you are serious. And in any case, in some cases, what are you going to disconnect when people have no water?? Disconnect air?? 😕

  8. They will disconnect govt., buildings and within 1 hr after being seriously threatened, re-connect the water without paying even reconnection fees. so where is the relevance of starting a war you cant win.

  9. I know the chap of a minister gets a hefty salary, so he can utter such malabish, start with government departments, they are the major defaulters. muziganiza pokamba! :-w

  10. Classic case of the kettle calling the pot black! GRZ is the biggest defaulter of water, electricity & telephone bills! If Boma paid all their dues on time, water utility companies, ZESCO & Zamtel, would all be profitable entities.

  11. If GRZ was paying up, and on time, most of these utility companies would be running profitably. However, GRZ paying is erratic and conmen take advantage of such lapses to defraud us big time.

  12. It is said that the truth is like a lion. It is bold and determined. It requires no defence. It speaks for itself. Those who want to tell lies should learn this lesson and understand it well. It is very difficult to lie consistently. Lies are unnatural. They don’t flow but stand awkwardly when analysed honestly and sincerely

  13. It is said that the truth is like a lion. It is bold and determined. It requires no defence. It speaks for itself. Those who want to tell lies should learn this lesson and understand it well. It is very difficult to lie consistently. Lies are unnatural. They don’t flow but stand awkwardly when analysed honestly and sincerely

  14. here goes nothing. that lawyer chairman is a hopeless chap who has never done anything remarkable. he is just another party cadre who heads the MMD as district party chairman. tha said this is just a gong to our ears because government owes the most money to these instituions lip service and nothing else. talk is cheap.

  15. But why should the Govt be involved. Are these water companies owned by the Govt? Somebody, help me. If they are commercial companies like Zesco, then it’s the responsibility of the company to ensure that users pay for the water and sewerage services. After all, don’t customers apply for connection. Surely there must be terms and conditions customers sign upto. I expect one of those condtions is that the consumer must pay for the service consumed. This becomes a legal matter, with penalty for default. What kind of companies do we run. Boards!! What do these boards do.

  16. Government is the biggest culprit. the greatest defaulter. Coz your offices have even got no running water, you always rushing to Manda Hill and Arcades to answer the call of nature and causing congestion during lunch hour!!!

  17. Lady chiza’s legs

    We have never greeted each other before.How are you dear and how is the baby?Happy belated Vale fimo fimo. :-j:-j:-j:-j

  18. infact the disconnection of water bills should start with ministers homes, deputy ministers and even those MPs who fight in parliament.Water utilities please disconnect as advised.

  19. Lady chiza’s legs

    Too Bad I will miss you dear.Anyway you know it well so let me not burdern you. :)>-:)>-:)>-


  21. #44,
    Naine mposheshako ba lady Chiza’s legs.

    tabatalanjasukapo epo na benikila ishina lya mwana wawo umupya ati ni Mikonso.Nalimo twalilufyanya, katwishi mulopee. :)>-:)>-8->

  22. My country men will continue to live in abject poverty with meaningfull development all but a fleeting illusion. Until the day when my uninformed rural bretheren are helped in chosing MPs to run GRZ will be the time we see development. Untill the day when they can even vote a cow into parliment if it payed them, stops, we will continue to live on handouts. Con men in all forms and guises hoodwink my uninformed pipo to vote for them. The presido at the time is forced to work with utter rubbish con and failed busness men who have no heart in serving the pipo. parliment to them is a milking cow, a chance to get rich. Pubic servant is an insult, cry for Zambia unitl we have criteria for MP.

  23. the always loud mouth govt are at it again! who do they want to hood wink about paying of utility bills? since when did grz start paying utility bills? i hope they will not threaten the service providers to reconnect after being disconnected.

  24. Cutey my friend, how are you ayi? was bored and thats the only thing i could come up with.

    Has that ~:> gone AWOL or what?

  25. poor deputy minister speaking before thinking…like others are saying govt is the chief culprit. if he knew he wouldnt be barking. Now mr. minister, thats something you wouldnt wanna mention during election campaign, hypocrite!!!!

  26. #64,I knew you were bored and hence offered an audince.

