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Cosmo pleads for Siliya

Headlines Cosmo pleads for Siliya

National Revolution Party (NRP) President Cosmos Mumba
National Revolution Party (NRP) President Cosmos Mumba

National Revolution Party (NRP) has asked President Rupiah Banda not to bow to public pressure to have Transport and Communication Minister, Dora Siliya, dismissed from government.

Party President Cosmos Mumba said calls from certain quarter of society to have Ms Siliya relieved of her duties will defeat the purpose of reconciliation and worsen the political tension in the country.

He said his party is of the view that those calling for the Ms Siliya’s dismissal are doing so out of personal vendetta .

Dr Mumba said dismissing the minister will defeated the country’s declaration of Christian nation that is anchored on forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, love and peace.

He told ZANIS in a telephone interview to today that the Zambian citizenry should be magnanimous and forgive Ms Siliya considering that she is not a professional in her ministry and is the first offender.

On Thursday, the Tribunal lead by Justice Dennis Chirwa presented its findings to President Banda .

Former Transport and Communication Minister, William Harrington and 10 Civil society organizations had petitioned the Chief Justice to set up tribunal to probe Ms Siliya on the allegations leveled against her.

In another development, Dr Mumba has asked the Registrar of Societies and other security agencies to punish individuals that are using unregistered organizations to champion their political ambitions.

He alleged that the newly formed Leftist Progressive Party (LLP) led by its interim president, James Lukuku, is illegal and must not be allowed to operate in the country.

Dr Mumba charged that Mr. Lukuku and his party can therefore not claim to represent the interests of the country and the youths in particular, for failure to respect the laws that govern the operations such entities.

He has since made a passionate appeal to well meaning Zambians to be wary of disgruntled individuals forming organizations to benefit themselves on the pretext of championing the course of the poor in the country.

He said the role of the opposition political parties is cardinal in any given democratic dispensation as it offers checks and balances to the party in government which should not be done at expense of the country’ developmental programme.



  1. Ba Cosmo…..who are you to be interfering in the findings of the tribunal…respect the rule of law and don’t just base your statement on pure impulse!

  2. Dr. Cosmos…Then we should forgive even all the people in prisons so that we are more christians. ASk rupia to forgive chiluba first.

  3. Imwe ba Cosmos…..ikalenifye. Are Siliya’s Lawyer? The findings will speak for themselves. LT did you have to bring us such news and how did you get involved with Cosmos Dora’s issue, ala?

  4. Iwe ka Cosmos, how do you know that another political party is illegal when you are not the registrar of societies…you seem to be poking your nose into other peoples businesses so much. Where the heck did this ka guy come from people?

  5. It is amazing how flawed Cosmos Mumba’s reasoning can be! True, Christian love is forgiving but only to those who are repentant! So Ba Bush Dr. does it mean there there should be a blanket forgiveness and therefore no prosecutions in Zambia because someone high on Marijuana woke up and declared Zambia Christian? Please ba LT, some of these items are not even worth reporting!

  6. hey cosmo if you dont have anythine better to say just shut up…. if she abused her office then she must pay for it..


  8. #1 – 9 never heard of Freedom of speech/opinnion? If indeed Zambia is a democracy, then Cosmos and his party have the right to air their views.
    I’m not saying anything about the contents by the way. That’s the job of the lawyers.

  9. mukwa ginger brandy.

    Amen my dear Actually He is a GOD of justice that is why he presented Christ as a sacrifice of atoniment to Himself coz He does not let go sin unpunished.

    So mune Cosmos let justice prevail.

  10. Politcal prostitutes like Mumba are a cancer and black skull of modern politics and the fight against corruption under the rule of law. Such people like him should not even given a chance to form a political party. He maybe educated but shallow minded guy. If the law is above anyone, then Doris as to face the consequences of breaking the the same law she is suppose to respect, safeguard and uphold. Forgiving white collar corrupt upper class will delude the fairness and the justy constitution of Zambia. People who steal food because they are starving are jailed instead of rehabilitating them so for Mumba there is law for politicians and ordinary people. If RB fails to act within the rule of law, the people Zambia will and shall not forgive him since one of his sons is associated with tender

  11. # 10, Your point being?..If he has freedom of speech then the people he is castigating should also have freedom of speech…fair?

