The Zambian Airways saga-the story going round the Internet



Government has commenced civil and criminal proceedings against Mines Air Services Limited trading as Zambian Airways and its Chief Executive Officer Mutembo Nchito.

The civil proceedings are aimed at recovering over USD12million (over K60 BILLION) owed to statutory and public bodies such as Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ), National Airports Corporation (NAC), Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA).

The criminal investigations against the directors range from theft, fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. Mutembo is accused of using Zambian Airways as a vehicle to defraud and steal public funds from banks and state institutions.

He is being accused of orchestrating purported commercial transactions that allowed him to obtain a string of loans running into millions of dollars without the intention of paying back. Every time the monies were released to Zambian Airways, Mutembo allegedly reneged on servicing the loans and would always attempt to persuade these institutions to turn the debt into shareholding without showing how and what the loans were used for or invested.

Investigating wings are particularly interested in what happened to the USD29million provided to Zambian Airways by various creditors as its asset portfolio remains poor in value and the allegation is that funds were not directed to the operations of the airline.

Zambian Airways has been known to have operated on a tight shoe-string budget. The revelation that it has over the years obtained loans and obligations totalling over USD29million is puzzling as no evidence exist that the funds were poured into Zambian Airways. This is the focus of criminal investigations by Agencies to attempt to understand what directors of Zambian Airways did with this USD29million.


The theft and fraud was perpetrated by directors of Zambian Airways using political influence, to siphone money from public bodies on the pretext that it was a ‘national airline’ and required funding, loans or couldn’t pay statutory obligations.

Its CEO, Mutembo Nchito has consistently targeted public bodies to ‘finance the operations of Zambian Airways’ even when the history of the airline shows that government privatised the airline to avoid the tax payer running such an enterprise.

It is ironical that Mutembo even targeted ZCCM-Investment Holdings, technically the former owner of the airline, urging them to buy shares in the troubled airline. ZCCM-IH were careful, and commissioned a due diligence inspection. The report showed that the airline was bankrupt and relied on external sources of money to run. On this account, ZCCM-IH rejected Mutembo’s overtures and threw out the application. Zambian Airways claims that they withdrew from the negotiations. ZCCM-IH ejected the airline from its premises at Mukuba Pension House.


The probe has been widened to key persons at Bank of Zambia and Ministry of Finance who deliberately allowed and supported the current state of affairs. Despite the financial records and audit reports showing that Zambian Airways consistently suffered annual losses, lacked solvency plans and was clearly a financial failure, Mutembo sought more and more loans.

Former Finance Minister Peter Ngandu Magande and current BOZ chief Caleb Fundanga are said to be targeted in a wider probe, for their role in allowing Zambian Airways accumulate a total debt of over USD29million.

Magande is said to have used his office to dissuade and stop statutory bodies such as ZRA, NAPSA and National Airport Corporation (NAC) from collecting fees, tax liabilities and other obligations due, from Zambian Airways. For example, Magande penned a letter to Transport and Communications Minister Dora Siliya directing her to waive’ for a period of 3 years’, debts and payments Zambian Airways owed and were due to National Airport Corporation.

Magande had rescheduled and deferred debts Zambian Airways owed statutory bodies such as ZRA, NAPSA and NAC. Further, Magande had directed ministries and government departments to fly Zambian Airways to routes the airline serviced contrary to government own liberal policies and regulations.

Magande is also accused of attempting to force the Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZSIC) to give a loan of USD4million to Zambian Airways.

Mutembo then applied to ZSIC persuading it to be shareholders. ZSIC were requested to provide Zambian Airways with an investment of USD4million. The application showed that the money was needed to purchase the leased planes and also clear outstanding lease finance expenses (USD77, 000.00 per month) that had accumulated on the books. The application also sought to use the funds if provided to help reduce the operational costs. (This is the same line of approach Mutembo has consistently given to all the institutions that are owed money).

However, In November 2008, ZSIC declined to provide funds to Zambian Airways for its ‘rescue plan’ The ZSIC investment committee headed by Judge Anderson Zikonda rejected the bid citing ‘bad books’ and bankruptcy as the reason not to risk public funds.

ZRA, DBZ and ZSIC fall under Ministry of Finance which Magande headed until recently when he recently lost his ministerial position to Musokotwane.

Zambian Airways directors also failed to remit and pay taxes to ZRA has resulted in the debt of USD2million.

Even when extensive loans were obtained and waivers given for its tax liabilities, the airline continued to show features of bankruptcy raising the key question of whether any financing arrangement obtained was ever put into the airline. This is the foundation of the fraud and theft charges against Mutembo.

In a twist turn of events, it is said that even The Post were duped to invest USD3million by Mutembo. The Post are said to have bought 30% shares in the airline and are owed undisclosed amount in monies lent to Zambian Airways for operations. (Isn’t there honour even among thieves? Though shall not steal from each other?)

Mutembo Nchito is a Lusaka corporate lawyer from MNB Partners and Associates a firm owned by himself, his brother Nchima and current Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) President Elijah Banda. Mutembo is also a private prosecutor at the Task-Force on Corruption handpicked by the late President, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa.

Among other persons targeted in the probe is suspended NAPSA Director General, Dr Aubrey Munyeke Chibumba, who pumped USD2m into Zambian Airways. Chibumba is also being investigated for his role in Zambia Lotto where NAPSA went into a joint business with Lebanese nationals and invested K10billion. He is also being investigated for his role in the purchase of Munali Coffee. Chibumba is said to be currently ‘on the run’ and is outside the country (Germany).

BOZ governor Caleb Fundanga is accused of allowing irresponsible borrowing by commercial banks who gave loans to an entity that was bankrupt and was therefore not eligible for such loans. The loans were however disbursed despite Zambian Airways adverse financial position and in total breach of the Banking and Financial Services Act. The loans were also given in clear breach of BOZ own regulations on large loan exposures. In cases of DBZ and Finance Bank these institutions gave loans or overdrafts beyond their required threshold.

In one instance, the airline used leased planes as collateral security, and valued at USD1.2million (Valuation done by Zambian Airways itself), to obtain a huge loan of over USD4million contrary to banking and financial regulations. The regulations require that loans provided by financial institutions should be far less than that of the value of the asset mortgaged.

