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Lusaka Bus operators protest high penalty fees

General News Lusaka Bus operators protest high penalty fees

Public service drivers in Lusaka parked their buses on Tuesday morning in protest against increased penalty fees for traffic offences.

Scores of Lusaka residents were forced to walk long distances to work because of lack of public transport.

A check on some routes leading to the town centre found scores of people walking to their various destinations.

The situation however returned to normal around 09:00 hours after the drivers resumed their duties.

When contacted Police Spokesperson, Bonnie Kapeso, said the new fees have not been effected.

And Road Transport and Safety Agency Public Relations Officer, Mukela Mangolwa, said the agency is still charging old fees.


  1. So these thugs want lower penalties so that they offend more. Come to L.A with that attitude, you will weep !

  2. Lawlessness is what abounds in mother Zambia. That’s why people can even knowingly and willingly breach the constitution with impunity and get away with it. Why cant the drivers for once consider being law abiding and avoid traffic offences. The high fees would not affect them. Prevention is better than cure.

  3. Good Step Dora. Come join MCCI. When are you going to be charged so that you make a choir with the others in Chimbokaila ?

  4. i tyhink its not enough for dora to just resign. the law should take its course
    kunda also should resign if he has any moral which i doubt he has

  5. i wonder who allows flash and gogo buses to be on the roads. they are not just danger to the travelling public but also to the environment. shame on us zambians for accepting such low standards

  6. I can’t find anywhere where it says Dora has resigned except from your bloggers here…can you please fill me in on that breaking story!

  7. these drivers are more concerned with rofits than lives, they must learn to abide by the laws of the land.
    Pipo, has Dora surely resigned ? Twebeniko fwebena gelemani, nabamufocing’a ba RB

  8. Dora resigning! I don’t believe you. such power and money hungry people don’t resign on moral grounds unless there is something to run from. Whatever the case, she can only be relieved from her duties, resigning is not part of people like her, kunda, VJ, Ronnie, Teta, to mention but a few.

  9. Bring back UBZ! Ha-ha. Well there are two things that can change the bus drivers to respecting the law. 1) Collective response of passengers to discipline these guys and; 2) heavy penalties. The first works better as the latter enriches the policeman. But in all, the drivers are not as problematic as their co-boys.

  10. Thank God that someone woke up on the right side of bed and realised that road lawlessness in zambia has to be curtailed. It is really scary being on the roads in zambia whether driver, passenger or pedestrian.
    The next thing has to be compulsory car insurance for both private and public vehicles, not forgetting car fitness test. It would be great to remove all unfit and uninsured vehicles from the roads.
    Thanks again and may you see the light of day.

  11. Bus Drivers behave,just observe the traffic rules simple, indiscpline won’t make you reach your cashing

  12. Uncle T..
    Bring back UBZ is not going to change anything as it will still be the same drivers and conductors and they will continue to make noise. Anyway that was a good suggestion.

  13. Really we need UBZ back to stop these nosense. Here in England we are paying £200 for risking your own life, no seatbelt which is about K1,544,000. Bangwele baleangala.

  14. The public transport operators are complaining of stiff penalties for traffic offences but they are comfortable with, charging extortion fares. The nation shouldn’t be held to ransom by these doggy operators.

  15. If the fees are high dont break traffic rules and you wont be affected. The behavior of the drivers shows that they want small penalty fees which they can easily pay whenever they break traffic rules at will

  16. These bus drivers must be driving fit busses on the road and not these dirt old finished busses they drive us in.The condacters are also just too dirt mani.So the police right and it should not change the charges if anthing let the police double the charges.we need to reduce on the number off an fitt vehicles to be on the road

  17. These fees will only affect those who break the law, so why are they protesting. ? Its because they always break the law. The way they drive , like they are getting in a car for the first time.

    If you break the law, you pay the fine.

  18. Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre is one of first things we are all taught when we learn to drive. But how many of these bus drivers dont use it. whch driving school didithey go to ?
    May be they want to kep driving wire cars.

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