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Indaba closes; Govt. commits itself to implementing Indaba recommendation

Headlines Indaba closes; Govt. commits itself to implementing Indaba recommendation

Some delegates to the national indaba following proceedings
Some delegates to the national indaba following proceedings

Government has committed itself to implementing recommendations of the national Indaba (dialogue) seeking to find solutions that would ease the effects of the global economic crisis on the Zambian economy.

Vice President, George Kunda told the delegates when he officially closed the Indaba this evening that government would put in place all necessary measures to table the recommendations before cabinet.

Mr. Kunda said this is to ensure that the Indaba recommendations received implementation authority from the highest government level.

“Government has taken note of various recommendations coming out of this Indaba. Government will therefore ensure that all necessary measures are put in place to table these before cabinet to ensure implementation authority is given at the highest level,” he said.

He observed that Zambians in general and in particular delegates to the Indaba, have shown sacrifice, commitment and patriotism by staying for dialogue in the last two days in order to help government find solutions to the global economic crisis.

Mr. Kunda, who is also Minister of Justice, noted that the high turn out for the Indaba was testimony that Zambians wanted immediate solutions to the global financial problems, which have also affected Zambia.

“With your support, government will overcome these challenges,” he said.

He has since called on all local and foreign stakeholders to work together with government to implement the recommendations and realize the desired solutions to the economic challenges facing the country and the world.

The Vice President also paid profound tribute to both local and foreign experts and ordinary delegates for their sacrifice and contributions to the Indaba.

And Professor Oliver Saasa said in winding up rapporteurs, that there was need for government to show political will through supporting the recommendations that came out of the two day Indaba, which was held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

Professor Saasa said government should develop a clear plan of implementing the recommendations.

He said there should also be clear and effective monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations, which should be done in a transparent manner.

He however cautioned that as government implements the recommendations, it should be weary of not disturbing the needs of sensitive sectors such as education and health.

Professor Saasa recommended that a task force that would deal with all matters arising from the global economic crisis should be set up, adding that a sustainable investment in human resource should also be encouraged.

And during presentations of the recommendation by specific Indaba groups, the mining group assured the nation that the Zambian mining industry would survive the crisis.

The group has however recommended that a taskforce be set up immediately to evaluate and review the entire mining industry in response to the global crisis.

Group Rapporteur, Sixtus Mulenga, said the Mining Sector in Zambia was still resilient and would therefore not be suffocated by the current global economic crisis.

An aerial view of delegates inside the Mulungushi international conference centre during the national indaba
An aerial view of delegates inside the Mulungushi international conference centre during the national indaba

Presenting recommendations of the group, Dr. Mulenga said the current cost of copper, which is US$ 4,000 per tonne was not very bad to necessitate the dying of the Zambian mining industry.

He said the Zambian mining industry has survived many economic recessions in the past, adding that it would in the same way survive the current global financial crisis.

The group recommended that in the short, there should be a review of the mines and minerals development act and considers restoration and review of the development agreement.

Other short term measures to survive the global economic crisis are the need to develop a policy of encouraging local entrepreneurship in the mining industry and fully implement the Zambia Development Agency Act and the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Dr. Mulenga disclosed that as a medium term measure, the group recommended a reduction of the cost of doing business through e-commerce and single window clearance and provide incentives to domestic suppliers instead of taxing export oriented copper houses.

On the long term basis, the group recommended that there should be a policy stability guarantee, which has however worked well in Zambia in the past.

He said because of good government policies, the country has received about US$ 4 billion as direct foreign investment in the last decade.

He also stressed the need to maximally exploit also mineral potentials which the country has.

Dr. Mulenga said although the mining sector seems to be adversely affected by the economic crisis, chances of regaining its normal operations in the near future were very high.

Meanwhile, the group on energy recommended that Zambia must actualize her full potential in hydro power generation and that a master plan in the sector should be developed in order to foster development in the country.

Among many other groups that made recommendations were the tourism, finance and business.

