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ZNBC management asked to respond to audit report

General News ZNBC management asked to respond to audit report

ZNBC management has been asked to respond to highlights in the auditor general’s report over a recent audit query at the national broadcasting station.

Information minister, Ronnie Shikapwasha disclosed this at a media briefing in Lusaka, Tuesday.

He said the audit report on ZNBC is currently going through the normal audit procedures.

General Shikapwasha said he would inform the nation once the audit procedure has been completed.

The auditor general recently carried out an audit on the management of ZNBC operations.

The auditors submitted the initial report to the minister.

ZNBC director general Joseph Salasini had asked to go on leave to enable auditors carry out their work.

Director Press, Public Relations and Planning at the ministry of information – Juliana Mwila has been acting in his place.



  1. Ok and I will continue awaiting more information.
    Prevention is better than cure

  2. Ba Ronnie its like being imformation minister to you, is like being a spokes man.
    they better things an old man can do like you?

  3. Ba #3 cawama mwasambiliko ukucita summarise,well done.On the contrary your blog name now looks like a comment ! For crying out loud please shorten your blog name!

  4. What response does he want. As said earlier this man seems to love appearing in the PRESS. These (ZNBC) guys will only respond when they interviewe or interrogated. Not the way Dr. S. Miti reacted, may be thats what Ronnie wants.

  5. This is another example of funds mismangement, why request an audit in the first place? do they smell a Rat?

  6. Lusaka Times can you get the report and publish findings. Shikapwasha wants to hide the sins of his friends on ZNBC Board. The truth is there’s huge scandal which has been unearthed by the Auditor General. Do your work 13:58:12 don’t wait for Shikapwasha to give you his side of the story.

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