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Fire the Solicitor General Instead, Lifwekelo tells RB

Headlines Fire the Solicitor General Instead, Lifwekelo tells RB

The Forum for Leadership Search Zambia has joined other civil society groups that are calling on President Rupiah Banda not to succumb to mounting pressure from members of the public of firing Communication and Transport Dora Siliya.

Forum Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo has suggested that President Banda should instead fire the solicitor general Dominic Sichinga for incompetence and misleading the Minister.

Mr. Lifwekelo explained that people in the country should not set a precedent were the media dictate policy decisions of government.

He said it will be wrong for the President to follow public opinion of few individuals whose purpose is to see Ms. Siliya fired from her position for trying to save Zambia Telecommunication (ZAMTEL) jobs.

He said President Banda should be allowed to use his own wisdom after studying the report which he says it has not in any way directed the president to fire the Minister.

Mr. Lifwekelo pointed out that his forum is convinced that Dora Siliya used her discretion to protect Zamtel from gross manipulation by invincible forces wanting shares in Zamtel.

He said the attorney general’s advice can either be taken or discarded adding that it does not constitute a directive.

He added that it will not be the first time that the republic constitution is breached in order to save the interest.

He noted that this is why the republican constitution is also been reviewed to address such short comings.

He said his people should now understand why the former president opted to maintain both the attorney general and justice Minster as one office.

He further advised people in the country to stop politicking the issue and understand why the late president even fired his solicitor general because he did not agree with his opinions.

Mr. Lifwekelo is reacting to concerns by members of the public that are calling on president Banda to fire Communications and Transport minister Dora Siliya that now the tribunal has concluded its settings and submitted the report to him.



  1. #1 you are right, this is becoming dirty indeed and desperate. Looks like Dora has pulled all stops to rent as many job seekers as possible to drive her campaign. These are signs of desperation. Does anybody know how the solicitor general misled our minister. Harrington is welcome to rent my Kulima Tower mob if RB does not respect the findings of the tribunal

  2. You are sick Lifwekelo ! Just go and read the Teapot Dome Scandal may be you wil understand something. Dont behave like a baby. Ronald Reagan once said “a baby is an alimentary canal very loud on one end and very irresponsible on the other end” and you are just like one.

  3. this lufwekelo man is playing double stds.he himself is going to the media telling the president not to fire Dora but the solicitor general instead, yet condemning pipo calling fo dora’s firing.this’s the problem when yu’ve tuntemba kind of NGOs.we know kunda and RB earlier felt dora was write,and we don’t know who’s sponsoring these tuntembas to start barking…let justice prevail!. can LAZ or atleat TIZ guide us here instead of cosmo mumba and now lufwekelo man bogging our minds with cheap rhetoric.

  4. Nine Chale, that is the same question that came to my mind after reading the headline.
    It is RB’s fault if people are given time to issue such comments before he himself says anything.
    The longer RB waits the more difficult it will become for him to put down his decision. He will end up being biased in the end. RB should act now before we hear even more dirty talk about this issue. It may also be RB’s tactics in delaying his announcement, so as to see in which direction the general wind is blowing.

  5. Its ok for Lifwekelo to determine the outcome of this case but not so for the public to call for Dora’s dismissall. How sad. You know during the elections some one with a bit of history told me that putting Mr RB into office will only bring mediocrity in State How. I didnt believe him. How wrong was I? With a serious President, such simple minds as Cosmo and Lifukus cannot be so adatious as tell the republican President to commit an illegal act and get coverage from the public media. People lets be serious other wise we may degenerate into a banana republic. And are they asking for more time for him to study the case. There is nothing to study. Its either he fires her or he tells us to go hell, after he president.. My heart is burning I dont pay millions in Taxes to listen to fyabupuba

  6. Here we go Lifwe fimo fimo….why cant you wait for the outcome from RB? We are patiently waiting for RB to finish reading the dictionary. i guess he hasnt even started. Or maybe he will seek advise from the experts who will advise him what to do without him reading the findings. Lifwe fimo fimo you make the loudest noise kalale. Are searching for leadership? Nine Chale shani, Kadoyo @how, Zoe uli che, shani bonse abena Zambia.

  7. This Lifwekelo fimofimo has insulted the tribunal by uttering such rubbish. His short of saying that the chirwa tribunal is incompetent for finding Dora with a case to answer

  8. There goes the circus,pa zed napo..! Sometimes i wonder which donor country waste their monies on these bogus NGOs.Crap……….. NGO!

