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RB press conference wasn’t satisfactory – UPND-PF pact

Headlines RB press conference wasn’t satisfactory – UPND-PF pact

The newly formed UPND-PF political pact has expressed dissatisfaction at President Rupiah Banda’s national address through his second press conference held at State House yesterday.

The pact observed that the President’s statement that workers in the public service would use up 50 per cent of Zambia’s 2009 budget might displease some citizens.

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) spokesperson, Given Lubinda argued that one per cent of the country’s population could not consume half of the K10.6 trillion budget.

Speaking at a UPND-PF joint press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Lubinda said President Banda’s statement was not fair, adding that it might cause the majority Zambians to rise up against the civil servants.

He stated that Mr. Banda should not have disclosed how much money the public service workers would use up this year following the salary increment of 15 per cent.

On President Banda’s calls for people to sacrifice, Mr. Lubinda said the President should consider reducing his salary to enable poor people meet their daily needs.

He noted the civil servant’s salaries were meager, a situation he said was demoralizing them in their work.

And speaking earlier UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma expressed disappointment at the President’s press conference saying it did not give hope to many Zambians.

He said the President should have restricted himself t addressing issues of striking public service workers.

Yesterday, President Banda addressed a press conference at State House in which he addressed various economic, social and political issues affecting the nation.

Among the issues the President addressed was that of striking civil servants, with whom he pleaded to return to work because government did not have money to meet all their demands.

He said this year, government budgeted to increase public service workers’ salaries only by 11 per cent, which however, unions rejected and settled at 15 per cent.

This overstretched the budget for personal emolument for public workers from K5.1 trillion to K5.2 trillion.



  1. On “On President Banda’s calls for people to sacrifice, Mr. Lubinda said the President should consider reducing his salary to enable poor people meet their daily needs. He noted the civil servant’s salaries were meager, a situation he said was demoralizing them in their work., great stuff MP Lubinda G.

    President RB Banda is our servant and should reduce his salary and allowances if he wants us Zambians to take him seriously. Leaders must make sure they eat after everyone else has had a good meal.

    As for “And speaking earlier UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma expressed disappointment at the President’s press conference saying it did not give hope to many Zambians Mr Kakoma is on the spot. There is literally no hope in what President RB Banda said from me…

    He Showed us what he thought of him. I wish it had defacated on rule-beer.

  3. Ba LT,please edit your articles.line #19 has a misspelt word.It should read “pleaded” and not “pleated”.Why ama typo so kwati u graduated from Bwezy School of Journalism.On a lighter note,that monkey was seriously the best thing to express many of our frustrations.Very smart creature.

  4. Bo Lubinda why are you saying “that Mr. Banda should not have disclosed how much money the public service workers would use up this year following the salary increment of 15 per cent”? All things aside, I think this is just a mere fact if at all he is correct with figures. Will the figure change if he did not disclose it? It was intelligent of him to do that unlike basing comments on nkhani ya mukachasu without facts and figures.

  5. but mr kakoma and mr lubinda, presidents do not think like you. well, maybe your president prince cobra. as for lubinda, the figures that the president gave are simple arithmetic. and you should know better, was it not you guys who passed the budget? if you cannot understand these simple things i wonder whether you deserve the gratuity.

  6. #6, bo lubinda is worried about gratuity. you see these guys opposition or whatever you name it they just yap and yap, and expect to be paid for that. one would expect the opposition mps, for all their rantings against the government of rb, to voluntarily defer their gratuity but can they?

  7. #1. zampeople the monkey story is true. Birds of a feather flock together. The cheeky little bustard was displaying a mating game they play with RB when he’s bored. Next time it will be RB in the tree and the monkey shall address the masses.

  8. On ZOL post # 17261 a PF cadre has posted Breaking news!

    PF/UPND to offer Zambians a choice of joint Haka-Sata presidency as new Governance model.

    According to ongoing discussions in the pact, due to the mounting scramble for power, the Governing council has accepted the proposal that the two give Zambians a Haka-Sata presidency model.

    According to the memorandum of understanding about to be signed soon, it says the Haka-Sata presidency will share rooms at statehouse for residence and administrative purposes. They will come up with an administration of dual ministrial portfolio in each existing ministry. This mean each ministry will have PF and UPND Minister each with own deputy.

    Effort by the Governing council to strike a compromise has failed as both say they desperately…

  9. Effort by the Governing council to strike a compromise has failed as both say they desperately want the privilege of statehouse otherwise to hell with the pact. Negotiators have tried to strike a deal of reason that Sata rule for 3 years then Prince Cobra for the remaining 2 years and then continue thereafter but to no avail.

    Thus to avoid a premature breakdown, the two will run as Haka-Sata president. Interesting is how did RB know and preempt this? Yesterday in his press conferences he rubbed over this Haka-Sata Presidency with teasing.

