Mansa defiler caged 20 years


The High Court sitting in Mansa has sentenced a 42-year old man to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling a six-year old girl.

Before High Court Judge, Muyinda Wanki, was Charles Mboshi of Chiyemfya village in chief Chisunka’s area in Mansa district who was convicted of willfully and unlawfully having canal knowledge of a minor on February 6, 2009 contrary to Section 138 (1) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Facts before the court were that on the fateful day the six-year old girl was on her way to school around 07:00 hours. As she passed Mboshi’s house he called her and asked her to get inside the house.

Mboshi undressed and had sex with the girl who shouted for help and he later pushed her out of the house.

The girl reported the matter to her mother who took the her to the clinic for examination where it was discovered that the child had bruises on her private parts though the hymen was intact.

Mboshi, who pleaded not guilty to the charge of defilement, was arrested on February 8, 2009.

In mitigation Mboshi pleaded for the court’s leniency, saying he was a first offender who did not have a wife and children.

However, the court sentenced him accordingly.

And a 31-year old peasant farmer, Justine Mwewa of Kamuleta village in chief kashiba’s area in Mwense district, was sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labour for indecent assault contrary to Section 137 (1) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Mwewa, who pleaded not guilty to the charge, was arrested on September 24, 2008, for willfully and indecently assaulting a grade one pupil aged 12 on September 22, 2008 in Mwense.

The court heard that the girl knocked off from school and got home around 10:00 hours but later decided to go and visit her father’s brother Pardon Kaunda.

On her way, as she passed behind Mwewa’s house, who stood on the door way of his house, called the girl three times but she refused to go to him.

Mwewa persuaded the girl by telling her that he wanted her to collect fire for him so she agreed to go to him before Mwewa grabbed her by the left arm and pulled her into his house and before she could shout for help the convict closed her mouth with his palm.

Mwewa threw the girl on a pile of clothes and tore the the minor’s pants and undressed himself and put his penis on the virginal area and the thighs where some watery fluid was released.

Mwewa then wiped the thighs of the girl with one of the clothes where the minor lay then the girl was allowed to leave.

The girl later went home and told the mother what had transpired.

The mother reported the matter to Kaunda who took up the matter and reported to the police who later arrested Mwewa.

In mitigation Mwewa pleaded for the court’s leniency, saying he was not married, was living alone and was looking after his aunt’s house and that if sent to prison thieves would break in and steal household goods.

In passing judgment High Court Judge Wanki said that cases of defilement and indecent assault were serious as they involved touching of private parts of victims and should therefore attract stiffer penalties to deter would-be offenders.



  1. Imwe lock these f$#%s for life..what he did is inhuman…he doesnt deserve to be free again…..its this same lenience like that makes people keep on doing stu%id things…There are no such crimes in ARABIA why…because they dont take nonsense……..Only last night i was watching a documentary about how albinos are killed in Tanzania because thier body parts are on demand for practicing witchcraft and so called traditional medicines and the lightness of how the police take this is pathetic…..its a life of an innocent soul we talking about..not an animal..

  2. This is nothing compared to the gravity of the crime.These people are evil.If my daughter, let alone my sister were to be defiled, not even the circus headed by Francis kabonde will deter me from inflicting the exacting retribution.I wonder what goes in their minds when there are women waiting to be married or still if they fear responsiblity.take-ways are always at their disposal.Hang the devil.

  3. Imwe vibene Mboshi na chi Mwewa simumvela, **!@!! fyenu!! Kutumpa uko. Sure, a six year old girl? Thats my daughters age! Am so upset with these lunatics. Mwa be ***@!!@!. May you both rot and die in jail (in That order).