In another instance, Zambian Airways as mere agents of National Airports Corporation collected departure fees from passengers and refused to remit such revenues resulting in the current debt of over USD2million.

Fundanga at a Zambian Airways official function gave a public statement ‘directing’ local banks to help and support the ‘efforts’ of Zambian Airways.

In ordinary circumstances, these violations by financial institutions would attract severe sanctions from Bank of Zambia. The external lawyers for the central Bank are MNB, the law firm owned by Mutembo and Nchima Nchito and LAZ President Elijah Banda, and own the airline. It is interesting to establish if interest was declared by the Nchitos.

The BOZ governor, Caleb Fundanga enjoyed a good personal and working relation with Finance Minister then Ngandu Magande.


Despite huge loans obtained, the airline continued to lease very old, cheap and rickety planes.

Government is also trying to establish how financial institutions continued to provide huge loans to a firm that was clearly bankrupt and despite Bank of Zambia strict and supervisory regulations. The airline was provided with huge loans contrary to auditors’ reports that showed that the firm was non-performing and its business was not viable owing to its huge debts. In many cases loans were disbursed to Zambian Airways even when the institution did not pass required credit evaluation procedures or did not provide security documents.

In all these cases Zambian Airways agents obtained from public bodies loans or refused to pay for services and taxes, charges and fees due . The investigations are also attempting to establish allegations that Zambian airways directors used blackmail, threats and extortion methods to cow public officers into submission.

Clearly the scandal will engulf powerful people and forces. The threat of exposure has sent jitters in many spines. It is for this reason that there are high handed attempts to stop, thwart, frustrate and rubbish the on-going probe. The probe is also being undermined by Mutembo who is said to be connected to top investigators in the country who were under his direction during the investigations of cases of corruption against Chiluba’s administration. Officials are having difficulties to keep facts under the lid as key investigation findings or stages are being leaked to The Post.


Zambian Airways and Mutembo have so far remained quiet. Mutembo has continued to work for the Taskforce on Corruption as a prosecutor and is carrying himself in a ‘business as usual’ mood. However many are concerned about the airline’s asset since creditors have so far not secured them.

However, a vigorous and robust defence for Zambian Airways and its directors has come from The Post newspaper which is a shareholder. Its Editor Fred Mmembe sits on the airline Board.

The Post has embarked on a vicious campaign aimed at winning public sympathy. The campaign is so effective that Mmembe and Mutembo are being viewed as mere victims of government persecution.

Although The Post is not the target of the investigations so far, and is in fact a shareholder and creditor too, Mmembe has chosen to draw the paper into the scandal.

It has portrayed the USD12million obligations owed to public bodies as similar to any business. For example, it says the default of USD2million taxes by Zambian Airways to ZRA is similar to President Rupiah Banda’s company, which had an outstanding tax obligation of K96million in the past.

The Post has since ran several editorials vigorously defending its actions to invest USD3million in Zambian Airways. The newspaper has also strongly defended the actions of Mutembo Nchito stating that ‘’No single Director or employee can today be held responsible for the dealings and obligations of Zambian airways.’’ (The Post February 20th 2009)

The editorials have called the on-going investigations as ‘’trumped-up charges by those bent on abusing the judicial process’’. The editorials have ridiculed President Rupiah Banda as desperate intent on doing desperate things and only aim to silence Mutembo and Mmembe and escape the allegations of his own acts of corruption in the ‘’GMO Maize Scandal and the Dora Siliya RP Capitals deals’’. The Post has questioned the investigations into Zambian Airways claiming that such a probe could only be designed to cripple the operations of ‘’us and operations of this newspaper’’.

The editorials have also directed that if investigations against the Zambian Airways directors were commenced, the corporate veil currently enjoyed by directors and owners should only be pierced by government ‘’if they follow the proper procedure’’ of going to the High Court.

But many wonder why government should be bothered with such a procedure when Mutembo, whilst acting as prosecutor at the Taskforce on Corruption, has proceeded to arrest and prosecute numerous persons who were acting as company directors, such as Access Financial Services (AFSL) directors Faustin Kabwe and Aaron Chungu without following the law and lifting the corporate veil. Similarly the state has proceeded to arrest and prosecute Inktech Managing Directors Mohan Mathews without bothering with the law.

Others are Hetro Mining CEO; Fawaz was arrested and prosecuted for activities related to his mining operations. Base Chemicals CEO, Amon Sibanda was arrested and prosecuted and jointly charged with former ZAF Commander Sundie Kayumba, without the corporate veil lifted.

The Post is now encouraging civil society members such as LAZ, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) who are key to its previous causes to ‘investigate and establish the truth’. It has called for a parallel probe.

Although all criminal investigations can only be conducted by competent law enforcement agencies, the paper is pushing a hard-line that the findings of a state probe will not be fair as Rupiah Banda is trying to silence them.

The Post has proceeded to ask ZCTU and SACCORD to demand for a full- fledged civil society led investigations. It has demanded that government should act with caution until a ‘’forensic audit’’ is done by an association of accountants, Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA).

Government has since warned The Post and its allies of civil society organisations to respect lawful investigations and stop undermining legally constituted proceedings. Deputy Minister of Justice, Todd Chilembo has observed that side and parallel investigations were illegal and The Post should wait for the outcome of the lawful investigations. Government has warned that the loss of colossal sums of public funds was a serious matter and no one should deem themselves to be above the law.

The Post is among the institutional investors in Zambian Airways and Fred Mmembe and Gaudensio Rossi from The Post sit on the Zambian Airways board.


However, the civil and criminal proceedings are underway and in earnest despite the diversion and desperate antics being orchestrated by forces led by The Post.

On Friday February 20th 2009, High Court Judge, Prisca Nyambe, in a civil matter ordered that, Mine Air Services Ltd, trading as Zambian Airways, pay National Airports Corporation over K12.6billion.

The Court ordered Zambian Airways to immediately pay USD1, 020,788.95 in unremitted passenger service charges collected on behalf National Airports Corporation Limited. Further the court also directed that an outstanding and growing amount of USD1, 154,371.13 in parking fees, ground and air handling charges be settled without delay.

