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When secrets can not be hidden Part 2


By Indi

continued from part 1
I never gave them the details of what he did to me, but when I got home, I was whipped by my aunt so badly that I swore on everything in my life never to repeat this story or even hint at it. She accused me of trying to wreck her home, reputation and called me lots of ugly names. Names that would soon become a part of me. She told me, I was useless, ugly and a home wrecker.[quote]

Right after the funeral Aunt had to travel to London, we had to look after our baby cousin. Uncle heard about my incident at the funeral, and he pulled me by the hair out of the house and drove me to his friends house. I was so shaken that I thought he would beat me up, but it turned out I would be in a porno movie and I was the leading actress. I had never felt so dirty in my life but I never wanted him to kill me or my sister like he said he would. His friends enjoyed taking turns at me too. I had to oblige, I was being made into a woman and I belonged to him.

When we drove back to the mansion, my sister was so scared and came to my bed and we cried together. I prayed every night that he or his friends would stop these “woman” lessons because I just wanted to be a girl. It hurt so bad to be a grown up. I prayed to God that I would even stop playing those grown up games, like putting lemons in my chest pretending they were my breasts or wearing my aunts shoes because I was now happy to be a girl. But for some reason the answer never came. Where was my God? I went to church and tried hard not to sin. I just wanted God to save me and my sister from being killed.

When we finally went home that August, I was so happy but then I became afraid of all men in my life including my own father and brothers. I never wanted to play and hid behind house chores and reading.

The remaining year, we stayed with my parents and I started to feel normal again, but then my aunt came to collect us just before my ninth birthday to return to the Copperbelt. I thought my uncle had told her to come and kill us …that when it was time for us to leave, I went into the car without looking back at my family and falling back into my abuser´s hands. Many months went by and the abuse got worse but I accepted it as a part of my life. I was beaten and tied down if I refused but fear had the best of me.

The Mine school we attended was the best and I made friends and enemies. I soon became the school bully but my grades saved me from being expelled. Uncle at the time was busy campaigning and had eventually won. We had to move to Lusaka Province but my parents wanted us home at the end of the school year. During our relocation, we were robbed at gun point. The robbers rounded us up and raped us one at a time. I just thought this was it, my life took a turn for the worst. I lost all self esteem and walked with my head down. My school grades suffered.

My whole experience with my trusted Guardian would leave me scarred inside. I was lucky I never ended up pregnant but I took with me very broken emotions. When I went into Secondary school (back to living with my parents), I was without any esteem and I was no longer the bully but I was teased and bullied almost all through my secondary school. I never understood why God created me and began to believe that I was born to be used by men. Most pupils in my class had dreams and goals that they wanted to achieve after school, I just wanted to die. I would cry buckets when I heard someone had died, not because I was sad for them, but I was sad that it was not me that had died.

Because my grades in school were so bad, my teachers called me many names that I was by then so used to. I took pleasure in being punished.

Just before I left school, a schoolmate had committed suicide because a teacher at the school had sexually molested her. Our small town had their different opinions about what had happened and as I heard their analysis, it was like almost everyone seemed to blame her and not her Molester. In my heart, I was glad I never told anyone about what had happened to me.

I had heard how she had taken a number of medications and killed herself. I thought that if I got the same number and more, I would successfully manage to end my life. But all I got that night after taking 71 tablets was a running tummy and severe vomiting. But this was not my only attempt at suicide. I tried many times but nothing worked for me.

As I went to college, I started to church hop, in the event that I would find this God that maybe knew I existed and would explain to me why I was on earth. I went to every prophetic gathering, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian and still the emptiness followed. I had friends but they condemned my trips to all these worship places and they did not share my views on a lot of things. So I never shared my story. I opened up a business, but found that the same friends that I entrusted, would use me and act against me. But at that time, I could never see the difference. I was born to be used was all I knew. I hated my mother for giving birth to me, I hated being called a daughter and I hated hearing that God was love.