  9. Hmm i think solicitor general position has issue..Firstly my friend Sunday Nkonde now this one.. Anyway, i just hope RB will do the right thing according to the information in his hands and not follow what other people with exterior motives are saying…let it not be another CRUCIFY HIM ! CRUCIFY HIM ! situation as per the old times!

  10. RB should also fire G. Kunda for misleading the national at large. we need honesty men and women to run the affairs of our country.

  11. Ba LT you will soon lose respect as a blog site and in all honesty, this Lifwesa is really daft and dull to the bone. all he wants is a job period. so according to him the chain of pipo to be fired has changed and directed to the solicitor general. iye ubupuba mukamutwe kalya akakosa ndi.so he now wants solicitor general to go, then attorney general must go too coz the two will amount to the same case, misleading the minister. but lifwesa ni mpombo sana. sometimes ubuchushi lisambi.poverty is a cancer and it has gone to lifwesas head

  12. Lifwekelo and your forum should just shut up and stop making judgements of no consequence.
    The tribunal chairman Judge Chirwa deliberately surmoned Solicitor General Sichinga and the Attoney General Malila to clarify important issues of apparent dissagrements in their statements. It turned out that there were none at all. Why do you, Lifwekelo, want to heap the blame on Sichinga instead of the culprit Dora Siliya? What is in this case for you which you are not telling us? Learned Chongwe and Sondashi have passed their comments, are you better than them?

  13. #19 No one is being crucified here we have seen people lose jobs for very petty things and such is a part of the employment market (the public labour market included). Dora should be fired period! and the lets get another guy to take over and if he messes up, fire him too, thats what you do if someone is going to commit the public to spend 2million USD against the constitution of the land. its called efficiency and not ‘saving a buddy’s incompetent ass’

  14. These two boys wont allow the other to outdo each other. bwa-bwa-bwa bark bark. hired guns. Who ever gives them a forum for the nonsense they peddle. Zambia belongs to all of us, and not just the bootlickers.

  15. There are better ways of looking for a Job, than surely striping your integrity in the puplic just like that IWE Chi Lifwekilo. Why dont you just work hard and get a good Job in a normal way than killing your country you DOGt


  17. Number 20 Rose is right. George Kunda who is a lawyer and former chairman of LAZ mislead Dora and President RB. If Lifwekelo is looking for people to recomend for firing by RB, George Kunda VP is the right candidate. George smeared Sichinga with what he never advised Dora.

    Lifwekelo for high commissioner to London, yeah! yeah! Is that what you are looking for?

  18. This “Forum Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo has suggested that President Banda should instead fire the solicitor general Dominic Sichinga for incompetence and misleading the Minister” is very very unfortunate. I hope President RB Banda will act a President of Zambia defending the Republican Constitution instead of listening to or sponsoring characters like Mr Lifwekelo.

    On “He said the attorney general’s advice can either be taken or discarded adding that it does not constitute a directive. He added that it will not be the first time that the republic constitution is breached in order to save the interest” I hope such useless advice will be thrown away without even thinking about them. Otherwise, President RB Banda will only have himself to blame in 2011 if he does not do…

  19. Ola Zoe..I must say my weekend was great….Chelsea winning made my saturday and Man U losing made my Sunday lol..it was great and i kept great company too..How you and how was yours?

  20. This Lifwekelo chap is so annoying, we never used to hear such noise from these tu ntemba organizations during Mwanawasa’s reign,looks like they are out to get paid
    reminds me of those brown envelope days from state house

  21. 31 CONTINUED.

    On the otherhand, I understand that President RB BANDA has announced that it is only him who will make a decision on the tribunal report that found communication minister Dora Siliya guilty of breaching the Republican Constitution of Zambia according to other news sources. He is also associated to having said that MAKING A DECISION SUCH AS THE ONE ON MINISTER DORA is difficult.

    How I hope President RB BANDA will realise that he is supposed to defend the Constitution of Zambia. Anyway, the consequences of overlooking the Constitution might be fatal for the MMD in the upcoming 2011 tripartite elections.

  22. Face saving tactics by RB. This Lifwekelo is a sponsored job seeker. Don’t foeget he is just a corrupt useless chap.

  23. #35 Maestro— The MMD does not respect any Constitution: 1) MMD constitution says one can be adopted as MP if he has been a member of MMD for 2 or more years. But how many times have they poached opposition MPs and field them immediately. 2) Rep Consitution says one cannot be nominated to parliament if he/she had lost an election in the life of that parliament. But we saw LPM appoint Nevers as his VP. Examples are numerous. So what we need is to overhaul the entire system with completely new blood(Its a pity HH is tagged with tribal politics). But in the current format expect more medicrity.

