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Create your own world – Kamanga


School leavers queuing up for police recruitment in Lusaka
School leavers queuing up for police recruitment in Lusaka
Motivational speaker and leadership advisor, Aaron

Kamanga, has observed that unemployment levels were alarming in the country, adding that government alone cannot employ everyone but should provide Skills Training Centres as a stepping stone to self employment.

He observed that young people are the future of any nation, yet 80 per cent of them are not employed and are on the streets while others are drunkards.[quote]

Mr Kamanga challenged the young people to look within themselves in order to create their own world instead of looking for someone to employ them.

He said unemployed youths could use Skills Training Centres and become useful citizens and emancipate themselves from the belief that they could only make it in life if they were in formal employment.

Mr Kamanga was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday.

He expressed sadness to learn through the media that last week, youths turned in great numbers to get employed as policemen and yet they have good academic papers which they could use otherwise to attain skilled goals.

He said the over 5,000 youths who turned up for interviews were fighting for only 180 available vacancies in the police service because they cannot help develop their talents due to lack of Skills Training Centres.

Mr Kamanga, however, advised the youths not to be frustrated but to believe in themselves, saying employment is not the ultimatum.

The motivator also advised the youths against shunning their dreams, saying it is not too late to improve their ideas, adding that they could create their own opportunities as every person has a gift and talents to develop.

Mr Kamanga said the youths should realize that going to school, college or university does not mean one has to be employed by someone but to use the talents and gifts to develop abilities in life.



  1. The youths were cheated that interviews for policemen will take place for the whole week but to their surprise it only took place the first day on monday despite youths continuing to line up for the whole week at the venue for interviews.

  2. Having said that Kamanga, GRZ should provide that springboard for the youths to realise their dreams. Critical is confidence that their efforts wotn be spurned, or disregarded. Having had attained their qualifications in whatever stream, they may need to pursue their dreams, but do we have finance companies ready to even give them an ear. Open up the playing field and let kids express themselves.

  3. It is great to have some motivational speakers. I wonder whether we have creative leadership pa Zed that has a true heart to reverse the current youth unemployment levels. When are we going to start having selfless leaders? So many things are wrong back home. I for one as a global trotter harbours so much pain because I have seen how others countries strive harder to empower their own people.Why can’t we as a country have such deliberate policies? Best brains are not put to good use and it makes my heart heavy to see pictures like the one shown above. What a waste of human resources.

  4. Just a few weeks ago, there was a story in the Times of Zambia about some youths in Ndola who where approved a loan from the CEEC amounting to K1 billion for the construction of a processing plant the youths wanted to set up in the city.

    Mr. Kamanga, this is the message the youths are supposed to be hearing and not “change or die Zambia” and “Make Zambia ungovernable” movements. The youths need to realize that opportunities are within them.

    In fact this message should be extended to some bloggers more especially on the Lusaka Times because they seem lost on what actually creates jobs and what is expected of them given their skills, experience and exposure.

  5. Motivation is good, but were do these youths obtain skills from ? no skills centres by the end of the day any employment oppotunity that comes they will go for it even if it’s not what they really want to do.

  6. Goodmorning bloggers.
    This message is easier said than done. The Germans say “von nichts kommt nichts” meaning “nothing comes out of nothing”.
    So how do you expect the youth to create an opportunity out of nothing? Give them an impulse first!

  7. Mr Kamanga yours are what I would call empty rhetorics for you do make any practicle suggestions for the youths. Look within? What does that mean? Can that put bread and butter on the table? For as long those training centres and other facilities don’t exist, any skills people might develop will at best be mediocre. To illustrate, think about this, why has Zambian soccer lagged behind? Is it because there’s no soccer talent in Zambia? Is it because there are no facilities to help otherwise talented individuals nurture their skills? What then should mr Kamanga be addressing? Why not talk about sources of capital etc?

  8. there is need for also financial start up to be allocated to these kids once they have successfully gained these trades. A very good and interesting trades school was and is dhitandizeni trades school. i say so cause this trades school started just like other trades schools in Zambia usually start i.e. under donor funding in terms if Ngo’s iinputs in the form of finance and expertise aswell of the specific trades.. The key aim after setting up thiis trades school became making them independent which was the most difficult task to do actually. It was an interesting trades school in that the street kids/men etc got training in capentry etc and then even after that training they would still sale the products under the trades school i.e. they had employment after training as the trades schoo

  9. contined from 10

    l was also itself a business entity. It was interesting because the donors actually had almost given up on it citing that the people were not accoutable and too dependant which i have to agree is quite a problem in Zambia, too much dependence. However after hardwork and making unpopular decisions, i am happy to say that that trade school is an indepedent trade school which is financing its self and employing further youth as it expands. I am sure those of you who are able to go to the agric show will or must have seen the products of this trade school , really quality mukwa products ect.. Therefore it would be great if the government can fund and follow through this trades school

  10. walai nthwenu ifima comments fyayamba ululepa sana, nishani? We don’t have that much time to read. Be short & precise.

