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Zambia is better off without Aid- Dambisa Moyo


Renown Zambian author Dambisa Moyo
Renown Zambian author Dambisa Moyo

By Milimo Moyo, New York

Dr. Dambisa Moyo has revealed that she is scheduled to visit Zambia next week to speak to the government about aid-related issues raised in her popular new book, Dead Aid: Why Aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa.

Speaking to a packed audience at an event organized by the Carniege Council in New York City on April 2, 2009, Dr. Moyo stated that the Zambian government had invited her for in-depth discussions related to reducing aid-dependence and finding alternatives for long-term economic development. Her talk at the Carniege Council was part of her high profile U.S book tour that has drawn well-deserved attention from a wide spectrum of media, charity, government and academic institutions.

During the talk, Dr. Moyo discussed her motivations for writing the book, problems associated with the Aid model and the various ways that African countries can generate their own income thus reducing their dependence on foreign development Aid. She also decried celebrities’ tendency to speak for Africa in a manner that was couched in pity.

Dambisa signing a fan's book
Dambisa signing a fan's book

“Perhaps the most of awful thing is that when they speak about Africa, they do so with pity,” she said adding that America would not tolerate a foreign celebrity telling U.S President, Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary, Tim Geitner how to fix the current credit crunch.

Dr. Moyo, a Zambian-born economist formerly employed at Goldman Sachs and the World Bank, has caused a stir in the United States and around the world with her refreshing and forthright analysis of the problems stemming from development aid dependence in most African countries.

In her book, Dr. Moyo makes the case that an estimated $1 trillion worth of so-called development aid to Africa in the last five decades has dismally failed to create long-term, sustainable development on the African continent. Dead Aid examines the history of the aid-model of development and outlines specific indicators of its failure including corruption, bureaucracy, civil and political strife, a lack of entrepreneurship and inflation, among others. More importantly, Dr. Moyo’s book suggests ways in which African countries could reduce their dependence on aid and generate their own income through participation in the bond markets and trade.

While Dr. Moyo’s book has been well-received by many, some critics have adopted a contentious and somewhat misleading approach to criticizing Dead Aid. Dr. Moyo told the audience at the Carniege Council that as a result of certain misconceptions, she has found herself defending her book during her tour in America. For example, the aid advocacy group ONE, has posted what it considers a critique of Dr. Moyo’s book on its website charging that Dr. Moyo’s suggestion to stop aid in five years’ time is “reckless and seems to pay no heed to the fact that millions of Africans are on life-saving AIDS medications today paid for by aid”. However, ONE ignores the fact that Dr. Moyo categorically excludes humanitarian and charity-based aid from her pejorative view of development aid to Africa.

Despite explaining this in her book and subsequent interviews and discussions, critics have been quick to accuse Moyo of spreading an “irresponsible” message that could result in the deaths of “African babies”. One can only smile at the dramatics.

Regardless of what some critics have said, Dead Aid is set to be a bestseller both in the west and Africa. It has captivated many people’s attention so far and is fast gaining the attention of readers everywhere. In New York City, Dr. Moyo’s book promotion events have drawn enormous crowds. She has also been interviewed by an array of prominent publications and media personalities including Charlie Rose, Bill Baher and Steven Colbert.


  1. abena Moyo i hope RB will listen to you because i think abakamba balafulwa when young and vibrant chaps are thinking too positive.

  2. Where Chibamba kanyama? These are Economists we need who bring forth proposals and solutions.Kanyama learn from her and not your usual bluffs.

  3. Good!Zambia has educated people to lead the country but i don’t know why these people are not in govt.Most zambians who’re outside have good jobs.And zambia is among the african countries which produce intelligent economist in southern africa.look at chriticle mwansa,magande,penza ,moyo etc.The problem is that Kamponyas are ruling us.We’ve to work up and do something 4 zambia.The way villgers decide the outcome of election that’s the way we’re ruled by same people who don’t know what’s economy.People who work in zambia don’t vote for MMD.If i were in govt i would’ve proposed the idea of making lusaka,copperbelt the battle ground of elections.

  4. Kapena she can pump some sense into batatebake Temwani. However, to simply say we can do without Aid?, Awe, ine nakanako apo. Aid has failed to yeild long term sustainnable development because Govts in most cases (Africa in general and Zambia in particular) have used it on misplaced priorities with no accountability cheks in place! We are given money, and others decide to buy suits nama scooner! what do you expect? Am looking foward to hearing her side of the story.

  5. Good then, lets hope they are gonna listen and try to get your advice. This arrogant lot. I’m encouraged by this Moyo, we love you.

  6. Ok now that i have read the whole article (after admiring her for a long time) i can see this lady’s visit will actually be very frutiful for us. She is looking at things and situations outside the norm and that is what i like. Am just thinking will RB be able to keep up with her??? He might neeed a translator (even though she will be speaking English!)

