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Iranian President delivers controversial speech at UN conference

General News Iranian President delivers controversial speech at UN conference

fightracismThere was drama at the ongoing United Nations racism conference in Geneva, Switzerland yesterday when the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech that provoked loud protests, resulting into some delegations leaving the conference room.

The Iranian President said it was regrettable that a number of Western governments and the United States had committed themselves to defend the racist perpetrators of genocide during the recent bombardment of the Gaza region in Palestine.

This was an indirect reference to Israel.

Mr. Ahmadinejad said as long as the Zionist domination continued, many countries would never be able to enjoy freedom, independence and security.

And speaking later, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway, Jonas Store said the outcome document of the Review Conference was against incitement of hatred, contrary to the views held by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Mr. Store said the Iranian President’s statement was an incitement of hatred and was bent on spreading policies of fear in the world.

The Norwegian Foreign Affairs Minister, however, regretted that some states had decided, some on very short notice, to boycott the conference.

Mr. Store said non-attendance was not an option and that Norway would not surrender the summit to extremism, hence its attendance.

And South African Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, speaking on behalf of the African group, said Africans had first hand experience of the pernicious and the egregious impact of slavery, slave trade, colonialism, apartheid and genocide.

Mrs. Zuma said apparently, the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (DDPA) was adopted in a country which for decades, struggled against the direct impacts of discrimination and oppression on the basis of race and colour.

Zambia’s delegation leader, Todd Chilembo, who is Deputy Justice Minister, is expected to deliver his statement tomorrow.



  1. This fool of a president is mad.Despite all the urgings from UN Sg, he went on to utter rubbish about Irael.Typical presian arrogance.I salute the delegates who walked out in protest.

  2. Iran, Venezuela have nothing to lose thats why they have the “freedom of expression” Madam Dlamini why not mention of the xenophobia attacks that happend last year in your country? This is the right time for you to say somefing kaili

  3. There is nothing wrong in what the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said. We are living today in a world of severe inequities and double standards.

  4. African leaders are damn cowards.Big ups to Bob,watch his UN address,he is the only leader from Africa to have spoken loudly against the evils and hypocrisy of the west and look what has happened to Zimbabwe.Independence and freedom is about owning your mother land.When aliens occupy your land and you own nothing that is not independence! Africans own nothing in Europe,so if you cannot own your God given land what are you going to own?Europeans did not save Africa from disaster they brought disaster to Africa,genocide,disease,slavery,what an evil race!

  5. The underdevelopment of the countries of the south is enshrined in the works of the often colonial and racist attitudes of the countries of the north the so called the master and slave mentality.
    Land issues must be resolved without sanctions because in the end, its the innocent people who suffer and not apamwamba.

  6. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has the right to say that, that was part of the study case during the United Nations racism conference in Geneva, Switzerland.
    Otherwise go go President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that is clever man

  7. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a fantasist holocaust denier who has an agenda against israel because of his religion. He ignores the racism thats rife in southern iran against arabs that caused wars with Iraq . The issue between palestine and Israel will never be solved because palestinians are claiming land that was never theres in the first place. They choose to ignore thousands of years of history in favour of a view thats islamic hence why they have problems. Israel and palestine are not an issue of race but an issue of ideology and religion , and so long as those palestinians continue to reject jewish history they will suffer

  8. No. 3, thank you my broda. Africa lost everything at the time our colonial masters took all away minerals, ivory, slaves etc to develop their own countries. Zambia’s wealth was taken to develop Southern Rhodesia, that is where all the bazungus lived. That was then that Zambia would have been as developed as Zimbabwe i.e, infrastructure, education, health. Today we have health centres as small as a carton box. Today some african nationals and even some of our colleagues (Zambians) have failed to sing pride of their continent let alone nation. Its a SHAME indeed.

  9. don’t mess with israel,he who touches israel touches the apple of Gods eye. Freedom of expression is not freedom to say nonsense.

  10. men men men men men men men men men men men men men men are the cause of most conflicts and wars. Their thirst for power over, control over and wanting to been as the most powerful is the root cause to most of the conflcit. If only men can calm down and be willing to share their power, if they are willing to listen to others, this world would be a better place to live in. I’m not saying women are the best.

  11. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has returned home to what has officially been described as a sensational welcome. Iranian state media described Mr Ahmadinejad as the superstar of the conference. A crowd gathered at Tehran airport from the early hours.When Mr Ahmadinejad emerged they created what the agency called a “very sensational scene” to welcome him home. One pro-government paper said the president had shot the last bullet into the brain of the West.

