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President Banda orders forensic investigations in some government ministries

Headlines President Banda orders forensic investigations in some government ministries

rbhPresident Rupiah Banda has reiterated that he would not condone any acts of corruption in his government but instead support law enforcement agencies’ investigations on corrupt practices in various ministries.

President Banda has since ordered Secretary to the Cabinet, Joshua Kanganja to cooperate with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and other law enforcement agencies that were undertaking investigations on corrupt practices in the civil service.

He said Dr. Kanganja, who is the head of the civil service in Zambia, should work with the ACC and other anti-corruption agencies as they try to get to the root cause of the alleged corruption in some government ministries.

He expressed sadness that allegations of serious corruption involving huge sums of public funds have persisted despite government efforts to fight the vice.

This is according to the press statement released by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Dickson Jere and made available in Lusaka today.

President Banda said going by the amounts of funds and assets involved, it was clear that most of the alleged corruption cases in government ministries could not have started in the last six months when he was elected as President.

“I want a full report on these allegations. We cannot condone such acts of abuse of public funds,” he said.

President Banda said going by the amounts of funds and assets involved, it was clear that most of the alleged corruption cases in government ministries could not have started in the last six months when he was elected as President.

He has further appealed to all government officials to adhere to the principles of zero tolerance to corruption.

The President has also demanded for a thorough forensic investigation in the mentioned government departments in order to get to the root cause of the allegations.

He has meanwhile asked the investigating agencies to carry out their work in accordance to the law, noting that the alleged perpetrators of corruption should be subjected to the due process of the law while their rights to a free and fair trial should be respected at all times.

Last week, the ACC unearthed a scam in which a former Ministry of Health senior official allegedly got K10 billion though corrupt means.

The agency further uncovered another scam in Eastern province in which a road contractor wanted to defraud government of K925 million.



  1. The problem with Zambia’s leadres is that they dont condone corruption by others and want to investigate them, while leaving out your own immediate families (children and wives) is corruption only meant for others?

  2. We shall wait and see. Certainly that will be so for just a few days and we’ll be back to the same order. How sad.

  3. ha ha ha hah ha h another NATO from RB.pipo as 2011 approaches ,we will be “seeing” more of such orders…AND very LITTLE of action.mark my words!

  4. Forensic fimo fimo nomba lwanya. Either RB has been watching a lot of FBI movies from the states or his presidential seat is hot like pepper. This is what a president does if he wants to shift attention from himself. someone is in real trouble here and RB may be one of them.

  5. Forensic fimo fimo nomba l w a n ya mwebantu. Either RB has been watching a lot of FBI movies while at the lodge or his presidential seat is hot like pepper.
    This is what you do if you want to shift attention. Some individuals are in real trouble here and RB is one of them.

  6. Can someone tell me why among all the defence chiefs who served Chiluba and Mwanawasa, only one, the Most Rev, Lt Gen Ronnie Shikapwasha has not been taken to court for corruption. It stinks because every one knows how corrupt this fella is.. This thing of appointing relatives to posts which they do not qualify is morally wrong and it breeds corruption. It was rife during the reign of Chiluba and then continued in days of Mwanawasa’s new deal and it is rife now.

    Now probing SOME ministries only without first dealing with the current issues beggars belief. Deal with the K10 billion issue now and lock up those thieves… unless of course you are part of the scum….

  7. Yes,thats gud, they need to investigate.There is no way an accounts clerk can build a house in Chalala when his net pay is less than a million p/m.No matter the loans

  8. The whole world is stealing ka. Ku England nako nachiluba ichipompo, ku Health you know ya ya ya Global Reccesion at its best !

  9. Da Dr Maureen awe ku Zambia ngatwayako there will be nothing left. It will be like flying into a bermuda triangle.

  10. Wow! LT i think your title is kind of misleading!!!!!!!!!!!! Ku Zambia takwaendelela like that, bushe?

  11. It is empty talk. We have the auditor general, anti corruption.etc what we are lucking is a complainant . Empower the auditor general to prosecute .

  12. I support RB. The stealing of money at Ministry of health must have started before RB became president

  13. # 3 , you are funny , mwanisekesa kwabasi lelo. Anzanu acita no shibata menso pakunwa manzi..lol

  14. Know what this is beggining to become a bore. Same old cycle. Why does the president always seem to be the most ill informed individual in government at the moment. He is always away tending to needs that are of no great imortance to the nation and when something comes up same old action, order a probe because the corrupt practices have been discovered, then do nothing about as soon as the dust settles. We seriously need an individual who has the foresight to ensure that all these occurances are dealt with to the maximum possibility before they occur. Oh how we miss the late Levy Mwanawasa (M.H.S.R.I.P)

  15. #20: please tell that to president hh. he seems to have come to the sad realisation that if he does not speak everybody forgets that he exists.

  16. Nice effort at window dressing. If the MMD can still claim to be the most popular party despite their performance in elections clearly getting poorer, it is no surprise that they have not been able to notice the billions of Kwacha which have been pocketed by their members. For sure, they need help with Maths.