  7. Thes are the brains we need in the ministry of Finance and National Planning.If this Dr was put to work with former Finance Minister Magande , I am telling you even this useless indaba would not have resurfaced.Look at the circas in this same ministry .

    Look at the Americans they are using the best brains of their nation to solve their own problems.

  8. cont 11.
    If a candidate wins lusaka,copperbelt plus other 3 province becomes a president.I think that will help zambia to develop.Leaders will be serious to do something for the people.
    ,Teta and abena Mulogoti are very useless .I don’t see the reason why they’re in govt.Zambians should be serious to develop very fast.We need actions as soon as possible.I feel very bad when i hear tht, we’re a poor country hence we’ve people who can deliver.why letting people who can’t make good policies ruling us?It takes actions to develop.MMD will continue ruling us in the name of zambia is peaceful country.wake up zambians!!

  9. In fact, Zambia is just copying from Rwanda because that country already has taken a position following Moyo’s publication. They even invited her so that they could listen to her. But what Zed is doing is just to follow up on Rwanda just as they did on cell phone company after they learnt that Rwanda had started making her own cellphones. Bakope noku implimenta, no just for keeping up appearances

  10. Her CV is really a force to reckon with.Bachelors amd Masters at Havrard and a Doctorate from Oxford.This is a good challenge to our girls and women to bring themselves up.

  11. But Moyo Alemuneka bwino ,Ifyotuleefwaya so beeautiful girls making decision.Not ba sinyangwe with thick lips because of smoking and drinking bear.She just know how to insult people.Better PfFchases her very fast.

  12. Chibamba Kanyama knows nothing at all compared to Moyo, you listen to what she has to say and you will soon realise the silly bookkeeping Chibamba raves off is chicken feed, period. In her presence, he will not do kulimonesha ta or else he will be given a sound lecturing. By the way, she did both Oxford and Havard, the sis is top notch.

  13. Russia Moscow 11 & 18. Thats yo opinion. In my view the institution that requires transformation is the civil service in Lusaka. Why? These are the people who are technocrats in everything that comes out as govt policies. Example, who determines MPs’, ministers’ salaries? Who develops the budget? LPM abolished workshop allowances at some point but do you think his call was heeded to? Even the issue of crying about salaries for civil service, which political office sits at the negotiating table? MPs/Ministers are not any where near. Your assumption that we do not have economists in govt is flawed. Where did Dr Musokotwane come from? Was he not just some director-PS and eventually Minister?

  14. 24 Contd. Coming to the electoral system you are proposing, well I can only say I understand you especially that you are in Russia where democracy has not grown. Why should you think all vilagers have not been to school to think for themselves? Dont you think that is where the majority are if we went ahead with yo idea to consider CB and LSK as decision centres in elections? You are coming from an assumption that the entire rural population voted for MMD. How about southern province? Northern province?

  15. In zed i do not understand why we are always talking and nothing is coming out, zedians are doing very well outside good good brains. but in zed we still have people in the likes of VJ and the group still in control, old ideas, we also have King cobra on the waiting list. Honestly we cant kick out this old squad of ‘ proffessional politicians’. Zimbabwe will very soon be better than zed. God help us.

  16. Good for Moyo to do a zed stint. I must warn her there are plenty of people with Phd’s in Zambia. She has a hard time trying to convice anyone. Trouble with our leadership is two fold; Firstly, too many illiterates in positions of power so an educated person talking to them is a waste of time. Secondly even the ones that are educated dont seem to think straight when they are on payroll.

  17. #28 i agree with you.

    aid or no aid the problem in africa is leadership. europe received aid (marshal plan) after world war 2 and thier leaders made the most of it. foreign aid (from america) harm their economies.

  18. Akon,I second you unreservedly.That is the biggest challenge Zed is facing.The Civil service is infiltrated by illiterates and its hard to convince people who cant understand any jack.

  19. Thats another fake chongololo Zambian who thinks in the reverse. This lady is the USA and not in Zambia, has she seen the poverty in Misisi? Somethings talking big does not resolve issues. What contribution or investment has she made in Zambia as individual. She too much of a theorist. Zambia’s solutions does not lie with such people but having a more democratic society where everyone is accountable. Its a waste of time to seek audience with such people….

  20. It’s funny the same characters who like to laugh at zambians in diaspora have zipped up their mouths when they have seen Dambisa Moyo. Maybe it was impossible for some of you to fathom a zambian outside zambia doing well but now you see for yourself. There are a lot of zambians in the diaspora like Dambisa whom am sure you will come across in the news . Long gone are your silly assumptions that ma zambian kubulaya are suffering and need to come back woooooo!!!!

  21. I truly admire her courage to face the people who keep saying she should sell her message at home first. A big hand Dr Moyo, well done for your intended effort. Just be remember that people do not readily deal with changes in thought patterns or new school of thoughts.

    As for the people strongly against your position. How long do they want Africa to be sustained by debt? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? 100 years? or forever? If your answer is not forever then at some point you will have to take the Dr Moyo therapy.