  10. This is pure madness now.Two Presidents and two cabinet level ministers and their deputies in each ministry? What a bunch of dreamers!

  11. # 8 welcome to Zambian rhetorical politics.See what i mean when i say its opportunism at best and service untill you count yourself as a leader to serve instead of wasting your time selling people who have no heart. here they are are none of the opposition MPs has shown a conscious to say i vote to be excluded from the gratuity Mr. Speaker to expose MMD MPs.

  12. click above or cope and paste on the url address to see the monkey protesting against talking ill on the opposition RB please respect

  13. Olo cibe buti mebo ndili wa Janza mu bwato (whatever the case, I am for the HAND in the BOAT).
    =X (Zambia Forward)
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    ^^ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A-Bwato
    ^^ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Prevention is better than cure.

  14. #8 Wiseman, you are right. Many times they just want to be giving us info which they know illiterates will capture and rise against GRZ. So, they have been exposed that if figures are spelled out, they would not comprehend.

  15. Since the journalists were not brave enough to throw some shoes at him, the Monkey had to do what it did…

  16. People, Zed students in Cuba haven`t been paid for two months now. They are starving as their BCs are hold in the embassy in Canada. Please help in what you can.

  17. If 170,000 pipo employed by GRZ account for 50% of the National Budget in terms of personal emoluments and the rest of us just a mere fraction then there should be money to be awarded to every GRZ employees. The question is who gets the bigger chunk of the budget. This confirms that it is the leaders who make up less 1% of GRZ employees. No wonder guys like Kapoko and group had inside knowledge of how luxurous our leaders, PS and other senior GRZ officials were living. I dont think any one who knows abit of arithmatic can by RBs’ pronouncements at his 2nd Press Conference otherwise the Zambia One was just breathing out hot air to show that he is firmly in charge of Zed. That is why even the kolwe was scared to death and ended up what it did.It has never happened at State House before.

  18. I quotated RB asking Zambians to sacrifice like British Airways employees and Ireland going for a month without pay. Its grazy that is their situation. It would have made sense if the President had said my colleagues in Cabinet, senior GRZ officials, MPs and diplomats and I have decided to forfeit one months salary to show our seriousness in addressing the harsh economic situation in the country and will further auction to members of the public all SUVs and revert to use of Landrovers in order to revive Rover Zambia in Ndola to creat employment. The money saved from forfeit salries and raised from public auction will be channed to hospitals and pay off striking workers. Mudala lead by example. For everyone of us to sacrifice it should start from the top since they know and see alot more

  19. The BIG man was breathing fire and stamped his Great Authority on the Zambian Animal Farm. Everyone in attendance was mute so the Kolwe was equally dead scared and in the process it did the act to warn those who think the man is same as last year. Now he can bite Deeper until you bleed to death and take you to the grave using the famous Chines harmers acquired by Teta Malilo. He does care about your health but only your death matters. He said sees and knows everything and is in charge of the farm and he treats all animals equal but others are more equal than others. So Prince Cobra be careful. Respect the farm owner or else you will be auctioned.

  20. # 21Ba Honey, Its not big news if Mr. Michela jackson is dead that is american affair, we have our own pipo dying here. That chap during his life time did he ever step his foot on Zambian soil. Let him go heaven with his plastic surgey. God made man in his own image but the same man finds it fit to challenge God by changing his features. I at one time enjoyed watching his Thriller Movie and good music of course it was commercial and I had to spend my hard earned ZMK. There is no man who will dry on this earth we shall all return to the soil. In fact BIG NEWS was Obama Boys upsetting Spain in soccer 3-0. May Mr. Jackson’s His Soul Rest in Internal Peace nad May GOD forgive all his committed sins on earth both alleged and real. AMEN.

  21. #26 ANIMAL FARM OWNER, if you knew about the Song WE ARE THE WORLD, you would not be saying that, this man wrote the song to help the Africans who were starving, so tell me why this is not African or ZED news. The Song raised Millions that helped a lot of Africans , Ethiopia been one of them.

  22. Ba Honey that is History I watched all American stars somewhere in 1985 to be specific on TV the whole iniative was okay ” USA for Africa” by then there used pictures of moving skeletons(Ethiopians starving due draught) but how much have that part of the World taken away from us. Structural Adjustments etc imposed on us. I know you are one of the die hard farms of Wako jackson. Let us just prepare this evenning to be entertained by Mopao Koffie. I will be seated on back seat wearing Red Hat and a huge gold chain(imitation) at Pamodzi this evening. Those are our African stars of the moment. Come around just at K300pins. See you there.

