New Chief Mukobela warns of outbreak of water borne diseases in his area


Chief-elect Mukobela has warned of a serious outbreak of water borne diseases at Namwala’s Berlina compound if measures are not taken to sink a borehole for the more 120 villagers.

Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS yesterday, the Chief-elect said the villagers have been forced to dig shallow wells which are close to their toilets posing health problems.

He said the compound has only one borehole which has been out of use for some time now and has not been worked on.

Chief-elect Mukobela called the government through the Department of Water Affairs to quickly sink a borehole in the area to end the water problems in the area.

He also appealed to the Ministry of Health to inspect the precarious status of the sanitary condition in the compound so as to put measures and avert an outbreak of water borne diseases like cholera.


    • I suppose ‘not utilising the power of votes properly’ means they didn’t vote for the candidate you supported!? The party you wanted lost, deal with it! There is a problem here. Fellow Zambians are suffering not just in Southern Province but in many parts of the country. The only thing you can say is they didn’t use their voting rights well!? Shame!

    • Hello Zoe, how are you today? This chief is showing interest in the conservation of his environment. I see nothing wrong with that.

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