Insurance agent in Chadiza district jailed


An insurance agent at Chanida border post has been sentenced to 36 months in prison for defrauding the Norwegian People’s Aid Landmine Survey Project.

Chadiza Magistrate Billy Milanzi jailed Juma Milanzi 33, after convicting him on four counts of making a false document, one count of uttering a false document and one count of obtaining money by false pretence.

Magistrate Milanzi sentenced Juma to six months in prison with hard labour on which each of the six counts will run consecutively.

During trial, Landmine Survey Project Manager Mario Tome Nunez had testified that on 1st September 2008, while in the company of 20 others, he entered Zambia from Mozambique with 15 Toyota Land Cruisers at Chanida Border post.

He said he wanted to insure the vehicles before proceeding to Lusaka and approached Juma at one of the containers trading as Beam Insurance who purported to be an agent for Goldman Insurance Limited.

He said Juma charged K350, 000 per vehicle but because they did not have Kwacha, they paid him $ 1500 for the 15 vehicles.

Nunez testified that although Juma gave them insurance certificates, he did not issue them with receipts and it was only in December 2008 when he went to Goldman Insurance to collect the receipts in Lusaka that he learnt that the certificates were fake.


  1. Any relation with the Magistrate ? This agent sure, don’t mess around with muzungus. They always want receipts for accountability. Too bad you have been jailed but I think it’s what you asked for

  2. Money leaves a trail. Thats what we all must be aware of before we attempt to scheme anything. And how do ypu plot over USD1500? Thats not much to be chooked for really. Oh no, we are not supposed to be chooked anyways. M’ponyeni m’dende uyo

  3. Muzungu very clever. alot of money is being pocketed by border gaurds. I think this was not the first time he stole money. Well done muzungu. ngwilani kawalala.

  4. Well done muzungu.. ngwilani kawalala.. this might not be the first time these border gaurds steal from GRZ and this insurance company. Alot of cash goes into the pockets of these untrustworth worker.

  5. How can you do that Juma this guy told himself these vehivles were insured imagine if one was involed in an accident or stolen? I am sure this was not the first time.Ngena munyamata niwe muheni chomene

  6. NSENGO Wamona Milanzi nalekweba ati one day ukatola nobwapona panshi umulandu wakutemwa ulupiya. Pls can Goldman Insurance send forensic auditors, just ask RB to assissit, and ask all the people who insured they vehicles through the same boarder post to the the certificates for verifications. Zambians pls let us ask for receipts, i know ba mwenye wont be happy it is a way of not paying tax.

  7. i think every time we clear vehicles at the boarder,we must double check with these insurance companies if really those agents are genuine, i suspect most of these chaps are cons……. let him go in!!

  8. Why is everyone stealing pa Zed kanshi. Ah I am fed up, just send everyone to prison mwe that way we shall reduce theft and corruption significantly

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