    PS.:The only bloggers on LT with a licence for extra-long comments are Maestro, Free Market Economist and Senior Citizen.

  11. Pa Zed yalikosa fye.I remember I spent two years no job for me as an Auto-Mechanics,that is how I ended up here doing Accounting,Hope when i finish I will find a job in our country coz I really want to work for our country.

    Walai and the Rest.

    Goodmorning to you all,Awe guys mwalilanda pa weekend pics.Mmmmmmmhhh!!! Good day pipo join you later.



    How are you today my dear.epondi just that I don’t have meaniful comments today,Iam enjoying reading your comments guys,surely Zambians are intelligent full of wisdom. Mudala ndi mu background,but still with you.

    Good day my dear.

  13. In Zambia we have all sorts of leaders with all sorts of job descriptions and all they do is talk, talk, talk and talk and at the end of the day they get fat pay cheques. They are irrelevant and sickening.

  14. Ifya pa zed fya pa bukaya. All these poor only 10 out of all these poor lined up boys will get the police job ligally and by luck. God bless them please

  15. This Kamanga, while we appreciate his contributions, must know that the Gov’t in every society is the largest employer. Therefore youths have to be empowered at all cost. Even himself, his dreams could not have come true had somebody not provide. Skills Training centres must be dotted allover the country in order to realise this. Maybe KAPOKO could help us establish this skills training centres. We need selfless leaders to attain this, not just insulting each other in the press and falling in swimming pools. Instead of implementing policies ,they are busy photographing monkeys! Dont they have officers?

  16. ‘Creating your own world’ is not easy , it’s just as hard as looking for a job. These motivational speakers ae poverty pimps that get their bread and butter from stating the obvious then charging after youth workshops. Instead of stating the obvious why not give the youths practical proposals or guides as what to do exactly.I don’t think theres a youth out there that hasn’t thought of starting a business or working for themselves but the usual hurdles like that of Capital and entry level expenses stop them. Ideally people start to work and then later wean themselves into their own ventures .

  17. matworld nawudala voyi.. hope you are ok this morning.. NINE CHALE sorry my dear,, its just that this is an interesting topic to me which i once discussed with the man who was behind the trades school i was talking about..it just interests me to see people move from nothing to been financially independent.. its really fufilling especially if you play a role in it..knowing that you have actually made a person someone.

  18. Mr Kamanga Nice words.Our youths really have to look forward to be enterpreneurs and not just employables. There are some youths who are trying but the environment aint that enabling.However when you go in our townships you find youths day in,day out drnking chibuku and crying foul that there is no employment when they are not seeking for one. These youths have no game plan at all and are always envious of their friends who are succeding and will do anything in their power to bring their succeeding friend down and they will even say while drinking tins of Chibuku “talingana,enzozimvesa maningi muboyzi”.Mr kamanga these are the boys you should pump some sense of direction.

  19. good for the police service that such a large number turned up hence giving them an oportunity to fish from the sea of plenty.We need bright brains in the police not the constable ikabolo type of chaps we were used to who could only manage a few words of broken nyanja.

  20. at least kamanga is encouraging the youth unlike our politician who promise lies .motivational speaker are mostly dreamers .and in a country like zed we need big nice dreams .go kamanga

  21. Matworld ilyo ilyashi yesukulu is the same here ! Cant even LT like we used to, besides many new ‘faces’ on LT

  22. Ba Sharp Shooter.

    All is well though ka holiday ka brief fye iam opening on 20th imagine back to slavery nama books.Good for you until September i envy you.

  23. 3RqU.

    Iam really sorry I nolonger use that number,i gave my phone to a Zim friend together with the sim card.Please try me on this one.+277822285241.Nangu give me your number I can call you for iam in love with communicating with fellas.Drop me your number through a mail.Once again Iam very sorry.

  24. ZCP understands the problem of unemployment clearly, Zambia is a wealthy country but the current political system has allowed all profits made in Zambia to be externalised that is why we have high unemployment because if those profits all belonged to the government, it would not be problem for any government to offer soft loans to youths, small business and other businesses needing funding. ZCP intends to make this as one of the recovery plans for the country. We will nationalise all strategic assets in mining, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and the services industry. ZCP will also encourage the use of the internet to encourage international trade for youths and small businesses. The current system is based on capitalist agendas and these capitalists will never develop the country.

  25. We are calling all patriotic citizens of Zambia to join us in this political revolutionary cause. This is not a cause for ZCP, this is a cause for all Zambians. The current political system has failed. Western style democracy has not taken us anywhere. Even the west are failing in their own countries. This reccession is as a result of failed ideologies that we have all followed religiously as though they are fool proof. It is time for us to rise up to this challenge. This is like the liberation struggle against colonial rule except ours is a liberation against unemployment, against state corruption and against poverty. ZCP understands these problems and our vision is clear. We don’t have democratic elections anymore, it is therefore pointles to vote when we don’t see any meaningful…

  26. ndolic .

