Construction of a new basic school at Chilukusha in Luangwa district has stalled due to poor response from members of the local community who are supposed to contribute 25 per cent in form of labour.

This came to light when the provincial monitoring and evaluation team led by Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Conrad Tembo, visited the project site.

Luangwa District Education Board Secretary Liberatus Longwa said the K300 million that was set aside for the project in last year’s budget went back to the national treasury. This was after the local community failed to mould blocks for the construction of the school to start.

Mr Longwa said as a result, there are no funds provided for the project in this year’s budget.
He said his office will intensify the sensitization of the community so that they appreciate the importance of their contribution to the construction of the school.

Mr Longwa said it was important that the school is built as planned in order to reduce the long distances children are covering to reach the nearest schools in the area at the moment.

And Lusaka province Deputy Permanent Secretary Conrad Tembo expressed sadness at the development.
He, however, advised the district leadership to consider funding the project using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF.)

He said the provincial administration will also consult with the provincial education office and other stakeholders in finding a way of proceeding with the project.


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  1. Well, i wonder why the people are not motivated when the school is supposed to benefit their own community?


  2. How can they go and mould blocks on empty stomachs?
    There is more to this than just ignorance. Now the money has gone back to the treasury, so what is next?


  3. This seems to be a case of poor communication and bad project management. I cannot believe that Zambians would display such apathy towards a worthy project. Someone is simply trying to shift blame onto a a group of people who firstly, do not even know they are being blamed and, secondly, cannot even defend themselves.


  4. Blimey! I can imagine what the reaction would be like if Gordon`s goernment said that to these people on benefits. I bet that would be the end of Labour! Never to be seen again. But hey! We are on about Zambia.



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