The court also ordered that Zambian Airways pay outstanding office rentals, water and electricity charges standing at K31, 635,120.00. This stems from services provided by National Airport Corporation Limited to Zambian Airways in Lusaka, Ndola, Livingstone and Mfuwe.


This saga came to the fore on Saturday January 10th, 2009, when Zambian Airways issued a terse statement announcing the suspension of operations. Its chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mutembo Nchito stated that the board of directors had decided to suspend all operations with immediate effect citing the high cost of aviation fuel as the major reason for such a decision.

Many in the industry knew that Nchito was being economical with facts. There was mounting speculation in previous few months that the troubled airline would close owing to financial problems. The real reasons for the shut- down quickly came to the fore. This became apparent on Wednesday January 21st 2009, when Minister of Communications and Transport, Dora Siliya issued a ministerial statement in parliament where she announced that government would not bail-out the airline and that the business had a huge debt totalling USD29million.

She stated that government through the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) had infact, significantly reduced the cost of aviation fuel from USD1.58 per litre to USD0.85 cents. This was aimed at reducing operational costs for airline operators following a meeting held on December 4th 2008 between the aviation industry and government.

She informed the House that Zambian Airways was not even a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a clearing house for airline operators. IATA is a world-wide body, created for carriers, airports and travel agencies to promote travel standards, passenger safety and convenience and other air transport affairs. Before licences and membership are issued the association conducts a stringent operational safety audit that ensures that airline operators adhere to minimum and accepted international safety standards.

Siliya said that Zambian Airways did not meet IATA required conditions. She said efforts by oversight institutions and aviation authorities to enforce the law were thwarted by political forces friendly to directors of Zambian Airways.

Further Siliya announced that information recently obtained from Patent and Company Registration Office (PACRO) revealed that fresh amendments were recently effected to show that the airline is wholly owned by Mutembo and his brother Nchima with a 50% shareholding each.

However, in its official documents to financing houses, the airline was touted as having diverse ownership spread among, JCN Holdings (Mutembo and Nchima) 57.5%, The Post Newspapers 30%, and Seaboard (Owner of National Milling Company) 12.5%. The Post Newspaper were recent institutional investors to Zambian Airways and are said to have given a USD3million cash injection with a loan obtained from Investrust bank. The documents also showed that the board comprised of Board Chairman, Passmore Hamukoma, Chief Executive Officer and member Mutembo Nchito, Post Newspaper Editor, Fred Mmembe and well known hotelier, Gaudensio Rossi,

On the assertion that the Development Bank of Zambia’s (DBZ) loan to Zambian airways of over USD4million had been turned into equity (Shareholding), Siliya stated that DBZ and government had rejected the offer from Mutembo to purchase shares in Zambian Airways and consequently turn the debt into equity.

She said government had rejected a bail-out proposal from Zambian Airways as the business survival plan relied heavily on political favours and decisions instead of a viable business strategy.


It has since emerged that Zambian Airways owes the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) USD2million in unremitted taxes and obligations.

It owes National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) USD2.5million.

It also owes the National Airports Corporation (NAC) USD2.5million in unremitted air- passenger service charge, navigation and parking fees.

Zambian Airways also owes various financial institutions huge sums of money. It owes Finance Bank USD6.3million, Trade Creditor USD USD9.5 million, Inter-market Banking Corporation USD1.5million, Bravo Capita USD1.0 million and Investrust USD1.0million.

Zambian Airways was a company originally owned by ZCCM as Mines Air Services Ltd founded in 1948. During the privatisation process, ZCCM sold the small airline to its employees in a Management Buy-Out (MBO) process. The lawyers for the process were the Nchitos and their firm MNB. It is said that the airline was unfairly wrestled from the employees when the Nchitos turned a huge legal bill tendered into shareholding and took over ownership of the airline.

The airline now has a fleet of 7 planes mostly leased planes. It has 5 small and locally registered ones and two Boeing 737-200 series. Among the fleet are two 30-seater capacity Embraer. It has a workforce of 250 employees.


Clearly, it is strange that this small company and its limited operation would borrow and owe so much money. The operation remained small with limited routes to Johannesburg and Dar-es-Salaam and local routes to Mfuwe, Livingstone and Ndola. The airline runs a rickety and old fleet of planes with unknown but poor value.

Trouble seemed to have started when President Levy Mwanawasa died. Mwanawasa on one hand and Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Mark Chona were close allies in ‘’unholy alliance’’ in ‘’the fight against corruption’’. This relationship seems to have cost Zambia a huge loss of USD29million.

After the death of Mwanawasa, The Post and its forces supported the candidature of Ngandu Magande as the preferred and suitable successor to Mwanawasa. Even before Mwanawasa was buried there was fiery fight for the presidency with the ‘grieving’ widow Maureen Mwanawasa issuing statement that her late husband chose Magande as a suitable successor. Magande’s bid for the presidency failed. He has since been replaced as Finance Minister by a known financial technocrat Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane.


It has been learnt that a plot exist aimed at impeaching President Rupiah Banda using Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) MPs. The plan is to use business contracts and agreements from all government ministries that pass through the Attorney General’s Chambers and tout them as corruption scandals. The Post will then orchestrate public disgust against Banda’s government that will lead to its eventual fall through an impeachment. The reports will smear Banda’s government as corrupt, inefficient and portray him as running a criminal empire with his children. Political enemies in government, the MMD and opposition parties will be used against Banda as he seems to be slow to find his feet.

Strong insinuations were made that close ally of The Post, Attorney General; Mumba Malila had leaked official documents and correspondence between his chambers and Siliya on the RP Capital saga. The executive assistant to the attorney General quickly issued a statement that Mr. Malila could not leak official documents to the press and that legal advice rendered to ministries remained confidential and enjoyed privilege and could therefore not be divulged.

Clearly the daggers are drawn. It is Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and their backers against President Rupiah Banda’s government. It is yet to be seen who will fall in this waged war steeped into the USD29million Zambian Airways debt. So far, Communications and Transport minister Dora Siliya who was brave enough to face and initially defeat the forces behind Zambian Airways has been exposed and fought tenaciously leading to a tribunal set up by the Acting Chief Justice, Irene Mambilima to probe Siliya. She clearly is the first victim this war has claimed.