  23. #28 I pity Pro. Clive Chirwa. You are dreaming my fellow blogger Clive for President 2011. The majority of the cadres will not be able to understand his plans for Zambia. Even the ruling MMD will make sure that the likes of Lameck Mangani, Teta, Mulongoti climb on anthills to discredit the man. He is very eductated and advanced for Zambian politics. The Prof. is day dreaming they will throw all sorts missles, mud at him put a million Road Blocks in way to ensure that he is not adopted at the convention. In fact they already saying 2011 RB for President. The best he could do is groom his son and since the wife is Russian may be becomes President of Russian Federation. They will stop at everything even to change the Party consititution. We know these guys in politics they will be there until

  24. Off topic slightly, but it has to be said.

    “Zambia has moved from being a major copper producer and potentially one of the continent’s richest countries at independence in 1964 to one of the world’s poorest.

    A colonial legacy, mismanagement, debt and disease are said to have contributed to the country’s tribulations.”

    This is a quote from the BBC country profile on Zambia and as much as it hurts, it is true. Its one thing having squandered potential, but to continue doing so having seen the impact is plain madness. Our Government is not equiped to handle issues affecting our country. They are incompetent. There is no democracy in Zambia, just one big circus – and we know who plays the clown!

  25. # 26,
    Yes hes been to Zed before. He visited Vic falls a few years ago.
    MJ helped in raising millions of dollars to feed starving Africans. MHSRIP

  26. Leadership comes with great responsibility and sacrifice in some cases. If HH and Sata truly want to save the country, i suggest there be a clear endorsement by either party of the other. Eg Sata must categorically endorse HH and urge all his supporters to vote for HH. Sata would be sacrificing his dream of state house, but he would secure a place in the history books, as well as earning a lot of respect. One does not have to be president in order to have influence. He could be in the background as an elder stateman. It is important that we make a transition to a new generation of leadership.

  27. #31 BBC is a propaganda tool of the British imperialists. They still behave as though Zambia and other so called Commonwealth countries are their colonies and protectrates. These are same chaps who determine the price of our copper and other raw materails. After independence a lot efforts were made by our first leaders to put up industries across the continent but during the 1980’s they brought upon the continent all sorts structural adjustment mechanisms to disrupt our industralisation process and forced us to privatise and thru back doors took over our industries and m ines for a song. During that period unemployment was in the west and threatened their own survival. The can write anything but about a country but not the litu we ve achieved thru hard times. A snake will always be snake

  28. #34 AFO. I respectfully beg to disagree with you. The BBC is a news agency, and it does not take a genius to tell you that that description of Zambia’s economy is accurate. We had a lot of potential and now we are very poor. Zambia was heavily dependent on copper and when the prices fell in the 70’s we ended up in debt, which led to SAP’s. Nothing to do with BBC. During this period we did not re-invest in production and we mismanaged the little we had. We did not diversify. Enter Free market economy (1991 onwards) and WE, not BBC or the WEST mismanaged the process. Ultimately we made the decisions and we need to take responsibility even if we were duped. Our solution? Corrupt incompetent leadership and rampant corruption.

  29. # 30 Animal Farm owner, only people who are alive can dream. If like you say i am dreaming then it can only mean that i am alive and in every sense i might add. Whereas you bury yourself in self pity and pessimism , i choose to to be alive and full of hope. I wake up every day smiling that i am alive and i thank God in anticipation of what he will do for me. The MMD is not the only avenue to state house and i know the Prof has also thought about what you are saying. I will support this man because to me he represents what i would like to see in a republican President .

  30. Does anyone force us to spend millions of dollars proping up the SA private hospitals and not to invest that money in our own health service? Are we forced to prioritse awarding MP’s salary increments and gratuity payments over investing in infrastructure.Did someone put a Gun to our heads and force us to NOT build schools to cater for thousands of drop outs but to pay for Children of Parastatal bosses education abroad? I think you will find the answers areemphatic NO’s! Zambia’s problems started with the world recession of the early 1970’s, but it was upto us to manage the recovery. Similarly, if we sit around waiting for someone to come from IMF or World Bank to come and resolve the fall out from this recession then we might as well privatise the country.

  31. # 35 Simon, i totally agree with you. It is high time we Zambians stopped looking outside for who to blame about our current condition as country. we need to looking inward and ask ourselves what we need to do differently to get out of this bad situation. We have enough gray matter in our citizens to find solutions to our problems. This is why i personally support prof chirwa because he doesn’t subscribe to the idea that we should be blaming everybody else for our problems. Lets blame ourselves for allowing ourselves to be cheated and taken for fools by our own people.

  32. Twabvutika pa Zed. Even the monkey didn’t appreciate the whole farce that took place at statehouse. We seriously need to work at changing the political landscape of our country.
    The people leading us seem to think that Zambia owes them something and that independence is the best they can offer us and not development.

  33. I wonder, sata, rb & hh in a triangle. the best is yet to come!!!! I like sata, i love rb and am in love with hh.

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