  12. Cosmo Mumba is a paid lunatic. A sensible person who believes in the rule of law and the due process cannot say such rubbish.

  13. Putting aside the “Zambia is a Christian nation ” blah blah blah, I feel Dora should be given a chance. Here is the thing: most jobs before they finally dismiss a person, give a verbal warning, written warning, then maybe a suspension and finally fire you! I know there are instances where one is fired on the spot. Its unfortunate for Dora because she is being tried by the media and the tribunal. Most of you have done things at work that deserved a dismissal but found your way out of it somehow yet still most of you who are your own bosses have kept some of your workers because you thought they deserved a second chance.

  14. Regrettably, these are the kinds of people whose advice Rupiah tends to listen to. Dont be surprise if in fact he follow’s this baboon’s advice. And we still wonder why the country is drifting aimlessly like a leave in the wind!

  15. BA Cosmo Mumba how do we fight coruption with popi like you, you are a shame to the pipo of zambia, and i don’t think your party will go anywhere.

  16. Why talking of forgiving Dora when you are in the forefront to ensure that Mutembo is fired? What a hypocrite you are.

  17. Let the President decide and not Comos because he does not know the recommendations in the report. If he is looking for a job this is what we are flighting for in ZED. Jobs should be given on credit to people who can perform and not because of …………….

  18. This Cosmo chap is insane….He is insulting our constitution. The law is the law. Everyone who has known Cosmo 4 a long time, knows that he’s a MMD boot-licker. Pliz someone tell me, Cosmo is a doctor in what?Is he a real doctor?

  19. Dr. fimofimo close your mouth. You are just s time waster, talking about things you dont even understand. Youngster, it is past your bed time, go to sleep…..

  20. This guys is just talking rubbish and he should just shut the screw up! if he cant find a job maybe his PHd from Matero can help him. Dora holds a political job and people expect results and not pleadings for forgiveness. They campaigned and promised results we want the results, if Dora is not a professional in the ministry ,as he says, then she is not fit to be minister in that particular ministry, let her resign coz we are not interested in trainee ministers we want results and not experimenting ministers! And # 16 Dalitso, as much as we all know that we all deserve a 2nd chance, we cannot gamble with the economy of our beloved country on the basis of a second chance, peoples lives are being lost by the mismanagement of government funds, so no 2nd chances for political office holders

  21. Terrible advice from “Dr Mumba said dismissing the minister will defeated the country’s declaration of Christian nation that is anchored on forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, love and peace” for the law of our land – Zambian Constitution – is clear on what is at stake.

    My advice to President RB Banda, Minister of Justice, Veep, George Kunda and Minister Dora Siliya is that let Ms Dora Siliya resign on grounds that she can not continue serving as Minister following her big error. She can this way serve the faces of her appointing authority as she remains an MP.

    All the very best to the three mentioned above in the DORA SAGA case as they all issued statements which are serious considering the outcome of the tribunal.

  22. Mwalasa Ba Doctor Cosmo Mumba. Let us set a precedent on my sister and forgive everybody else like Bana Chiluba, Bana Nyirongo, Ba Musonda, former Military Service Chiefs, Ba Bulaya, etc including all murderers, robbers, white collar criminals, corruption fimofimo. The goodness is that we will not need Mutembo Nchito and the Taskforce on corruption, the prisons, the courts, the police. Fyanshi?? Being a Christian nation, we will not need them. And in fact, it will be cheap to run government. Other than for mainstream state operations, we will only need to pay sponsored parties and NGOs like yours. Shakafulilako tefyo bakalamba?? Ala mwalikwatisha amano. Fwebashala awe mwandi, twabwelepofye, we are not smart.