    ‘ That sikokiyana/sinjonjo jenara is around but with low profile + tail between legs ~:> very sorry sight. No pity from me..
    She is learning to mind her own business..and that is good.. vima kalijo maningi vibantu.~:>

  27. Government should first improve the condition of service for civil servants to enable them pay for bills. If your take home is K700 000, then I do not see how these people can afford to pay bills for water, electricity, phones etc>. it is difficult to expand the economy with poor wages!

  28. Government should first of all settle the bills at its High Commission in UK before they issue that statement. As they are operating without water at this point at its High commission. :d:d:d:d:d

  29. The GRZ needs to approach this with a smart mind. If water is disconnected, people will start drinking dirty water. There are no hospitals. There are no medicines. Poor people cannot be evacuated to RSA. Diseases will be rampant. In effect, the GRZ is saying ‘if you cannot afford to pay for the water it is better you die.’ Just have a local taxation system which can pay for domestic water. Musankwa, twafwa ifwe!!!!

  30. The system pa Zed of water supply is not good. We need water 24 hrs not supplying water during night time, who use that water?

  31. Disconnection is not an issue. Are u really disconnecting water for non payment of Bills or what? Becuase, water problems are an order of the day, and that very water that u are disconnecting is not of good quality. My simple advise to the Utility company, is please twapapata improve the quality of water nimpiyeshi.

    Lastly if you disconnect water and u start Evaluating yo so called Milleniun Development Goals, is Zambia going to reach the ended targets? Are you achieving this thru yo so called disconnections?? WHat about sanitation issues?

    I wht to hear one day government saying we have improved sanitation services in Chabilikira..!Or we have 90 % of population in Shang’ombo have water.!

  32. Before you disconnecting the water, Please make sure the bill you gave are proper. I know Water company likes to make bills through their imaginations

  33. #42. Govt is involved in the water business and supply of clean and safe water to the people by direct or indirect monitoring of subsidiaries of water utility firms through the local government. One thing which makes my heart bleed is that most people fail to appreciate that water purification and supply is very involving and expensive. Very few people pay for this service and in some cases, the service is erratically supplied especially in the so called big cities of Zambia. Now the largest number of defaulters comes from the public service which makes it hard for utility companies to provide water services. Illegal connections of of pipes has further affected the supply

  34. Illegal connections of pipes has further affected the utility companies to supply the commodity on regular basis. Utility companies spend most of the time rectifying these problems without the support of the general public. Despite having all those big rivers our country cant provide piped water on 24hrs basis. An example of Chipata Water and Sewerage Company is evidence enough to suggest that water utility companies can perform to acceptable standards if people were sincere in their payment of bills on time.This can only happen if civil servants were paid enough and on time and if people were not laid off from their jobs.

  35. This is one of the most strategically brilliant decisions Nyama Soya has come with to date! Why, you ask? Well, all of you in the urban areas who are so dependent on government provided water services didn’t vote for Nyama Soya so why should he let you get free water? On the other hand, the folks in the rural areas who gave him such overwhelming support simply in exchange for one or two Kgs of sugar don’t even depend on government-provided water. They are happy to draw their water from the rivers and streams, wells or malaria-infested “dambos”!! I think it’s brilliant that Nyama Soya has come up with this gem to punish all of you who din’t vote for him.

  36. The quality of these MMD ministers is very poor. Sounds like they say things from without. Do they ever discuss these issues as government before they bring them out? Maybe “banamuchekelako” for him to issue such a statement.

  37. The government itself is the biggest culprit when it comes to non payment of bills. Let them clean thier act first before they start issueing threats to innocent citizens.

  38. Ka govt kesu. These water utility companies have nothing to offer. Rusty pipes, blocked sewers, very dirty drinking water etc. Better water from akashima.

  39. This Musosha does he know that GRZ is the biggest defaulter. NWASCO should start the disconnections from GRZ owned areas including ministers houses as an example. By the way am not defaulter but I get upset when people start throwing stones from their glass houses.

  40. Do these people realise that water is suppose to be a nessesity and not a luxury…..just like internet..lol

    Poor zambians only do such thigns because its expensive..hello, work on the root of the problem not the result che!

  41. Government is most certainly the culprit. The move is welcome. The same axe should befall Pension defaulters, rent defaulters too. Government is only quick at buying ma posh cars. I do not think they get them on credit.

  42. Its a two way traffic and no escape,people must pay for the services to improve.Councillors must negotiate on behalf of those with hefty bills and good services. :)>-**==

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