During the time that I church hopped, I met a man. He was 50 years of age, had been divorced with children and looking for a wife. I was 27 at the time and as I got to know him, I thought he must be the perfect one for me. Our first three months together were Heaven on Earth. He treated me so special and I thought for once I had met a man that did not hit me or make me do things that I did not want.

Or so I thought, after all he was on the church committee. We began to plan for our wedding, which he wanted done in the shortest quickest time possible. As things progressed, our relationship became one of control, he used my past to put me down in our arguments, he reminded me how cheap and useless I was without him, he made sure I slowly began to isolate myself from my family and friends. He would make plans without telling me, misuse money without letting me know and I dared not ask. I was easy prey for him because I had no esteem and I thought as long as he never hit me, I was safe.

But a few weeks before our wedding, I walked out on him.

Five years later, I married someone else. It was not long into a marriage that he noticed that I was holding back from him and I never shared my past with him for fear that he would use it against me. It was not long into our marriage that I began to withdraw from his love and advances. I became rigid and I made every excuse to escape his presence. But he never pushed me and later asked me to talk to a counselor. After many months of hesitating, I finally agreed to go. It was during this time that I began to get help for my broken past that was haunting and controlling my present.

I never had a childhood. My past had taken from me a lot of myself. My relation to God had been hurt by what I had experienced. I am now learning at the age of 34 to take control of who I am, seeing God as not an abuser. I grew up believing it was my fault that I was sexually abused and raped. I believed death was my only solution. Even though I go for counseling almost every week, I still have to take those baby steps to healing.

But I think of many women and men out there that have no voice. I think of how they have to live with the lies of not knowing who they are. I was told there was no way out.

What about the children that are raped, abused and hurt, are they given a chance to get a counselor for life? Statistics show that one in every three that are abused will abuse someone else. How are the schools, churches, media, our families helping with this issue? When and to whom can we tell about our abuse?

to be continued


  1. Let me see part 2, i really hope some justice will be done..and those that thought its just a story on part one..dont COMMENT!

  2. It reminds me of a story of a girl who was being raped by her mother’s boy friend and when the mother came to know about this, she blamed the child for being raped by her boy friend. love makes women blind such that they prefer to continue loving and protect the molester than protecting the innocent girls.

  3. This story is fiction, though the thing told here really happen. Let us put laws to castrate the victims plz

  4. this whole story is totally shocking.Going by calculations this happened somewhere around 1982- 1985ish.What men do not realise is they destroy a girls/womans life for good.Its interesting to note that men are the ones saying the story is false.(part1) I wonder if they are abusers themselves. Fathers brothers protect your daughters and sisters.Leaders, law enforcement agencies please help the vulnerable women and children.Arrest these men, castrate them if possible.These stories are common in the west I’m just suprised that abuse was happening right under our noses in Zambia- copperbelt. And to be attacked by thieves also oh my God thats too much!

  5. is that it? no arrests or names mentioned..if justice is not done i dont see reason behind sharing the story….sharing it with the therapists is all you need. If you can not have your uncle and his friends including your aunt arrested then honestly i dont see any healing coming in your life…..and how can normal people make a porno with a 7 year old…..something is not write ..are you sue you were living with people or animals and why were u going could have just said you not going back at some point?? or was the trust school more important?… I am disappointed

  6. This is 100% fiction, things just don’t add up. Elderly men gangbanging an 8yr old girl in zambia?? This can’t just be possible, its only in the west were such lunatics are found. And if this story was true, the author could have told this story to the police by now. You have courage to publish this story, but no courage to report to police?

  7. what about the stupid uncle? am sure at a certain point as you grew up you could have realised that actually your uncle would not have killed you and your sister, couldnt you have reported him to the police? I think he still deserves to be behind bars.

  8. # Cece, we men on this blog are saying this is fiction because we are not capable of doing such a thing. I am looking after my nieces 13-17 yrs old and I am 29 yrs and single. I don’t just see how i can do such a thing. if this man was doing it for juju, maybe we can understand.

  9. the story is so sad. what worries is the first date of this woman was nocious. why did she have to go for a 50 plus year old man in the first place? part one sounded so really but the second part i guess has a lot to question about. I am a man and what cece has said is sad coz not everyone man is like that. There are men who are more than what women think and women can find this men by searching. easy and simple.

