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Tongas are very peaceful and hardworking- RB


President Rupiah Banda, Tanzanian Jakaya Kikwete and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema at the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze.
President Rupiah Banda, Tanzanian Jakaya Kikwete and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema at the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze.
Presidents Rupiah Banda and his Tanzanian counterpart,

Jakaya Kikwete, were yesterday among hundreds of people who turned out to celebrate this year’s Lwiindi traditional ceremony in Chief Monze’s area.

Speaking when he officially opened the Lwiindi traditional ceremony, President Banda said Tongas were very peaceful and hardworking people.

Mr Banda called on all Zambians to remain united, adding that this was the only way the country could achieve economic development in both the education and health sectors.

He urged Zambians to remain united and listen to the advice offered by their leaders.[quote]

Mr Banda also thanked Tanzanian President, Mr Kikwete, for having accepted to attend the Lwiidi ceremony at short notice.

And speaking earlier, Mr Kikwete urged the Tonga people to preserve and guard their culture and commended Chief Monze for preserving the Tonga culture in the age of Information, Communication Technology (ICT) and the global village.

Mr Kikwete said maintaining the traditional culture was a big challenge in the age of computers, television sets and other gadgets such as cellular phones, that seemed to be stealing the hearts of young people.

”Our young people tend to spend more time on these gadgets and in the process learn and acquire foreign culture which leads to the degrading of our traditional African culture,” he said.

He said there was need to be vigilant if the traditional culture was to be maintained.

”Please maintain these important traditions. Make sure that the younger people and the educated men and women are fully involved and participate in these traditional ceremonies and ensure that they do not participate like expatriates from Europe,” he said.

He noted that Africans must be proud to participate in their own culture whether they were educated or not.

Mr Kikwete described his participation at this year’s Lwiindi traditional ceremony as revolutionary because Heads of States ended in other countries’ capital cities and rarely in the villages.

”Taking a visiting Head of State to a village to witness a traditional ceremony is something that President Banda deserves applaud. Thank you Chief Monze for agreeing with President Banda and allowing me to witness this ceremony of the Tonga people dedicated to thanking God for the good rains and harvest. I am very impressed with what I have seen,” he said.

And Chief Monze thanked both Presidents Banda and Kikwete for agreeing to grace this year’s Lwiindi ceremony.

He said his desire was to see a ceremony that was not only peaceful but also non-political, adding that this was the reason why he had directed everybody going to attend the ceremony not to put on any clothing with political inclination.

Chief Monze also appealed to government to recognise him as Paramount Chief of the Tonga people in Southern Province.

”I’m the 9th Paramount Chief. I ask government to recognise me as Paramount Chief in this province.

Chief Monze also appealed to his people to work hard and uplift the country in terms of agriculture.

Patron of the Lwiindi Tradition ceremony, Hakainde Hichilema, said collectively, Zambia could address the challenges the country was facing.

And chairman of the Lwiindi traditional ceremony, Rex Matala, urged government to closely monitor the distribution of fertilser under the Agriculture Support Programme (FSP).

He said the coming of two Heads of State to address the ceremony was historical, adding that as long as he remained chairman of the traditional ceremony, he would ensure that the event was not politicized.

Mr Matala further said that traditional ceremonies were not places to show political strength, but were meant to bring people together in unity.

President Rupiah Banda and his counterpart Mr Kikwete have since flown back to Livingstone where they are expected to attend another ceremony that will be held at Chief Mukuni’s palace in Kazungula district.



  1. Mwebantu, George Mpombo has resigned from cabinet, he says would like to concentrate on his constituency. Is it because was challenged by a monkey at Royal Zambezi hotel?

  2. Yaba .

    Is it true? Iam sure he has seen something wrong with this govt.Anyway all the best Mr Mpombo.

  3. AND who are not peaceful and hardworking then? Politics of appeasement always make stupid statements.
    The Tongas are being told what is obvious, and what is also true about other tribes. Is RB any different to Kambwili? What is RB going to do to meet the development requirements for Southern Province? Don’t just make people feel good because you are there and are tying to buy your way among them. Give meaningful leadership and bring an impetus to better our lives.

  4. Have you checked todays Post. Too much icikoti abatonga. The Lwindi ceremony was characterised by sexual activities. Elo mumpanga I wish there could a snake to perform its role.

  5. No No chief Monze should not proclaim himself as ”I’m the 9th Paramount. The paramount chief should be chosen among many chiefs in any given province. Confrotations have led to disunity in other areas cos of these selfish self proclaimers.

  6. Mbombo indeed has resigned. i think its because of the monkey charging at him. he is the wise one who knows all is not well unlike benangu who think being pissd on is a blessing. we might as well get R Kelly to piss on Teta.

