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Zambia to harvest 1.9 million metric tones of maize for 2008/2009 season

Headlines Zambia to harvest 1.9 million metric tones of maize for 2008/2009...

maizeZambia will this year harvest nearly 1.9 million metric tones of maize produced from the just ended 2008/2009 farming season.

This harvest puts the country on a safe food situation, whose annual human maize consumption is 1.26 million metric tones.

Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister, Brian Chituwo, said the crop forecasting survey for 2008/2009 agricultural season and the food balance status for the 2009/2010 marketing season indicate that the total maize production in the last farming season is estimated to be 1,888,773 metric tones.

Dr Chituwo said at a press briefing in Lusaka today that the food balance sheet shows that the total maize required for human consumption amounts to 1,263,098 metric tones.

He said the country has recorded a maize surplus of 203,271 metric tones from last year’s production, adding that government was ready to review the issue of maize exports.

This maize production represents an increase of 31 per cent compared to the previous season.

Dr. Chituwo stressed that the total maize requirements would take into account government’s strategic reserve stock of 110,000 metric tones for the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

He however disclosed that the percentage contribution to national production by large scale farmers has reduced from 18 per cent during the previous season to 12 per cent in the just ended season.

Dr. Chituwo stated that large scale commercial farmers have achieved an average maize yield rate of 4.8 metric tonnes per hectare while small and medium scale farmers have achieved an average maize yield rate of 1.5 metric tones per hectare.

He has since appealed to the private sector to immediately start participating in the market by purchasing maize from farmers.

The minister also disclosed that the floor price for maize would be announced early next month.



  1. Zambia is capable of producing enough maize to feed the entire SADC region if people had a chance of stopping to listen to people like Father Frank bwalya.He is always fostering laziness.

  2. Quite a big acreage is used for tobacco, cotton and wheat. Cotton and wheat are fine but tobacco……

  3. At least. that maize should not end up being sold to DRC or donated to Zim. Our people need food too

  4. No. 1 stick to issues. Its about maize harvest and not Frank Bwalya. Learn to coment on topical issues. You ar not any different from frank yourself.

  5. This is not good news for frmers s they will sell at a lesser price, to avoid this farmers will end up selling abroad or being cheated by briefcase business guys. On a lighter note maybe donating to zim was not such a bad idea as it opens up more markets for those that can take advantage

  6. Horodugu my friend, your first contribution to the blog just shows how uniformed you are. selling maize to the DRC is not wrong my friend, in fact your country should feel greatfull that there is still a maket for its agricultural products. just look at how fast your potugese speaking neighbours are overtaking you. very soon Angola will be the biggest exporter of food in the SADC and your country’s dependance on copper will only deepen.

  7. while I do appreciate the 30% increase, i’m not satisfied with the results. this is the time our government should invest hevily in agriculture. we shouldn’t be talking about food security in our 43rd year of independence please. agriculture is a multi-billion dollar business. zambia has enough land to produce enough food feed the rest of DRC.

  8. This is just slightly above the maize harvest of the impoversihed Zimbabwe about -1.24 million metric tonnes. Even in economic hardships ZIM has tried to harvest this much almost close to the peaceful rich maize-donor Zambia! after donating to ZIM their total grain harvest will even be more than that for Zam. Keep it up ZIM!! abali serious!!

  9. good observation ba Observa. Zim is a sleeping giant and very soon she will awake. ma zambians ku pwalala ma fontini.

  10. #8 Obzeva, Zimbabwe needs 2.2million tonnes of cereals (incl. millet and sorghum) per year. They have harvested 1.5million. They need to import 0.7m to cover the deficit for this year. How can the 9000t donated to them make them surpass our production for the year? Do some arithmetic dude!

  11. GRZ always anounces that we have a suplus but in november we will start importing maize again . . . I hope RB’s son wont bring in the GMO’s now . . or i hope they haven’t been included in the stats

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