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Harry Findlay released from Chinese custody

General News Harry Findlay released from Chinese custody

Hong Kong authorities have released Harry Findlay, a Zambian national, who was in custody following his arrest over the possession of an alleged falsified passport.

This follows the intervention and representation by the Zambian government to the authorities in China and Hong Kong.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Kabinga Pande confirmed the release of Mr. Findlay in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka

Mr. Findlay arrived in Hong Kong from Beijing, China on April 21st this year and presented his Zambian passport for immigration arrival formalities but a record check however, revealed that Mr. Findlay had previously traveled to Hong Kong under a different passport which bore a different date of birth.

He was then detained and subsequently charged with two counts of using a false travel document and two counts of making false representation to an Immigration Assistant.

Mr. Findlay appeared in the Shatin Magistrates Court on April 30th and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

He was scheduled to reappear for judgment on June 18, 2009.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Kabinga Pande said following government representation to the relevant authorities in both China and Hong Kong, the case against Mr. Findlay has since been withdrawn.

Mr. Pande has since expressed the Zambian government’s gratitude to the government of China for the release of Mr. Findlay.

He said this attests to the fact that Zambia and China enjoy warm and cordial relations.



  1. wanshi mwalekelako ngachakweba ati alilufyanya? ngafyambatwa kuli ba kapususu ( ba buju) kufyantiwafye epela!

  2. This Findlay name seems prominent in MMD and I hope the MMD GRZ did not help the release of their cadre using politics.

    Anyhow, good for you Mr Harry Findlay and keep well. Careful next time.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  3. By the way the same people who talked for Findley should also negotiate for the release of that lady who has sentenced to death. Or its Wako ni Wako.

  4. #6, yes, am sure they are working behind the scenes – that is the nature of diplomacy.
    They will only broadcast after the deal is done. No playing to the gallery – like some politicians we know.

  5. it was not this Findlay,s doings its the guys at passport office there aer in a hurry to make passports for peaple who apply for them at ther homes they could,t have seen the mistake

  6. # 9 Yo Barry, yes these guys at passport office do mix up things. My NRC # was entered wrongly. it took me a good number of weeks to have it rectified. Maybe ba Findlay had just ignored it and prefered travelling with it thinking the technologically adviced country wont pick up the mistake.

  7. it’s valden findlay,succesful businessman and proprietor of chrisma hotel in lusaka and livingstone.what happened should be a typographical error which is common with the chaps at passport office.knowing the Hong kong authorities if the zambian goverment didn’t justify that error by producing application documents they wouldn’t have left him off the hook.

  8. Whatever happened with the records of Mr Harry Findlay either at passport office or throw other means, this is what you get when Zambian Passports are changed from time to time in a rushed manner.

    Please, GRZ, to avoid such occurrences allow people to change their passports when the actual expirely dates come.

    The deadlines you are putting are giving us troubles and please help us have the right information on our documents so that we do not spend time in jail unnecessarily.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  9. Talking about passports, is it really true that when renewing your passport, you need evidence of legal stay in the country you are in? I am in USA and I am still trying to renew my passport. However, I was told by one guy from the passport office in zambia that I will need proof of my legal stay in the USA. I am confused – how does my legal stay here affect the zambian passport office? Please someone help me, maybe I am missing something here.

  10. 17 Christy, just show them your VISA and thats it following your “However, I was told by one guy from the passport office in zambia that I will need proof of my legal stay in the USA. I am confused – how does my legal stay here affect the zambian passport office? Please someone help me, maybe I am missing something her“.

    Have a nice day.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  11. Fila citika..

    Vima chitika…

    It happens…

    Es kommt vor…

    Ce la viè…

    that’s as far as I can go lingusistically.

  12. #18 thanks, but still my confusion is why my legal stay their business? Is it a requirement to renew your passport?

  13. Pande, move a step further and assist our lady drug dealer before she faces a firing squad, its possible since Zambia and China enjoy warm and cordial relations.

  14. #18 and #20 I am surprised that someone is asking for residence status in your surrogate country. Here is SA all they ask is for pages 1, 2 and 31.

  15. Bane ngaulya umwanakashi baikata nama drugs and will soon face the chinese ak 47 teti balwisha naena afuma. Some Findlay fimofimo must be connected to some source of serious political power. April the nut is arrested, june is out ,eh! Very efficient in this case.

  16. The chaps at passports office should be serious when processing the documents. What happened to Mr Findlay is not the first time Zambian Passport holders have gone through. Passport office satff should jackup their performances or else innocent pipo will end up being locked up in foreign countries.

  17. i have been in Hong Kong for 2 years now am a zambian based in here this issue of fake passoprt in HK with Africans from Africa is a very big one i have got friends who are are seeking alsylum on many grounds like that its just crazy men

  18. #26, He was not aquitted on all cases. He won the child abuse case, the illegal drug administering on the girl but lost the illegal posession of porn materials. He was fined K5m or in default 18months in rpison with hard labour. Yo Barry, please learn to present facts as every is entitled to truth

  19. #25 MOTOMOTO. This is what happens when people want to adjust their ages to be 10 years younger. Before you pick up any legal document always check your age its a given. Thank God he is out. Let it be a lesson to others.

  20. 20 Christy, on your “#18 thanks, but still my confusion is why my legal stay their business?“, I think it is better you give more information like where are you trying to obtain your new passport from?

    On “Is it a requirement to renew your passport?, if you are in a foreign country yes. Otherwise, how can you prove that you are legally staying where you are?

    I personally went to our Embassy near to this country and I was told my old passport will have to be attached to my new passport because I have a visa in the old one.

    Take note that some VISA’s are separate from the actual passport as they look like your NRC if you still have one. This should be the reason the officer wanted the information he did from you.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  21. 21 POLITICAL PROSTITUTE, on your “Pande, move a step further and assist our lady drug dealer before she faces a firing squad, its possible since Zambia and China enjoy warm and cordial relations.“, good point and here is Minister Pande’s CV from the Parliament website:
    Constituency Number: 106
    Date of birth: 5th March 1952
    Marital Status: Married
    Educational Qualifications: Cambridge ‘O’ Levels, Diploma in Journalism, Diploma in Business English
    Year First Elected: 2005
    Sessional Committee membership:
    Profession: Journalist
    Hobbies: Gardening, game viewing
    Contact Details: National Assembly,
    P O Box 31299,

    Telephone Number: (260) (211) 292425

    Fax Number: (260) (211) 292252

    E ma il: kjpande AT parliament. gov . z m
    Prevention is…

  22. Very impressive #33!
    Research Physicist Maestro Hhehhehhehhe aka Mugungulu H. Mwaanga
    Does your work involve a lot of quoting and repeating words said?
    What do you do for a living?

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