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Stop partisan politics- Kavindele

Headlines Stop partisan politics- Kavindele

Enoch Kavindele
Enoch Kavindele

Former Republican Vice President, Enoch Kavindele has called on Zambian politicians to desist from undermining each other at the expense of national development.

Mr. Kavindele says politicians should put aside their partisan interests and work together in unity to foster national development.

He said Zambia cannot afford unnecessary political confrontations at the expense of national development.

Mr. Kavindele has also said that there is need to quickly introduce a common African currency as a step towards achieving Africa’s economic intergration.

He said there is also need to put in place a common passport to ease the movement of people within the continent.



  1. Kavindele is a dreamer. Politicians without a vision. In what capacity was he advising on these topics? Where?

  2. How on earth can Africa has a common currency and passport? I have always considered Kavindele a wise man until he made this statement.

  3. His ideas are not as bad as they sound.Common currency and passport is what AU is trying to work on.

  4. I seriously don’t see anything wrong in what Kavindele said…??? Those bloggers opposing his statement, is there something am not understanding about his statement ? Europe has a common currency, so why can’t Africa do the same thing?

  5. I had to take time of my vacation to comment on this one. Hi everyone, the new world order is in the air. We can avoid it as a country though. Repent and seek the Lord. Vote every evil soul out of office aswell, do not listen to Kavindele too.

  6. How can one not be partisan with RB, a man hell bent on self destructing his presidency over a second hand piece of pu**y, Dora? What Kavindele is calling for, it is a “nulliteee”!

  7. I cannot forsee Zambia having the same currency with Gabon, not before those silly monkey charlatans and Ben Katanga Mwila tell us what really happened to our buffalo soldiers on that fateful night off Libraville. I cannot also share the same curreny with Sekuru Mugabe, what if it catches his “sekuru flue” and hyper inflations into the millions? Rwanda too, they are keen on having a skull as thei national symbol in remembrance of their genocidal past, this will frick me out. What of Zaireans who might want Mobutu, “umunthu na munthu kolibongesha”‘s head on the currency, I feel like puking already!

  8. #5 you are right, when pipo start mentioning common currency, passports, then know that shetani is at work and pipo need to wake up and turn to Jesus Christ

  9. No one will avoid the new world order because it is a prophecy. If you are really a true christian just brave for hard times aheard because you will not be able to sell or buy without using this currency.

  10. To all present truth believers, read Ezekiel chapter 9. It must first happen to the people of God before the new world order takes place. What this means is that those of us in Laodicea (remnant Church) should watch and pray because the times are evil. Let him who has an ear ,listen and the one who can read understand.

  11. #6 Shocked,In Africa we still have our own issues to sort out.Tell me,why has EU for a long refused Turkey membership? Ask the Germans and French.The reason is plain simple,they are muslims(97%of turks) and these guys are radicals whose behaviour is not compatible to that of EU as a christian club.As long as Germas and French live,Turkey will never be part of EU.This example is also synonymous to Africa.Take for examle Nigeria.Amongst themselve,they fight just coz one is a christian and the other is a Muslim.Go up north,its all Islam.Black Christians are being killed in Darfur by Al-Bashir and the Muslims are shouting”Allah Akbar(GOs is Great)”.Are these the people we can share our passports and currency?Worst of all,Arabs are the worst racists I have ever encountered.SADC will do.

  12. Should read “Allah Akbar (God is Great)”

    For us SADC can work,Southern Africans have a common Bantu culture and if (I think “when “) we have a common currency,we will move forward economically in long strides. The point is,SADC should be the starting point and then will be deciding who to include after prescribing certain benchmarks to be met and Zambia should have a Veto.

  13. The objectives of the NEW WORLD ORDER are as follows:
    1) Abolition of all ordered governments
    2) Abolition of private property
    3) Abolition of inheritance
    4) Abolition of patriotism
    5) Abolition of the family
    6) Abolition of religion
    7) Creation of a world government
    To those i think this is good idea i wish you all the best.

  14. The objectives of the NEW WORLD ORDER are as follows:
    1) Abolition of all ordered governments
    2) Abolition of private property
    3) Abolition of inheritance
    4) Abolition of patriotism
    5) Abolition of the family
    6) Abolition of religion
    7) Creation of a world government
    To those who think this is good idea i wish you all the best

  15. The ultimate aims of these evil planners is to:

    a).Destroy all small business
    b).Merge all big business until approximately six companies control each country.
    c).These large conglomeates controlled by groups, some times called the mulnatinationals ,will exert enormous economical influence in each country.
    d).This will affect employment oppotunites(or lack of them)

    e).Thus the Government of each country is phased out until they becomes virtually irrelevant.