  10. in as much as it couls be fiction, our men are capable of doing strange things in these homes we live in. They have sex with maids, in-laws and who knows, this one decided to have it with his niece. Some men are sick in there heads. To them anything female is for the taking, including dogs, chickens, name it

  11. Guys not everything that gritters is gold. This story is not real believe you me. It is touching but not real. Dont believe in everything you hear, learn to analyse things first.

  12. #8 observer what the difference between this story and this one
    will you only believe when the bastard is caught? A child believes lies told to them especially girls/women who are emotional beings. BTW Could you freely discuss sex with your parents?
    #10 Fashion police this girl was sent by her parents to live with a rich uncle in the copperbelt.who ended up sexually abusing her.He threatened to kill her if she ever told.When he raped her one day the wife asked what happened coz the girls clothes had blood.The uncle said oh its periods.when some relatives told this wife about the girl saying uncle was going to her room at night .The aunt whipped her.etc

  13. Reading about abuse is not easy. I was a victim myself but like this author, I never told a soul. Our traditions and cultures hinder us from seeing the truth. We believe it is only a western thing. But think about it, what would you do if you were abused? I read the comments from some of the people and I understand why justice will never prevail. Only a mother and one that has been there will understand the same we women face and feel. I hold my head down that we are all not looking for solutions and better ways for our children to tell us before and after such a thing happens. And we are all too busy ignoring that it is going on. shame on all of us.

  14. Such things happen but i think this story has been spiced too much that ive even stopped feeling sorry.Uleangala na gang raping iwe ai?


  16. Rashid Jones, what makes you think this story is unreal?? why do you think it is against men? where you there or was it you that wrote this story????
    This girl or lady is sharing her experience, put yourself there. You probaly have no sisters and children to think it is possible. you have always had a great life that is why you are so braggy. I wish you the same fate this woman had

  17. A horny woman tells a new hook after carnal knowledge: “Darling, you have a very small guitar.”

    A seemingly tired man answered: ” I didnt know I was supposed to perform at City Hall”

  18. I believe this lady’s story. But also I would have loved to know what has happened to the uncle and his wife. Have they just gone scot free?
    Advise to the lady; live your life to the full. i believe the counselling you are taking will help you come out of that cacoon you been almost all your life. Leave vengence to the Lord as it belongs to him. I wish you happiness in your marriage and hopefully your hubby will stick by your side and understand what you’ve gone through. God bless you.

  19. Was waiting for part 2. Now who is this uncle of yours, is he alive or dead. He must be some big known man according to some parts. Nachi aunt chobe cabakwi. I think you took too long to come out. Anyway sorry mwee. Too, too sad.

  20. #13 Sharp Sorry not all men are animals I know. Its just upsetting that the men in the blog are in the forefront saying the story is untrue.sin is ugly and no-one wants to see it as it is.As I said earlier its easier to say its fiction than believe there is such evil in the world.Abused people have such low self esteem that they usually attract abusive men to their lives.I’ve always wondered why such people are never castrated -its because our leaders are men and they wouldn’t do it to their fellow men,never mind that the woman is destroyed forever. Let the evil men continue”enjoying” their evil deeds right?

  21. Why Why why, so many questions without answers. Abused from 5 years till death do you part. Pipo are cruel. You are lucky there was no HIV/AIDS then. God deal with this uncle of an animal. Ladies guard your children. The chi aunt is also mad. She planted a seed which her children will suffer from. Lord have mercy….

  22. LT i am sure u are doing this to make us aware that abuse is real and it happens but part 2 of the story seems….katwishi. nway i guess the point put accross is that pipo should open their eyes because such abuse goes on everywhere

  23. The same thing happened to my two nieces. Such things are very real. I feel for victims of such vices. The pain is too enormous.

  24. It happened to me once and tell you what, I had to go through counselling for me to be where am today and i know how this lady feels. Up to now i cant find a man i can trust.

