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2009/2010 farming season Fertiliser flows in

Economy 2009/2010 farming season Fertiliser flows in

Over 80 thousand metric tonnes of fertiliser has arrived in Zambia for distribution under the Fertiliser Support Programme (FSP) for the 2009/2010 farming season.

Nyiombo Fertiliser Project Manager, Kwazi Ndlamini says 50 thousand metric tonnes of urea fertiliser is already in depots in Zambia.

Mr. Ndlamini said the firm has also received 30 thousand metric tonnes of D compound.

The Nyiombo Fertiliser Project Manager said the fertiliser has already been sent to main receiving points in Kasama, Mkushi, Kapiri Mposhi and Mwinilunga.



  1. This system of importing fataleza has to stop. Why should we keep on importing it when we could just resuscitate NCZ? It really does not make sense because we are just busy promoting foreign companies. It is a well known fact that someone is chewing good out of these imports and so they have decided to kill NCZ in order for them to cash in on these imports. Commerce ministry is a let down and to some extent agriculture ministry through that the no-use FRA.

  2. #1 i support you fully but at least it has come before rain season.Years back it used to come in november, failing to be distributed in december due to impassable roads
    and ended up getting destroyed in january or some chairman aposha.

  3. NCZ is old and dillapidated so importing is cheaper. All we have to ask for is access to loans so that Zambians can build other smaller fertilizer plants. For now, this is a cheaper alternative, everything is now computerised in terms of how you measure fertilizer quantities but NCZ is outdated and the economies of scale dont make sense.

  4. ” NCZ is old and dillapidated so importing is cheaper. ”

    Is it really cheaper? How about the opportunity cost, of not developing a Zambian fertilizer industry? How about the money that does not go to Zambian workers, and does not return to the state as PAYE or isn’t spent by workers in the economy? So the price might be lower, but the cost to society and the economy of importing finished goods can be higher.

    “All we have to ask for is access to loans so that Zambians can build other smaller fertilizer plants.”

    Which Zambians are going to do that? There is a real place in the economy for the state, and that means creating a legal framework that protects parastatals from political interference. If you look at Taiwan, most companies are state owned. The same with China.

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