  23. From which stone did this fella crawl from? He is trying to worm his way into a job offer. Is he related to a certain Nervers Mumba?? They seem to have inherited similar traits. From such ejaculations, they must be siblings……

  24. I think I’m going to start a new forum especially for critics. I will call it Fakebook. Here bloggers can trade insults, post their verbal attacks and do all the criticism in one place! If you are a good critic (or a cheap one) just join Fakebook!

    OK you may take this gag serious if you want, go ahead and sue me. lol

  25. The mouth of Cosmo stinks,someone should shut it for him.Whom does this embicile thinks he is? He is an embarrassment to us youths.

  26. Welcome back from self exile digital smoke …… how are studies mate . As for the chap above very typical of Nevers Mumba behaviour being brothers …….the obvious reaction.

  27. I am sure Cosmo was paid by RBB to issue this hopeless statement! RBB and his tricks are just so obvious of lack morality!

  28. Anyway all Zambians have freedom among them the Freedom of expression as enshrined in Part 3 of CAP 1 of the Laws of Zambia

  29. Digital Smoker of Maths How are u? Friday Iam writting maths(Calculus) I wish you were near to help me go through tha stuff.

    Nine Chale How are you bululu? That’s a great idea isuleni bwangu hope you will have interesting headlines.

    Wiseman Re born

    How are you? How is your day?

    Mwana Mucende How is life that side?

    Size 11 Hope all is well with you.

    Stripper How is life that side? oo how are you?

    Zambianpresident How is life treating you?

    Kwathukummawa Greetings to you.

    Maestro Hhehhehhehhe How are you my dear?
    The rest of the greetings in Christ Jesus.

    Have a blessed day pipo.

    Terrence Matworld.

  30. Matworld Terrence, I’m very well my dear, how about you?
    I was just watching a documentary about RSA, which made me think of you, Miss Daisy & other bloggers down there. Very beautiful place i must say…despite the high rate of crime, joblessness in the townships. I trust you’re all safe.

  31. Pafwenamwine 13, Independent 23, et al.

    Cosmo Mumba is essentially a Grade 12 graduate from Kabulonga Boys Secondary School. He has never even seen the roof of a university at either UNZA or CBU. What he has is one of those dubious honorary doctorates from some obscure nondescript university which gives them like confetti to any loudmouthed Zambian like him or his first cousin, Never Mumba.. In short what I am saying is that he is not as educated as he will have you believe.

  32. Matworld, I am fine…Nine Chale, i see you are nominating me to be your “fakebook” assistant webmaster…I do not know whether that is positive or negative but anyway…i think you need tough ladies like me, lol…I am enjoying some wine over here!

  33. #26, can you stop insulting my home constituency please. Matero is a great place and we don’t produce riff ruffs like Cosmo and we don’t have a university. We only have one two credible secondary schools Maboys ( Matero Boys) and Magirls (Matero Girls) and our graduates are all over the world doing us proud and stop looking down on our constituency please.

  34. Matworld , all the best ….when you have done your preparation well the big person above polishes and the final product is superb

  35. yes bro martworld @40,all is well with me thanx..how is south?hop bwezani azachita vanzelu after studying the tribunal.

  36. Zambia the land of wonders and puzzles…… cosmo, lifwekelo, siulwapa ,chewe and your kind when will you speak sense ??

  37. Dismissing Dora will not stop those calling for her blood from asking for more. Infact a Pandora’s box will be opened for all sorts of political hyenas attack the integrity of the leadership. Clearly, the call is politically motivated driven by manipulators that had managed to cage LPM and Magande by their incessant soft black mail. Dora, as other overzealous ministers should be cautioned & schooled to operate within the law as they try to cut bureaucracy when dealing with understandable urgent matters. I foresee that Dora will be allowed to discharge her duties & that wisdom will prevail. Time to move forward!

