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Why deserving teachers have not been paid rural hardship allowances

General News Why deserving teachers have not been paid rural hardship allowances

ACCOMMODATION for many teachers who have been recruited in the districts has remained a major challenge. Here a teacher at Kafue's Nankanga Basic School settles in his new home
ACCOMMODATION for many teachers who have been recruited in the districts has remained a major challenge. Here a teacher at Kafue's Nankanga Basic School settles into his new home

Education Minister, Geoffrey Lungwangwa says the delay to

pay rural hardship allowances to deserving teachers in rural areas is as a result of the verification process.

Prof Lungwangwa said his ministry was still carrying out a verification and audit of teachers in some areas to ascertain those eligible to get the allowances.

Speaking in an interview , Prof Lungwangwa clarified that not all teachers based in rural areas qualified for rural hardship allowances hence the reason why the ministry decided to do a verification process.

He said there was no need for the teachers to go on strike because the Government had been paying teachers their rural hardship allowances and that the monies were delayed by the system.
“There is no need for teachers to go on strike due to non-payment of rural hardship allowances because those who qualify will eventually get their money, the Government has been paying this money, the only delay is the verification process, it is done for a purpose,” he said.

Prof Lungwangwa said the criteria of verification to pay rural hardship allowances was not only done in his ministry but to other public service workers as well, to ensure allowances were paid to intended beneficiaries.

The minister was reacting to unionised teachers in Chongwe, Katete and Chadiza who unanimously resolved to go on strike to press the Government to pay them their rural hardship allowances from April 2008.
Prof Lungwangwa said his ministry would institute investigations to verify whether those teachers threatening to go on strike were all qualified for the rural hardship allowance and normalise the situation.
“ I was trying to get hold of people who can assist us with information on the ground to determine whether these teachers all qualified for the rural hardship allowances but failed, my ministry will verify these issues so that as a ministry we can have a clear picture of the strikes,” he said.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. What are rural hardships.
    Are these hardships financial? Or can they be compesated for by money.
    How much disposable income do those teachers in urban areas remain with compared to those in rural areas.

  2. Hmmmmm! then why has the verification process taken so long? Is it done manually? Speed up the process and give the teachers what is due to them!

  3. How do you expect our teachers to perform well when all you do is frustrate them. I hope Prof. Lungwangwa is not using the retrogressive tactics he used to apply at UNZA when he served there as Dep. Vice Chancellor

  4. Verification process taking years? Even his excuse does not make sense. Thats why children are failing exams across the country. Iwe Lungwangwa, siumvela chabe!

  5. GRZ should pay these teachers and stop cheating that it is the vitrifaction system is slow, speed the process minister 🙁

  6. Prof. Lungwangwa, there is no way you can say the government is pulling the system in place from April last year?????this is unacceptable.Just pay the Teachers was is due no wonder their housing is so bad.

  7. Woo! Waona ati no one believes you Lungwangwa. Niboza iyo yamene wachaya! Dont use verification as an excuse. Try using the word, “Incompetence” on your part. People will respect you. Try manje so, you will see.

    • Those who know Prof. Lungwangwa from his days at UNZA when he was Dep. Vice Chancellor will understanding that this man we call Min. of Edu is not reliable. He is a liability

  8. That is nonesense my dear minister!if you have been paying them,what verification crap do you need.Just pay them the money!

  9. What is this verification process all about? Can someone please forward /post a detailed explanation. Are the teachers supposed to apply for the allowances? ~X(

    • You are very right Ba Moze, I was a victim of his poor leadership when i was a student and about to complete my studies at UNZA . We ended up having a 3 months closure because of the way he mismanaged issues

  10. Oh Zambia Zambia Zambia. Just why there is corruption because everything is slow. What processes do you need. There is money allocated for these things that’s why there is a budget. Credit crunch where? When you reduce tax on alcohol, what sense is there? It is a disgrace to see teachers live like that and you expect them to have the morale to teach? Yeah right. Education should be number 1. Improve the standard of these teachers and build quality schools only that’s when we can move forward.

  11. These include good cups! I had a similar set of gascans for 6 decades. Really the only motive I’m updating them is now that we displaced them.

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