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Miners at Nampundwe fight KCM over asset stripping

Headlines Miners at Nampundwe fight KCM over asset stripping

Nampundwe mine pyrite producessing
Nampundwe mine pyrite producessing

Miners at Nampundwe mine have vowed to stop the mine management from stripping the mine of its assets.

The miners disclosed that Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) has notified them of its intention to shift the Nampundwe Larox Filter to Chingola Mine .

But the miners have stated that the removal of the Larox filter will signify the end of operations for Nampundwe as the Larox is the heart of the mine

‘ This will be done over our dead bodies as the removal of the Larox filter will signify the end of operations for Nampundwe as the Larox is the heart of the mine,’ they stated.

This came to light yesterday when officials from the Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) and National Union of Miners and Allied Workers (NUMAW) met Mwembeshi Member of Parliament Edward Kasoko to discuss the way forward over the impending closure of the mine.

NUMAW Nampundwe Branch Chairman Oliver Mwangala said only President Rupiah Banda can remove the Larox Filter from the mine and no-one else.

He said it is sad that the mine proprietor Vedanta of India is trying to remove equipment that was bought by Anglo American Corporation (AAC).

He said the current investor for Nampundwe mine, has only managed to buy a mini bus, an ambulance and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

“ If they want to close the mine, there is no problem but they should leave the infrastructure intact. This is because any interested investor will not buy Nampundwe mine in the absence of the Larox Filter,” they said.

In an internal memo from KCM Nchanga Human Resource Manager George Mutono dated 2 April, 2009 , announced the appointment of Nisheet Khandewal as a project Engineer for the Larox Filter.

His responsibilities were to among others improve the availability and reliability of the running filter and to shift the Nampundwe Larox Filter , install and commission it at Chingola mine.

The miners said as proof that the mine is about to close , KCM headquarters has stopped sending trucks to collect Pyrite from Nampundwe.

They said a few weeks ago about 18 to 20 trucks would be sent to the mine to collect Pyrite per day.

The miners said the mine had produced enough Pyrite such that even if 50 trucks are sent to collect the commodity , it will take a while before they clear the stock.

And the Mwembeshi MP has disclosed that he will on Tuesday in the company of MUZ and NUMAW national officials travel to Chingola to meet KCM officials.

Mr Kasoko said he will first meet Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale to inform him on the developments at Nampundwe mine before proceeding to Chingola for a meeting with KCM officials.

Mr. Kasoko said he wants to find out the truth from KCM officials on the future of Nampundwe as removal of the Larox Filter means there will no longer be production at the mine.



  1. Please fill pit to our miners and give them what ever they want. Twapapata Insala mu Zambia naipitilila. Zambians lets stand up and work together. First let me ask, who voted for this defiler the so called Nama soya?

  2. Who owns this mine? These workers are ready to take things in their own hands. Sounds like people are now panicking in this economic crunch.

  3. Hey minister wake up the removal of the filter is the beginning of the end whether they continue production or not.And moreover the main thing to think about is how many families are going to suffer due to job loses and not whether production will continue or not.Don’t be blinded by the money you are enjoying at the moment,think about your fellow Zambians.

  4. Oliver Mwangala, you ate and dined with Vendatta officials in India and Dubai. What did you think they were treating you for? What about the gratns you received from them? Be like the likes of Walamba, Katilungu who refused to be cowed by the then Super power, Super Ken. You cannot be allowed to be bribed and expect to fight for the poeple you represent.

  5. Nice seeing a picture of Nampundwe Mine after a long time of having been last there – 2000 or so. On the news, I feel that the miners need their jobs and let GRZ try as much as possible to maintain the operations there.

    Otherwise, I am happy with the way the Minister is taking this issue.

  6. Nasty state of affairs. Such major changes in the scope of operatations must be checked by Government if such plans existed in the Mine offer contract.

    If the closure of Nampundwe was not discussed previously then not even the credit crunch will give KCM a greenlight to start vandalising assests.

    Why not buy a new filter and install at Chingola???

  7. The minister or better still the president should have first hand information about such closures.
    talk about protecting the interests of the zambians,where is it if they can take it upon themselves to fight off investors,FFS,where are the so called leaders

  8. How can a functioning govt allow thugs to come ansd strip equipment in the mines. Ladies and gentlemen, we need tough leaders in Zambia. These fake investors should be arrested & taken to court.

  9. Very sad as the Indians are making Money. The Equipment was bought has a second hand but very expensive more than the value Vendata paid to acquire KCM. The Employees seem not to believe the India has bought this equipment as part of KCM. Look to your politician for your help, Either the politician helps you or they get the blown evelopes

  10. If that eqipment is still useful at Nampundwe even the President cannot be allowed to remove it. And if its going to be useful at Nchanga the let it be taken there. Other wise it just be rotting at Nampundwe and may not be used again. Lets get the full picture of the situation

  11. Of what use is keeping equipment at a non operational mine, when it can be used elsewhere? I dont understand. Its like keeping TV set in a home without electricity! Chanshi?


  13. See contrymen and women, a failed leadership is seen by it’s failiar to secure the interest of it’s people. This Vandetta has failed and so is GRZ. All along Govt has been sloppy with matters of investor. I don’t know why these leaders have failed to protect Zambian interests. this is the same nonesense that happened to Mansa batteries ans Kapiri glass factory. After failing to run this factories, these so called investors stripped of assets and only let shells.

  14. My name is 1984.I was born in Zambia and really love and appreciate my country,but to my shock and horror,i discovered that certain individuals have been busily selling it up to overseas buyers.Other countries are going in the same way.All is not doom and gloom.However,prepare for hard times ahead.

  15. If you own a chain of hotels, is it logical that a tennant manager should dictate when you can relocate to boost the revenue earned fro your business? Unfortunately in this situation there is very if anything that the miners can do. If KCM own the infrastructure outrightly then they can act as they wish as long as it is in the best interest of the company. Sad eventuality really because the cycle of using our land till it is exausted and then just shooting off continues. this plague has devastated many lives since the inception of privatisation and I believe we will never be free of this untill we have competent Zambians running these industries and not foreighn investors.

  16. So this is the company that wants to get LCM whilst they are busy closing and stripping other areas. Can we trust these guys that they will revive LCM or are just going there for the assets that has been protected by the people of Luanshya? For your information KCM has also closed the smelter in Kitwe and I don’t know if the plant hasn’t been stripped by now. Lets wake up Zambians before these guys end up stripping us.

  17. To tell you the truth as an ex employee of KCM the indians do not have the capacity to run either KCM or LCM. And it is very interesting that today its only the Zambian who is being pruned in KCM while the indians who do not even have the qualificatons are being left. Nchanga smelter today is managed by indians, helpers and artisans while Zambian are being pruned. While cant our sleepy president wake up even for a minute to stop this?

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