  38. Br Max thanks so much for updating me on over this lunatic guy. Zambia’s poverty of politics through these family civil society organisations. This guy is corrupt and has no morals to wrong advice RB.

  39. Yaba, bane what is really happening with us the youths? Can somebody answer me please. With this mind set where by every youth wants favour from Govnt I doubt if there will be any take over from old people. Now here comes Mumba with all his fake PHD in political sycophantism. I think Mumba is not normal some thing is wrong with his brains. Now you have started asking the public to forgive Dora’s arrogance and pomposity …oh my foot. Its really unbelievable that Dora and Nyama soya have hired Mumba to start preaching reconciliation while for the past 8 years there has been no such calls for the corrupt Chiluba and company. Ati fight against corruption !!!! its so nauseating men!!!!

  40. Big Mule…..why should we forgive Dora while Nyorongo who comited the same case is in prison? Nyorongo as well did not follow laid down rules and regulations. This is the same with Chiluba and company. Why should you be sellective? Let us apply the law fairely man. Dora should go at all costs. As a country will pay RP capital $2 million instead of $700 000. Further, she was given leagal advice but spit on it. So she must receive what she deserves. Ku ya bebele ba Dora.

  41. The goat, can justice prevail … the young shall lead not cosmo, siulwapa, lifwekelo , chewe and the Reverend moses lungu …. the list continues the renegade priest Fr bwalya….

  42. Nyirongo gave land to his clan & so her disregard of procedures had an unlawful motive & end. In one of RB’s major political victories, he has used his massive diplomatic experience through the church hierarchy to quietly tame a genocidal political anarchist Fr. Bwalya. It is possible that he could use these credentials to make a good political solution to Dora’s political problem. Zambia needs to move on & engage in things that create wealth & jobs for the people. I’m not for politicking Kambongolo. Follow Dora’s case back to RB’s presidential campaign and you see politics & dirty blackmail.

  43. Big Mule…you have not answered me……should we forgive all plunderers? murderers etc? What is so special about Dora?

  44. This Mumba Cosmos is a toy politician. What the hell is he talking about? If someone messes up in politics it has nothing to do with Zambia being a christian country and then we do not go for fimo fimo. This Chap is missing the point and should be educated. He reminds me of rabbits who jump around the bush hoping to find something to lay as a relief.

  45. Politicians like ka Cosmos are job seekers…does he even have membership…infant i am having to hear about his party for the first time. Does anyone know how long he has been around?

  46. Matworld, Greetings to you too. May the good Lord ever be with you and protect you from the likes of Cosmo and his cohorts

  47. What did Cosmo study and which universities did he go to? Uyu umuboys alasebanya ama PhD elo ine ne super makokole elo ndelwisha place ya PhD. Ena he does not even have hair on his b*ll sack ati ni Dr Mumba. I think the university he went to must be investigated because even an honourary PhD is given on the basis of one’s outstanding achievement not ukubwatabwata ifyabula inshila.

  48. Hai Nine chale…..,lol… thats a good one,we now need an editor and a camera man…..lol.But please lets take this serious.

    Hai Maltworld, I grant you that you will smoke calculus out.The only trick in calculus is to master the diferentiation or intergration techniques,to an extent that when you look at the question you are able to know which differentiation or intergration technique to employ.Those things are just standards nothing trick about them.Let your guiding light be strong, only believe you that you can achieve.God bless all ya

  49. cosmo never ceases to amaze me,am even more amazed that his absurd views make news in Z.mwebanthu,is cosmo really wealth the salt that zambians have made him to be? he is a time waster in the development of our country.no wander old people are still in power because people like Cosmo make youths look like a bunch of clowns.