The Post continues to fiercely campaign that the USD29million Zambian Airways debt was caused in the ordinary circumstances of running commercial business and transactions. It has continued to show that the attempts by government to embark on legal proceedings is only aimed at ‘silencing them’ over their criticism of Banda’s government.

Zambian Airways remains closed so far and creditors have been meeting to plan how to recover their monies.

Editor’s Note

Story Sent to LT by one of our readers. Similar article also appeared in Times of Zambia (


  1. Mutembo needs to step down as public prosecutor. It appears Govt is the quickest way to get rich. Defrauding employees of an airline is scanduclous. Mutembo is said to have done or is doing the same to St.Johns Hospital(Former Minica Chiumya)

    • When government officials are perceived to have wanted to “enrich” themselves with $ 2m then it is corruption but when $ 29 m or $ 12 m of public funds are fraudlently lost due to the private entities then is okay????

      you are trying to to defend the indefensible here. The only argument one can put across is the timing of it all and not the “facts” surrounding the case. Chilufya Kapwepwe was MD for NAC and is now Deputy Minister of Finance so she knows some of the things which were going on at ZA. When she called in the monies owed to NAC the Board in conjuction with ZA allies removed her. When they was change of power Dora,s first action was to dissolve the Board & call in the…

    • You’re either very DAFT or have your head buried in the sand! How can you explain the calculated targeting of statutory bodies like NAPSA and DBZ by Mutembo Nchito to underwrite large amounts to his insolvent airline. He knew that any sensible lender like Barclays, Stanchart or Zanaco would have turned him down. Hypocrisy of the worst kind, Mmembe & his friend Nchito have constant erections over pursuing Kafupi and friends, when infact they ALL belong in the same prison.

  2. This article is a hoax. It started circulating weeks ago and has been almost all over the world through emails.

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  5. Whilst the Article seems to provide information or facts, it at the same time seems to be supporting a perceived hypothesis. Lets wait and see what Nchito will say. From the face of this article, it seems to be a straight forward case. However, one wonders why the Law Enforcement Agencies havent moved in yet. Could these be mere speculations without hard evidence? Also, please LT, provide us with identities of people who write articles!

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  7. This article is somewhat empty…….and needs a lot of corrections
    “The civil proceedings are aimed at recovering over USD12million (over K60 BILLION) owed to statutory and public bodies such as Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ), National Airports Corporation (NAC), Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA).”

    Just a point of correction….The money from DBZ was a loan…and not robbery

    • You’re either very DAFT or have your head buried in the sand! How can you explain the calculated targeting of statutory bodies like NAPSA and DBZ by Mutembo Nchito to underwrite large amounts to his insolvent airline. He knew that any sensible lender like Barclays, Stanchart or Zanaco would have turned him down. Hypocrisy of the worst kind, Mmembe & his friend Nchito have constant erections over pursuing Kafupi and friends, when infact they ALL belong in the same prison.

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    • Well said! some people expect the likes of mutembo and Mmembe to “physically ” steal the $ 29m like petty thieves! White collar crime is more sophiscated than that . The greatest lie you can ever tell is to convince yourself that you are invincible and that your views are will always prevail like Goebbels(Post) lies.

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    • You’re either very DAFT or have your head buried in the sand! How can you explain the calculated targeting of statutory bodies like NAPSA and DBZ by Mutembo Nchito to underwrite large amounts to his insolvent airline. He knew that any sensible lender like Barclays, Stanchart or Zanaco would have turned him down. Hypocrisy of the worst kind, Mmembe & his friend Nchito have constant erections over pursuing Kafupi and friends, when infact they ALL belong in the same prison…

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      I will always strive to do better.
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  22. This case is not winnable, period. The government is just throwing mud hoping some of it will stick. The only legal recourse open to this dumb and mediocre government and the creditors is to liquidate the ZA. The rest of this rubbish is neither here nor there. Its plain fishing.

  23. My question,how are percentage shares gotten or bought in a company i thought this was done out of a 100%?From the look of things the 100% was exausted but people kept on buying shares.Yayayayayayayayay!

  24. Mmembe and his fellow thieves need to be locked up.Evidence has been adduced that Mmembe is just a small crook.

  25. There is so much confusion in the country.And from what i have read,Caleb Fundang,s job is at stake.Magande is already out,Napsa director is on the run.RB should be very carefull with what he is doing. Caleb Fundanga and Magande are part of the team that contributed a lot during the period when Zambia,s economy was doing very fine.The whole situation is so trick here.Was by then president Mwanawasa not aware of these transactions? If he was aware why should RB now try to fix only certain individuals? Didnt Magande and Fundanga get directives from the head of state? I need honest answers to my quetions.Because we really have to be carefull and look at what is happening in our Country…

    • Dont forget that RB and most of those in Govt were part of the cabinet and indeed Govt. Why didnt they act then? Unless there were cowards and for me these current leaders are equally responsible if there is any mess in ZA matter. Tell me who was not part of the Govt when these things they claim happened? Dont forget the principle of collective responsibility

  26. In the meantime, why are the creditors not seeking seizure of the three planes they wholly own? That would be a huge chunck!

  27. Fya bwaiche fyonse ifi, fyabupuba. I always blame the guy who laughed at his naked drunk father, he caused us all these problems because we were cursed rite from there. But we can do better. One way is to create a clean next generation by introducing in the teaching curricular at very early ages “Corruption and its negative impact on humanity”. From early learning to tertiary education and use the latest string of imprisonment, Dora Siliya issues as cases for demonstration. Otherwise us we are also koweladi.

    • My friend what you are talking about is not even found in the original manuscripts.Wrtings been tempered with.Read about “the true israelites” on google and know who you are.

  28. A lot of airlines have gone out of business all over the world because they could not service the loans. Banks are also going under for the same reason.
    In Zambia, we need to focus on real issues. This Zambian airways story is cheap. There could have been no Zambian airways if the Nchito brothers had not converted their legal fees into shares. I know what I am talking about. Roan Air never made a profit for ZCCM.
    The bottom line is: If you are Zambian do not get rich in Zambia. Why then did we get Independence?