    Bushe nindala olo ndelolesha? Where have you been kanshi long time mwe.Hey I will definitely come ukafwaileko fye jod mudala,I really want to work for my country.

  27. ZCP, I can see what a crisis your leadership will be. How can you say “ZCP will also encourage the use of the internet to encourage international trade for youths and small businesses”. You mean you as a party or the business world? Is internet not already being used in business or have you just discovered its use apart from writting emails? In any case, of what significance will that be as contribution towards reducing unemployment? I hope you are not thinking of opening internet cafes as a way to reduce unemployment. If your members are younger than HH, I suggest you ask for loans to enrol in “shibukeni”.

  28. Dear Citizen #42,

    ZCP is a 21st century party, we know and appreciate the power of the internet and believe it can be used as a tool to reduce poverty in the country. Our policy will be to encourage youths, small and large businesses to use the internet to help them establish international business. E-commerce / E-business can enable this to happen. Zambia has plenty of products that are in high demand on the international stage but international buyers have no easy way of contacting suppliers so if the youths, small and large businesses tapped into this area of trade we are confident it will make enterprising youths and others busy and wealthy. If internet cafes can help them to achieve this then why not. E-bay is one example, some people have made millions from it! you want more…

  29. As a founder member of ZCP and a holder of a first degree(with honours) and masters degree in Information Technology (IT) from British universities, I’m very clear on this vision. Think about it very well and you will begin to see the opportunities. Maybe some youths can invest some time in basic understanding of internet trading and the government must put in place the ICT infrastructure to achieve this vision and youths will never be the same again. But this is just one area of business which makes our overall recovery plan for Zambia. You are more than welcome to joni us at ZCP we are open to ideas and are recruiting revolutionaries to save Zambia. There is more to the internet than just e-mail! You better believe it.

  30. ZCP, Sorry I might have been judgemental. Would you be in a position to explain any projections of employment creation through your plans? Where will the youth start from, I mean are you going to provide free money, training for them? And how different will your system be from CEEC, or is it just a “starting-again syndrome”? How would you expalin the aspect of sustainability of your policy, what factors will ensure that it stands a test of time?
    The other thing is that your approach has skipped some phases only to focus at the end-of-pipe. What happens to the upstream where those products have to be made before the world is made aware of their existence? Are assuming abracadabra, nkwa-nkichi – lo and behold, products ready to be advertised?

  31. you know, its not as easy as it may look to create your own world in a world where the environment is not enabling. this all comes down to our selfish leaders who are only interested in their own bellies and pockets.
    By the end of the day you will be thinking of leaving the country to create your own world , some of us are victims of such and its so painful , come 2011 things should start changing for the better.

  32. I think the government cannot and should not employ everyone, but the government should ensure that there are enough indigenous businesses to employ at leat most (90% or more) of the population. Which is why chasing after foreign investors is such a waste of time. 80% or arable land is not under cultivation, and yet food prices remain high. Most of Zambia’s 5 million strong workforce will always be employed in local businesses, and it is time that the government started to promote them aggressively.

    I have lots of ideas on how to make money and have all kinds of add-on positive effects to the economy and society as a whole at the same time. There is so much that can be done with just a little investment in irrigation and education.

  33. Ba Kamanga, don’t talk just for the sake of talking…give them ideas….not fye mwafuma pa news ati na mulanda. Tell them like this ” if you happen to have a 500, 000 pin you can get on a bus to Mumbwa buy some tomatoes, cabbages, etc and get back on bus to Lusaka sell your tomatoes to the maketeers…something like that. Don’t just say the ” ideas are within yourselves” and also tell them how to get the most needed funds….I promise you will be a great motivator..don’t be like ba……….

  34. Kamanga, am glad you ve set an example of what it means to create your own world.You talk people give u money. Fantastic! What are your academic qualifications.

  35. #45 Communism is not good…too much goverment intervention spoils the market and competition. VERY LOW TAX on Zambian owned business HIGHER TAX on imports unless company co owned by Zambians tax maybe reduced. A share scheme on some businesses can also work. Mr Kamanga article is very good and a step to the unemployment solution. The skills issue should be implemented whilst the youth are at schools, colleges and universities. Form different institutes for different trades which they can join and create. Internships should be offered by all Z companies. That way they maybe inspired to see their potential and the companies can have a clue if they think they will be good workers to employ. One of the best ways to spot our talented youth and integrate them to the system

  36. Thank you for everyone who responded. both positive and negatively. My name is Aaron Kamanga. I am a Motivator not because I have a PHD to my name but because of the numerous challenges i faced and managed to overcome. From a tender age, I knew I was born for greatness but after completing high school spent almost 10 years of my life , loafing,doing odd jobs like door-to- door selling, and almost became a security guard. My life was de-motivating and I was a perfect candidate for suicide or a delinquent life. I was on the breadline such that poverty forced me to become a photographer but through determination and self belief, I managed to pay my way through college and the rest is history. I can be contacted on : +26-097-650-9863 edited

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