The indaba, which comprised people from all walks of life and professions, was officially opened yesterday by President Rupiah Banda.



  1. I keep blogging alone…I guess you guys in europe are snoring the night away…goodnite, i am also going to bed now.

  2. Unless we are political demagogues , the summary of the indaba , in a nutshell seems to give hope. What is desirable is the implementation . RB has admitted failure and humility by calling for this indaba. As an independent thinker, I can not wait to see the application of the deliberations ….. I rest my case

  3. Zambians have always shown commitment to solving their problems,but have been let down by the misplacemement of priorities by the MMD and its cohorts,any country that has been affected by this financial crisis have had these sorts of gatherings,its not new,just do the work and talk less,,,after all Zambia has been in financial recession since whenever

  4. This is nothing but just a pathetic charade on the part of government to give an impression they are listening when we all know they are deaf t advise. How many Constitutional Review Commissions have been formed since 1964 and what recommendations were ever adopted? None. Politicians from KK, Chiluba, Levy are always keen to put “ifyabo fye” in our constitution. So for an Indaba line this one, what makes you think Nyama Soya will adopt the recommendations when he has already stated his priority is to unite Ngonis in Southern Africa.?

  5. But we need to know all the recommendations. LT, please if you can, give as all what was recommended for us to have some hope.

  6. Politicians never listen because especially in Zambia, all of them, without exception are nothing but thieving thugs ennured to lining up their pockets with loot from our treasury. If anyone out there thinks the likes of Banda, Kunda, Katele, Munkombwe, Mabenga, Mwaanga, Teta or Mulongoti are there to save your interests, then you better brace yourselves for an eternal wait till Mwana Lesa Christu comes back again. See, there is nothing coming out of this Kangaroo Indaba that Banda and his goons have not heard of before and did nothing about. So what will make them act now, my foot!

  7. The problem with us Africans is implementation. We are very good at talking but poor at implementation

  8. OH! so big brains like proffesor oliver saasa and Dr mulenga were there that’s why there was sanity.if sata given lubinda or guy scott were there mama we! chaos

  9. #3 Bo wise fimo fimo, ,at least the indaba has taken place, boy-cotters or not and indeed shame them! L.T WILL definately have to do the needful as to outline briefly and or in detail as to excaclty what fruits were born from this indaba.Procrastination usually deters implementation in general life and hope this wont happen in this case. We want results of this indaba well explained to the ordinary Zambian,. Hey stop resting your cases . You young Zmbians should be finishing your cases. lol.

  10. Zambia affectd by the credit crunch? I dont believe this, our economy has been like this 4 a long time and we dont demand on bank loans. We r a cash country wthout any manufacturing industries that depend on loans. Eg 4 u 2 hav a car in sa u have 2 get car finance 4rom the bank. 4 automobile manufacturers 2 make cars they hav 2 buy mentals 4rm the mines, 4 the metal prices 2 b high the demand 4rom the automobile manufactures shud be high as well. This is the reason why g 8 r pumpin more mane in the car industry. Zambia afected? We r affectd bcoz we dpend on borowing lol street country. Indaba was a way of tryin 2 impres the donors.

  11. For as long as the top seats in Government are reserved for the old men, Zambia will not be in the position to withstand the present and future economic crisis.
    You can not bend an old try and so please work on programs that involve the youth in your decision making. If we get a young and talented leader the better.
    It is not only the minerals or other resources that Zambia as to exploit but also the fresh and young thinkers out there who are willing to contribute.

  12. When some of us criticise, we are labelled negative. These recommendations that have come out of this money wasting grouping are not new. These are basically the same things we keep talking about day in, day out. Historically, MMD as a Govt are very stubborn when it comes to taking advice. I for one dont really see what will change after this indaba. Atate bake Temwani does not take advice. When has he ever?

  13. [email protected] spot on i think madagascar did wel 2 get rid of ravalomanana who gud not dliver. he wantd 2 gve 80percent of the land 2 foreign investors. Where r the youth in zambia r they being groomed?