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison

  12. #9. Slumdog Shalapungu. Your centuries-old rigid and skewed views have ensured polarisation of the two sides.

  13. Why was he given platform if they knew or suspected he was going to deliver a controversial speech.Some participants did well to walk out on him.Mad president

  14. #17 tell me something, if you left your house to go to work and found someone living there when you came back would that make that problem hours old rigid skewed view? The palestians occupied land thats wasn’t theres in the first place and just because they have willful amnesia they want the real owners of that land to pretend they have amnesia as well.

  15. people always support the West and there allies even though they make mistakes. Lets start with Iraq, the US went against the UN resolution on Iraq, on the basis that Iraq had WMD’s and thousands of innocent people have died, and till now they have found nothing. And where is Bush now? in Texas with his cowboy friends. Has anyone from around the world even talked about charging him with War crimes? NO! why, because its the US. Innocent people in Gaza were killed recently, but because Isreal is allies with the states the whole world has to be on their side. innocent childrens brains were scattered all over the streets and the US and the world did nothing. Should that have been Iran doing the same thing, you would have seen Obama sending troops there, this is bull$*# people, this is unfair!

  16. #20. Slumdog Shalapungu. If you divorced your wife and someone gets to marry her, would you come back to claim ownership? Surely, the other man wouldn’t accept that he was merely playing the role of caretaker.

  17. The Iranian president was looking foraward to this day, lets hope he can speak to the current US Governent. They say say the truth hurts , thats why some of the delegations left the conference room.

  18. The Bible’s Old Testament is very important to Jews (Judaism) because of the mention of the “Promised Land”. Most Palestinians read the Koran and cannot accept that as the basis for the Israeli occupation. Christianity is based on both the Old and the New Testament, while Jews wait for the coming of the Messiah, Christians wait for the second coming of the Messiah Jesus Christ. Bashing Jews with the New Testament and forcing them to accept it won’t work and it just isn’t the way. For the same reason, Jews must not expect Palestinians to just accept what the Old Testament says without question. Therefore, the 2-state solution is the only practical way forward. Let who has ears hear!

  19. # 20 Slumdog Shalapungu,
    The jews are claiming the land as promised in the bible 2000 yrs ago. Are you sure you can suppoert evicting pipo who have occupied the land continously as the palestinians have for more than 1000 yrs since then, beacuse 2000 yrs ago your ancestors were thhere ?. Come on mate.
    Its like saying if broken hill man returned, all pipo in kabwe should be occupied, suppresed and expelled even if their ancestors lived there for millenia.

  20. #21. Shocked. Probably you have answered George W. Bush when he would ask: ‘why do they hate us so much?’

  21. We all know that Israel is a nation that has always been surrounded by enemies and Iran is one of them. Like #19 said, those who gave a platform to the Iranian leader should have known better that he wouldn’t utter words of romance towards Israel.
    Coming to the African holocaust (Yes there was one, in case you don’t know!), the SA Foreign Affairs Minister started out well but why did he/she stop short of challenging the western world with compensation claims?
    Only 20% of the world’s population live in the western hemisphere, yet they continue to consume over 80% of the world’s wealth, of which Africa provides nearly all the raw materials required to manufacture these goods.
    Where is justice for us?

  22. #4 Monalisa. The man has no right to condemn Israel because even in his country none Persians such as Arabs, Kurdish and even Jews and Bahai’s are regarded as second class citizens. Palestinians while being encouraged to bomb Israel by Iran are not well come in that country. All he was doing is window dressing thats all.

  23. #27. Ba Honey. Most problems in the world today, either at personal or international level, require moderation for their containment. Even beer drinking, if you drink in excess it can damage your liver and is a sure way to bankruptcy.

  24. I am in a country where a lot of misery was done to the Jews, but I feel very much safe here today and I praise the Lord that history is a lesson that this country has learnt. Every generation writes its own song and this generation is that of those being born. Most Presidents like the Iranian will soon leave the plattform and a new song will arise. I am very positive on this issue.

  25. Just look at all the comments , then you will see what iam talking about. All the same we should be lucky cos we have the freedom to express our selves.

  26. #22 when did the divorce happen or is it just a figment of your imagination. There was never a divorce just a bunch of arabs that moved into land thats not theres and claimed it’s theres under their religion. Those arabs have as much claim to israel as a muzungu claiming zambia

    kC Do you know the reason why the arabs want that land is for the simple reason for it’s biblical significance. And if you did not know the Jews never left Israel a lot of them remained there while arabs were put there and oppressed them in their own land. If a muzungu moved into zambia claimed zambia as his you would be crying it’s ridiculous and yet you are saying it’s okay for arabs to claim…

  27. #24 stop spreading misinformation Jews wrote the old and new testament .Paul was benyimite, matthew was ajew, john was a jew, peter was a jew even the messiah was a jew, The jews never rejected teh messiah PHARASEE’s and sadduccee’s did get your wording correct. May I remind you that the followers of the messiah were all JEWS and it’s jews that went and preached the message of the messiah , the only time gentiles were included was after Paul was sent to convert them by the messiah.