  25. The time it started the youngest was about 8 and it went on till she was 15 and even caught the HIV virus and STI in the processes. The kapondo bribed the police and is walking freely.

  26. This woman went through so much hell on earth that it all sounds exagerrated. I only hope she finds some peace of mind/heart some day. What she now needs is true love and affection to cover up her broken hopes and dreams.

  27. Lets not foget that there are monters out there who can even hurt babies, rape them. Whether this story is fiction or not is not the point, You here of gangs of old men and women raping kids and filming their dids, do nt be naive.

  28. Nine chale, break it down for me ma man, this cece and friends are not willing! my eyes are too tired to read on and cant wait till tomorrow!

  29. fashion police check #16 i thought i broke it down for you! oh boy this LT thing is addictive I haven’t been able to shut down my computer! I keep coming back! ok I’m out for the day.Let me know when they arrest this rich uncle.

  30. This is rather sad and these things do happen in zed. The only problem we have is that these gals, women and children have no one to go to, so that their stories can be heard. These victims need out help. We shud start counselling centres for these pipo , they need to know that there is someone out there who will not reject them, but will try with God’s help, to help them heal. These things happen and most pipo will rather keep it a secret than share and sometimes even the adults who are tld blame the children.

  31. i am well read. any kind of reading, you name it. this story has more twists and turns than a james peterson book. go figure!

  32. #37. Let them just make LT chargeable like The Post, then you will stop your LT addiction …
    concerning the story, it is shocking to me and there are some incidents i fail to understand. i think we have very weak sexual laws. yes we don’t allow pornography but i think these molesters are easily getting away with it. i think an adult person who rapes a kid with his 5 senses on ought to be given less than life itself … that’s what i would call justice. i am a strong believer but i think we carry accountability for the actions we do hence the punishment!

  33. The horrors that go on behind closed doors needs to be revealed. If you are the victim of abuse speak out against your abuser! Of couse it is hard when you are a child to do that, but as an adult, gather some TRUE friends or family and SPEAK OUT!! There are thousands of you who have been abused…but the Police must hold these evil people accountable for their actions. Mother’s protect your sons and daughters. It happens to both girls and boys and emotionally scars them for life. Not only does it cause unwanted pregnancy, HIV, STD, and physical damage. It smothers “who they could become” as an adult. The shame that is cast on the victim instead of the abuser is totally wrong. Those who don’t believe this story of this woman sound like they side with the ABUSERS!

  34. #36 Fashion Police, there’s really no need to know all the details. It is enough when you read part 1…we are all naturally angry with an uncle, who instead of protecting his niece subjected her to such unspeakable cruelties.

  35. If this is true then where was God? Or is that that this nonsense called God is a figment of peoples imaginations to escape reality?

  36. These things do happen , the same reason why these paedophiles do these things is because nobody will believe such. I am not surprised in the least because I have verified worser stories than this from the least unlikely of characters. Theres nothing more to do than report this man to relevant authorities. The authorities might react like LT bloggers and treat this like it’s nothing but make sure you have evidence in the form of a recorded conversation.

  37. The story is over-spiced,over-horrified…….too horrible to be true……..and also its too long.FAKE FAKE FAKE……

  38. Expose these *****s, and have them jailed. Unfortunately our law is not putting emphasis on such issues. These people are sick. Some of them are infected with HIV and they are denying these children their childhood, someone needs to speak out and stop this BS of thinking you will be healed by raping a child. Some have been jailed for just about 1 year and they ra e back on the streets. That is the weakest law i could ever think of. These monsters need to be behind bars for a good period of time. Its time these matters where taken seriously, the victims carry these emotions and it just destorys them. Its not fair and none needs to be broken emotionally. Justice should rule expose these people, and move to an orphanage or talk to your MPs

  39. It is annoying to read because it does not add up, i cannot sympathize because i feel it is fake….sorry guys..

  40. # 45 I am just praying for you that you meet God. Guys these things are happening everywhere, the good thing in Africa most of us live in communities why we start Isaka and discuss such things in the open and protect our families?

    In the west, it is bad because the abusers and the victims have no one to turn to except the police and local authorities that sometime are not able to help.