  22. Thats another problem with Zambians. To theorise what should or should not be is not the end in it self. Its not just a question of admiration of ones qualification but see them deliver more so in their home country. Look at the amount of money being remitted by Ghanians in diaspora and the amount the investments they making..then you can understand; Where are the Dambisas for Zambia today…Mindful Zambia is not short of intellectuals at PhDs

  23. This will make an interesting read of course. I wonder if has got some copies so I can indulge myself in a good read.

    Just a short comment on the bonds issue. I don’t know but I thought Zambia already issued govt bonds and treasury bills. Right now if you go at the BOZ website, you’ll find them selling at a discount.

    Anyway, looking forward to getting my copy of the book.

  24. You are welcome to your Motherland, such are pipo we need teach us how to fish so that we can eat fish anywhere & whenever we want to.

    Turn a deaf ear to those critizing you stand for what you believe in who knows Zambia can be the first African Country to do away with Aid which usually comes unfavourable conditions attached to it.

  25. The more critc the more the book sells. Good job Dr Moyo. Its high time Africa stopped this laziness and dependency. Some African leaders tolerate this purely because it also aids their pockets. The only reason for these aids is to ensure that Africa is on the leash

  26. The problem is that many Zambians opt to stay outside the country when educated!! This has to change many of you here bloggers are highly educated to hold posts in the government and to be MPs but you re still out there,doing what? Lets go back and do something about our country!

  27. Kabwela J would I be wrong to presume that you are jealous of Moyo, a sexist or worse yet RBs nephew? What thinking in reverse have you seen in Moyo. What do you mean thinking in reverse, if I may ask? All this lady is suggesting is that we utilize our resources, sustainable means to solve our problems. Mind you that aid you get does not come without a price those guys know how to get their money back in trade imbalances, etc. I wonder what kind of future Zambia will ‘ve with people like you as leaders.

  28. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Foreign aid has not helped Africa get out of poverty in any way.We have become too dependant on handouts to think for ourselves.If we find ourselves between a rock and hard place I believe we will be forced to think and who knows what great things we can accomplish then.sometimes I think the West want to keep us poor so they continue with the handouts. World Bank IMF etc have not helped us. ARV donations are welcome but if you really want to help us teach us how to make the drugs ourselves.Maybe crocodile fat is just as good who knows! Bravo to Dambisa Moyo goodluck convincing our elderly politicians.

  29. Africa in general and Zambia in particular does not need hand-outs but hand-ups.Dambiso,I cant wait for your visit and the subsquest stay in Zed for you represent the generation we need.Bloggres goodbye and stay blessed.Gone for classes, I have been inspired by Dambiso big time.Kapena ningankalo Dotolo naine.

  30. I remember this lady in 89 at camp D. we need you to come and pump sense in these characters taking us for a ride.

  31. We are immensely proud of your achievements Dr Moyo. Please help us turn things around in Zambia and Africa as a whole.

  32. This is what we call Girl power, those of you who think you can do better, please go a head and show us. Good on you mama Dr D . Moya. Good Luck. Sister.

  33. #41 Posts in government are not given according to one’s education standing or merit , they are given because people are good surbodinates and yes me, it’s not aout competency but loyalty. Zambia has a lot of educated people but they are usually left to wallow and fade away because they don’t dance to political parties drums. If Dambisa was in zambia and published her book there it wouldn’t have received much attention as it did when she published it abroad. Most professionals stay abroad because there they can flourish without the fear of being cut down to size because of political bureacracy.

  34. and as you praise and unpraise dr moyo, do take time to read a blog by the zambian economist. he/she has presented an interesting review of the book

  35. Moyo is very beautifull.But talking of cutting aid that is something else. That is a long term plan not now.I can just imagine,the poverty levels in Zambia are so high with aid from the donours.A lot should be done for this to work. The leaders we have are selfish and greed.Therefore to stop them from getting aid at this point will just cause them to be getting all tax payers money. At least with aid and the revenue collected locally,they are leaving some drops for the citizens.So the problem iwe Moyo its African leaders.Otherwise you are talking sense as that would enable african countries to have less debts,or even debt free.

  36. Brother Rashid Jones how are you long time? What is happening to man united kanshi? Paul Scores is even turning himself into a goal keeper inga fya shupa.

  37. I agree with The DOC , Why help your self if other pipo are there to provide for you.
    We need to give the pipo the tools and assitance to help themselves. The other point is , has the Doc got a conitgency plan in place , once all the iad is stopped.

  38. #13 Iwe Zoe, What kind of village ***** are you to call Rupia a thick head. RB was getting a degree in 1965 at Lund University in Sweden when your father was heading goats. It is very important to have respect even when you can’t be identified. And please remember that Dambisa is the daughter of Dr. Steven Moyo who was at ZNBC in the late 1980s.. She is a relative of RB.
    Finally, Zoe you seem to be lost. A blogg is an ideas exchange medium not a beer hall where you learnt from your father to insult people.

