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NGOs challenged to distribute female condoms

Rural News NGOs challenged to distribute female condoms

Villagers in Chief Hanjalika of Mazabuka have called on Non Governmental Organisations championing the fight against HIV and AIDs to distribute female condoms to the area to protect women from contracting the pandemic.

The villagers revealed during an HIV sensitisation programme held at Munjile storage shed organised by the Ministry of Information of Broadcasting Services (MIBS) through ZANIS that NGOs involved in HIV programmes were only distributing male condoms.

Loveness Mweemba complained that women remained vulnerable because they have never seen female condoms despite NGOs and government advising them not to engage in unprotected sex.

Ms. Mweemba was also supported by Kebby Bwempya, who urged government not to exercise any biasness in the fight against HIV and AIDs.

” The only condoms we are familiar with are male ones while female condoms have never been distributed. How can women be protected if they are exposed to unfair treatment by government and NGOs?”

And village headmen have asked government to provide income generating activities to people living with HIV and AIDS if the death rate was to be reduced.

Headman Chinkuli said government should treat the appeal seriously if more people are to be enrolled on Anti Retro Viral (ARVs) drugs.

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  1. It is true. Do not ask people to use what is not available. Furthermore, our cultural and Christian ways of discouraging people from engaging in sexual activity should be encouraged. If society stops frowing at a practice, it is then deemed to be acceptable. However if the consequences are negative then we should work together to minimise that which kills us.

    • Obviously you are not getting laid. Discourage people from engaging in sexual activities? Lets be realistic. Loveness Mweemba also should just distribute male condoms. They are more convenient and easier to operate with waunfwa MK?

  2. Iwe LT. Naukolwa? How many times are we discussing this issue? You are the people the RSTA are talking about kanshi. This time wakolewa kudala? Siumvela iwe!

  3. good as the appeal may appear,the biggest issue pa zed is that women feel restrained to demand fo the use of condoms,a move that puts them at the mercy of the males.in other countries women carry even male condoms, besides unprotected SX is close to impossible with them.let’s sensitise our women that, right now, in the face of HIV, they shud not feel culturally bound nor socially withdrawn fo the right to have proted SX whether male or female condom comes into the equation.women shud be at the forefront demanding fo condom use.as it now,in most cases it’s up to the man to make that decision.


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