  41. If you find it hard to accept such stories it’s because you have been shielding yourself from the cries of the poor all your life. Just because your life is rosey you assume everyone else’s is. You should volunteer at some of the orphanages in zambia and interact with the children and find out what the have been through. Some of those same street kids and young prostitutes had a very hard start in life and have been abused by their family members. If the story doesn’t arouse your anger to do something or concern you let it be, who knows one day a rude shock may await you. the story highlights a wider problem it’s not there to conjure up your sympathy


  43. #52. shalapungu banton. true these things happen but this one is a farce. all this person did was pick upall the abused girls’ stories and told them in one shot. and it is very poorly done. stop insulting our intelligence please.

  44. #52 your words are true as is the writer of this story. Don’t believe it? Then go to speak to children at schools & orphanages in Zambia. See with your own eyes the majority of children there having been abused, tortured or mutilated. Look into their eyes, the children who carry the HIV virus because an adult male believed by having sex with them they would become rich or be cured of their own disease. Or those children forced to work prostitution to provide their parents money. There are thousands, not just in Zambia, but all over Africa and other countries. NO ONE speaks OUT for these children. The writer does not have to be a professional journalist, just a victim telling a condensed story her trauma. She deserves respect after what she’s been through. SILENCE IS ACCEPTANCE!

  45. Indi, Stay strong, you’re in a boat with many, some remain in a shell and cry quietly, people like you liberate them in knowing that they are not alone. There are thousands of children that are sexually abused and noone wants to listen, a perfect example is the grade 4 pupils getting pregnant in the southern province. I feel so bad that such horrible things happened to you. The consolation is that you didn’t know, you were young and you didn’t know, you couldn’t trust anyone, the ones you trusted ended up hurting you with stupid accusations. For the bloggers that think this is a joke; Shame on you. These type of abuses happen to too many young girls and i hope to god that oneday a helpless, hopeless child will be enpowered with ways to report these sick dirty dogs..

  46. Oh my heart is breaking after reading this story!! I like most cannot even fathom the horror that some people go through. Especially little children. So innocent and trusting. I am thankful for the therapy she is receiving. I am also praying for her. The true healer knows and sees and will heal!

  47. Fiction! Fiction!! Its like a folktale. Imaginary story!! If the author had raised the age of the abused girl to teens, it could have made much sense. The story is misleading. It does not add up.

    The gist of the story or the message that the atrhor is trying to convey is that men in Zambia generally have no morals. They cant control their feelings to the extent that they can even pipe 7 year olds!! I find this degrading!! What if it was the other way around, a 7 year old boy and a lady in the 20s or 30s!! Degrading for women too. These bizzare street kids turned authors, after rehabilitation, are hard core and see the world differently.

  48. Things happen all over the world. Whether this happen or not this need to be a wake up call for someone. Children do not ask to be born so we need to do all we can to be sure they are safe. If we make ourself available to children they will not be afraid to talk to us. Everyone need to tio feel safe so love your children talk to them so they will feel free to talk to you about anything. If you don’t have anything children love someone else child. Become a mentor

  49. It’s amazing to see the percentage of Zambians who are living in denial, no wonder people cannot open up and talk about such things because it’s very hard to find people who will believe them and yet we hear reports of child defilment in the paper on a constant basis and Zambians should be alarmed. Have you even bothered to find out about the stories behind those cases that have been exposed in the newspapers. How can children open up if this is the kind of attitude majority of Zambians have, i guess some of you who are denying if your children opened up you would end up beating them.May the Lord expose all child molesters whether rich, poor, educated or uneducated and if there are some of you on this blog ,the Lord will expose you for the misery you have caused in the innocent…

  50. children’s life, remember children are precious before the Lord and he will expose you.You can hide from men, law enforcement but never from God.Repent and turn yourself to the police.

  51. A law needs to be passed to sensitize the public of this crime, symptoms they should look for in molesters and the molested. Sensitization to the young children should also be included in the school curriculum ,church programs,traditional programs and other social activities. God bless Zambia.