  29. Come on guys this article is a one sided thing and the thing about the plot is not true. do you think if it was a plot you would have know about it. It was going to be something secret, you think the post woul dbe silly enough to leak such information. A a paper like the post would be very careful with information because they know that people leak information to them. And if people leak information to them then RB and his overnment and who ever is doing investigation should be clean otherwise your information will be in the papers that would also be to say that they do black mail. This case has to be handled with caution. I dont think the post has anything to fear.

  30. WHEN IS THIS SOY SAUCE OR WHATEVER HIS NAME IS GOING TO FOCUS ON REAL ISSUES?The Obama adminstration is not stuck on the failings of Dubya-They are doing everything in their power to correct the situation and not finding ways of prosecuting Bush!Zambian politics just sucks!Do they know how long and costly this all rubbish will take?If they want to create a better image of their team the least they can do is do things differently.And that’s by the way WORKING for tangible results.

  31. Has anyone heard of Mutembo’s comment or defense on this nonsensical allegations? He shall Finnish them once and for all in court. These men without substance will do anything to protect themselves. Its true money has been wasted, but it was in he course of business. Let RBB also tell how he grounded ACB Bank. This country has gone tot he imbwa.

  32. For the sake of those too lazy to read or whose minds wander instinctively to skirts or the opposite after reading two lines, here is a summary:


    Now just go and have a blast of a weekend.

    • Man share with me what you have gathered from the maize field . You really made my day reading my own ……..

    • If all these are facts, why has the law not proceeded to act? Some input here are from intelligent but some who claim to have education cannot see that this is from State House. We want jobs and sustain jobs, food on place, medicines in hospital. It is a shame when you go to UTH today. RB is a let down had no plans to lead this country. Greedy people like Nawakwi are now complaining because jobs have not been given to them. RB was a mistake and still is………

  33. Hola, my friend, this government has no clue how to navigate the credit crunch hence the current mudslinging to divert attention from its total lack of grey matter. We are in for bumpy ride, my friend.

  34. Zambia what a rot! God knows what else is happening in that god forsaken nation.No wonder we have so many fake rich people in Zambia! they are all thieves.
    Tapali umuntuntulu iyo!

  35. One fact still remains unresolved .And that is ‘This is not a legitimate government’ until there is proof that the recent elections were not rigged.

  36. What about those silly petitions about the same to the VP? These people are clown. Imagine waisting the whole day, receiving petitions from job seekers and boot muchers not lickers. That time can be spent on productive things such reviewing the fifth national development plan, are the perfromance indicators showing. Bane, awe this skin of ours, bulwele.

    • I can feel your frustrations too.And 2011 seems like forever…that is if RB will not rig the elections as a senior citizen.

  37. Chiluba’s people getting desperate.It has dawned on them that their godfather has one step in prison.If foreign companies can have their debt deffered by the Zambian govt.What about Zambian Companies? Thisis absolute nonsense & a waste of taxpayers money.If the Govt had evidence they would have just gone straight to arrest Mutembo & put him on his defence.

  38. And from this conclusion the Late president is also implicated in this ‘scandal’.I strongly feel RB and FTJ are working together to make the previous adminstration look like they are the bad guys.Jailing Regina was just a gimmick!She was smiling all the way to the MAXIMUM prison and FTJ for the first time was composed meaning-they know what is going on.In LPM’s govt he always had health issues whenever he was required to appear before the court.RB is making sure he removes everyone who will stand in his way to make him accountable whether it’s Fundanga,Mangande or Malila.What makes the likes of VJ better than Mangande?

  39. Am wondering why there have not been any statements regarding this and the Siliya story from the opposition. Sata and Hakainde seem to be quiet on the issue. It would be interesting to hear how they would handle the issues at hand. Seems Zambian opposition parties only wake up during election times.

    • The opposition are watching from the terraces while sending instructions silently. Who do you think sent Harrington?

    • The opposition are watching from the terraces while sending instructions silently. Who do you think sent Harrington?

    • No no not the oppositon.Harrington was sent by the top Govt Official who was actually sidelined frm Doras tender procedures not the opposition.Watch this space and the truh shall come out.

  40. The level of childishness exhibited by PF’s is shocking. Very shallow and vindictive comments. The simple facts on the ground is that someone has to explain how he obtained huge amounts with nothing to show forth.

  41. The misinformation scam via the POST is a desperate attempt by the perpetrators of a crime to hoodwink and achieve Public sympathy. PF who upto now have hardly the capacity and wisdom to admit defeat have especially taken opportunity to follow upon this devious scheme.
    Any sane person will the barest knowledge of law will understand that money borrowed must be accounted for, no matter the person and stature of the borrower. To suppose that something else other than this simple deduction is motivating the prosecution of the offenders is absolute nonsense.

  42. LT has disappointed me. How can you publish such a “Hit” piece from an unknown source? Please try to be professional. By publishing such trash you are lending credence to character assassination and you are becoming nothing more than a gossip column. Please do some journalism rather than accepting RB’s version of facts.

  43. It is no wonder that ONLY land owners had the right and freedom to vote. The squandrels inhabiting the city where hardly given opportunity to vote on account of not having ownership to a sizeable quantity of real estate. The PF thugs who out number decent folks in town surely aree the least capable to decide who the reigns of power are passed on to. Thank God, that THE DECENT RURAL FOLK TIPPED THE BALANCE TO GOOD- HALLELUJAH

  44. Angel
    You are firmly footed to believe a lie and I stand to wonder how you manage to decieve yourself voluntarily evidenced by your bent inclination to misinformation by the POST’s Mmembe who by every reason possible is now clearly a self evident crook.

    • Ayoba
      In the words of Danny, Zambians like concluding based on little to no information at all. What makes you think that I am writing because of what Fred Mmembe or the Post have said? Anyway, at this point I would rather believe the Post than either Times of Zambia or Daily Mail. Ayoba, you sound like a disciple of RB. Just make sure that as you proselyte on his behalf you check your facts before broadcasting your ignorance.