  28. I think this president is gone bananas. The issue of Israel is sensitive enough to bring Armageddon, as in the gospel of ST John. Its basically as sign of the times. Do you bloggers want to stand before God one days to be answerable for bringing it to pass? Therefore don’t be judgmental.

  29. # 32 Slumdog Shalapungu If the jews were so sure of the promised land why dont they present the bible as evidence at the international court or the UN ???

  30. Slumdog Shalapungu, If i lived on land that my ancestors have lived on for the past 1000 years, and then some one comes along and says according to the bible, which not everyone belives, we were promised this land 2000 yrs ago, so move. I would resist to the death as the Palestians are rightly doing. In #34 you wright ” If a muzungu moved into zambia claimed zambia as his you would be crying it’s ridiculous and yet you are saying it’s okay for arabs to claim…” That is misleading, the muzungu was never in Zambia 1000 yrs ago till now. And in any case In zambia we live together not make them live in open air prisions like Gaza.

  31. # 9 Slumdog Shalupungu: well done and don’t be swayed by those with differing opinion to yours. I for one agree with you. This short man is mad. The walk out was a good show of contempt for this loathful man. The Israeli/Palestinian problem is mostly religion/ideology. However, a solution, especially persuading and convincing both Israelis and Palestinians to recognise each other and start existing as seperate states could still be found. # 5 Mulenga in Newcastle: Mulenga where are you blogging from? If you are in Newcastle and comment like that then i don’t know what you stand for. Come and comment like that from here in Ndola. “Kwaliba ulepontela umuntu koma uli mu n’ganda yakwe?”.

  32. #40 KC So let meget this straight Palestians have lived in Israel for 1000 years and jews have lived in Israel for 3000 years so on that fact the land is palestianian……………….
    Lets play with history here. Most tribes in Zambia migrated into Zambia 300 years ago and the muzungu came to zambian 120 years ago. using your same flawed logic the muzungu has a claim to have a right in zambia?

  33. # 42 Slumdog Shalapungu, Using your example, If since his arrival 120 yrs ago the muzungu population if far more now than the tribes they found there, yes according to one man one vote, they will have claim to the land.
    Now if the tribes, who are less in population use thier supirior strength to evict the more populas muzungus, we have a problem which is the Conflic in the middle east. Just like the aborigines in Australia can not evict the muzungu beacuse put to the one man one vote, they would lose. Even now in isreal put the one man one vote the Arabs are more than the jews, that is why they are locked in refugee camps in gaza and else were

  34. Now here is where you realise how your pursuit is pointless. Imagine that muzungu’s made his population stronger by killing and evicting black africans to foreign countries , killing and raping the africans women. Now imagine those suppressed tribes that were kicked out by the muzungu come back and more powerful as you say and get rid of that muzungu then that muzungu starts to cry of why he is being oppressed.

    Let me tell you a little known fact, do you know why theres only less that 20 million jews left worldwide??? Because the majority of them were killed by Romans and muslims.

  35. # 44 Slumdog Shalapungu, it is the jews that are doing all the killing and evicting. What proff do you have that muslims were killing and evicting jews apart from the bible, if at all, which is not belived by everyone ? That is why it can not be used as evidence in a court of law.
    If the red indians came along and strated killing and expelling the gringos, for what happend to them a few hundred yrs ago, the world would not accept that. But you are saying what supposedly happened 3 or 4000 yrs ago should be addressed. That is why i do not belive in the bible, it seems to be used to justfiy the occupation, suppression and eviction of a pipo who have lived on the land for more than a thousand yrs, while it is also supposed to be the book of love, tolerence.,,,,

  36. #45 I don’t think you know any of middle eastern history and probably just regurgitating news proganda from sky news. Since The religion of Islam started jews were called DHIMMI’s by muslims if you don’t know what that means it means subhuman. Prophet mohammed was the leader in jew massacre because he murdered the jewish quarish tribes of mecca,in 1066 jews were massacred in the GRANADA massacre in northr africa by arabs, tarmalene the muslim leader slaughtered jews in ALEPPO, The jews of Timbuktu suffered the same fate under Askia Mohammed the first. the Bukharan jews were massacred, yemenite jews massacred , Mashhadi Jews oppressed. The problem with people like you KC is that you think this jewish/arab conflict started in 1948 and think jews use the bible and nothing else. Read their…

  37. history and you will understand why there 2000 year animosity between the two. The jews have suffered it’s only now that they are actually powerful . The same palestinians you are sideing with were siding with NAZI’s to kill all jews during the second world war. The palestinians supported hitler. Palestianians are muslims and muslims bealive jews are dogs and not worthy of anything.They hate jews because jews rejected Mohammed as a prophet and caught him in his lies. Muslims belie This is where their hatred for jews comes from, the same people they murdered for over 1600 years have started killing them back and now they are crying for justice.