  52. I am saddend by some of the comments of the women that are also victims.. stop hiding a closet and do something about it..form an NGO or something.. there needs to be a stop to this inhumanity and cruelity….we need to come up with one very cruel sentence for all offenders and SERIOUSLY, men that are capable of doing such things do not deserve thier D!C#$

  53. I am saddened by all those who are saying the story is fake. My nieces went thru this, for them it wasn’t one man but an aunt would bring in big men to sleep with them in exchange for money. Such things happen people, open your eyes to reality. Thanks God if if haven’t had such incidences in your family.

  54. Dear Editor
    I think I know the person that wrote this… If I am correct then, I am one of the people that knew this girl and knew what was going on and turned a blind eye because I was afraid to do something about it. I did not want my name tarnished or to kalubula. I have prayed and hoped that somethings good happened to this girl and I have tried for years to contact …………. Please help me get her contact to say sorry.

  55. #7 for one to heal it is not a requirement that the perps be arrested…I read a story about a woman who’s daughter was murdered by a stranger and for years she harboured anger and was happy for the guy to be executed however she still felt empty and only when she truly forgave this guy did she find peace. When she talked to him she found that he himself had had a hard life and the night he had killed this woman’s daughter it had been a moment of weakness that promised to change his life forever.

    Many women and children have been abused in many forms and just about 2 weeks ago a young lady was battered by her husband and she died, it’s high time we gave support to those who have been through this rather than saying this story is fake how do…

  56. you expect those who have been abused to speak up when they will be ostracised by society even more than the perp. Some of you should just keep quiet if you have nothing constructive to say…we will respect you more if you keep quiet when you should.

  57. 73..I hear you… And i surely agree but i feel some people really, forgiveness wont do it.. being r@ped repeatedly, kicked in the tummy and at the back..then r@ped and u bleed like crazy…then r@ped again and again every night..then taken to friends to be r@ped some more and this time film it and you talking about forgiveness?? come on..lets put ourselves in her shoes..the first part of healing is talkng about it which she has done..the second part should be arrests and perhaps they should either be c@strated or raped by all prisnoners….then she can forgive him and be healed..the man deserved to go through some pain for destroying her childhood like that

  58. 73..I hear you… And i surely agree but i feel some people really, forgiveness wont do it.. being r@ped repeatedly, kicked in the tummy and at the back..then r@ped and u bleed like crazy…then r@ped again and again every night..then taken to friends to be r@ped some more and this time film it and you talking about just forgiveness to bring healing??

  59. E bwafya fwe ma Zed pipo. No. 5 you started it, how can you say this story is fake, do u know what goes on in these houses, I am sure she was gang raped also, because when bad things happen to you, bad things follow you. This is the reason why she was questioning, if there was a God. She went out with a 50yr old because she thought an older man would protect her from her abuser or something of the like.
    Kuno ku vwaloz they have started believing the victim, and no matter how long the abuse took place they are bringing them to books.
    This is very true. I do believe you sister, but please find courage, name and shame the evil man, even if he is dead. He does not deserve to be protected. If he is still alive he needs to be put in jail, who knows maybe he is still abusing his own dotaz

  60. To believe this or not is is neither here nor there. Fact remainz that there iz a lot of such thingz (real or imagined )happening around us. Who wud imagine the Australian father/daughter/(grand)children/brothers/sisters’ story in the bunker?

  61. Doubters, would you believe this story?!!!

    AMSTETTEN, Austria (CNN) — “Three children freed from a cellar in which their mother had been imprisoned and raped by her own father for 24 years had never seen daylight, police in Austria have confirmed. Police spokesman Franz Polzer told CNN that 73-year-old Josef Fritzl admitted holding his daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, hostage in the windowless cell and fathering seven children by her. “The mother had memories [of the outside world] and got used to the situation,” Polzer told a press conference Monday afternoon….”
    Go to cnn and read the story for yourselves. Unbelievable horrors do happen, folks!!Edited

  62. hearing stories like this makes me sick, men like him exist in zambia for those who seem to think this is a false story just because we dont hear of it doesnt make it fiction, and it is about time we start protecting our children…..i know of a worse story that happened to a 4 year old girl abused by her own father.its madness and these men need to be punished for it. iam glad for this woman that she is getting help now but she needs to have him and his friends prosecuted, they shouldnt get away with it who knows if he hasnt done it to other children.