  45. Ba Ayoba naimwe fumyeni ubufi apa no bupuba. What do you think caused the credit cruch? Didn’t people borow genuinely? Home fore closures, credit cards, motor vehicle loans, student loans were all obtained and in most cases without collateral. Those are the over sights of de-regulation and many of those that borrowed wanted to do genuine business but they couldn’t and you will not make all of them account for it, just bail them out if not liquidate and nationalise if you think thats a better option, NAYA.

  46. Dr. Real Brain says:
    By the way you write, I can see how you look and where you descend from. The simple facts on the ground make it almost impossible to make wrongful conclusions. You are among the type that would deliberately persuade your minds to not to see the obvious truth. I wonder, why people choose to delude themselve in this manner. No sane mind will believe that ZA problems began less than two years ago. This is a simple fact which though indisputable will however be found false by your type. The reasons are too plain to even discuss.

  47. ZA owes millions of Dollars obtained illegally from the Tax payer and you still believe that this is a conspiracy theory. To attempt to explain this in simpler words than this is impossible.

  48. Dr. Real Brain says:
    Your logic is faulty. The consequencies of the credit crunch includes the loss of property by those unfortunate enough not to keep up with their repayments. It like manner, those banks that have not sufficent liquidity have had to fold up with the consiquencies of losing thier entire estates. You are saying there is nothing to compesate for their scam? You amaze me. If a simple house owner has had to lose his house, why shouldn’t ZA lose their estate?

    • If ZA has a case to answer let it be so, if the got money “illegally” then why waste time? Arrest whoever is responsible. But remember all those in Govt now were there when ZA got these loans. Why didnt they act then? Were they cowards or bootlickers and only see the wrong now? From the one sided article above (similar to what we see in the Post) its clear that these leaders know what was happening to ZA. So my question is still, why did they act then if they loved or love us taxpayers coz we would have lost so much? Our current Govt leaders are fully responsible for any mess at ZA.

    • …why didnt they act then if they loved or love us taxpayers coz we wouldnt have lostt so much if they were swift to this problem (correction)

  49. Dr. Real Brain says:
    So you suppose the Banks in Zambia are deregulated? I feel insulted by your suggestions and for that matter I feel embarrassed now that I have had the audacity to answer your archaic and shallow prepositions.

  50. What a cheap and stinking propaganda from state house.This is work. of Nama Soya’nephew,Jere.Malabishi yeka yeka.

    • Nimalabishi! RB thinks Zambians are very dull. If you have all these facts, I repeat arrest all those you have named. RB is busy looking at 2011 nothing else and is blinded by greediness. If we have men and women of integrity in Parliament impeach HIM before it is too late!!!

  51. Without making any contradiction to my earlier statement I wish to quote King Martin Luther Jr “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” And from unknown source it states that “When good citizens/people keep quiet evil /bad people will prevail” The article has been written,yes it has been written for whose purpose is speculative ,however, it is very expedient that we intelligently respond to it as the elite on behalf of the voiceless Zambians.

  52. The article is one sided, i.e. baised against ZA, similar to the opposite we get from the Post. But my concern is those in Govt now were there when ZA got these loans. Why didnt they act then? Were they cowards or bootlickers and only see the wrong now? From article above, its clear that these leaders know what was happening to ZA. So my question is still, why didnt they act then if they loved or love us taxpayers coz we wouldnt have lost so much if swift action was taken before things got worse? Our current Govt leaders are fully responsible for any mess at ZA.

    • I think there is a lady in the article that acted but lost her job or seat on the board or something but honestly lets be Africans here, how many people speak against there president in africa??? the guys where receiving favours from the top its prety hard when all the state machinery is against you in Africa to come clean.

    • Thats the bootlicking that is killing us in Africa, no wonder we need to reduce the presidential powers and need a new crop of leadership that can be questioned and can question when something wrong is being done. Do you think the current leadership wont do things the “African” way?

  53. Could not understand why the The Post rallied behind Magande in the MMD presidential race. The news and editorial lost meaning after Mwanawasa’s death. I think I m now seeing what the The Post has been trying to hide. The evils commited in dark against Zambia will be reviewed. Zambia will be save! God bless Zambia

    • I wish you could write with conviction ,which is the substance of our existence as human beings . The post has helped us when we were in dire need of correct information ,we will surely need them again .This is not to say that there are infallible.

    • Just read The Post editorials two months before the last Presidential election. The Post has enlightened country on may things but now i think they have lost. Cant trust them any more

  54. It’s funny how everyone keeps saying this is a one sided article, yet countless reports and allegations of government corruption at far lower levels are published daily, and no one says “let’s wait for the government to respond before we come to conclusions”. That’s very hypocritical.

  55. If you can read between the lines, there is a story here. It looks it to be a circus of which the parties involved are advocating for public sympathy and support. EXTORTION IS SIN!!!

    • Exactly that is what they want you to believe! The language has changed from some people blaming DEC, ACC for selective prosecution….watch out I can smell Chiluba’s engineering skill behind all this. Who is the engineer of tramped up charges – remember Nakatindi, KK and others locked up – The thieves are working harder knowing RBs weaknesses. Look for 9 March Post and Col. Panji’s input – small input but powerful to people with eyes to see and ears to hear………. Watch these guys…….

  56. I cannot for the life of me understand the negative response to this article, when the post or anyone else for that matter was to write a report regarding government dealing you would all be up in arm.
    What i suggest is we wait and see what happens the only downside to all this is the timing and as usual politicking but thats life of politics. but again then when is it the right time????

    • Rightly pointed out when is the right time ? This reminds of David and Goliath who eventually won the battle indeed a fore gone conclusion…….. Rb vs Nchito

    • Not only is the source of this thesis known, there is not even one piece of evidence to back it up. If you look at allegations in the post, at least they went further by citing some govt correspondence. This is why for now, I can depend on the Post article (with authentication) as compared to this thesis (without authenticity and unknown source)

  57. #74, whoever wrote the article would have done well if they didn’t include the RBB equation in the thesis. We all are captivated reading the article till ‘enter RBB’, the plot evidently changes to a desperate attempt at absolving RBB from any wrong perceived and committed in his short term at the presidency. Those loans were given after Lender had satisfied themselves that there was good business in the loans. No one person decides to advance huge sums without meeting the rigorous lending criteria, unless of course someone had an interest in it. This is the longest ‘fishing expedition’ will ever embark on in the life of Zed, trust me. Its a long drawn-out battle this one.