  39. Title: Head of Economic Research for Africa
    Goldman Sachs, UK

    Dambisa has the following academic and professional qualifications:
    PhD in Economic, Oxford University, U.K.
    MS, Kennedy School of Government, Havard University, USA
    MBA in Finance, American University, Washington, D.C. USA
    BSc in Chemistry, American University, Washington, D.C. USA

    Dambisa is the Head of Economic Research and Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa at Goldman Sachs, where she has worked for the past eight years. From May 1993 to September 1995, she worked at the World Bank in Washington D.C., as a co-author to its annual World Development Report. She is the author of a book Dead Aid, published by Penguin and…

  40. Farrar, Strauss & Giroux in Spring 2009.

    In 2005, she presented her work on Foreign Aid, Debt, and Poverty in developing countries at the World Economic Forum annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland. She is a member of Cambridge University’s Centre for International Business and Management (CIBAM), and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). Dambisa is also a Patron for Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), a hedge fund supported children’s charity, and serves on the Board of the Lundin Charitable Foundation, which in September 2007, pledged US$100 million towards microfinance initiatives in developing economies.

  41. What a bunch of hypocrites I have seen on this blog! the same bloogers who have been saying education means nothing and sticking to the uneducated politicians like Sata now are ululating this Young educated zambia as a possible solution!!!! Stop the hypocrisy! you have failed to appreciate the educated among you and you will not appreciate her advice either! Today you are saying you need such educated people to lead Zambia and yet yestaday and tommorow you will be screeming Viva Sata! what hypocrisy????? I hope this will be a turning point for some people. Europe and USA are what they are because they use their best brains!!!!!

  42. 57 Engine Bbuloko , speak for yourself, why do you like to put words in pipos mouths? Stop it now and lets celabrate our sister.

  43. There we go again Zambians. As I welcome Dr Dambisa to Zambia, one thing keeps bothering me. As a country we have seen and received advice from the World Bank, IMF and top grade Universities like the Harvard, Oxford etc. We sacrificed our meagre resources to conmen, fake investors and consultants using “text book” advice and rhetoric from scholars like Dr Dambisa, who are not aware of real issues on the ground. Just a reminder, our national budget hugely depends on the same donor aid to be implemented, checkt the figures. The dreams and aspirattions of Moyo may come as a reality may be in the next 50 to 80 years from now, if we manage our country well kwasila.

  44. Some cracking brains coming out and pouring sense into Zambians at long last. Yes most aid to Zambia has yielded nothing.

    Cheers to Dambisa Moyo.

  45. She is right we have to away with AID, teach someone how to fish and don’t give them fish.

  46. No one will listen to you. its a sheer waste of time. african politicians want things that way so that they benefit from it.

  47. Zambia should be ready for a new breed that is saying enough is enough.I can imagine the reaction from government when they will be cofronted by the likes Dr Moyo,Prof Chirwa etc Big players on an international scene and masters in their respective fields.They have tried to put down Prof Chirwa and failed.He is coming back in 2011 to create sense.

  48. #62 Ba Honey, which words have I put in whos mouth???? In Zambia, people dont know that “experience” without knowledge is mere repeatation of the same wrong decisions and actions over and over again. Thats why daka boys have become bricklayers, spanner boys are now the mechanics, drafts men are now the architects, lorry boys are now the drivers, chain men are now the suveyors, clinical officers are now the Doctors…..and maids are now the wives….and you wonder why we are not developing? its no brainer! We should change and let people with knowledge and data take charge!

  49. #68 Government is not the only place one can contribute to society. In my opinion just stirring up this debate and waking up sleeping poorer countries is a great service itself. How many government people have contributed to changing mind sets world wide?

  50. Engine Buloko pleeeeeease we are not hypocrits. And the only reason people vote for Sata is that looking at the other guys. They feel he is actually better. Not than he is good but that amongst the aspirants(the Arrogant HH and MMD)…. you know what Im saying. People would not just vote for every Jim and Jack who is educated. They would rather kiss a Tonga cows bottom that do that.

  51. The main problem we have in Zambia is that we have glamourised begging.Our politicians think money will come from foreign investors .They have never considered how potentially rich our country is.Like one blogger pointed out Zambia has about 60% fresh water but cholera has been endemic from the dying days of UNIP.Zambia has the capacity to produce Maize among other foods enough for exporting as well.Livingstone has the potential to woo every tourist coming to southern africa but even as we speak SA markets the Victoria Falls as if it were in SA.Prof Chirwa spoke of the Chirundu area to be transfomed into a Hong Kong!Obviously for some it will take them a foreign investor to convince them.