  24. Mwayiche#29 DONA PEDRO bali ku pononapo. Ule chindika abakulu. Ulandafye ama mbwetete apa pa forum…… Makaka

  25. This Lifweke fimo fimo is forgetting that this was not a Sichinga tribunal but a Siliya tribunal! Nishani kanshi? Leave the Solicitor General out of this. The report has not said anything negative on the SG. If there is someone who needs to ‘escort’ Dora, then it is the Veep, period. Dont confuse RB or else he will end up signing a dismissal letter on a paper with his on name!

  26. #35. Zambians forgive and forget easily. I don’t think what Dora has done is so grave to get MMD out of office. I think there performance of MMD generally over 17 yrs pathetic more than Doras deeds but the same Zambians complaining on this blog still got it back into power in 4 elections. You just amaze me too much.

    Looking at how you have despised Fr. Bwalya for telling the truth, Dora should just be forgiven and forgotten about.

    What Fr. Bwalya was preaching about is just a translation of three quarters of the blogs assertions, but just because he went public through radio, like us loggers with the privilege of internet, we go ahead and crucify him.

  27. I think Mr. Lifwekelo’s thinking is devoid of proper judgment. Dora is quiet. Being smart, she must have realized the errors of her ways, by now. The reason why the tribunal was instigated, I am sure, these guys(RB,GK) were sure that Dora would not be found with any case to answer. Besides she’s been kept at her post to cover her tracks, but she was still found wanting. We know that the truth is a liability in politics but its(truth) very beneficial to the country’s development. Please lets respect the constitution because the constitution itself is our justice. God uses justice, so shall we (as a Christian nation). Think of the Law as a very efficient machine, no compassion, no emotion, no partiality. Oh I’m loving this.

  28. Zoe @ 43, am fine mama, but this issue of Dora and batate bake Temwani is getting on my nerves. Knowing RB, he is spending sleepless nights just scheming on how to save Dora. At the rate RB is going, he will sack the tribunal and appoint another one to be headed by Cosmo Mumba, ka!

  29. #20 Is it possible that the Attorney General’s legal advice can be wrong?

    Here is Article 54.3 “(3) Subject to the other provisions of this Constitution, an agreement,contract, treaty, convention or document by whatever name called, to which Government is a party or in respect of which the Government has an interest, shall not be concluded without the legal advice of the
    Attorney-General, except in such cases and subject to such conditions as Parliament may by law prescribe.”

    Is it also possible the Tribunal can misinterpret the law?

    These are the questions we should be addressing and which question we always avoid in this country, and hence the imperfection in our laws is never redressed.

  30. RB is not reading the report, thats a big report for anyone who falls asleep in meetings. He is just waiting to see what the public wants and then in a few days decide what will make him look good!

    During Mwanawasa days we had nothing of the sort, people talking about one individual like she will put food on your table.

  31. #47 ba Honey,am ok.Imwe thornpark aka matebeto is highly patronised by menn so as a woman kuichindaka kwati Thandiwe Banda ka?

  32. #51 Ba Honey I cool I’m glad you are too.

    I think most of these guys are either ASL or MNU. Sorry guys, next time. Every dog has its day and this day is definitely Chelsea’s.

  33. Ka Lifwekelo Ka pumbafu..the Solicitor Genaral is more competent than you political call boy who survives by shouting to get political favours. I suggest the SG sues this chap for defarmation

  34. #52 Zoe how was your trip to LA with Thandiwe Banda, any news. I heard that she fainted after casusing a lot of ifipata when addressing the women

  35. #54 Political Black Belt, i support Arsenal, and iam still sick with thier perfomance, that was painfull to watch. How could they play like that?

  36. Lifwekelo, Cosmo, Siulapwa…these are empty-heads and such an embarrasment to the youth leadership. And we wonder why the likes of VJ , Sata, RB and even the old man Sampa (RIP) stick around in politics till they die. What a waste….Zambia change or die!

  37. #57 Ba Honey,am not hidin anything.Thts why i hav been requesting for yo email id coz theres nothin i can tel u on LT.About LA,i refuse to comment coz i hav nothing good to say abt tht lady lest she changes her appearance on her entire body. Ba Honey remember wednesday we r facing each other Liverpool vs Arsenal.