  58. The article is one sided, i.e. baised against ZA, similar to the opposite we get from the Post. But my concern is those in Govt now were there when ZA got these loans. Why didnt they act then? Were they cowards or bootlickers and only see the wrong now? From article above, its clear that these leaders know what was happening to ZA. So my question is still, why didnt they act then if they loved or love us taxpayers coz we wouldnt have lost so much if swift action was taken before things got worse? Our current Govt leaders are fully responsible for any mess at ZA.

    • You’re either a MORON or have your head buried in the sand! How can you explain the calculated targeting of statutory bodies like NAPSA and DBZ by Mutembo Nchito to underwrite large amounts to his insolvent airline. He knew that any sensible lender like Barclays, Stanchart or Zanaco would have turned him down. Hypocrisy of the worst kind, Mmembe & his friend Nchito have constant erections over pursuing Kafupi and friends, when infact they ALL belong in the same prison.

    • I would say most people are MORONs on this blog because they cannot see beyond their hatred for RB. This fraud started in Mwanawasa’s time and Membe and Nchito used their close relationship with Maureen to hide behind LPM. So previous Government under Levy could not act because they were in too deep. thats why membe is using Post to discredit RB and hope that they cases will just go away. membe uses paper to blackmail politicians so that he gets away with crime. However, the man you call nyama soya has shown his mettle and will not be intimidated now that he is President. Chibe membe and nchito will have to face the music. Why do you think they are silent?

  59. I fail to understand how any one in their right mind would underwrite unsecured credit lines to the tune of $29m, when the lender was clearly insolvent. We may not have all the facts but I smell a big rat here and believe this has the elements of sophisticated white collar crime. Mmembe and his propaganda machine grew big headed and thought they had LPM in their pocket. But ain’t life a biyatch!, LPM dead & buried and it’s now time for ya’ll to face the MUSIC ba shetani…

    • I meant to say, a borrower who is clearly insolvent – even a trainee credit analyst would have thrown a Zambian Airways credit application straight into the trash

    • If the money was to be brought back,are gona benefit from it?Not at all.Not even half of it will go infrastructure

  60. Note the words RB used rather than just be emotional. He said he will not allow “queer” persons to derail the nation. also take note how silent KK and FTJ have been over the whole affair. Now Sata is also embarrassed because he was hoodwinked by membe on the ZA saga. this is a fight for the antion. Why should a newspaper have the audacity to insult everyone and make themselves holier than thou when we know they are a corrupt bunch of *****s. that same malupenga you respect has no qualification at all. he only has a cv full of workshops and seminars. more capable journalists like Webster malido have left Post because of its mediocrity and amatuer way of doing things

  61. The prayer of a down trodden shanty widow, orphan etc will certainly be answered. Zambia shall surely be saved and those who try to abuse their privilege in the process will be brought down in shame.
    The source and the article could be questionable but there is a lesson to be learnt. Never run a private investment on the basis of corrupt political favours. Local investments should be locally favourable and done fairly in the eyes of all Zambian – not abusing public funds.

    I didn’t understand Fred’s stance with Sata. I have always suspected Fred was upto something. He is using Sata! Sata cant saying anything bad about The Post because he knows his doomed. But widow’s prayer…

  62. I think some people are thick. RB cheated the Zambian people by first refusing to sign the bill to increase his and the other monsters salaries. What happened after the elections he signed the bill and what happened huge salaries to Lupiya Banda and his comrades. Bane this is a big war which is going to reveal a lot trash in the system. Banda was giving gifts to people of Chipata before elections, what do you call that?
    Lastly no one is proven guilty until proved so by the courts of law and by the way where is our outspoken former Presido KK, he has not said anything

    • What you just reminded us of is a 2011 campaign MESSAGE for the tripartite elections. Clearly, Zambia needs a better political party like the UPND Team to take over the mantle a GRZ for things to starting working in a clean manner. Let us wait and see what will happen soon.

    • Only the blind cannot see! I cant buy this. No wonder they say wisdom is from God and whatever comes from God is real. Education is not helping us here to see. This article read and understand. RB is up to no good. Mark my words. READ the article and analyse……and if the reason for coming with this article is to prosecute – we should have heard something but this plan of locking up Mmeembe and Nchinto was out before it could be carried out. Hence this article. The truth is coming out soon……. What has been written and posted here is enough to take one to court. People wake up and dont give blind loyalty……..

  63. On “In a twist turn of events, it is said that even The Post were duped to invest USD3million by Mutembo. The Post are said to have bought 30% shares in the airline and are owed undisclosed amount in monies lent to Zambian Airways for operations. (Isn’t there honour even among thieves? Though shall not steal from each other?)”, this is very interesting as characters that claim to dig deeper as peceived to have been conned out of millions of US Dollars. The paper the digs deeper failed to do a DUE DILIGENCE process before investing in Zambian Airways, what a shame. I am keen to learn of the whole truth about this saga. I wish all those involved all the very best in this case.

  64. AYOBA, I did not suggest that banks in Zambia are de-regulated. I gave that as an example of how a lot of people especially the right wing where the credit crunch originated perceive a free market economy. That has just been proved to be unworkable!!! I did not even suggest that ZA should not lose their estate, of course they will when they are liquidated as other companies that folded genuinely. If ZA folded because they could not sustain themselves in this hostile economic environment, then what are you suggesting? We should listen to you because of the hate you have for PF and Mmembe generally? Is that your warped reasoning?

  65. Zedians i do not understand who wrote this stuff itself?This is a one sided story showing one is already quilt.
    I think this is a cheap politics of hunting each other over and over.Where was everyone in Cabinet when Q3 was borrowing all that lump sum in total?Then GRZ should be taken to court as well for failing to stop this scourge.
    Interesting pa Zed and we are learning alot from this drama :((

  66. This is Sad, that’s why Zambia has never and will never develop because of the same evil and corrupt people in leadership. Here though is one thing and is that Zambians should know, that the day will come when corrupt people will pay for their wrong. Wait and See.