  63. For you that don’t have compassion God have mercy on you, Sometimes God allow you to experience what others are going through for you not to pass judgement. Just because they don’t walk around with a sign saying I have been abused don’t mean it don’t happen. There are some hittious stories out there.


  64. #75 Jesus was whipped, insulted, spat on rejected and all sorts of things but he still forgave…Stephen was also stoned but he still forgave the people who did that to him…nowhere in the bible does it say you should forgive someone after they are arrested…I know it is difficult to do but it can be done and besides two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I know these people should be answerable for what they do but if she waits for these people to be charged and arrested her life will be stagnat and who know’s this man may even be dead.

  65. I have waited 45 years to fully tell. From about age seven until I was ten my brother sexually abused me. In one instance he brought two of our male cousins into it. The three of them sexually assaulted me at the same time. There was no one to tell and I knew that no one would believe me so I have stayed quiet all of these years. I married an abusive man and suffered through twenty-one years of marital sexual abuse and rape. I tried to talk about this after I divorced him and his family convinced my children that I was crazy. I am not crazy Thank you Lusaka times for this forum

  66. Only someone who has never had to go through this can say its fake.I went through a similar ordeal but mine involved my grandfather and uncle.I was almost the same age.The only difference is that they only molested me and never got to the stage of raping me.I sympathize with the lady because had i not had a strong morally right grand mother i would have never had the guts to say what was going on.Firstly people must understand that as a child,you look up to these people and when it starts you think its normal because you are told to obey our elders.At that age you can never imagine that the people you trust can hurt you that badly.It later moves from thinking its normal to fear because they use threats against you.They know your weak points.

  67. and they use those against you.In my case my grandmother exposed my grandfather and that was the end of their marriage.I was devastated because they were my parents and i did not want them to break up.It took a lot of counseling from my grandmother to make me realize that it was not my fault because he should have been protecting me and not abusing me.Its not easy to forget and it takes a long time to trust .

  68. God is good all the time,i pray for your peace, joy, grace of God upon your life. God will never live you  alone my sis.

  69. Those that think this story is fake should wake up and take a walk to any of the magistrate courts and hear about the defilement that is going on. You have to have experienced being sexually abused to understand what it can do to you especially when it starts at such a tender age. This makes sad reading, really. I wish the author allt he best in her path to recovery.

  70. I have one simple question – has this matter been reported to the police? This is not just a mere story; it is a matter of prolonged and institutionalized child abuse which that or any other monster engaging in similar acts should not be allowed to get away with.

  71. If anyone comes across any evidence on this matter, please do not hesitate call 911. This uncle should be caged and the key thrown away the Zambezi river. You can even call me at 0977988876 am more than willing to hunt down this molester.

  72. touching story, such people who robe children of their innocence should be sought out and brought to book. We need to protect our children against such injustices at all costs.

  73. I remember the lady on Ready for Marriage who had a similar story. She she reported that Her uncle who was keeping her had raped her the Aunty was more concerned about keeping her family home and beat her up some more and gave her back to the same man for another round as a punishment for speaking out. Now how does a child who has been threatened speak out? I pray to God that these men get what they deserve and that man who wrote in with his apology can take that to the God he serves because he is equally and animal for participating in the rape of a child.