  16. The economic meltdown is merely a means to an end. It is being done deliberately, at the very highest levels to achieve a well-planned outcome. What outcome is that? Global rule over all banking, of course.

    In a crisis scenario, nations will give up practically anything — freedoms, finances, and yes, even their own currencies if it means avoiding certain economic disaster. If there’s one thing that the world has learned from 9/11, it’s that the best way to grab power from the People is to either engineer a disaster. When faced with the fear of annihilation, the People of any nation will not merely surrender their freedoms and finances, they will beg to turn them over to any apparent “authority” who promises a solution.

  17. #9 very right.some countries are not like Zed they can not afford to accept anyone to pollute them due to free movement.Other countries like fighting,its their hobby, hence they can retard their progress.

  18. I agree wth you on unneccesary confrotations on the expense of the country’s development. What am disappointed on is the way you are carrying on lke you never had a chnace to develop Zambia.. what did you do when you were in power..nothing..thank you..So shu# up… And who are you addressing about the African currency?

  19. Percy E Kavindele is indirectly complaining how he was frustrated on NorthWestern Railway line. What we see on Chingola-Solwezi -Mwinilunga Road are heavy duty trucks damaging the road and it has become dangarous for small vehicles on that road. Can some in authority explain the reason behind the cancellation of that project and the current status.

  20. The introduction of a common passport will be rhetoric of it waste kind. Maybe the currency can make sense just like in Europe, but for the passport its a very bad idea. West Africa has a common passport and it may make sense for every region to have its own than the intire continent to have a common passport. On our politicians he is right they need to grow up and put the interest of the country before theirs.

  21. Kavindele does not have a clue about what he is talking about. Imagine travelling on the same passports with Nigerians. Man, its hard enough sharing the sme skin colour with those tricky baboons as it were already, to compound it by issuing common passports with them is a crime to our ancestors. For all those who have had the misfortune of travelling in other parts of the world with West Africans, you will know what I mean.

  22. Kavindele, with all due respect to him, is talking out of his Ar*&. One of our problems as a political people is that we have no values, principles which represent us and that we are willing to die for. Hence the situation where people (eg Kavindele himself) defect from the political parties that the lead to join the ruling party. The political scene is thus littered with jokers of very questionable integrity. As for the single currency, it is currently not feasible. Africa is to divided (Although at this point i am sure mugabe would love it, Zuma wouldn’t). It takes time to reach a harmonisation of financial and economic risks which are impacted by differences in debt levels and individual countries economic outputs.

  23. My brothers and sisters do not dispair for what was prophesied shall one day come to pass. Alot above have spoken the truth, I am thankful that my people had their eyes opened; remember our Lord God Jehovah is great always he has a plan for us. If we do not elect a leader that answers to his calling we have enough wisdom to work hard, educate our families, repent follow Jesus Christ and be happy; for first comes the rapture then Caos. So be sure you are not left behind. We can be our own God governed Nation like Israel of old, but we need to follow God’s way, which is the narrow path that leads to life. Like Nine Chale once put it, evil prevails because righteous men sit back and do nothing. Let us believe Zambians and love our God with all our hearts and our neighbours too wisely.

  24. Great news on “Former Republican Vice President, Enoch Kavindele has called on Zambian politicians to desist from undermining each other at the expense of national development”. This must be an indication to all PF cadres that the Undereducate Sata MC’s undermining of president HH of the UPND will never take him anywhere and the earlier he (Sata) joins the UPND as a cadres before 2011 elections, the better it will be for him.

    The rest of the news about African currency and passport is being too casual on a serious matter. Let us have a common currency in SADC first but maintain our own national passports. Then later we can look at the African currency which I believe is far-fetched.

    Prevention is better than cure.

  25. I do agree with #15, in the interim common currency and passport should first be tried in the SADC region. It is working with the SADC drivering licence and I guess this could also be extended to regional currency.

  26. Kavindele is right about having a common currency but not common passport unless he means should the United States of Africa become a reality.Even the common currency is also a far fetched dream because the difference in global buying power between african currencies are great so those with stronger currencies wouldn’t be interested in having a common currency for africa just like Great Britain which has refused to switch to Euro like most countries in the EU because the British Pound is just too powerful and it would be to the disadvantage of Great Britain if they switched to using the Euro.
    There are advantages & disadvantages of having a common currency but in the african case,it’s still a far fetched dream & would be a distadvantage to those nations that have stabilized.

  27. Are these guys following finnished politicians around to interview them? Where did Enock make these comments and when? Was it a press conference, meeting or maybe at his house? Ba LT, give us some real news please. As for common currency or passports, forget it? Who wants a common currency with Zimbabwe, or passport with Nigeria? These banana republics must first get their houses in order and that’s not gonna take one day. SADC makes some sense though Zimbabwe remains a blight on the region.

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