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Parley hears need for 50%+1 vote in 2011 polls

Headlines Parley hears need for 50%+1 vote in 2011 polls

Opposition Patriotic Front, Bangweulu Member of Parliament, Joseph Kasongo, today argued in Parliament that Zambia should adopt the 50 per cent + one vote requirement in the 2011 Presidential elections.

Mr Kasongo is of the view that the country should adopt the absolute majority vote requirement for the winning Presidential candidate as a measure of securing his endorsement as republican President from the people.

Mr. Kasongo said since 2001, the country has been subjected to a minority leadership, because of the present ‘First Pass the post’ system.

Contributing to debate on estimates of revenue and expenditure for the Office of the President, Mr. Kasongo said 50 per cent + one system should be embraced in order for the country to enhance its democracy.

He contended that a President, who wins an election through majority vote, would have less critics hence could concentrate more on development issues than mere politicking.

He advised that Zambia should learn from other African countries like Ghana, that have succeeded in using the 50 per cent + one vote system for winning Presidents.

He, further, cautioned that there should be a distinction between a political party president and a Head of State because a head of state embraces people from different sections of society irrespective of political differences.

And Mr. Kasongo said the First lady should not enjoy any executive powers because doing so undermines the full operation of cabinet.

He maintained that the First Lady should strictly focus at her role as spouse of the republican President.

Mbabala UPND MP, Emmanuel Hichipuka, bemoaned the continued depreciation of the Kwacha against the United States Dollar.

Mr. Hachipuka charged that the continued depreciation of the kwacha could derail investor confidence and worsen the effects of the global economic recession on the country.

Sinda FDD MP, Joseph Ngoma, regretted that the State House is under threat due to the move by second republican Fredrick Chiluba to temper with security measures designed for the interest of the President and the nation as a whole.

In his debate, Mr. Ngoma submitted that government should consider construct another State House, to prove for the establishment of new security measures that would not easily be compromised.

Earlier, Vice President, George Kunda, said President Rupiah Banda has exhibited leadership qualities of deliver the required development in all sectors of the economy.

Mr. Kunda said the Office of President has exhibited good governance through the executive powers vested on the past and current Presidents.

He has appealed to all Zambians to embrace and respect President Banda adding that Zambia has seen economic development amid the global melt-down.


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  1. Then After ba-kumunzi can vote, do not get me wrong I like our grand parents, its the uncles and aunts in the village that worry me. 50 percent plus 1 is a must. Mr. Miyanda if you are not willing, please help groom a younger leader that can move with the times. Let us not forget you have moral integrity, maybe not the drive. May god bless all Zambians.

  2. guyz this 50 + 1 % will just bring problems in the country and will just make the country more poor because of re-runs.See what happened
    in Kenya and Zimbamwe,Pipo wake up!!!!!!!!

    • no.7 such situations come as a result of the system not being transparent. what we are talking about is the support of the majority of the nation.

  3. Why did they reveal the tunnels? :d
    Comedy in Zambia is spontaneous; lol. But 50+1 is a must. I watched Ghana hold its elections and humbly congratulated my western relatives. Same electoral body, switch in governments, wow! Even CNN had a special on its Good feel on Africa, for this election.

  4. :(:(:( Us in the ruling party will do anything to prevent this nonsense of 50% + 1. It will just lead to waste of resources

  5. No# 7 Zambia does not develop due to Laziness, Kaunda, Chiluba and our fear of progression. Oh!!! plus some of our citizens love of hampering a creative mind. Until we stop regarding others to being superior to ourselves, nothing shall change. Zimbabwe and Kenya are different. Their problems were ethnic, ours are lack of action.

  6. They should just do it,the excuse of saying the country has no money for a rerun should be out,look at liberia for example where george wear won the elections in the first round just to lose in the rerun,so the 50+ might be good for zambia too. 😕

  7. Its just a share worst of resources. We are a young democracy and this issue should not apply. Lets think of serious developmental programes like building more universities and colleges, Clinics and hospital, roads etc.

  8. In plural political setup with multiple party system as ours where we feature more than 6 parties on the ballot for one position, a majority President is not attainable.Emerging leadership from collusions in re-run is not majority leadership but monopsonic leadership of convinience which is has been populary rejected but compromise given in a collusion.If its in Business, the US would envoke the Sherman anti trust Act.Such collusions are anti democracy and political stability thesis.

  9. Other than mature Democracies of Japan, Isreal, Can someone give me a country where multipartism of more than 5 political actors on the ballot has gone to the poll and produced a majority President in a rerun yet enjoys political stability? Evidently, most zambians with access to the media are utopian world idealists other than realistic Pragmatists in the real world. I don’t know where they parrot such microcosmic world ideas? but we are learning as a young democracy anyway.

  10. Good. Vote wisely ba MP.

    Vote wisely for DUAL CITIZESHIP TOO. Zambia gave me free education and I need to plough back into Motherland.

  11. :-t:-t 50+1 will oly work when the political populus of our country undergo serious maturity and develop a culture of voting on merit, as long as we hold to kaponya minds voters will remain divided and the 50+1 will not be reach,however this is the best way forward=d>=d>=d>

  12. He revealed the tunnels after some heavy smoke of Havanna Cigars. He could have even undressed if he was not told to sit down by our leader Sata. That day was bad, he was very high and did not want to stop talking the whole night about KK. Balishupa bashi Castro nga na ba baela. Don’t you remeember him singing ubushimbe? Don’t you remember him kissing Brenda Fasi at the Independence stadium? Ni Havanna cigars yonse ilya.