  50. Untill you realise that Dora has no criminal charges facing her but constitutional breach, in strict law she is free to be redeployed, reengaged at national level and serve the same country or indeed be retained.RB within his constitutional powers has the prerogative to retain or relocate her.But at the end of this circus, it RB and MMD placing another MMD member in that position and indeed not any of us here or those wishing otherwise.The winner is MMD and RB because any decision does not reduce their statutory and power control.Painful but real life.From Many MMD loyalists will come a new Minister to serve but Dora could find herself relocated with little or nothing to lose because she has the constitutional privilege to serve the country as long as there is nothing criminalizing her.

  51. The list continues ..cosmo lifwekelo,siulwapa. reverend lungu ,chewe ,fr b, and king snake ,dora…….the list continues

  52. Dr. Cosmos …chakuti or should I call you Space Cadet? The rule of LAW in Zambia should be consistent at all times. Siliya’s actions have deprived ordinary Zambians, either in small or big way. However, like others before her, she should not be treated any different. She needs to be held responsible and accountable. The fight against corruption should not by any means become selective. This trend of prosecutions has gained some significant momentum and some quality results have surfaced. Therefore, if Ms Siliya is found guilty in the court of law, then the law should by all necessary means take its course. She is the first offender…’What a lame circustance to present for mitigation. The question is, in whose interest did she act, hers or the nation at large?

  53. Another con man , who has never seen a university just like his relative Nevers mumba and kafupi snakes here they come…..

  54. Ba Dr? Where did you do your PhD? I doubt if you got it from a genuine university. The quality of your statement is totally obnoxious. How can can a PhD in his right frame of mind issue such statements. Strange indeed. Katondo hooligan! With a Katondo degree!

  55. Iwe ka Cosmo na fake PHD just look for a job in a descent manner like many descent people are doing.If you contested an election with ba Chama Chakomboka,the old man would beat you clean.The quality of your statements is extremely bad.You want Zambia to cast aside the constitution for the sake of Dora.Niwe kandemisoka na PHD yabufi,that’s why you are unemployed…..

  56. who shall be the next president of our beloved country Zambia?…….intellectual analysis devoid of party discipleship ………

  57. LT ,wonders never cease with you , you write about moses lungu , in the next breath you write about james lukuku….. strange than fiction… yes a product of king snake ……..

  58. Mind you there is at least one Zambian Dr in making as we chat here – RB-, you bet your lives on that one. Zambia the real Afrumuka.

  59. Am just surprised that LT can award this clown with publishing space. Akapuba akashikwete ifyakuchita!! Ala mukwayi, twachula!! Am even scared of going back home for fear that I won’t recognize the Zed I love!!!

  60. What the Fcxxxk is this guy talking about? Does this guy understand the essense of rule of law. what quarters. This plunderer gat to and cage her. Why should we be playing double standard to issues such as this. Dora need to be chaged

  61. Such issues at such a stage ukulolela is much better than talking from without.. Lets wait on what RB will say…….

  62. @ #69 Digital Smoke, walya iwe. Its true, we need a cameraman bakese nkopako ine mwe. My Pic yena yachilamofye. Thanks for your concern. Bless you

  63. Its unfortunate that this Cosmo is trying to draw public attention to him self over the issue he seems not to understand or may out of impulse. Everbody now can believe that this DR is not normal.

  64. Too many baseless emotions have left many empty handed armchair critics.No wonder some ologatchy have keep reigning since 1964 with all these armchair critics ending up ranting day in and out but in vanity.A tribunal is an opinion forum to help the appointing power to balance there decisions.In the absence of a criminal case against Dora, RB is at liberty to act in any way he believes is best in his judgement.What legal argument can be raised against him when there is no criminal finding from the report?

  65. Cosmo is job hunting. His briefcase party is nothing but a sham. But I think that he has given people the opportunity to analyze what Dora has done. Some people like Akapondo are so enamored of Dora that they swallow her “innocent” cute demeanor hook, line and sinker. Meanwhile, what this case exposed was the rotten, evil heart of Dora that seeks to benefit at the expense of other people. Unfortunately, Dora’s case is known only because she was caught. Other people in government are worse than her. So, forgiving Dora is fine but what message will this send to other evil politicians. Let the law and the demands of justice be met. RB should fire Dora to show that he respects the constitution.