  4. What can he feel from un ripe poor girl. This is witch craft. 20yrs is not enough because he will still be sexually active when he comes out and spoil more babies

  5. “where some watery fluid was released……” very funny LT. But whats happening to these people?? Asila akazi pa zed or bwanji sure imwe? Yaba

  6. we really need proper education in Africa in order to stop this nonsense witchcraft.People want get $ without working hard.what the hell is this really in our continent?I was also shocked when i saw the documentary how albinos are killed in Tanzania and parts of east Africa.They now sleep in one building and don’t go out.what a shame in Africa in general.Those tradition healers sometime should be banned because they’re after the blood of innocent people.Govt should really try 2 offer free education 2 our people.And they’ve 2 make law if anyone doesn’t want 2 go 2 school should join the army.I think that will help future generation.But we need a lot of money 2 do that.
    That man in luapula should be senteced 2 death and his tradition healer should also be jailed 4 20years.

  7. Tonga Bull naiwe siumvela!! Pali nkhani ya defilement apa, thats when you are telling Miss Daisy ati, you are pretty!

  8. These perverts are multiplying by the hour.They are now doing their shameless acts even in broad daylight! If the police can’t keep them away from our children, we shall start mob justice! All these potential defilers must see the movie “The Jury” with Samuel Jackson, based on a true story. That’s how a father feels when his daughter has been defiled!!!

  9. Ba Moze,bushe vintu vilibwino ku Zambia? Accountants stealing with impunnity, evil men defiling innocent girls etc.Whats going on kansi?

  10. The problem we’ve in Zambia is that some so called judges and ministers also believe in witchcraft therefore it’s hard to rule the country when we combine witchcraft and rule of law.I hope these people defiling children should be sentenced 2 death .
    we need 2 change Zambia very fast in order 2 move forward.

  11. Very scary………Every time i hear this my get a shiver..for my daughter, my lovely niece…God help me I can kill such a peson… I am so glad all you people feel as deeply disappointed as i do..We must really do something about this..If i have to form an anti defilement organisation..i so will……….Tonga Bull..hmmm ( ngiabonga)

  12. Miss Daisy & Kadoyo, hi ladies. You both looking good in every way.
    LT your report is too explicit. There are also children accessing this site. They might be disturbed by those pathetic details.

  13. These dogs deserve to have their fimofimos cut off. Just recently it was that story of a man who did fimofimo with a chicken making it to convulse. What wrong with Bembas kanshi?

  14. And somebody did fimo fimo with inkoko…i dont believe it….huh…………………………………………………Nine you doing?

  15. Miss Daisy I’m good…just working too much this week.

    Iwe Themba mind your prejudice, don’t get Bembas started. This is a universal problem. You think the Devil considers your tribe before tempting you?

  16. oops…* It should have read…(Nine Chale), are you saying the devil is to blame for these fo@ls unacceptable behaviour? dont we have a will in us to do only what we chose to ?

  17. My bemba brothers are letting me down manje. Av tried to defend them but awe sure, the stories keep coming. Elo LT iwe, tiuwuze what the watery fluid was that was released. Mwankala too explicit!

  18. What do they mean by saying am the FIRST OFFENDER? can someone help me pliz. as far as i know this kind of inhuman sin has been reported and i think he is a 1000th offender so why should they mitigate the sentence?

  19. Tonga Bull & Kadoyo….what you think about the story on the other thread on ba some of us…………sounds like it was written by Julius

  20. Damn! not single!!
    “Ba Some of us” that story is typical of what is happening to “Ba Supplier” Ba muKitwe!! Iliko bad!!

  21. “by Julius Malema” you made me laugh Miss Daisy. Apparently I read his Nandos puppet was sold very expensively to same bidder.

  22. Yep it was, can you imagine, instead of giving me the $, somebody spends it on a pippet….his so full of ………….nothing?? insulted the DA leader yesterday..iliko bad!

  23. in fact i think that this defilement should be life imprisonement becoz its taking someones life away as well mwe. nway at least better than in USA and other western countries were such pipo normally get less than 10 years, at least the zed judiciary is trying, but maybe the CRC should introduce life for this, then pipo will really think twice before committing in fact i think they should be print these sentences and put them around cities to remind pipo of consequences

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