Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Disability group in need of K15 billion to revamp farms


The Zambia Agency for Persons with Disability (ZAPD) is still scouting for about K15 billion to start revamping its farms in various parts of the country.

The main farms that need revamping are Kangonda and Kambowa on the Copperbelt, Mitutukuko in North Western , Mimofa in Lusaka and Linda in Southern Province .

Others are Kazembe and Mushota in Luapula, Chitonkene in North Western Province Masaiti and Sisenge on the Copperbelt.

ZAPD Acting Director General Charles Mwape told ZANIS in an interview that there was need for other stakeholders to come on board and assist the agency in raising the required money.

Dr. Mwape said ZAPD has for long time now been appealing to other stakeholders but none has come on board to assist the agency .

He said government and ZAPD alone cannot manage to raise the required money hence the need for partnership with other stakeholders.

The ZAPD Acting Director said once ZAPD is assisted with the required money the agency would ensure that the money was used for the intended purpose.

Dr. Mwape observed that once the farms are revamped more employment would be created among people that live near the farms.

He said it was for this reason that ZAPD wants the farms to be revamped so that they can empower the unemployment.



  1. Not to be mean but just because you are disabled then you somehow think you can demand sums of cash at the drop of a dime. How about try working for that cash by doing something like the rest of us.

  2. the other day they “disabled” marched to state house demanding cash,not to be mean but balabelela somebody remind them that the days of free manna went down with Moses!!

  3. 15Billion (USD 3 Million) is too much especially that u already own these farms. you can start with revamping one farm, let the revenues from one farm be used to revamp other farms.

  4. not to be mean but i agree. that amount is too much. perhaps they shud start with one farm or so and extend later to the others.

    of course govt can finance it but i thnk they are asking for too much

  5. 15 billion? how do you ask for the whole lot? be creative you dulll man.. thats why they made sure you went to school before giving you that position. Please can that man try to be creative by holding various fundraising ventures and then after doing this come up tp the donors with properly laid down information showing what they needed and what they have made out of thier own inititiave and then now say this is what we need.. thats the problem with Zambians you are used to being given everythinh on a silver plate.. use initiative.. it is really worrying that this man can think like my baby sister who expects everything to be spoon fed to her!

  6. Why not sale one or two of those farms and then use the proceeds to revamp one or two of the other ones and then progressively work towards having the other farms revamped. Alternatively you could get a loan from the bank and use your farms as collateral.

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