  66. The tribunal’s position is that Siliya did not contravene the parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct Act. Its from this that I say that calling for her sacking is irrelevant and uncalled for. Any one calling for the dropping of our Sister and Minister should should CONSTITUTIONALLY UNDER THE ZAMBIAN LAWS prove to the nation, how Dora broke the parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct Act. Don’t try to apply foreign laws to Zambia nor misinterpret our Zambian laws

  67. Cosmo Mumba claims the title of “Doctor.” There are two ways in which people get doctoral degrees, they study for them or are awarded by Universities for achievements to society. Cosmos should tell us where he got the degree from. Otherwise he is lying to the entire nation.


  69. is he the same cosmo who is alleged to have exchanged envelopes with nervous during campains to the tune k20m? again trying to twist the word of God fo personal gain.ba mumba plz just shut up and let justice prevail.

  70. Cosmo just shut up if you have nothing to say. Leaders or indeed every citizen should be held accountable for their actions. If you dream of being president one day, I would advise you go to a country that has no laws…..not here ok? You are such a shameless opportunist hoping to be given a portifolio by the powers that be. You disgust me mwe!

  71. This is not newsworthy. Who is this guy and why should his personal opinion hold anywater in the grander scheme of the law. There is forgiveness and there is Justice. Justice needs to be served otherwise there can be no order in society.
    Guys like these making such statements are why I believe that some of these political parties are satellite MMD parties that are formed to split the vote and make the ruling party look good. Cosmo if you ever had fantasies of being a major player in the world of politics forget it. You just shot yourself in the foot.



  73. you are not fit for presidency one who can not defend the constitution.
    try your leadership at the kindergarten.

  74. Despite the freedom of speech and democracy we are enjoying in Zambia, ka Cosmos is useless and everyone should wait for RB to study and work on the draft and recommendations by the learned Gentlemen and women

  75. this guy is out of the line.He simply cant distinguish right from left,such people deserve to be ignored to the greatest extent. The only problem is that, the logg in his eye is making him go vision impared as he is seeing all sorts of specks in peoples eye.Were is his origin, some one must be paying him to be were he is now, and he will do anything for it,even to the extent of losing his morality.
    See all the big heads that were defending Dora are almost silent because they have been put in a triangle they definately need to complete,and there he is not only showing but also displaying his irritating ignorance. Advise R.B to forgive Regina,Gladis and the former Zaf General,Because at this stage i think theses individuals are sori for what they had done. and Dora is not!………….


  77. RB had a hand on this and thats a reason why he can’t think what to do next. ok, we will help you to think, drop Dora or we act the Madagascar way as both RB and G. Kunda are not fit be heads of state.

  78. on the other hand am sure you and your colleague Lifwekelo have similar interests,advise him to stop complicating the issue on Nchito,Meembe and Magande,Zambia is a christian nation why should they continue forcing the police to keep digging for info on their case.i Mean after all has been said and done Zambia is a christian nation.Let them save the funds they would spend on this case and donate it to your Uncles so called church. Can some one tel and remind Mumba that his palm has two sides and only one side can hold things the other side of hand can never . On the other not have some integrity and decency of moprality iwe chi mumba……am so dissapointed in ur thinking,any way, i never expected any thing better………..

  79. What justice is this under five politician talking about? When someone rips apart our constitution he/she must pay actually the judges even reminded rupiah that if it was him who did what dora did he could have been impeached. I hope rupiah will not listen to this job seeking boy. Apapene ba mumba na shipwa that you were given last year in a brown envelope to bride your party ulefwaya na shimbi mambala. Tawashimone rupiah is also being watched now just wait and see.

  80. Demet! Iye imwe uyu munthu niwofunta ai? Cosmo better keep quite. We will give you respect for keeping zzzz. ala. nakalipa maningi. Nzelu moonga in Julius Malema.