  7. # 19 Don’t worry about datas let him go .. we need new brain like the likes of Nawakwi and many others in the opposition who has a clean record… Not like Katele hold a public office while fighting criminal cases in court. kawalala being paid out of grz fund…

  8. Ndolic.

    Bushe nindala olo ndelolesha? Where have you been kanshi long time mwe.Hey I will definitely come ukafwaileko fye jod mudala,I really want to work for my country.

  9. #15 Bapungwa, there’s no division in that statement at all. It is simply an observation. Everyone ought to remember that we different tribes in Zambia and some are generally more hardworking than others. The other tribes may not be physically hardworking but they also possess skillful qualities which have helped to build our nation. No beef about it, we can’t all be the same.
    Even the Germans here in the south (Swabians) are far more industrious than the ones in the north, this is why they call the capital of the south Benztown.

  10. popi.

    Mwebantu where have you been hiding kanshi? I last saw you when you told me that you will be driving down to Copperbelt.nice to see you.
    iam really sorry Iam in Kzn inn pietermaritzburg not Joberg,but i can organise a trip specifically for you.ha ha ha ha!!

  11. For one i agree.the tongas are exceptional.though we brand them as tribalists unlike some other can be a total stranger to a tonga but once you enter his compound he extends his hand.before you are even greeted once you reach someone’s compound in tongaland you will be served with bwatu then greetings and then you explain how you have moved.if you seek assistance a tonga villager will try his best to assist you.the other thing is they are very strong and hard working the power which even extends to the bedroom.iam bemba but went to school in remote tongaland.i came back assimilated.iam a big gankata fun and i always used to attend ceremonies like malindo,mwesho,muchato as a special bemba guest and i was the darling of all
    VillagesIt was truancy at it’s best.and they are…

  12. RB you should walk your talk.Firstly,you are not hard working as you like too much leisure.You were telling people of eastern province ati “bafuna kumipoka ici cintu canu”.What you dont realize is that a president is the father of the whole nation and not just one region.Dont bring confusion in our beloved country.

  13. # 27 You are contradicting yourself, If the other tribe are skillful in certain areas it means they are also hardworking. Unless you are telling me hardworking only implies to physical jobs.

  14. The President is the one for now. Tongas are very good and hardworking people that is why there is so much bulimi and cattle in the Tonga land. Polygamy is also on the rise because the men are hardworking and can look after more than one wife. Go RB Ulichongwede.

  15. Mr. Mpombo resigned in Ndola Tuesday citing personal reasons. Mr. Mpombo in resigning said that he does not support the attempt to make president Rupiah Banda MMD candidate for 2011. He said Mr. Banda should be challenged at a convention. George Mpombo was energy minster in the Levy Mwanawasa regime and is one of the key persons cited in the ABSA $100 million scam. Details of Mr. Mpombo’s resgnation are yet to emerge.

  16. MATWORLD I was in RSA (mu neighbour) and could nt believe that South Africans refer to countries in the ranks of ZED as ‘in Africa’.Anyway the guys are progressing in infrastructure and I COULD NOT TAKE AWAY ANYTING IN THAT REGARD. Iwish the same would happen here so that when we say we will renovate Chipata-Lundazi or Zimba -Livingstone we then get down to work.NOT politicks of appeasement as though muletweba ati us the BELOZI’S are violent.

  17. #39 Limbi he sustained life- threatening injuries from the ape attack ! Kwena ba mpombo muli mpombo !

  18. # 41 it is true these chaps tell us that we come from Africa iyi. They are so an informed. But you cant blame them, they were brain washed by the boers. But infrastructure yena they have hammered. do you know that OR tambo airport is better than Heathrow Airport. The underground train is A1.

  19. May be after consulting his sangoma, Mpombo has finally realised that the close shave he had with the monkey was superstitious in nature.

  20. Nine Chale – Remember our discussion regarding the CD of Bemba praise songs? Please send me your email so that I can send you my postal address. Greatly appreciated.

    On a postive note I think we must congratulate ourselves on our political maturity. In many other countries in Africa you would not see the opposition and the president within meters of each other like you see RB and crown prince snake in the photo. On the negative side I dont think it is justifiable for a politician to single out an ethnic as being hardworking because by implication you are saying that other groups whoever they may be are not.

  21. Who is Mpombo fooling? This is VERY UNZAMBIAN a politician resigning. something is cutting here. Either he was given an ultimatum or he has been forced to resign.

  22. Hiow come there is no information on Mpombo’s resignation. I have checked all the websites including ZNBC but nada. Is it true?

  23. Good riddance. Mpombo the duiker was an icon of the Levy/ Maureen nepotism campaign. After failing to deliver fuel to the country instead of being fired, the bearded maggot was instead appointed defence minister. May the curse of the lice of a thousand monkeys be unleashed upon your beard !

