Govt committed to increase ART centers – Simbao


Governments says it is committed to increase Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) centers in the country.

Minister of Health, Kapembwa Simbao said the government was also determined to improve the already existing ART centers for more access of services in the country.

Mr. Simbao said this in a speech ready on his behalf by Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Villie Lombanya at opening of the 7th general Assembly of the Network of Zambian people living with HIV/AIDS (NZP+) at Savoy hotel in Ndola.

He said government was using innovate ways of improving access and services through mobile ART clinics.

He noted that government has also come up with Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) in which people with HIV were covered as vulnerable.

Mr. Simbao said some chapters of the NZP+ have been linked to local business skills and thereby improve their business skills and improve their income generating ventures.

He added that another area that requires tackling was alcohol and drug abuse in relation to HIV and AIDS as it reduced compliance rates in people living with HIV and AIDS and breeds drug resistance.

Mr. Simbao also noted that the number of people receiving Anti-retroviral drug had also increased from 149,199 in 2007 to 206,000 in 2008.

Speaking at the same development, Miriam Banda, who is the NZP+ Chairperson for the Southern Africa region said forbidding HIV people to marry, work and function in society was now optional.

Ms Banda said this has been made possible through the decentralization to the network.



  1. Positive move bwana Minster.

    But If meaningful benefit has to be derived from these HIV/AIDS programmes, priority should be placed on economic empowerment schemes which would ultimately filter into the general populace, as opposed to increasing ART centres.

    Having been in the developed world for a number of years, I have observed that AIDS related deaths are fewer as compared to Zambia which clearly indicates that income levels and good nutrition are indeed key to the well being of persons infected with HIV.

  2. I hope these centers will have ARVs that are not expired! Kaili zed is a dumping ground for expired or outdated medication! Whatever the muzungus dont find useful they give us… whatever the muzungus find with bad side effects, they give us. So i hope this is not a dumping ground for cheap and dangerous medication! Procure good medicines that treat people… not make them feel better and then worse or even kill them!

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