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Govt hailed for increasing allowances for Chipolopolo boys

Sports Govt hailed for increasing allowances for Chipolopolo boys

Two sports organisations have hailed government for its intention to increase allowances for the Zambia National Soccer Team and its technical bench.

Sport, Youth and Child Development Minister Kenneth Chipungu recently disclosed its intention to increase allowances for the Chipolopolo boys and the technical bench following their impressive 2010 World/Africa Cup qualifier against the Pharoahs of Egypt last Sunday at Cairo National Staduim.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS sports in Lusaka today, Zambia Volunteer Sports Association (ZAVOSOFA) Patron Peter Makembo said the move to increase allowances for the Chipolopolo boys should be supported by all.

Mr. Makembo said increasing allowances for the team and the technical bench would motivate them to even work extra hard.

He said the increasing of allowances for the National Team should have been done a long time ago.

The ZAVOSOFA Patron urged the Chipolopolo boys and the technical bench not to disappoint government and the fans now that the state was considering increasing their allowances.
Mr. Makembo also urged the government to extend the olive branch to the soccer fans board adding that the soccer fans have always been there for the Chipolopolo boys whenever they were playing.

Association of National Team Supporters (ANTS) Interim Secretary General Robert Kayukwa said government’s decision to consider increasing allowances for the Chipolopolo boys and the technical team was in order.

Kayukwa said increasing the team’s allowances would make the team perform better in the remaining games.

The ANTS Interim Secretary General urged the Chipolopolo boys to continue with the same fighting spirit to qualify to the world and Africa cups.

He also called upon the team not become indiscipline with the increased allowances that the government has promised them.


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  1. LT how many times are we going to complain about your stories lacking research and background information?! The above artcile is incomplete without stating how much it is the players are currently getting in allowances. I can understand that the Minister could have been speaking in broad terms and did not mention by how much the allowancese would be increased, but it should have taken only a few phonecalls for you to find out how much they are getting now. Don’t be complacent!!

  2. Govt should not think that this is the only best way possible to motivate the team.They should look further than increasing allowances.

  3. ZAVOSOFA is a fraud. What type of supporters never accompany the team anywhere and never even bother to show up at the airport when they return? We need the true Chipolopolo supportes to stand up and kick these pretenders to the side.

  4. How about hiring a Zambian coach too? or does the colonial mentality of Mulongoti apply in sports too. Africans bad, imperialists good.

  5. Next time consider to buy them houses as one way to appreciate them. I have seen how this players becomes destitute after their career.

  6. Thts gud development,also too much camping at Lusaka Hotel and Ndeke Hotel.Revisit that 1 aswel.A national soccer team shud be camping in a standard hotel not these ramshackles.
    If Red Arrows can camp at Southern Sun-Ridgeway and Cresta Hotel,why cant the National team do likewise?Too much shorthand ba Govt officials.

  7. #5, Mikomfwa, Please keep divisive sentiments out of soccer. You have your views about Contractors and I have mine, Before you misunderstand me, I come from a place where there are graves of Freedom fighters shot by colonial police at the Boma. Sentiments about some contractors have nothing to do with imperialism. But let us keep such arguments out of soccer. Soccer is where all of us Zambians agree….. to win even against Brazil … one day!!!!

  8. Thats good news ba LT , the guys will be motivated, there will even break a leg for their country.

    Thanks a lot Govt. Keep it up.
    Like Zoe said , try to find some nice hotels were our boys can stay while in camp.
    I hope you are listining.
    Ba chipolopolo , elotwalya and twanwa.

  9. Ba Nkole#8 don’t put me on the spotlight for nothing. This is a blog I am allowed to point out my opinions. Soccer, contractors, It all involves hiring foreigners when Zambians themselves are fully capable. How would you feel if your job was given to a foreigner right now! Open your eyes and look at the bigger picture for our country.

  10. I see FAZ and the Ministry of Sport continue to not only be blind to other sports but also to the other national Football Team – the Women’s football team. I wonder if all LTers are aware we have a national football team for women. Whose coach only recieves meagre allowances, has to beg for equipment and the players recieve as low as K10,000 per day when in camp.
    How long have we investedin men,s soccer their performance behaves like a yoyo.All sports associations should be compelled to invest in national teams for women as well. take a leaf from the Rugby Association. or Perharps the women should form an Association specifically to look into football for women- if FIFA allows it!

  11. Mmmmmm! Interesting! teachers and other civil servants have been crying for increaments and better conditions of service for too long and no one pays attention to their plight! Indeed, we live in a complicated world! Pure animal farm!

  12. 10 Mikomfwa , i agree with Nkole fimo fimo, why appoint a zambian if the person in charge is experienced for the job and is doing well. you are the same pipo who cry when you are not given the job you wanted cos you are a foreigner, stop this and get with the drill.