  67. I think and strongly believe the people in the govt are trying to divert the attention of the people and running away from the truth.They have seen and realised now that its judgement time for the court on all those of who where involved in plundering the economy of Zambia.So they want to see to it that they fix Mutembo Nchito so that a lot of these crooks in the govt will be spared.By dropping Mutembo Nchito they will succeed in delaying the case.I don’t know why African leaders are like this.Rupiah Banda should stop intimidating people.He’s being fooled by those surrounding him.He should be careful and should not underestimate the people of Zambia.

  68. Regina Chiluba said we are all potential convicts. So lets Jail ourselves all of us. now. Then no need for crime as everybody will be behind bars.

  69. One can wonder if this article is genuine,where is the source LT? And if The so – called saga is true as RB is claiming why cant he bring them all involved to book.COWARDICE at its level best….

  70. it is a shame. look, somebody had storen bollions of kwachas,the case takes 2yaers, the taskforce is paid billions of money 2 investigate this case 4 2yaers and now u come and jail that person 3 or 4 yaers, insteady of saving the yaers the person just pays 20million . my quetion is what is 20mllion equivallent 2 the money stolen and the money we have spent on tskforce? our money were prandad and there still prandering.we can,t say we are gaining from the taskforce, noooooo;

  71. 88# Sinkala you are very right. Zambia wake up!!!! RB is up to no good you people! Chiluba the engineer is behind all these. There is no such borrowing – Watch out! We need people like Sinkala to think through things like this and not just blind royalty………….

  72. Nindalama, bamo efyo batonkonkanya ifyakushilya. Check these chap’s offshore accounts in jurisdictions like Gernsey, Jersey, Mauritius, Russia. There are ways of doing it and we can show you….. yes the systems are very secure and encrypted by they were created by human…just decript and you are in. Thats why you went to IT sch Nabakwata indala ishingi sana. And these tuma cheap systems you can easily hak together with their satellite phones. These chaps think they are smart. Somebody is watching. Mutembo Jere ilekulolela they boys inside are waiting for you

  73. Tafya ukulipila inkongole. RB is right and he will deal with them even if you chaps say he is up to no good…mubepele fye. Yes he protects his own but the outsiders of his inner circle will cry. Life s not a gamble. RB must fire BOZ Governor, DBZ top mgt and BOZ must terminate MNB. These tuma chaps at TIZ also are too shallow they dont go deep enough they jump at anything…showing Zambian as if they are doing a good job when they re too small like a fly..

  74. Govt should not pay Mutembo any of the money they owe him. The chap even goes boasting that Zedian govt owes him so much… who the hell does he think he is? I do not even understand why things were allowed to get to this level. There is gross negligence in this country. A total misrepresenattion of facts… also the article above is some false information and they expect every one to believe…well only those who are ill informed but most of it is true anyway. That we already know……Naya mukuchilisha ni weekend….

  75. These chaps are crooked. No one sane should even side them. The same group wanted to wrestle (buy) Cell Z for a song from ZAMTEL and Dora said NO. Then they started calling her names and got no CellZ in their kitty. If RB stay quiet the people will suffer. Let him fight what he can while it is his turn…another President coming will also fight those not inhis inner circle and the process will go on for life. That is what life is made of…until we perfect the nation….we have 200 years more to go fro generation to generation…let it go on. If you cause a mess just know that someone will SURELY comeand clean it some day

  76. Dora is a journalist by prof.. so give her respect she knows all the schemes of the post and these tuma news papers. The post is going down just like their Zambian airways… already they owe employees dues…he chaps have money offshore…the law will visit thought some jurisdictions are tough when it comes to freezing the bank accounts….and that is where the money is…In russia and china and how many investigators here can read chinese or russian….ZERO. The chaps will go to jail and come out on bail and their relatives or close peoeple to them will keep drawing the offshore accounts to feed them. What a life…

  77. Wow!!!! This is indeed an analytic article with a little too much detail to consume at one go. One this is for sure though, if all this stuff said above is true, I am seeing a very big problem in our country!! For a change though, it is interesting to hear another side of this story, apart from what circulates in the Post daily. We will not condone thieves, Ministers or Directors!!!

  78. Now all this investigation is leading to some very bad stuff. Let the man finish what he started with the Chiluba prosecution. Mwanawasa’s name will eventually be dragged into all this stuff … he must have known, how did he let all go, what was agreed? I am sure RB could have done inside investigations b4 taking this public in order to conduct final analysis without public assistance and dragging Levy into trash when he is fast asleep!

  79. wen we’re in power,sumtimz we mit nt knw who 2 trust.RB iz truely a dissapointment 2 LEVY & i 4 1 think its time we stood 4 what LEVY suffered 4..lets pluck him OUT what do u think?

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  83. Wonder shall never end!!!. HOW DO YOU ALLOW AN ASS BROKE NIGA LIKE MUTEMBO NCHITO to run the affairs of the so called now defunct Zambian airways? What does he know about the airline Industry? This country has really gone to the Dogs!
    Please don’t Insult the integrity of British Billionaire, Sir Richard Branson by trying to equate him with a low down dirty niga in the middle of an African jungle like MUTEMBO NCHITO. Please don’t embarrass us any further with such dangerous and costly experiment by appointing such a thing.
    FIRSTLY, You PF fail to come up with a National Airline which you promised in your campaign prior to the 2011 elections and NOW LATELY, YOU HAVE failed to create so called jobs.The civilised world with its cutting edge technology has produced A380 largest passenger…

  84. Wonder shall never end!!!. HOW DO YOU ALLOW A BROKE ASS NIGA LIKE MUTEMBO NCHITO to run the affairs of the so called now defunct Zambian airways? What does he know about the airline Industry? This country has really gone to the Dogs! You and I know that his mindset belongs to the dark ages.

    Please don’t Insult the integrity of world renowned British Billionaire, Sir Richard Branson by trying to equate him with a low down dirty niga in the middle of an African jungle like MUTEMBO NCHITO. Please don’t embarrass us any further with such dangerous and costly experiment by appointing such a thing to hold positions in public offices.

    FIRSTLY, You PF fail to come up with a National Airline which you promised in your campaign prior to the 2011 elections and “NOW LATELY, YOU HAVE failed to…

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