  38. # 10 Fack you!! Continue suffering in Zambia.No Zambians clean peoples bottoms here.Getting into any form of care work is not as easy as you facking think.

  39. # 47 Slumdog Shalapungu, that is the problem with you and the Jews. In this mordern times you want to commit acts of babarisim in the name of history. This is the 21 st centuray. How can we start bringing back 1600 yr old conflicts. If that were the case, the blacks in the west must start killing the whites for slavery, the aborigines killing the white aussis, the white amaricans killed by the red indians, were will it stop. And that is only for 2 hundred odd yr aotrocities, now you are mentioning 1000 yr + crimes. Also The palestinians were mostly illitarate during world war 2, hitlar did not use any illitrate pipo to kill the jews. He was too advanced for that. Again Were is the evidence of all those massacers ? in the bible ? who wrote that bible ?

  40. KC step out of the ignorant bubble you live in maybe you will understand the conflict. The fact that you think it’s ancient conflict shows you know nothing. I suggest you learn the history before you comment on matters you know nothing about. You do not even know anything about world war II and yet you want to pretend you do. The only illeterate here is you because the Nazi’s like Adam Vollhardt,Dr. Franz Reichart and others were in close contact with Palestinians and luaded HITLER in his pursuit of wiping out jews. This is why you will never understand this conflict

  41. Slumdog you seem to brainwashed with History, i on the other hand reliy on facts on the ground. Yes im am not a historian, who the f###k needs history. We are dealing with reality. Only dimwits like you blinded by history and the bible want to account for a 3000 yr story. Get a life, the world has moved on from the BC period.

  42. LOL you are deluded. You use facts? may I ask where you get those facts from , your imagination. Grown up’s write records of tragic events for future reference, young minds like you wake up forget yesterday. Only illerate people that have no meaning forget history this is probably why you don’t like the bible. I suggest you pick up a book on pokemon or tellytubbies that will suite you better.

  43. You would do your self a favour by realising we are in the 21 century, not some 3000 yrs ago.
    Just showing how outof touch you are with reality, Sky news of the Murdoch corp are stunchly pro-isreal and would not show any balanced news of the middle east.

  44. Okay KC if we are in the 21 century why don’t you stop all the things invented over 3000 years ago. Start with the alphabet, time, roads, buildings, schools, shoes, science, chemistry, biology, the calendar etc etc. You see all these things are brought to you thanks to historical record . So if you hate history so much I suggest you head for the hills. It takes a petty uneducated person to be scorned towards history because the odds are you know nothing about it . History of the foundation of the present and if you ignore it you will get problems like Palestinians claiming land that was never theres.

  45. Hear in lies the problem, the Pals have lived on that land for 1000s of yrs and you want to came and claim it after a 2000 or 3000 yr absence ? This is were a reality check is needed. That is not how history must be used. No one denies that the jews lived there some 3000 yrs ago, but since then others have lived there for thousands of years and evicting them, occupying them and suppresing them will not work.

  46. Goodness save yourself and just read the history

    The palestinians were given a choice to live under Jewish rule in jewish land . They rejected that and said the biblical land was now theres under Islamic law and the place was no longer jewish. When the jews started to claim back their land the palestinians started stocking up weapons to teach the jews a lesson and in 1948 the NAKBA(the arabs were defeated miserably by the jews and the state of israel was set up) happened. The palestinians were given a choice but as you probably do not know They rejected it. Which goes back to my earlier point how can you sit in someone’s house and want to chase it’s owner without consequences.

  47. Which is why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and palestianian groups like Hamas are trying to kill jews to get back land that was never theres. simple as I don’t know why some of you cannot figure it out. You cannot evict the owner of the house and claim injustice because he wants his house back and you don’t want to move out

  48. You speak like some one has title deeds and left his house and some one moved in !. The jews have no title deeds to the land, unlike the 1000s of Pals in refugee camps who even still keep old keys to the houses they were evicted from. Why don’t you say Jews are claiming back land that was theirs 3000 yrs ago and see how rediculas you sound. If broken Hill man was to return from extiction, would you agree to him evicting all pipo in Kabwe if, in the present they refuse to live under his laws ? Hamas are resisting occupation, and have agreed to a Pal state within the green line, it is isreal that is dodging the peace process.