  17. Corruption in Zambia is now like Aids no cure for it.akwibeni fye,but remember God is watching you.Hope you know that He is a God of justice so you have to be prepared for His wrath.And also remember that the second coming of the Messiah is not to save the sinners but to judge the world.Lwenu baneni mwikalanda ati nshamwebele.

  18. let us push for 50+1% for person to become president. we seriously need it to avoid the ushering into power of people the majority did not want in the presidencial office. atleast then we will be content with our choice be it the right one or the wrong one. we seriously need a referendum for this. anyone in zambia up for the challenge. i will be back just after the zambian winter and we can work through the workings as a team.

  19. flag Rocket Scientist Maestro Hhehhehhehhe - ndeezwa ku-musanza for Zambians in the 2011 tripartite National elections

    wiseman-reborn Check Out w w w DOT lusakatimes DOT com / ? p = 12521 for my response to you following your issue on PERSUASION.Following the news item “He said Dr. Kanganja, who is the head of the civil service in Zambia, should work with the ACC and other anti-corruption agencies as they try to get to the root cause of the alleged corruption in some government ministries“, I am wondering as to whether the President is serious about this statement. The root cause is already known as the DEVIL following the Holy Scriptures with his lies and selfishness – where money is termed the root of evil.

    Whatt President RB Banda must be looking for are varied evidences of corrption having taken place.
    Taking LT blogging to another advanced level.

  20. Point noted Maestro , let me check and make analysis. I am free today. I may sleep and blog and write . Yet ,for now let me check.

  21. Maestro , wars are fought in the bush ,yet truce and agreements are made on a dialogue table .
    WHERE Diplomacy ,tactics and give and take is the norm . Indeed ,the art of persuasion is the overriding factor.

  22. When there is coercion/force to the masses ,they rebel .And when there is persuasion and appeal ,they respond.

  23. A Snake is a Snake , why did I choose my blogging name wise man -reborn ? because I believe am so . Similarly Snake or King Cobra ,Nyama Soya , The brick wall,Maestro the gifted musician, The Political Engineer .Not to mention names, on this blog ,that which is/are depiction of character. . Additions are at liberty………………….

  24. IT does not matter who started what. corruption is evil and need s to be tackled soonest. I think there has been laxit on the part of govt and we need all law reviewed stiffer penalties outlined in public funds. public workers needs to be issued with new manuals on the use and managing funds.
    Banda this being a good observation but you lack focus and consistence. I wouldn’t be suprised if one of your sons is implicated in the fertilizer and GMO’s. cammoooon now!!!

  25. I think RB is taking us for a ride. He and his people have committed so many corrupt acts and wrongs which they have not cleaned up or apologized for. What can make me not think he is trying to shift attention and and be stealing himself on the other dark side?

    If he was serious about fighting corruption, he wasn’t going to structure ZPPA, former ZNTB like that.

  26. The amount of corruption we are witnessing these days shows that officials were not with Mwanawasa, they were just afraid of him. This a tragedy.

  27. Corruption is deep rooted in the civil service.The seeds that were planted in the 90’s have now grown anb blossomed into humongous trees! It has simply become a way of life,rooting out corruption will require political will from the utmost top. Lets hope RB is sincere in his directive to kanganja,let there be no sacred cows.

  28. Dear country men and women, Zambia is going no where with MMD. This is a time to call for a revolution in Zambia. Let us free Zambia from these 1964 guys who are there to destroy it completely. Let us lay aside tribe, let us lay aside education, let’s lay aside egoism and come together to free our great nation Zambia. Let every young Zambian think of a revolution that will change things in Zambia. Angola has gone through revolution and now they now how to use resources well. Next year Angola is holding Africa Cup for the first time. Zambia has failed to hold Africa cup of Nations just because these thieves always steal money meant for it. REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY WAY IN ZAMBIA.

  29. what forensic ?when there’s corruption just in your own house!clean your bedroom and later move out to wipe out the cancer….we need to be serious about these issues !

  30. The sooner investigations begin, the better. Mansions of Chalala and other hidden areas must be exposed. This is the first time in the history of our country that ordinary civil servants are able to own so much wealth. Now we know where it comes from! Culprits must be taken to book immediately

  31. At last after the retreat, the LPM legacy is being seen. The mobile hospitals will cost you your presidency. now we have seen the corpse carriers and not ambulances to avoid corpses. nanshi kanshi abena RB? Preventive measures are better; buy ambulances and you avoid hearses becoz pipo will not die. uhmmmm! i smell a rat


  33. flag Rocket Scientist Maestro Hhehhehhehhe - ndeezwa ku-musanza for Zambians in the 2011 tripartite National elections

    33 wiseman-reborn, noted and thanks. Later.
    Taking LT blogging to another level.

  34. This corruption is simply increasing out poverty levels in the country. with these poverty levels we find that the hiv prevalence levels are not reducing in the country bcoz pipo nid money to survive. the only option available is to go stand on da streets and sale bodies for money.. what do you think the government shud do about the increment of prostitution in the country especially our tourist capital which has the highest hiv prevalence rate as to the Zambia Demographic Survey in 2007?

  35. He will keep quiet and let everything die as soon as he discoveres the major perpetrators are his own relatives, and ministers! And then he will declare victory on the fight against corruption. Standard MMD politics!