  52. Give credit where its due, well done girl and definitely you will at the very least, have my ear to listen to what you have to say. But its not guarantee I will take everythin hook, line and sinker…like someone already pointed out, we had Prof. Chirwa and he came and lectured and offered advice on how Zambia could benefit from its resources but what did he get, he was almost crucified for exercising his God-given right to express his desire in leading this country some day, cadres of shapes and sizes were on him, the man almost took off for the UK on foot viz TZ runing faster than Usain Bolt. like I said, lets hear what you have to say and your ideas on the way forward. otherwise well done

  53. 70 Engine Bbuloko , one needs to have the education, then the experience will folllow.
    This is what this Young, Beautiful , Powerful , Inteligent and Good looking woman is trying to do. So dont put her down , lets give her a chance.

  54. We need idea of people like Dr.Moyo thats the thinking we want, zambia always relies on Aid i have been wondering everytime i hear the budget, i always look forward to say that the minister may say this years budget has been fully funded by Zambia. we need self reliance please visit Rb and the group we can start to progress.
    Dr.Moyo is surely produly Zambian even on her books she has put born and raised in Zambia.No pretenceAnd she has archieved a lot.Thats what we want. Thats why am going back home immediately the capital of my company increases to that level,its almost there.I would like to do some work wit her one of these day i look forward to meeting her we have discussions.

  55. God bless Dr Moyo and may he raise many more to stir and shake the way Zambia and other African countries are run. I will be praying for you Dr Moyo so that God uses you in a mighty way and pwerful way. God bless Zambia.

  56. Great idea. I read the whole article from Newsweek however, I have two questions for my dear sister. Where do you live and where is your pay check coming from? If you are living in Zambia and your pay is being generated from the Zambian Community, I would say bravo, your theory is being practiced. But if you are saying this and not experiencing what the typical village woman with a family of ten kids all under the age of 20 and an extended family that has no traceable family ties, all needing some food and clean water. I will say to you that is why Africa is taking too long to develop. Wrong advice. Encourage politicians to think of food mass production, education, education and education.

  57. It is indeed a thrill to see a face of a young Zambian, devoting her time to reflect on the economical problems of Africa as a long term measure .For her efforts to bear fruits; she will certainly need to engage young Africans of similar calibre and aptitude. Now its time for the young Africans to bring in novel approaches to doing things in Africa and more so in Zambia… Keep it up Dr Moyo.

  58. 58. ba honey my boss just just noticed that am not working after bursting into laughter about your comment. very funny indeed hooo!!

  59. For those in the USA you can buy DR Moyo’s book at Barnes and Nobles and of course other famous online bookstores. God bless Zambia

  60. #76 Ba Honey! aaaah! my friend, you got me completely wrong. Me putting down this intelectual – NEVER! I have always advocated for intelectuals to be given a chance. Its people that cling to people who never even wrote a grade 7 exam that disapoint me. I have always supported brains….Magande, HH, Prof Chirwa, Criticles Mwansa….not Sata!

  61. #72, Political Black Belt, I think your comment “They would rather kiss a Tonga cows bottom that do that” is in bad taste. They is every pride world over in owning cows than chasing primates in trees. Dont open a pandoras box here! Am sure you come from provices that have had low cut of points because of their low IQs. What have your places contributed to Zambia other than unleashing hooligans to the rest of the country…..dont even start this…..lets stick to the topic!

  62. Hats off to Dr. Dambisa Moyo,
    Walisoma mwaiche and you are so cute.. Big thumbs up and well done!!!! Banono, ala tebengi……. Congatulations again!

  63. 89 Engine block i think you have made your point. dear bloggers prove for once that you can be larger humans instead of falling prey to the small things that separate us instead of concetrating on the challenges that severally and collectively confront us as Zambians. poverty and illitracy knows no tribe and corruption aftects all irrespective of creed or tribe and yet we all agree that whoever shall deliver us will obviosly belong to some tribe. Lets loook for substance then we can decide what tribe we can use to disburse the substance.

  64. #92, Sesheke, you have a good point but dont just look at my reaction, look at why? check out #72! We will never see substance as long as some chaps think they are better than others. I think its time we started telling each other the truth! Some people are good for nothing and they must know this. We are talking about sensible things here and then he/she drops such derogatory remarks. It makes me wonder when a person who traditionally own and produces nothing gets the guts to pour such scorn on a productive people. I leave it at this!

  65. Maybe she’s right, maybe not. Aid is necessary but it must be used for the purposes it is given. Not the way Africa has used it the last 50 years. Just look at “Aidless” Zimbabwe.

  66. 78 hang on, It has nothing to do with gender or whatever you think this woman has attained. If you read my statement carefully, you will find that I am generalising, no gender biase. In the past men and women with Phds, MA, Msc etc have made attempts to redeem this poor country using their academic exploits and concepts, but what do we see today? Where is Zambia today? Actuall let me even grasp this opportunity to congratulate Dr Moyo on her academic achivements, the stakes are high for all of you young Zambian ladies.