  13. These chaps jus drink chibuku n u r busy increasing their allowances.Its a motivation though but bafwile balebomba to keep them busy when not on the pitch pantu ama guys too much chibuku.Recruit them ku ZNS,POLICE or ARMY not in the Airforce (ZAF)

  14. Nkole in the making!! Ha ha ha. Ok i wont say anything abt the alowance coz no amount has been mentioned kachepa has it that they get 200 usd n wil be get 275 usd a win wil gve them 400usd. Peanuts nshaba imbalala. Campin at a 0 star motel? Zoona

  15. 16 Mikomfwa , apparently you might have upset Ba Moze and he was cruzing over all the threads looking for you , please dont shoot the messenger. I am only telling you .

  16. Busy commenting wen i dnt even know how much has been increased.Ba LT how much is the increament,ngate 20pin each.

  17. Nkole Wa fimo fimo, in the spirit of respect, you owe me an apology for your unwarranted outburst against me yesterday. I await to hear from you!

  18. We had a zambian coach.. Patrick Phiri for quite sometime. He was “the best ” Zambian coach based on his achievements with the Junior squad. Coming out in the first round last Afcon was what he managed. His style of play was good. I liked the fact that for the first time in a long time I saw zambia string more than 4 passes at a time. Thanks coach !
    Unfortunately we lacked in a few critical areas which he failed to address. Our defence was pathetic. For me, we had a team from the mid-field upwards. Therefore, from history, I would like to submit to Mikomfwa that Zambia is not “colonial”. Our “best” did not perform so we had to look elsewhere. It is only logical. It is called…

  19. From a personal stand point, just as much as the lads have done a commendable job, it is imperative for them and all concerned to appreciate the mammoth task that lies ahead. Lets be careful with these praises we keep showering on the team. One news article last night on TV was ‘Triumphant Chipolopolo return home’. Unless it was just me, but really, just how triumphant was chipolopolo?

  20. #22 even the best coaches dont win all the time. The shortcomings should have been addressed and worked on. Even so, Phiri was just one coach why give up on our own? Ba Honey#18 Why would Ba Moze be looking for me?

  21. Ba Moze, a draw with Egypt is as good as a win for the Chipolopolo as it is a big team (African Kings) remember.But the use of the word “triumphant” was kind of an exaggeration.U r right man….

  22. #24 Mikomfwa. She has you mixed up with Nkole Wa fimo fimo. Hes the one thats got me infuriated. Sana anso!

  23. Zoe, i think thats the problem we have. We keep underating ourselves kwati tuli baiche. we are just as good as anyone team in Africa. Trophies are always there for the taking for Zambia, but we ourselves end up meesing up. A draw against Egypt is a draw, Period! We were not triumphant mama, we came back with a good result.

  24. My honey sori ba honey they get 200usd it has been increazd to 275 usd. A win gives them 400 usd guys this is their work how many of u can agree 2 the said amount? See the pipo that r toyi toyin ku g20 sumit. They want 2 b heard n have a beta future. Can 400 usd beta ur future?

  25. Mikomfwa na ba moze pliz peace b wth u ignore nkole fimo fimo hes enjoying it the name itself tels a story. Ba kaaamba mulabenikofye nkole. Ka nkole kulako son. If u want a fight ester phiri is there. Ok let me watch g20 sumit just seen zambian flag ku g20. How u wish not even g100

  26. Good motivation for our soccer team indeed which calls for commendation though this will entail “ne fima TEE kwati chi Makembo ukulandapo”. Why was this chap and his organisation not at the airport to welcome the team when they returned from Egypt. “Ichi chi man nichi Lifwekelo chaku bola”. Just seeking financial advantages.

    #13 Baby C: Good point. From the way you articulate issues, i think you are a man using a feminine name. “Injuka teti shilande ifyo ulanda iwe” on some issues. Yes – why can’t we increase teachers’ salaries as a way of motivating them also. We all come from teachers ka ?

  27. #32 armed gunman! and what makes you think am a man? What makes you think that a woman cannot contribute intelligently?

  28. #33 Baby C: Women can equally contribute intelligently but most of their contributions are streaked with emotions particularly when a blogger mentions them in a way which doesn’t impress them on the way. Not in your case and also the language you use at times is masculine. Maybe you are a Tomboy. Nonetheless you are okay.

  29. #36 Kadobi I know you didnt say that about Baby C!! Your comment shows your brain is a work in progress. Come back to the site when the work in your head is complete.

  30. Mikomfwa, dont worry about kadobi. He knows he only get noticed when he picks on baby c. His brain has just started growing. What hatred D.e.v.i.l.

  31. Ba Zambia Makula period. Promise the guys increments if they qualify and not on one match a draw for that matter. There is still a lot of work to be done.

  32. LT pls don’t moderate my comment when you failed to moderate the comments that were directed at me from the two bloggers I’ve quoted.

  33. Ba Mikomfwa even England and many European countries have foreign coaches.Our brother Ben Bamfuchile was coaching Namibia national team up to the time of his death. Patrick Phiri is in Tanzania employed by one the clubs. The four strongest clubs in England are all coached by foreign coaches. Most of the national teams in Africa are coached by foreigners. So do want Zambia to be an exception? Come on lets move and employ anybody as long as he can do good job.

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