  81. Iwe ka Cosmo! Kafwale first! How the press even have time for him is beyond me. Watch this space. at the rate RB is appointing dubious chaps into the foreign service, next it will be, “Cosmo Mumba appointed first secretary at the high commision in UK”!

  82. He said Dora is not a professional in the field of her ministry!! Do these chaps understand the duties of a minister and even the president? In case they dont let me just explain a bit. Their duty(President/minister) is to uphold and protect the Republican Consititution. This may look short but means a lot. Next they will say no Chiluba FTJ was not a professional President so he should be forgiven. Politics is not a professional its just a service to ones COUNTRY. All you need is to work hard and according to ethics. Permanent Secretaries who are supposed to be professional will always guide their ministers. Ignore them at your own peril.

  83. one more thing! i thought a person has the ability to realise there wrong and seek forgiveness, how come no one asked for forgiveness,neither R.B, G.K, nor D.S asked for forgiveness in their wrongs, aftyer telling the nation that mama D.S was smart, all they did was intimidate there subordinates. and someone thinks forgiveness is a cure to this economy, “You dont put on your childs school shoe,wear it out and wish to be forgiven and worse still dont even know whether you are right or wrong,” in my view , this should have gone to the worst extreme had no one called for the tribunal, if R.B retains D.S i wont be supprised because i dont expect any thing good from him. She will and definately meet her fate ijn her own doings,its called life. Unless she seeks forgiveness!…

  84. Iwe #119 wakamba mushe maningi. Here is Dora keeping quiet, when she is supposed to be apologising to us. Now why should people like ka Cosmo be asking us to forgive her? She is at fault. Let her apologise, then we can consider. GK is at fault. He lied to the nation. Ati ba lawyer! Let him also apologise, although that one we wont forgive pantu aya sana!

  85. We need to hear What Dora thinks about the findings, why Ba Dora the Explorer gone Zee all of a sudden. I cant wait to hear what she will say.

  86. Ba Moze.

    Take care of ur self, plz and try not to expect much from these guys, am sure they cant perform,expecting the best from them is suicide unknowingly. G.K is one irritant . lost in his desire for wealth

  87. #120 Am happy you have reminded us about GKs rantings and lying inspite of his noble profession. What a pity for Zambians that even lawyers can mislead the nation for 30 pieces of silver. We wil not go any where if we dont change. Sometimes I tend to agree with Fr Bwalya although he is to extreme

  88. #116 Ba Moze imwe, TEKWESHA UKULETA KA COSMOS KUNO. We will find him on our return. In the mean time let him think through his utterances.

  89. The Supreme law of the land is the constitution and the tribunal says she breached it. Common sense has it that she is supposed to resign on her own without anyone pushing her. The tribunal says if the president breaches the constitution, he is liable for impeachment now who is Dora, a mere minister. When she was sworn in she held the bible and promised to uphold and defend the constitution.

  90. Doctor in wat…………………………..! we need to stop chaps like this bogus Doctor,i mean he has no morals for him to plead for Siliya.She contravened the constitution she swore to protect period! Fellow Zambian lets be serious,we need to set a precedence,so let it start here.Let the law takes its course on this matter.And for Cosmo,i feel pity for him because he will never rule Zambia with such shallow mindedness,Shame on you Cosmo!

  91. The constitution should not be breached with impunity and then you claim that you should be forgivern so as to keep in line with the spirit of christianity. Ba Cosmo mulimbwa sana. Mwanya mwe ba konto mwe!

  92. The TRUTH is a very expesive COMMODY. Pilate asked Jesus what the is the TRUTH. That was the last question Pilate asked Jesus before the Crucifixion(J0HN 19:34?). Our polticians fear the truth so much that they dont want mirrors lest they see how ugly their faces have grown.

  93. Ba Cosmo Lizoboli
    kwena u even want to to gain more tax payers money mufyabupuba. such people like u shouldnt be given a leeway to be in politics

    atase atase …. justice shoudl prevail no matter who…..