  49. KC do you even know what a title deed is, are you just ignorant of anything thats contained in books? It’s a statement on a piece of paper that confers ownership of the land. Jews have documents that are as old as 3000 years that say the land is theres and not only that they have had possession of it forvever. You are the one sounding pathetically ridiculous because you refuse to even acknwoledge jewish original presence you go as far as comparing jews to brokenhillman an extinct figure. If brokenhillman was there today where would you think he would be living. GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD JEWS NEVER LEFT israel. If theres anyone thats fighting occupation it’s Jews because palestinians aren’t native to Israel, there forced presence doesn’t mean they own the land.

  50. You are allergic to the truth , if the arab palestinians know themselves that the land was always owned by jews who are you to deny. The issue with palestinians is not teh original owner it’s the fact that they think their religion replaced the chosen people of Israel with arabs. This is why they are holding on to that biblical piece of land because of it’s jewish historical and biblical significance. Am sorry to tell you thats why a lot of them will die because they refuse to accept history and truth

  51. By the way Bloggers why didnt this fella from Iran condemn the killing of black Africans by African Arabs in Sudan? Again many people think Jews are white no! They are the same stock as the Arabs. Infact some of them black. The only difference is that they are more organised and more united than their ex relatives

  52. Slumdog Shalapungu, I back your point of view, which is backed by true history. Many people are brainwashed with rewritten history / formulated history.

  53. # 59, Slumdog Shalapungu, so why dont they present those 3000ry documents in the world courts? instead of acting like BC babarians. Every knows that more than half of the present day jews in Isreal were or their parents born outside isreal. The arab population was more than the jewsish pupolation. Fact. that is why Anyone and every one who can claim to be a jew is encouraged to immigrate to isreal while pipo who have lived there for many hundreds of years are being evicted. I am not saying all jews left/were extinct. What i mean is if some broken hill men were alive to day, and many more were found to have moved thousands of years ago elswere, do have the right to recall all broken hillmen and evict the mordern pipo of kabwe ? Look at Kosovo and the serbs..

  54. KC last i checked going to court is not for proving ovbious things but for proving crimes.If there was a crime for example jews fraudulently claiming land then there would be a court action but even the palestinians know of jewish documentation of ownership. Babies born in hospitals are not precluded from owning their parents homes just because they were born outside those houses, You see logic your logic is flawed. And have you botherd to ask yourself how those jews found themselves outside Israel? well the same arabs were killing them and pillaging their land. If brokenhill was alive he would be the modern occupant of Kabwe just like jews are the ancient and modern occupants.

  55. Courts can be used in cases of disputed owership. Babies born in hospitals can not go back to their parenst houses 3000 yrs later and claim ownership. That is the point. Also if broken hill man was alive would he have the right to evict mordern occupants of Kabwe ????. All that said i am not against the jews but think accepting a Pal state along the green line would be best for everyone considering the dynamic demogaphics at play.


  56. Israel is not a case of disputed ownership it’s an occupation gone wrong, the occupiers(palestinians) are trying to pass themselves off as owners while the real owners have to fend off the imposters. The imposters think just because they forced themselves onto land and almost killed all it’s occupants then somehow the land is theres ignoring the real owners. Same question i posed to you earlier if a man sat in your house while you were at work and evicted your children would that house be his by eighteen hours??? obviously not. There can never be a palestianian state because the palestine was set up using bloodhsed and will end using bloodshed. The sooner you get a grip on that the more lives will be saved

  57. Slumdog Shalapungu, the question is if some ones family continually occupies a house for more than 1000yrs , can some come along and say my family occupied it 2000 yrs before ?
    Why is there UN resolutions like 194 on right of return for Pal refugees , if Jewsish ownership is so assured as you think. ?.
    It seems time and the overwhelming Arab population growths will certainly play a major role. You can rant and rave how you want about a 3000yr old promise, do i see isreal exsiting in in its present form in 20 yrs time ? Nah.

  58. During apartheid the British government called Nelson Mandela a terrorist because he fought for his freedom. As an African, it sickens me that some of the people commenting are condeming Ahmadinejad who speaks against Israel, the colonialists of the modern age.True Africans will rise up in support of the Palestinian people and their efforts. For the Palestinian, this isn’t an issue of religion but freedom.

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