  14. These are the same recommendations that people have been giving to government, i hope they will make good use of it. I am not just sure we needed the indaba when the recommendations were already there. Any way these people do not bother how they spend taxpayer’s money, after all they are in power.

  15. Goodmorning bloggers. Nishani, twalileka ukuposhanya? Anyways, I hope y’all had a lovely weekend.

    Oh, I almost forgot to comment on the topic though I think it’s still too early to comment on the outcome. I’ll just wait and see what actions will follow after the talking has been done.

  16. It is unconstitutional for Mr. Rupiah Banda to decline to sign death penalty documents. My opinion is that he is obliged as a president he just can’t make decision like that. Maybe he was not aware of this responsibility. Let me have your comments. This story is in the times of zambia paper.

  17. its really nice to read that the “indaba” concluded in peace and recommendations were proposed from all sectors. now what is needed is the implementation so that these ideals become a reality.
    This should be an eye opener to those ruling party MPs who just go to parliament to agree to everything MMD and disagree with all opposition contributions. At leaset RB has shown that he does not have much confidence his parliament and would rather reasonable people debate issues.

  18. sorry, last sentence should read ” At least RB has shown that he does not have much confidence in his parliament and would rather have reasonable people debated issues.”

  19. ati shani abena zed,
    I think the only thing that will make the indaba a success is proper implementation
    so lets wait & see wat the government does we have done enough talking i hope that
    can quickly be taken into action

  20. On “Mr. Kunda, who is also Minister of Justice, noted that the high turn out for the Indaba was testimony that Zambians wanted immediate solutions to the global financial problems, which have also affected Zambia”, it appears their could have been other reasons that motivated people to attend. I would speculate that money allowances played a part in helping people feel the need to attend.
    To the Minister of Justice Vice President Kunda G., when will the recommendations be tabled by the cABINET AND WHEN DO WE EXPECT TO SEE THEM IMPLEMENTED BY THE MMD GRZ?


  22. “MMD presidential aspirant Professor Clive Chirwa has said the ruling party will lose in 2011 if they continue with President Rupiah Banda as their candidate.”

  23. Pfrof. any presidential candidate in MMD will lose. The problem with you Prof. is that you are ill-adviced on the Zambian politics. Not even can you win. You have so many political negatives yourself to win the presidency, despite you having beautiful professional positives. But being a leader is not what you can achieve in the well organised setups such as the UK. In Zambia you can equally under-perform because there is no enabling environment for brilliant chaps such as you. You simply endup joing them. I missed your conference as I was sick, though I was briefed on how it went.

  24. #15 ‘observer says’ Dr Sixtus Mulenga is a shimani by profession who has earned his name through being big mouthed and boot leaking. He used to be in the government task force that was setup to privatise the mines. Later on he joined KCM, resigned after getting out of favour with the Indians and then joined Albidon but now I understand he has been retrenched. From the look of things he looking for another job that’s why proposing setting up another mining task force. What new things he’s going to come up with which he failed to include when privatizing the mines. He’s had the chance before let others with new ideas come on board. This tendency of using same expired recycled people should stop if we’re to move forward.

  25. It will be so interesting to see how the MMD will sooner than later start tearing each other apart over who should be the party’s candidate for 2011. Mark my word, Ba Kumawa are going to claim they need another term as a province so if Nyama Soya is dropped, Dr. Chirwa should be adopted. Katele too ali nuuu! With is Sangoma powers, he will try to take the seat “invisibly” The MMD will fall apart well before 2011, and we shall have to go to the polls earlier than planned as disgruntled MMD zealots lynch Nyama Soya with the party spectacularly inploding leaving the Tetas of this world in tatters.

  26. Thats what we cal wasting tax payers money. As you can see from the picture, even the chiefs kapaso was attending the delibarations! Amamawe! Now do the maths. How many invited chiefs times 2!