  67. The problem must be inherent in Africas DNA. Look at the extended famlies we keep. Some even stop thinking for them selves, just because they have someone supporting them. In the west i have never seen pipo looking after extended familes. They are forced to think for them selves to survive. Not us africans. You support realatives, you find them even start saying we have run out of tissue. These are grown chaps bythe way.
    Same with Aid. GRZ stops thinking of how to produce and concentrate their efforts on how to distribute the Aid. They even form whole networks of pipo just for the distribution of foreign Aid. Forget production, that is too much hard work for mike mulongoti

  68. Njinja Yobweleka How are you? Mwashaina ati you are watching her on youtube Iam also watching her on ZNBC Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Have a lovely day dear I missed you so I just thought of saying hello to you.

  69. LT sure what is wrong with my comment to be on the waiting list of moderation? Please take time to proof read it and tell me where I have used bad languege. I will be waiting.

  70. Congratulations Dr Dambisa Moyo. Great archievement and great idea as well in your book. NOW, coming to the issue at hand, i think i agree with #63 Vinjeru and #83 Kuda’s points. The Dr has points in her book and getting her advice on the way forward won’t hurt but this to me is a long term plan since we are already up to the kneck in this debt. We can’t just wake up and do away with the status quo overnight. Let’s hope this our government will listen and take her contribution seriously. We also have Prof Clive Chirwa around but jealousy and greedy is trying by all means to push him away from participating in the governance of our country. There are indeed a lot of other brains in…

  71. I imagine there will be further resistance from the West for these ideas. Africans are created in the image of God and capable of doing anything. The west loves to pat themselves on the back when achieving nothing. Their help is like peeing in your pants — it gives you a warm feeling, but achieves nothing.

  72. She is right! Her ideas are as good as socialism/communism(No relationship); GOOD ON PAPER. We definetly need aid to jump-start development but I agree with her when it comes to perpertual dependency.

  73. #12, Ba Moze, I missed your postings on ICT/ SADC ISSUE. Plse revisit. Got lovely replies for both you and Ba Moderator. cheers…. Back to the topic. Wait for her(Dr. Moyo’s) arrival in Zedi and get first hand data from the horses mouth.

  74. She is so bright, intelligent and so articulate. I watched her on your tube, just enter her name on the search icon and you will find a lot of interviews from major news networks like fox etc. She needs our support because this is a noble cause.

  75. Ha ha ha that is our own lady…no words to describe her work…go lady I will buy one book I promise…even tomorrow I will look for it in stores….big up tell africa and so called west the truth about there nonsense Aid to me I look at Aid as very negative things cause I have never seen any change with may in the next world….All we need is to use our resources to bring about the sustainable development people just talk talk about with acting…let me finish my development studies I will show you how people work and bring about what they believe in to be trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  76. In life its like we cannot see things that stare us in the face until the hour comes that the mind is ripened,its high time we start believing we can achieve,for all things are possible.

  77. #26 Mrs Rashid Jones; Yes Dambisa is Marsha’s sister.

    Botswana and South Africa are two examples of African countries that have rejected bilateral and multilateral Aid so Zambia does not have to look far for inspiration from real success stories.

  78. This is one good examples to those zambians leaving in other countries not to forget about their country, BRAVO girl, this what we talking about girl power!!, i just hope the govt, will be ready to learn and listen to her.

  79. Every successful economy must have had a foundation. What is the foundation for the African economy? Remember, saying it so, doesn’t make it so. What was her solution and vision on the depression the world is facing today? How many investors lost money at Goldman Sachs under her watch? AID does not cause corruption. There has never been a correlation between the two. No empirical data or statistical relationship points to that effect. Yes, at one point aid must end, like a breast feeding baby, African must be weened to other forms of sustainable economical development. It is like quitting your job while you have no plans or no reserves to survive on. It cannot work. Let her sell the book,…

  80. I actually saw an interview she did about a week or two ago and she made quite a lot of sense. If we are afraid to step out in faith (not blind faith by the way) we will never grow.

  81. Ladies and gentlemen, settle down. This is just a book with no references, no peer review, no scholarly review. It is just like James Hadley Chase. Sensations. Yes, it is from a fellow Zambian, but that shouldn’t be the criteria to judge the substance it carries. Let her show you the research she did and how that research was conducted and under what conditions the research was conducted. She has an opinion and probably the right one, but it must be supported with evidence that what is espousing can work and has worked. Just having a PhD is not enough. A lot of other PhD holders have tried to scholarly publish, but have failed. Let her try to publish that theory of hers as a scholarly one…

  82. There was ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’, now ‘Dead Aid.’ When are we going to stop blaming others for our failure to develop? In the early years after our independence, we borrowed heavily. 2 decades later we could not sustain repayments. We blamed the lenders for the harsh conditions. When we could not borrow we were ‘aided’ and our debts were canceled. Now we blame Aid. African thinkers like Nyerere propounded economic theories based on the traditional African culture. I wonder where we would have been if we had accepted these great sons of Africa. We need self help, and if that is wht Dr Moyo is advocating, I agree.