  36. What kind of government runs institutions that only wait to be directed what to do by the head of state? Why do these so-called investigative agencies exist if they cannot initiate any investigation on their own without being “directed” to do so by the opresident? Why do we pay for these a.s.s. holes any way? Does this mean these insitutions are there only to serve at the whim of the head of state? What a disgrace!

  37. From 2001 to 2008, Zambia has been ‘led’ by a UNZA educated State Counsel. And since 2008, an Economist has been in charge.

    However, what disheartens me and other Zambians is why these very educated young leaders have failed to device effective tools to curb the rampant theft of money taking place in all ministries. I also fail to understand how they failed to notice the disappearance of huge sums of Kwacha right under their noses at MOH and how they have also failed to figure out that what people desperately need now are diagnostic equipment to prevent death and not Hearses to promote death, and that Mobile Hospitals will not last on Zambias damaged roads which become impassable in the rainy season when Malaria cases rise. Did they really pass Arithmetic at school?

  38. continued
    If these “Educated MMDs” failed in Arithmetic and they are ashamed to admit it, why cant they just ask the students at the three Universities to compete in designing and developing systems to curb rampant thefts in Ministries and optimise resource utilisation. Let them fund the design, development, testing and installation of systems which will help them effectively and efficiently manage resources and develop the country to win themselves more supporters during elections. If implemented such a scheme would also help to improve the cash inflow of Universities and help to support research in other areas of interest to the nation.

    They need to realise that most sophisticated systems in use today are developed by University students who are usually at their prime in…

  39. Its not the system that is weak. Its the collusion that is at work here. The system is alright but theres no respect for it. When people have no sense of belonging to the organisation, when they cant see their future in that organization they tend to find ways and means of gettn their pension when a chance appears. Let us not forget that these civil servants sacrifice alot for the nation. They suffered wage freeze, had their accomodation sold, accountants live in misisi compound, have no acces to house or car loan yet you give them stewardship over billions. Iam not supporting thieving but this is normal and has been the main cause of thieving. Ask KK he gave civil servants a gud deal and we never heard of such thefts.

  40. To be very honesty. To blame this Kapoko is a very big mistake when all of us know little about him, all we have come to learn is his masterminding of the 10b kwacha saga at the ministry of health. The Question is, how did this Kapoko manage to syphone all this colosal amount of bucks from the government account without the involvement of the controlling officer who is the PS (Then Dr. Miti)? where is the chief accountant and accountants in this matter? Mind you, this Kapoko is just a HR Manager who has no direct access to the so called funds. Another thing that must be noted is that, Is there any substancial evidence as to exact source of funds or the ACC just valued this mans assets and assumed it all came from the government. They should also try and investigate if there are any other s

  41. The ACC just valued this mans assets and assumed it all came from the government. They should also try and investigate if there are any other sources of funds rather than making assumptions that the man that this Kapoko has came from government accounts. Many government officers and ministers have so much money which has no proper source why don’t they get investigated aswell. From 10b kwacha that this kapoko is alleged to have stollen has used his brains to invest it in Zambia and hass empployed a workforce of over 30 peolpe who always get paid every month without fail. Go to his lodge in Roma and check the business’s records.

  42. I want to believe that if the money was to be in hands of the corrupt government ministers and senior officers, they would quickly take it out of the country totally to their benefit. Please reason with your innermost thoughts and make sense out of this my writting. I am not in support of this mans actions, but check our leaders, they are worse than this Kapoko. Prove to me any man who has a clean record amongst thos who are in the government now. Starting from the President himself. why was he fired all the time in the Kaunda regime. All are corrupt and very few would in Zambia for others to benefit from the same stolen money. Think twice and find this man with a case to answer and then let the law do its duty. But do not twist the law to and find him guity unfairly.

  43. The problem in zambia is that we ve never had a president whose had an ambition to be a president. All the guys who ve ruled this country are just chancers. What do you expect fro RB who was busy growing chibwabwa and today he is told you are a president? Honestly i m not expecting much!!!!!

  44. mmmmm Ba kateka, I dont think thats enough, mere talking. Fire some people the way KK used to do it then wee will know that we have a no nonse president. Twameshiba abantu ?

  45. We need to see President Banda show equal energy and attention to RP Capital SCAM and Dora Seliya alledged Corruption where President Banda’s son is involved. We need a forensic audit into that scam if the president is not hiding anything and serious enough about corruption. Now that Kapoko as we hear from TETA Mashimba is related to SATA is involved, Banda sounds more serous than ever about corruption. surprising enough, the auditor generals’ report only mentions K500m out of the K27bn as paid to Kapoko’s Lodge and apparently ministry officials attended workshops there. May be the lodge should have refused business because its CEO had worked for the ministry before. Nonsense! This is Banda’s ploy to weaken those arround SATA before 2011. Kapoko is not just a Cival servant, he is a…

  46. Kanganja himself is very corrupt, what cooperation can her give to the ACC? tHEY SHOULD JUST ARREST THE NYAMAZAI AND THROW HIM INTO cHIMBOKAILA.

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