Books play an important role in mitigating global economic crisis – Lungwangwa


Government says books can play an important role towards mitigating the impact of the current global economic crisis.

And Education Minster Geoffrey Lungwangwa has disclosed that government is ready to receive suggestions aimed at strengthening linkages to eradicate illiteracy levels in the country.

Professor Lungwangwa said there is need to promote publications tailored to empower people in their execution of various economic activities.

He pointed out that books are sources of knowledge that can enhance economic empowerment of citizens if properly utilized.

He noted that as the nation continues to experience high levels of illiteracy, books can assist to overcome such problems that likely to cause person suffer from ignorance and to become economically disadvantage.

The Minster explained that illiteracy can only be properly eradicated through adopting the culture of reading which is implemented by a national reading strategy.

He was speaking at a Book fair exhibition under the theme” Mitigate the Global Financial Crisis through Books” in Lusaka, this evening,

Professor Lungwangwa added that initiatives such as the primary reading programme and the campaign by read beyond Zambia which are meant to inculcate reading habits have played a significant role towards reducing illiteracy levels.

Mr. Lungwangwa who early toured the exhibition stands expressed happiness at the growth of publishing industry in the country.

He said government will continue to create an enabling environment for local book publishers, adding that they are gate keepers of knowledge and can contribute positively to the national development.

And earlier Book Publishers Association of Zambia Chairperson Job Lusanso said books helps people to make right and informed decisions.

Mr. Lusanso explained that this why the publishing industry should be given support as it will play a role towards assisting people understand find solutions to the current economic problem facing the whole world.

He further called upon the media to help the association to sensitize the public on the importance of reading books if the country is to benefit.

Mr. Lusanso also appealed for financial support from stakeholders to ensure that all reading programmes are taken to other parts of the country and capture a large audience of readers.



  1. Isaiah 40:31
    “But they that wait upon the LORD
    shall renew their strength;
    they shall mount up with wings as EAGLES
    they shall run, and not be weary;
    and they shall walk, and not faint”


  2. The free flow of Education trully shall change the dynamics of our Economic freedom. The sell of these books at economic prices would also beef up other stimulating money markets. Good night people.


  3. This strange phenomena(CREDIT CRUNCH) is certainly not an accident,but a carefully planned scenario.


  4. Are you serious? While other countries are banking on long term economic measures to see them through the credit crunch, we are still talking about literacy.


  5. Definitely not just any books. For many read but wrong things. Knowledge (gnosis) that comes out of such things just puffs up, but there is a knowledge that is received wisdom, speaking as it were the mysteries of God, such knowledge (ginosko) with God kind of love builds up.



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