  13. “Contributing to debate on estimates of revenue and expenditure for the Office of the President, Mr. Kasongo said 50 per cent + one system should be embraced in order for the country to enhance its democracy.”
    Great contribution Mr PF/Undereducate MP Kasongo for this wonderful piece of contribution in Parliament. I am 100% with you in advocating for the 50% + 1 threshold to elect a President of Zambia. This is will “enhance” democracy as they tribalism brought by the Undereducate by his pointing other political parties and people as tribal. It will thus unite all Zambians from across the whole country to think before voting for a President on tribal grounds like we have seen in 2008 el..

  14. #26. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    … which gained real momentum in the 2006 tripartite elections. This evil behaviour has to be ended by IMPLEMENTING the 50% + 1 in our New Constitution before 2011 tripartite elections so that we can begin to make strides in economic development that has been elusive to Zambians since the MMD took hold of government 17 years ago.

  15. On “Mbabala UPND MP, Emmanuel Hichipuka, bemoaned the continued depreciation of the Kwacha against the United States Dollar.
    Mr. Hachipuka charged that the continued depreciation of the kwacha could derail investor confidence and worsen the effects of the global economic recession on the country.” This is yet anothe great move by the ever acting for the benefit of all zambians might UPND TEAM.
    It has been a long time now, since we realised that through the able leadership of president Hakainde Hichilema the KWACHA is suffering because of lack of confidence by the INVESTOR on our contry leadership lead by the President RB Banda Administration.
    I hope all Zambians will vote wisely in 2011.

  16. Number 8 – Truth***************

    I like your thinking and I’m sure where you are, you’re doing well despite not being one of the people. For the longest time pa Zed, pea-brained numbskulls like Mpombo, Shakafuswa and Mulongoti have set a standard for public service. That’s why clever people are in business and don’t bother with politics.

    Boma yatu is a disgrace! There’s no cabinet minister today that can rub shoulders with the best African minds. %-(%-(%-(%-(%-(

  17. Good morning all!

    This is long over due. Look at the type of leaders we have today. “First past the post”. Thats what it has produced. Corrupt elements, thieves, wife grabbers, irresponsible Generals, wayward spy chiefs etc.. the list is endless. Talema!!!

  18. Contribution by Hon J Kaongo MP(PF) is okay for a Presidential candidate to secure 50%+1. Why not a Political Party with more than 50% of seats elect a Presisent among its members like in UK, South Africa, India etc. In this way if the President is found wanting the Party that sponsored him could easily drop him like the case of Thabo Mbeki. In this way Presidents will be more accountable both to the sponsoring Party and its citizens. Why is MMD scared of 50%+1? What the MMD is forgetting is that one day they shall be in the oppostion and will need the same 50%+1 which they are rejecting.

  19. Two things, either 50%+1 or, only alow two political parties in the country. Most of the politcal parties go to sleep and only wake up when it is election time. Not to contest but reap i.e AKO KANONO. That is proper indiscipline. Right now we only have one credible opposition party which you all know. Yes we will spend but spend once for the betterment of our children. We must understand that most people oppositing progress are living their afternoon life. Why then should we allow them to temper with our morning life because of selfish interests? Yes we can win, 50%+1 is answer and I am saying may the will of God prevail over Zambia.

  20. # 12, 13 & 14. Honestly, are you proud of yourself, coming onto this forum using such a name? Are you not worried that the dagga you are smoking is too powerful for you? I think keep to ordinary cigarettes, please. You are worrying us. Otherwise if you say that you don’t smoke dagga then definitely we are worried because normal or sane people don’t call themselves such names. You need help!!

  21. NCC should not forget that constitution which they makg is not for MMD but for the whole nation. if MMD is not in favour of 50% + 1 vote thats their own problem, we Zambians wants it period.

  22. People can you be realistic please over this issue, 50+1 is a very dangerous and a source of confusion in the country like zambia look at zimbabwe, and other countries where they go to polls twice coz no one got 50+1 that is very posible in zambia coz we are not organised so to me a simple majority fits us…. dont just be excited lets analyse issues. re-voting is expensive

  23. #38 Dr Bill the Zimbabwe confusion is not a result of 50+1. It is caused by one mad person called Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The 50 + 1 will ensure you have a confident president, one who not spend time arguing the guy he beat by 2%. Lets go for it. The only people afrain are MMD cos they know that a rerun will give chance to the oppostion to regroup and win the election. Why do you think FTJ sponsoered so many oppostion parties? it was for the purpose of deviding 60% of the and him remains with a simple majority just to make it thru.

  24. VIVA 50+1. Thats the way forward. We dont want minority govt in Zambia. Why do you fear 50+1? Your reasons are so invalid and misplaced. Zambians have said it …so NCC implement it. :)>-:)>-:)>-

  25. VIVA 50+1. Thats the way forward. We dont want minority govt in Zambia. Why do you fear 50+1? Your reasons are so invalid and misplaced. Zambians have said it …so NCC implement it. :)>-:)>-:)>-

  26. Not Practical in Zambia. In as much as it sounds so attractive from the surface, unfortunately it is not meant for Zambia where votes often than not split among numerous parties. It is workable in a democracy like US where there are two political parties only. And I think its time we stopped relying on comparing our country to another. Zambia is unique, it has unique problems which need unique solutions. We are so attentive to other countries situations that we forget our own. Come on people, t he 50+1 is not for this country. Stop wasting time debating it in parliament please. Many issues need that kind of debate.

    • zamnbians still have hangups from UNIP erahow the F CAN YOU PUT RUPIAH BANDA AS YOUR PREZ!!!!!!!!!!????????i can not believe THIS BULLS*&##,the you want to talk about democracy,wake up and smell the fukin coffee

  27. what economic development is George Kunda talking about in the midst of an economic collapse of our country. He should be more sincere

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