  83. This Woman has really made our country proud she has gone on major TV networks in the US and held her own!she has shamed the devil in his backyard!now as Africans let’s talk the talk and walk the walk,we have a huge battle cloud coming up!we should be steadfast in this fight coz for sure we shall be hit from all angles,we are dealing with men who have no respect of human life in any shape or form especially African.What Dr.Moyo is advocating and pointing out is only true,we should also hold our leaders resposible by accepting these conditions “line,hook and sinker”why should we today have people die of diseases like cholera every rainy season the run to the donor embassies’ gates with…

  84. Dear Sharp Shooter,You are asking about where I am #6. I do follow the discussions when I have time (at least once a fortnight). I do not know why I should be the centre of discussions on issues of economy; I know the media quotes me extensively even from my website but at times issues are distorted. I may be dull but am trying my best in areas I believe add value to the economy. You cannot compare me to Dr. Moyo. She is far ahead of me intellecutally, but she struggled like anyone of us!. With the little in my hands, I believe am adding value within this environment, and also helping intellecutals like you my brother assert themselves beyond the blogs. My humble advice to all intellectuals…

  85. Thou foul Engine Bbuloko, chatile chobe. The only reason why people from the North never kept domestic animals was because of Tsetse flies. Ever heard of that? However the Lunda and Luba are known to have been copper miners and black smiths way before, your gods, the white people ever stepped here. The Tongas that time were not yet born. So don’t ever think you have a culture mwache.

  86. I hope u will bring copies of yo book to Zed so that we can read it.From the little i have read so far its apparent that Dambisa’s critics dont know what they are saying.The examples they are giving about HIV/AIDS projects being a success cannot hold water.I challenge anyone of them to point at a project that has alleviated poverty from the many AID projects in Africa.

  87. Impressive and I hope for the bes in the would-be meeting with GRZ after the invitation of President RB Banda’s Administration. This would probably help the Zambian GRZ realise that foreign investment and foreginers will never develop Zambia but milk our resources seriously. I will keep an eye on this issue.

  88. Here is my take on aid. Aid is a shell game, that is basically African money coming back to Africa. 1000 billion is sent out of Africa as raw materials, and $250 billion comes back as ‘aid’.

    Isn’t it obvious that when ‘donors’ ‘give’ $600 million to Zambia, we are not talking about private donations to charity?

    In 2004, Zambia exported $4000 million in copper and cobalt, for which the government received $6 million in taxes. However, the government received $600 million in ‘donor aid’. $4000 million goes out, $600 million is ‘donated’.

    If those $600 million were taxes, would the government be worse off? Or would it finally be able to make indpendent decisions, without deferring to the IMF or World Bank?

    ‘Aid’ is one of the tools of neocolonialism, that keeps us…

  89. ‘Aid’ is one of the tools of neocolonialism, that keeps us exporting raw materials and importing finished goods, because it keeps our governments on a tight leash and unresponsive to democratic demands.

    Continued exportation of raw materials is why there is 70% unemployment and people living on less than $1 per day.

    I say tax the heck out of the mines and use that money to diversify into other industries, like agriculture, manufacturing and infrastructure.

    But if any government would do that on their own, the true nature of ‘donor aid’ becomes obvious, because the IMF and World Bank would do the same as they did to Zimbabwe, and did to Zambia in 1991 (IMF forced democracy) and 1999 (IMF forced privatisation of the mines).

  90. Her book is being criticised because aid is a crucial tool for exploiting the continent. Even with Western economies struggling, they’ve still managed to put aside ridiculous amounts of money to ‘help’ Africa. Please. If we were forced to stand on our two feet, then perhaps you wouldn’t be able to milk us for all we’re worth by keeping in place unaccountable and corrupt governments and obtaining our resources at rock-bottom prices.I’d like to also point out to all those people who constantly denounce aspiring presidential candidates like Clive Chirwa for not knowing Zambia’s problems because they live abroad – this lady proves that exposure can only benefit Zambia. She’s in tune with the larger picture by virtue of having been out of the country….. bloggers are quick to praise…

  91. her, but just as quick to cry foul when Prof. Chirwa shows an interest in contesting the presidency. These are the kinds of people we need in government, and not populist politicians stuck in old, narrow-minded paradigms who cannot take us anywhere meaningful. Get over yourselves and look at the bigger picture..

  92. I was referred to this thread by a friend, have just read some of the points. Good views. I bought the book two weeks ago but I am yet to get past the third chapter. Ba Chibamba – lovely to know you are well. Stay shining.


  93. I have always said that economics is not a science. Now a scientist is backing this. Science thrives by two things: doubt and observation. Economists fail to use these tools to formulate their theories. World economies run on pure speculation and hocus pocus. There are no laws although everyone talks about the ‘law of supply and demand.’ If it is a law, it is probably the most abrogated law in the universe. Every Finance minister presents a budget determined to break this law and succed, they do.

