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Parents advised to protect their children through education

General News Parents advised to protect their children through education

A Kasama clergyman has advised parents to protect their children from vices by supporting them in their education to enable them grow responsibly.

Kasama Archdiocese Caritas Director Nicholas Kaliminwa says children should be protected and guided in their lives if they are to grow into responsible people in the society.

Fr. Kaliminwa added that Christian children do not conform to Christian lives because they are not guided and spend a lot of time without parental touch like a flock without a Shepard.

He appealed to children to obey their parents who are their earthly gods to provide for them of their needs.

Fr. Kaliminwa said although children are facing a lot of challenges they should still accept guidance from their parents.

He urged the Government to play the role of a good Shepherd to the people of the nation by addressing their needs.

Fr. Kaliminwa also said even if the nation is experiencing the world economic melt down, the Government should strive to direct its resources to resolving people’s burdens.

He called upon Christians to pray for the nation and its leaders to promote continued peace and prosperity of the nation.


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  1. Mwamvela ma parents ka? Lets be serious with these children we keep adding on the face of the earth.

  2. Its a tough world out here without education and children need to know that the minute they are born.

  3. For children to obey their parents, the parents must be trustworthy and reliable in character.

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