Women’s day celebrations preps advance


Preparations for this year’s Women’s Day celebrations in Chipata have intensified.

According to a programme released by the Provincial Administration, women and men from both government and Non Governmental Organisations will participate in cleaning and sensitization programs.

The programme states that both government and private organisations will clean up certain identified institutions like clinics and hospitals.

The issues of gender based violence and children’s rights would be among topics to be discussed after cleaning up Chipata General Hospital and Kapata Referral hospital.

The Provincial Administration in Chipata is scheduled to clean up at Chipata General Hospital while the District Commissioner’s office would lead another group to clean at Kapata Refferal Hospital.

Saturday market is one of the targets for cleaning and issues of child defilement and violation of women’s rights would be discussed.

The programme also indicates that prayers would be conducted at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) main congregation on March 6, 2009.

The programme which begun on February 26 will run up to March 9, 2009 to mark the commemoration of International Women’s day.


    • Thats one thing I miss pa Zedi sometimes. Tu ma match pasts lelo na mailo na ka Band. Plus na ka uniform ka Bana KB and Amai Achigwilizano..
      Its also good that gender violence is being tackled. Rhianna and Chris Brown’s case makes me sick.

      Its also good that hospitals will have a genuine generous clean up. Chipata hospital is an eye sore sometimes.

  1. I salute those women and men involved!! Especially when it comes to hygienic measures like cleaning up clinics and hospitals. A very good spirit altogether. Thanks

  2. Baby C who told you am a civil servant? Ine kunchito we have more than enuf t.shirts,the problem is tht nama prisoners whom they hired to clean the premises r scrambling for t.shirts.
    Tukachiteko hire nama Former Air Commanders mwee

  3. I will join the Celebration Nangu sindine a woman.I love and respect women than men,and the reason is simple(Because of my Mum) and the things that women do for us from the time we are put in their wombs upto the time we are born. Children receives more parental care from their mothers than they do from their dad’s and am one person who can comfirm that. Balumendo please don’t crucify me I know mulimbama guys but the truth remains that women are more concernedfull stop.


  4. Tionge, i beg to differ , we dont depend on each other… men depend on us women for everything! icluding battering

    • My sister! I just fear God, or else I can be a very good husband batterer. God created me beautifully and indeed poweful. My hubby knows. It is good God is in control of my life. Hence we are partners in life.

    • My sister, are you the pastor’s or Deacon’s wife ? you inspire me mwandi! ala everytime i go to church, ndashipula bad!


  6. Here at our company the Human resorces manager has issued a memo saying that womens day is not a public holiday for farmers and hence all should come for work on this day, kindly advise

  7. Baby C, ati we depend on women and not vise versa? Women depend more on men than the other way round. Imagine, right now your husband to be is sweating just to make sure that your future together is bright but for you now as a woman, you dont necessarily think of sweating for your future man but yourself.

  8. I love women,cause they never seem to amaze,cant imagine what this earth can be without them.One thing i have learnt in life is that the first symptom of love in a young man is shyness; the first symptom in a woman, is boldness.A woman is like a tea bag,you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.Men forget but never forgive. Women forgive but never forget.It must also be mentioned that Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition,let women be womans and not men.Imoao

  9. Baby C, My husband is neither a Pastor nor a Deacon. I was born and brought up in a Christian family. I just know without God, am nothing. I believe in God, I depend on God and I trust My God.

  10. A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband, while a man never worries about the future until he gets a wife

    • Ba Moze, welcome back! How are you? those Zim women kept you busy such that you forgot all about us ka? Next week am going with you!!

    • Ba vuta ba kazi baku Zim mwana. There are times i dont know whether am coming or going!! Its that bad. Kuja womens day is every day!

  11. Happy Womens day, kabili! Koma ba marchin’ga mwe. There were all sorts of shapes and sizes! I hope you the women folk will now stop kutipaya!

  12. Goodmorning everyone. It’s good to read so many positive comments in relation to Women’s activities in Zambia. As a Bemba tribesman, who’s lineage is defined through the mother, I can only defend and uplift the women in their rightful position. Where would we be without their strength to endure?

  13. Ba Moze imagine some1 kunikalifya pa friday,ni Matworld mwandi. Did u knw tht u r one of my children my 1st born pa LT.So remove the Ba/

  14. Ba Moze, How are you big man? God created a man and rested, then he created a woman and since then, He has never rested because the demands of women are just too much.

  15. Ba Moze, dont worry. Its only that things are difficulty now pa LT. These women are suppose to be cherished and loved. Zoe are has made you upset kanshi? Is it this fimofimo?

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