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Nkhosikazi’s body flown to Chipata

Rural News Feature Rural News Nkhosikazi's body flown to Chipata

Zambia Air Force pallbearers carry the casket for the late Paramount Chief Mpezeni's wife Rozinyanga Jere at Lusaka city airport
Zambia Air Force pallbearers carry the casket for the late Paramount Chief Mpezeni's wife Rozinyanga Jere at Lusaka city airport

Hundreds of mourners gathered at Chipata airport to receive

the body of Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s wife Rozinyanga Mazyopa Jere, who died at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka Tuesday.

The late Nkhosikazi, as she is traditionally called, is survived by a daughter and a husband, the Paramount chief Mpezeni.

She is said to have fallen ill early last week when she complained of stiffness in the neck and suffered a stroke shortly afterwards on Thursday.

“Her condition worsened and she was evacuated to UTH on Saturday 4th April 2009.

“Her conditioned improved slightly on Sunday and arrangements were being made to evacuate her to South Africa before she died,” he said.She had turned 43 on April 5.

The body, which was accompanied by the widower, Paramount chief Mpezeni, chief Madzimawe, Sports Deputy Minister, Angela Cifire and some family members, arrived in Chipata around 13:30 hours yesterday.

Senior chief Nzamane, chief Chinyaku, chief Kapatamoyo, Eastern Province Minster, Isaac Banda, Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Lameck Mangani, Provincial Permanent Secretary, Eularia Siyamujaye and several other government officials and family members were among the mourners who received the body.

The body of the deceased was taken to Feni village which is the original village of Paramount chief Mpezeni where the funeral is being held.

The burial program of the deceased has not yet been announced.



  1. So Mpezeni was married,chaipa .I saw his pictures during the Ncwala dinner at Pamodzi from the dancing I thought he was single. take another look at those fotoz you might see that.

  2. I feel soul broken. My sincere condolencies to Chief over the untimly demise of her royal highness Njovukazi. Prayers to this family please. ignore the Ncwala dinner pictures at Pamodzi for now!! In fact lets pretend we never ever saw them

  3. Baby C, i thought the story said she had a stroke? Are we about to accuse Njengembaso of something seeing as he has a very ‘nice’ repuatation in ‘that’ dept lol

  4. Chief Mpezeni was very married though he likes “Enjoying his subjects” if I may quote his language. He is a Ngoni Bull.

  5. Ati shani ba Baby C? It seems nomba kwati tukalakumana fye pamalilo. LT has become too boring sure. Anyway, abalumendo banandi balawila, Ba Moze, Jamaco …kulosha fye pa LT.

  6. Mmmm baby C iyo ni selective blindness. I ll ask Chief Mpezeni to supply you with some special eyedrops so you can start seeing lol.
    And what makes you think its not a stroke?Anyway, MHSRIP

  7. Mazyopa nkosikazi is survived by a daughter and a husband. Surely at that age Mpenzeni has one child? Was she the 4th wife or the one we read about in the paper a few years ago?

  8. Chief mpezeni should go for HIV counselling if he hasn’t by now.his advisors should even advise him to start leading a life that befits a paramount chief.

  9. Atleast Mpezeni is proud of what he does.He knows how to exercise his royal powers.My condoloncz ma nkosi

  10. MYSRIEP. Nkhosikazi Rozinyanga Mazyopa Jere. condolenses to the whole Feni Village and the Zambian people.We are mourning yet again. Sorry bayeteeeeee….

  11. RIP your highness. Condolences Mbuya Mpezeni. Nomba ifi mwapukuta mwe ba Ngoni bane mwalalwila ukupyana ka! I rest my case.

  12. Bayeteee Nkhosikazi!!! Bayete eee wena Nzovukhazi. Wena Engwenyama!!! Bungulu yaba ngoni. Bayetee Inkhosi Yama Nkhosi Ngwenyama Mpezeni iv. Bayeeteee!! mayibababe we cry. War has befollen the Ngoni Kingdom. Hamba Gashe wena Inkhosikazi. Hamba!!!!!

  13. #23
    i like reading your posting it makes me feel homy
    if you jnow wat i mean
    Zambia sweet mother Zambia
    I love en miss you

  14. May her soul rest in peace and may the familt find the strength to carry on with their lives…………

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