British Council donates to three Kabompo schools


The British Council has donated 4,500 British pounds to three schools in Kabompo district in North-Western province for an exchange programme for pupils and teachers between Zambia and the United Kingdom (U.K).

Kabompo District Commissioner, Rebecca Mukuka has since commended the British Council for the gesture.

Mrs. Mukuka said the three schools that will share the 4,500 British Pounds are Kabompo High School, Chikata and Pokola basic schools. The schools would receive 1,500 pounds each.

She said 25 pupils and some teachers from each of the three schools would be going to the United Kingdom to visit some schools which have been twined to their schools on an exchange basis every year.

Mrs. Mukuka said each school is expected to use the money to buy computers and digital cameras.

British Council Programme Officer, Ackim Banda said the three Kabompo schools were connected to Britain and Sierra Leone.

Mr. Banda said the exchange of pupils and teachers was meant to develop positive attitudes in young people about each other’s country and culture.

He said Zambians and Britons should have greater knowledge of each other’s country in order to develop skills that were necessary for successful intercultural dialogue.

Mr. Banda was accompanied by two head teachers from Sierra Leone, Brenda Davids of Annie Walsh Memorial school and Stephen Marrah of St. Michael primary school in Freetown.

He said there are 27 schools in Sierra Leone that were connected to schools in the U.K which were benefiting from he British Council.


    • Hi Cutey/wifey, how are you today? Not so much money for 3 schools but it’s a good move indeed. A beggar is not a chooser, they say.

    • Iam good Ba nine Chale. How is our pretty baby today? This money is a drop in the ocean considering the needs of those 3 schools, but who gives like that daily? tafimonwa -monwa, its not a common deed. Zambia has to give thanks where/when its due.

    • Nine Chale how are you today bro? How many computers and digital Cameras can you buy from 1500 USD? I believe this is a test for those schools. No one told them to use that money for such a thing, I hope they keep us updated!! Why didn’t the British Council donate Computers or books? Harry Potter for example. Anyways thanks but that idea of buying computers and digital cameras out of 1500 USD for the whole school is a challenging task. Please keep s updated.

    • Thanks ba Cutey/wifey, the toddler is very peaciful today. Jamaco ma brradda de body de fine! Hey, you’re not serious about Harry Porter books for Zambian schools, are you? I don’t think we need such abstract fantasy tales. We need books that will help our students broaden their scope in terms of world view.

  1. But what are they going to do with digital Cameras? last time I was in Zedi, I couldn’t find any memory cards.

    • That is my question as well! Maybe they want to make pictures of the school’s premises and also gather some information to take to the UK. Computers are also very good idea but it would also be important to ensure that these computers also have access to the Internet. The Internet can even bring those UK schools closer to everyone, than just the 25 chosen few who will have the privilege to get to the UK. Normally it should be the one of the goals of the Ministry of Education to make sure that every school has access to the Internet. There is a lot they can learn from the whole world.

    • Actually, computer literacy is necessary for everyone in order to comprehend modern trends of the way forward in our daily lives.

    • Ba Jamaco muli shani, You two guys still confuse me.(Ba Nine Chale and Jamaco). I thought I was responding to Ba Nine Chale ka!. I am being very honest and apologies if it may sound unpleasant.

    • Ndifye bwino. Its fine if you confuse the two of us. We are brothers same Mum and Dad and so I do not mind. You are right on that issue, computers are needed more now than ever. Cheers

  2. Very cardinal and resuscitating academically. The readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Viva British council.

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