First Lady calls for active involvement of women in develpment programmes

First Lady Thandiwe Banda
First Lady Thandiwe Banda

First Lady, Thandiwe Banda, has called on Women in the country to actively participate in programmes aimed at promoting economic growth and alleviating poverty.

Mrs Banda said women have the potential to contribute meaningfully to the development of key sectors of the economy, such as education and health, hence the need for their active participation in the implementation of programmes.

Mrs Banda was speaking during a fundraising luncheon for the Ministers’ Spouses Club at hotel Intercontinental in Lusaka today.

She challenged women to consider working towards making positive contributions to government efforts of improving the economic livelihood of the people in the country.

She said the Minister’s Spouse club remains committed to empower women in economic viable projects so as to enable them achieve economic independence.

She said the ministers’ spouses club would focus at supporting initiatives that will empower women with skills and tools for their involvement in economic viable projects.

The First Lady said the concept of empowering women with skills and tools would enable communities identify sustainable solutions to economic problems at local levels without relying on handouts.

Mrs. Banda also called on the business community to assist the ministers’ spouses club with its mandate of helping vulnerable people in various parts of the country.



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    who is the minister’s wives club representative ? this club does not do anything anyway….go thandi.

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    Ba Mama Thandie, give these Zambian women proper guidelines as to how they can contribute actively and positively, especially torwards alleviation of poverty . It seems there is no solution to this endless problem. Women have been involved in these issues time memorial.

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    Maybe we should have voted for her rather than her husband. She actually works. What can you say women fight tooth and nail to fend for their families. If more men could have this work ethic Zambia would be in a better place. Truth be told. Lekani Ni belengeko and lead by example to the rest of my kin.

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    Ministers’ spouses club? I wonder who footed bill for the Luncheon at Inters.

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    Madam Thandiwe looks humble ka? Very cool lady! And she is also beautifull bane!

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    Madam Thandi looks humble indeed, although i tend to wonder how she ended up with a man as old as her dad….I think tabomfwa ba mami aba, she tries to put up a humble face, in the name of ukushumfwa!

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    Stripper that is a permanent humble face, olo bakusetinga pa menso na milomo mekako. hahahahahahahaha.

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    Fine but women should stop being each other’s worst enemies always competing against each other even when it is not necessary. They always talk ill about each other Nokupokana ama guy sana.

    If you check the comments on this site, most negative comments will be from fellow women. Ba guy most usually would just be admiring and swallowing saliva.

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    Oh sorry, I forgot that Bakashi baba Presido on the menu. Guys, stop day dreaming before you are in supu. Bazakumangani.

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    ooh well ba thandi, got married to her friends grandfather so ivo va humbleness funyenipo. She is a husband grabber. She is an evil little witch. Abakashi babashikulu bene baya kwi? Please let me know. umwaiche alitemweindalama.

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    No style. no quality, no pride, no respect but ubuchendefye. kuti wayaupamo bashikulu bamunobe sure? anyway now i understand why she wears those faded clothes because bashikulu will not allow her to look attractive for fear of her jumping off with another man. This girl is a slizzy slat. Elo Banda wine ukutikama.

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    Its true women like pulling each other down. Thandie found Rupiah B Banda a Widower and married him. Little did she know that she would one day be a President’s wife. But here you are blaming her for nothing. It was her choice to marry a man much much older than her. Where is your problem? She’s even talking sense and she’s hard working. Why are pipo always negative? God deliver you. Learn to give credit where it is due. God bless Thandiwe that she may continue being a blessing to others.

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