  74. Can’t believe all the people going on about how “this is not true”, stop being naive, there are a lot of sick people muchalo. Some highly respected individuals within our own society are pretty twisted, they do vile things. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  75. Observer, I am a decent person who would never do this but it does mean that other people do not do it, and yes in Zambia. Open your eyes to reality otherwise you will find your your daughter being raped in your own house. It nearly happened to my daughter and the day we discovered she was being molested (inappropriate touching and sitting on laps) was one of the west in my life. Luckily enough my daughter was good a drawing and somehow she managed to communicate to her mother that way. I can only imagine my nephew was showing her ‘bad’ pictures. I remember driving to the hospital with my legs shaking. At the hospital, I kept pacing up and down the corridors like a mad man while my daughter was being examined. It was not in the moving, it was me experiencing this anxieties I only see in

  76. It is a very sad story indeed. I would love to know hu this man is and he must be taken to VSU of if possible let the ones incharge follow is up. one must b tought a lesson for his bad doings

  77. Very sad story. Now that the lady is going thru counselling & healing, part of the healing process would be to officially report the abuser to the authorities. Doing this, would deter “would be molesters” and remove the tag that this is a FAKE story. Open up my dear lady. You don’t know how many innocent lives you ‘ll save. God bless!!

  78. Very sad reading indeed. Please reveal his real name. Besides, he must have been or still MP. We want to know him please, please

  79. Sad to read but I have read worse story than this…where the boy was not only sexually abused but was made to drink period blood and human flesh…. am glad to hear she understood God was not to blame…perseverance is a virtual…. problems build us make us stronger if only we know that God will never let us handle what we can’t manage.

  80. This is a fictional and fake fake fake fake fake story. I. Wasted my time reading this rubbish. Stop distorting the stardared of our country by writing this crip. It has happens but not in this way. This story is so twisted.

  81. i feel for you; men can cruel sometimes. us who are good to our wives are the ones who being mistreated. maybe bana tudwesi ba koswe!!! or malinso

  82. Terrible and the culprit is still alive isn’t he? If he is alive please do something and report the case. I think medical examination can still help? someone who was raped repeatedly at such a young age or will the law say there is not enough evidence to arrest the bastard? so many questions…….but all in all what a bad experience.

  83. May the God of Israel, the God of the fatherless, the God of orphans and the Husband to the widow be your help. May he cause the light to shine on you and watch over you! What happened to you in the past is not your fault but Satan’s. He comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. I pray that God may grant you peace in the midst of the storm. Your latter years will be better than the former years. Just hold on to God’s unchanging hand and love. You are a winner!

  84. i understand those of you saying ati kashimi fye, you are just being humans, we differ from character to character, you are probably the ignorant ones,if you guys never existed, Noah’s arch would have sunk coz every1 else would have goten on it! we all sprang from apes but it seems you and the rapist didnt sprang that far! its so sad the society gat lots of you. providing this story was true( and true it is) and it happened to 1 of your blood? would it be a fantasy you think it is today! stop murstabating to this, the least you can do is show you got a heart somewhere on that useless frame of yours and feel sorry 4 her!

  85. Those who do evil shall surely be punished.  It does not matter how long it takes.  This uncle thinks he got away with his evil ways, but his punishment shall surely come.   The Penn State Assistant Coach who raped young boys many years ago has finally met his punishment.  This uncle is already going through hell with the court of public opinion as seen from all these comments.  Very soon, the court system will catch up with him.  Having said that, I still do not understand why it took this lady soooooo long to speak up.  

  86. This story has been sensationalised,Some of the details are too accurate for a five year old to remember.The article lacks facts & is inconsistent if you ask me, which brings me to condemn such irresponsible journalism by the lusakatimes.Publishing this type of sensationalism is pushing an agenda promoting mob type of justice for the people accused of such crimes.
    There is a danger of women & girls actually abusing the ‘i got raped/abused’ to get innocent men behind bars like what happened to me.
    I offended 13yr old girl & called her a foreigner so to get back at me she  accused me of abusing her sexually.This caused me alot of heartache & of course by the time the truth came out the damage had already been done.

  87. Its not that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in Zambia,but this story has clearly been sensationalised & all the morons who keep saying this is genuine are just being emotional as usual pazed, its just like the homosexual issue,ma Zambians will cry the usual Christian nation bullshit,but alot of immorality is being done pazed starting from our so called leaders including in the church,& the last time i checked Jesus died for all mankind including the homosexual regardless of how sinful it is.Zambians have become like the Pharisees. Holier than thou & a bunch of hypocrites!

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