  38. # Zoe, dont think you can beat us , that was just a slight hickup. Just like Ichinfine. So dont get too exited just because we lost does not mean you will beat us. Why do you support liverpool anyway? Check out the WKend pictures

  39. Ba Honey muli shani? I could not respond to your earlier salutations. I didnt like the thread you were greeting me on.

  40. plz there’s a nice article in the 2day’s post where LAZ,TIZ,FODEP,SARCOD…10 in all civil society orgs calling for both kunda & dora to be fired for misleading the president and the nation as a whole.don’t listen to such unprincipled men who think with their pockets.

  41. Lifwekelo your disgrace is very obvious ,go to mecca and make amends better still Rome and seek the pope `s guidance……….you are an epitome of Nakawala

  42. Is Lusaka Times owned by MMD ? Otherwise how do clowns like Lifwekelo, Mumba, Cifire and Lungu get coverage even when they say nothing of substance in support of Siliya. With hopeless guys like these heading NGOs working with an equally ineffective lot in government Zambia will remain an undeveloped Third World country.

  43. Embatled Fr. Bwalya to be punished for heresy as his backers send envoys to RB

    Ousted Radio Ichengelo station manager Frank Bwalya is to be sent into a monastery for rehabilitation, ZANIS reported. And Father Bwalya’s sponsors based in Lusaka who have realised their futility against Government have allegededly sent solicited the service of some high profile dignitaories as envoys to meet president Rupiah Banda for a compromise. The envoys that include Professor Patrick Mvunga, Judge Dennis Chirwa, Chief Nzamane and two others are impeccable figure heads from Eastern and northern Zambia with much easy to engage and plead to President Banda.Ngonis and Bembas feel Bwalya’s childish conduct has not only hurt the catholic church but brought shame and pain to the two cousins whose…

  44. Lifwekekefwekeke is not looking for a job. He already has one as a waste disposal outlet but he can only be paid for stirring controversy by making comments like what he said. Nga taibala bwanji? Cheap politics

  45. Did anyone read the tribunal report i think there is a part where it also mentions the leaking of government documents. Where such individauls are to be punished or breach some law or something. In this case the AG will also end up having a case to answer for the leaking of the MoU and other documents relating to Dora… In my opinion the case might not be striaight forward

  46. Deja Vu, I hear you on your comments and this is why even a character who clearly misperformed can come and convince the people in the Copperbelt and other Bemba Language speaking areas that he is suitable to lead Zambia at Plot One. However, there is a point when enough is enough and a time for change comes in.

    By the way at what age did KK lose the Zambian presidential election of 1991? Was he 67 years old? How old is President RB Banda? 74 years old this year? How is President RB Banda performing in office? Is he following the Zambian Constitution firmly? Is President RB Banda implementing his campaign promises?

    Anyway, I wish President RB Banda and the MMD all the very best in their efforts to continue holding on to Zambian government power as opposing forces unite against them.

  47. 40, Freshman, while I respect your opinions I will comment on “Looking at how you have despised Fr. Bwalya for telling the truth, Dora should just be forgiven and forgotten about”.
    That father Bwalya was abusing his church’s items for personal political ambitions in supporting the Undereducate MC Chilufya Sata and he does what he got at the end of the day.
    According to the Zambianwatchdog, father Bwalya will be confined in a Catholic Monastery for 3 years in a possible similar way Zambian Milingo was confined by the Vatican authorities under the POPE. When he will be there, I believe he will remember President RB Banda as a person who can help him out.

    Remember, Milingo had to ran away from the Vatican to the USA by unknown means due to the seriousness of how confined to one…

  48. Let me add to this also. This Lifwekelo guy is a goon and a very hideaous, grotesque moron. These are the reasons why Zambia is not yet developed and yet the country is so rich in everything. I have never seen a person thinking like this. While he finds it fit for Siliya to use her discretion to either hid or ignore the AGs advice, he finds it appropriate that when Dominic advises, she should listen and be fired for misadvising. How silly!!!!

  49. This Ka Lifwekelo guy who pays him to utter such nonsense? well it wont do this time around Wanvela? Don’t exhibit your immoral thinking to the public please try by all means to keep it to your self because we know what you are up to and you will never achieve it. This is 21st not Kaunda Era were intimidation was the order of the day if you dont believe me ask around Chiluba might tel you about his experience with his third term bid. Signing off

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