  94. Zambians must learn to work hard and efficiently. We must learn to feel shame when we beg. We must learn to return what we borrow. We must not take that which is not ours, whether it is time from the employer or money or goods from any one.

  95. You have the backing of a lot of well trained Zambians who will agree with you 110% We do not need AID; we need partners. We as a country can stand on our own and chart our own course towards our future. We salute you!

  96. Nice CV Dambisa Moyo (PhD, Oxford) and all the best in your activities. I totally agree that Zambia and Africa in general do not need AID, but have to chart their way forward with their technology borrowed from elsewhere and coined from within. We can do it and even do it better.

  97. I am also glad that very feww characters have referred to tribes on this thread. Good job and let us make progress in this manner by recognising education and allowing the educated to rule Zambia as Presidents and not the Undereducate – who deserve their rightful place of low jobs as they are respected with their abilities. Later.

  98. 135, observer, ndalumba mwanookwasu and keep well. I reiterate that it is only fair for for all to be respected in their full capacity and level of education. That is why there is division of labour for the different classes in line with educational qualifications. Later.

  99. Dambisa Moyo, 2009. Dead Aid: Why aid is not working and how there is another way for Africa, Allen Lane: London, 188p + xx ?14.99/R182.00 188pp

    The most important message that this book contains is that Africa cannot live on aid forever and that the would be life support machine will have to be switched off at some point just as the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of post-war Europe was only tolerated for five years. Unless one believes that Africa is a child forever doomed to depend on Europe’s Lomé Convention and Live Aid food parcels, one had better start working for a world without systematic aid.

    The path that takes Moyo to this startling yet obvious observation is actually a well trodden one. Many generations of African scholars have already argued against…

  100. Their is some backlash to this book from certain corners here in the US, but please we muct not falter. We stand with Ms. Moyo, aid is for profit in a lot of people’s minds, we have all seen the Land Cruisers nama GX in Lusaka being driven by some aid worker. We know the story, we need to stand on our own two feet, we are more than capable. ENOUGH!

  101. Congratulations Dr. Dambisa Moyo. You really make us proud. Surely we dont need donor aid to fix toilets and roof tops for schools and Chiefs Palaces in Zambia. The current leadership in our country should heed to the professional advice as suggested in our learned doctor’s publication. Pa zed too much ukulomba. Muleke!!

  102. The book is worth reading. It is found at Arcades Shopping Mall. As a technocrat, I will comment latter when I am through with it in a couple of days. Its really mind stimulating

  103. Moyo is an articulate and incredibly smart lady ( OxFord n Havard, come now, what more evidence must there be), one with a good sense of where the continent ought to be headed. I dont entirely agree with her that aid per se is the “root source” of Africa’s misery, but I bought her book today n in my reading so far, one thing is certain: A new day for Africa has come;one of new leadership, new direction,dignity and self-determination. Africa can longer afford to be pitied on, dictated and defined by the west. Bravo Dambisa!!

  104. Btw, Am I sensing some kid of beef between SHARP-SHOOTER( chilu lemba) n Chibamba…#6 n #120?
    I hope this is some friendly talk..coz I know you both ( assuming u actaully are the two radio n T.v personalities, I grew up cherishing) as positive,responsible and respectable gentlemen.
    And sharp Shooter, thanx man, u inadvertently helped me locate the “kafindod” highlife track on the web….the only link to it was your mentioning it on one of the blogs….big up man!

  105. Hi Wazzy,

    I curiously found the post on this thread by “Sharp Shooter” (#6). I am not the one who posted here using the name Sharp Shooter. Unfortunately I do not have the ‘power’ to patent the name Sharp Shooter and so online there are a number of Sharp Shooters. I have a lot of respect for Mr Kanyama on a professional and personal level and would not say anything untoward as per the comment above.

    All the best.


  106. I see a young ambitious woman selling books at the expense of misleading the nation. The root cause Africa’s problem is not aid but POOR LEADERSHIP. The aid is their to mitigate bad circumstances. Therefore to stop the flow of aid and maintain the same leaders would be catastrophic to say the least. Common sense tells me that we need to have the right leaders first and then make plans to reduce dependence on aid. Its these same leaders that put the aid in their pockets and not aid failing Africa.
    Let us go after the root cause of failure and leave the structures that are currently enabling us live a decent life in place. For Dambiso I recommend she donates all the money for her book sells to make up for the damage she has cause thus far.

  107. This woman certainly is making herself a lot of money, book tours, talks, celebrity debates….. in return for trying to make the situation of a lot of people in Zambia and Africa a whole lot worse. Her book has a lot of errors and considering the current economic climate was published at the wrong time – who on earth is going to start lending to African economys. I just hope her book does not stop people donating to charities that help Africa.

    The one person though who has adopted her policies is Mugabe…. now thats a great advocate of how her beleifs will work!

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