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ACC arrests Kitwe Principal

General News Feature General ACC arrests Kitwe Principal

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in Kitwe has arrested Kitwe Community Development College Principal for corruption involving K1 million.

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono identified the suspect as Steven Phiri 43, of house number One Kitwe Community Development College.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Moono said Mr. Phiri has since been charged with one count of corrupt practices by public officer, contrary to section 29(1) and 41 of the ACC Act number 42 of 1996.

Mr. Moono stated that Phiri is alleged to have solicited for and received K1 million cash as gratification from Robert Sakala, a director of SAROZA Enterprise, a Kitwe based company.

He said the amount was paid as an inducement or reward for Mr. Phiri in order for him to release a cheque of over K5. 4million to Mr. Sakala for the last payments on works done at the college by SAROZA Enterprise Limited.

SAROZA Enterprises Limited was contracted by the college to fix tiles in the classrooms at the institution of which an initial payment of K9.2 million was paid.

Mr. Moono said a surveillance operation was mounted in Kitwe after Mr. Phiri called Mr. Sakala demanding for the said K1 million.
He said Mr. Phiri was apprehended after receiving K1 million bait money which was later retrieved from him by alert ACC officers.

Before his arrest, Mr. Phiri had managed to hand over the cheque to Mr. Sakala .

Mr. Phiri has since appeared before court for plea, and trial on the matter is expected to commence soon.



  1. The small fish are easy to catch. For the big fish, you need a battle ship, a strong crew and a harpoon!

  2. there is one corrupt cop at manyumbi road block his name is sikasumbi.the man is corrupt to the bone.h impounds vehicles arbitrary even on flimsy grounds and his junior officers are the ones to collect bribes when he refers you to a ka small office

  3. Can ACC clarify for us the difference between a TIP AND CORRUPTION. If they are the same then many are libel in Zambia. By the way we want to know the where about of our cattle donated to Zam by Zim people in the name of our president who happened to be on duty in that country.

  4. Please,please you make an effort to catch someone because of a 1 million and yet you fail to get the K27 billion Sharks,shame upon you !!!!!!!!! You think this is news??? Be serious,catch the sharks and not Kapenta.

  5. not news at all,u catch some one over a ka k1million n yet fail 2 arrest those who have destroyed the bwezani administration by stealing large sums of money

  6. ACC is arresting people who are stealing openly and then letting them go. What do we know ACC may be the biggest Kabwalala of them all.

  7. The operations of ACC are very shallow and a waste of time. Not just because they are arresting the so called small fish and not the sharks. It is irrational to arrest the person asking for a bribe and not the one offering it. In most instances, it is these same people chasing payments from institutions that offer to stretch their hands and offer a bribe. Unfortunatley, this habit is deeply entrenched in our system and the people on the receiving end are often innocent. Change this law and make the other person an accomplice in the act. If this is left unchecked, many people, for selfish reasons and hatred, will lure innocent people to this rogue act

  8. No#4 Akapondo please email that information to the right authorities. We start with a little, remember its the little things that crumble the foundation. The big ones yes shock us but the little ones dig deep into our souls.

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