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RTSA devising new methods of tracking defective vehicles

General News RTSA devising new methods of tracking defective vehicles

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says it would coordinate with the police and devise new strategies in order to impound vehicles which are not in road worthy conditions.

RTSA spokesperson, Mukela Mangolwa, said people driving trucks which are not road worthy have been avoiding police road blocks hence the decision by RTSA and the police to carry out road patrols at night.

Mr. Mangolwa told ZANIS that the new road patrolling methods would enable the agency and the police spot vehicles which are dangerous on the roads.

He said most truck drivers, who carry sand and stones, do not have licenses while some of their trucks were not even registered with RTSA. as it only registers vehicles which are fit to be on the roads.

He added that vehicles which are not in a good road condition were the cause of most road traffic accidents which otherwise could be avoided.

Mr. Mangolwa has since called on the general public to corporate with RTSA by reporting defective vehicles.



  1. This is a good start if the rules can be implemented and applied to all motor vehicles. The major problem is that every policeman wants to move to the Road Traffic section as that is where they can earn enough income through bribes. There is need for the ACC to monitor the chaps who man police road blocks and see how their lives have improved and the assets they own, which is way beyond their incomes.
    Otherwise, lets make a start and remove this lawlessness from our roads.

  2. When did you learn this? Create a vehicle database. Zambian universities are there to be challenged in such matters, make use of them.

  3. #5 Musi
    Spot on,that is the only way they will tackle the problem.I believe importation of computers & related equipment is still tax free so we should have many computers in Zambia it’s just a matter of ”’technocrats” working together & coming up with a system & database that will link the RTSA,Council,Police & govt depts & agencies.

  4. The other issue that will slow up the progress in most aspects of our life & development in Zambia is corruption which is way too hard to avoid due to poor salaries public service workers get.They should work out a proper minimum wage based on the buying power of our currency,imagine a situation where a Police Officer earns K800,000 per month,he stops a defective car at a roadblock & the driver who looks wealthy offers a bribe of K300,000,what do you except the Officer to do especially when there are no cameras to record what is going on?
    The Public service workers should be well paid so that an ordinary man will be deterred to offer a bribe or for Officers to solicit for bribes.

  5. Amazing stuff. I believe the agency is trying to do a very good job. The general public can work as support staff but the only problem is the process one is subjected to is costly especially in the big bad city, lusaka. The problem is compounded by the fact that the database is only capturing roadworthy vehicles. I would rather capture all, whether its on wheels or pamyala. Like earlier aluded to, involve the big school and the technocrats.

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