  27. Ba Moze you are our local representative in future please don’t boycott such important national (civic) duties. It would have been better if you attended so that we get first hand information on the proceedings

  28. #32 Thanks for the kind consideration. You see, performing civic duty must be meaningful. Morally it is wrong to waste tax payers money all in the name of civic duty. My concious does not allow me to do so. This is the second indaba that is being held in less than ten years. What did the first achieve?

  29. you can not call this indaba, when people implementing has rotten brains. what can banda do now, nothing, he will go to sleep and you waiting for the results until the election time expected to tell you the implementation he has done……see you..

  30. It is the case of a “tree falling in the forest where no one heard it fall: Did it really make any noise?” An indaba is a good, though not perfect, forum for people who have been yelling about these things in isolation (just like a lone tree falling in the forest) to come together and combine forces. By the way, now that the government asked for these recommendations and finally got them in writing, they (gov) will have no excuses from here on. As for you the ZAMBIAN PEOPLE, disgruntled about your government, you can now hold the governments’ “feet” to the fire and make sure that at least some of the recommendations get implemented. If not, you still hold one powerful weapon in your hands, your VOTE.
    This is to #21 (Mule), in my opinion calling an indaba has nothing to do with…

  31. This is to #21 (Mule), in my opinion calling an indaba has nothing to do with not having confidence in the parliament. At least RB or GRZ should be commended for doing so. It is very easy for people in power to be arrogant and stubborn, and think that they and only they have solutions to the country’s problems. Call it Indaba, Forum, etc, these things are always done in many countries around the world. For instance, just recently here in United States, President B. OBAMA called a two-day (I think) forum on HEALTH CARE. This brought different stakeholders on health to discuss and recommend solutions to the problem of Health Care here in the United States, which is indeed a very big problem at the moment. This does not mean Obama has less confidence in his Cabinet and/or Congress. It is a…

  32. It is a way of soliciting a different/fresh perspective on issues/problems that are affecting the citizenry.
    Good luck to you all, I hope to visit home (Zambia) soon!!

  33. So whats this thing… Indaba? Is it a way of organising baseless meetings for the sake of allowances… I need some help here…

  34. N**ga pls. Why do these guys keep saying ‘sacrifice’ when they were paid for sitting there? There were over 500 people and in two days I find it doubtful that all these people made meaningful contributions. Classic case of too many cooks. I also noted that the major theme of the recommendations was divesification. Haven’t we being singing this song for the past 12 years or so? It was actually one of the goals of the privatisation process. The MMD govt cannot point at a success story of diversification dispite being in power for so long. (2011 is their 20th anniversay in power). The indaba wasnt the solution. No new ideas came up from there. if there were any pls educate me. The problem has been implementation. And thats why all these resolutions will come to nought. Because we have…

  35. LT there is a burnining issue on The Zambian Watchdog about maureen but you are now reporting like Daily mail or times of something you have really slackened.

  36. #41, what is not so Zambian about the word “INDABA”? Did you sleep through your history lessons in school? The historical migration patterns of Southern Africa (by the way, mind my wording, I did not say “South Africa”) did not spare Zambia (Northern Rhodesia), did it? Is a Tonga word more Zambia to you? About some Lamba word, or even Lunda? My friend, I suggest you complain about something legitimate, and not some tribal nonsense, Zambians are better than that!!!!

  37. #41, what is not so Zambian about the word “INDABA”? Did you sleep through your history lessons in school? The historical migration patterns of Southern Africa (by the way, mind my wording, I did not say “South Africa”) did not spare Zambia (Northern Rhodesia), did it? Is a Tonga word more Zambian to you? How about some Lamba word, or even Lunda? My friend, I suggest you complain about something legitimate, and not some tribal nonsense, Zambians are better than that!!!!

  38. #40 Splaka says: Ba Zed nichani cafvuta? Do you want to tell tell at your age ukalibe kudyapo ma ma eggs na tuma saucage? Nanga nkani mi chopo yi na chokela kuti???

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