  94. Yes this Cosmo is just after a job from RB,you can even tell by the picture LT has put of him,it was taken at the entrance of the Cabinet office/Office of the Vice President’s Office.who knows what he went to do there,may be he went to lobby for a job or another 15 metre.abaiche aba!

  95. Well Dr. Mumba lets justice prevail and I hope you will learn that the Law does not play ball with the likes of Dora. I hope you are open minded, like me, to learn some from this show.

    #12 Matworld your holy dispensation above, Man! I admire you. Well I decided to interrupt you before the spirit takes you like Elijah/Enock.

  96. 40 Matworld thanks and keep well. The Minister of Justice Vice President Kunda and his boss are really under a serious test over Minister Dora’s issues. I wish all of them the very best in this case.

  97. ba cosmos ..Haven’t you ever heard of ministerial responsibility? If things go wrong in a ministry, that minster has to explain how things went wrong under his/her watch… let the rule of law prevail please…we can’t be forgiving every wrong doer just because we are a Christian nation

  98. Ka Cosmo, SHUT UP!!!!! Ba Banda, please do your job, it is high time justice started working in this country..

  99. Do not mind barking dogs like Mumba, the chariot carrying all the people calling for Dora Siliya’s removal must move on. If anything it should gather speed.

    Why are Zambians excited about honorary PhDs? Is it because formal education came late to Zambia? All Zambians with honorary PhDs are addressed as “Dr”. And yet real men like Nelson Mandela who has had many honorary PhDs conferred on him is still addressed as “Mr”. But in Zambia you find Dr Kaunda, Dr Chiuluba, Dr Mwanawasa, Dr Mumba, etc. all assuming intellectual status through the back door. Very soon some insignificant university might confer an honorary Doctorate on Mr Banda. Apparently the Zambian State House has become the gateway to honorary PhD,s for Zambian presidents.

  100. 149 Blue Blood actual it is Honorary Doctorate and not honorary PhDs. PhD means Doctor of Philosophy just like we have Doctor of Science DSc and so someone who did not do research does not qualify to be given a PhD as you called it honorary PhD. Such simply does not exist.

    Otherwise, I am with you on:
    “Why are Zambians excited about honorary PhDs? Is it because formal education came late to Zambia? All Zambians with honorary PhDs are addressed as “Dr”. And yet real men like Nelson Mandela who has had many honorary PhDs conferred on him is still addressed as “Mr”. But in Zambia you find Dr Kaunda, Dr Chiuluba, Dr Mwanawasa, Dr Mumba, etc. all assuming intellectual status through the back door. Very soon some insignificant university might confer an honorary Doctorate on Mr…

  101. I think this cosmo has lost so much value that we need to donate him as an experimental spacemen!!! Maybe we will donate him to NASSA so that he helps can be experimented to discover if its possible to live on mars.

  102. U pipo are too easy to trick!u hav fallen for RB’s trap again……he is just diverting yo attention from real issue.GOVT HAS TO PAY RP Capital $2m PERIOD.and you are all rushing and screaming DORA must go Dora must go! poor zedians….so easy to manipulate!

  103. I can only say about Cosmos, if indeed this statement came from the bottom of his heart, then it portrays him as a very shallow minded individual who lacks the ability to ahead, otherwise, he is just a comedian.

  104. This Cosmo thing is thick, and everytime he opens his mouth creates a million mistakes. I have in my life come across a black sheep of the nation like him, and this leaves wonder if all Zambian doctor think in the same way. For God’s sake he must learn not to comment on issues he does not understand and should go back to school.

  105. Popi Cosmo’s rantings bring memories of the two Zulus during Chiluba’s rule (remember those two Zulus? one was a gay, the other one i can’t recall. someone help me here). His modus operandi is the same as those two. And their end…? Watch out bush doc!

Comments are closed.

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