  24. #33 Bapungwa, no contradiction my dear. Grab a chair, sit down and let me teach you some English:

    Hardworking does not conditionally imply that a person is skillful. You can be hardworking but be clearly lacking in skills, for example: a hardworking doctors without surgery skills.
    Likewise, being skillful does not necessarily mean that a person is also hardworking. For example: a skilled but lazy architect. Intuition, imagination, experience, knowledge, comprehension, genius and so-called ‘technique’ sum up the skillfulness of a person.
    The two qualities can of course co-exist but one can still exist without the other. While the fruits of being hardworking are physically revealed, the limitations of skill are basically hidden and only manifest whenever deployment is needed…

  25. I have always had this conviction that Tongas are hardworking. If I may add another tribe, it’s the namwangas. in fact the two tribes have a lot in common. 1. women do not have nsanje because they’re used to polygamy 2. their big families are united in purpose and focused in being productive 3. they are strict with their finances to an extent that they can even forget to buy shoes, all in the name of “savings” for their children. 4. They are both good runners and have an endurance levels steming hardwork 5. good business people. 5 One exception though, Tongas are better, academically, than their Namwanga counterparts. You cannot argue on the last part – just look at the cut-off points in Namwanga vs Tongaland.

    • sir namwangas r not smarter than tongas. i personally did a survey in different schools and found that there was atleast 1 namwanga in the top 5. this was not the case for the tongaz though

  26. # 53 Dongo na sungu you are crazy bro, you have just spitted out the truth !!!!!!!!!!!! especially on nsanje !!!!!! Bembas she will pour boiling cooking oil on you and your lover !!!!!!!!

  27. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly says:
    July 7, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Hiow come there is no information on Mpombo’s resignation.

  28. let ACC arrest Mpombo as they await to establish the crimes he has commited, otherwise alalubila pachani and tabakamwikate…………….

  29. # 57 a phiri you are late. is this when you have turned on your wireless. Thanx for the info though

  30. # 53, Dongo Na sandu, I like the way you simply your points. I think you are a focused guy. I wish many others on the blog and outside could learn something from you.

    A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

  31. #55 LAMBAs. Known as the laziest tribe in History……..please dont crossify me guys.Just telling it the way it is

  32. RB is right that is his opinion,Iam sure everyone of us here has his or her own opinion as which tribe is hardworking.Capwa.

  33. I really love Tongas so much,Iam even thinking of marrying a tonga,the only thing is the way they speak their language kwati baletukana.

  34. #55 Ba Inzi, I would right away tell about my mbuyaz ba “nacitolafye”. Pakanwa ngaefyobabomba ala ngatwaliwina pa zed. .

  35. #72 Jamaco, from whence cometh thou, bro? I haven’t seen your comments for sometime. Welcome back.

  36. # 71. Matwaorld. Language has ensured the Tonga speaking people to remain a homogenous group, preserving their culture as sacrosanct as possible. Tha same goes for the Lozi.

  37. Mpombo resigning is an act of self preservation.l am sure he has read the tea leaves that RB is not a winning candidate and is positioning himself as a change candidate so that he can flow in the direction of the new wind.He is well schooled in the dark arts of politics and the arts of self preservation

  38. Well, if he has resigned out of principle and wants to see positive developments then that is leadership. I hope Teta and Mulongoti can see sense in this move shut up. I expect more resignations before the end of the year. Wait until they get their gratuity, Teta will be holding on to a shell. Like 1991, 2011 will see a wind of change that may change the face of politics in Zambia. Current politicans MUST sit up or they will follow the likes of old UNIP guards into oblivion but because they have stolen most of them will end up in jail. Watch the space!!!

    Boss mwalasa,ifwe fwe babemba tuli banangani twachenjelesha fye proper kalulu.ukuyumfwa,ifilumba,ulwambo fyonse epotwaba.imiponto ekufwa.the namwanga’s are the zambian version of indians.when money goes in the pockets it-doesn’t come out you would their pockets are lined with bostik.

  40. I think it’s true these pipo are peaceful. I haven’t met any antagonistic tonga. However, they are shaggists – It is on record that the evening before the Lwindi ceremony, the hosting place was swarmed by shaggists of all forms and styles. And on ba Mpombo – he should even shave, that is why monkeys are taking him as an aggrressor.

  41. #70 Matworld, watch it. Us Easterners are hardworking as well. It is just that we’ve been polluted by bembas.

  42. We Can.

    I don’t know i just love the tongas may be its becoz some of them hate us bembas so its not just the info about nsanje,they are wonderful pipo especially their ladies the only thing I hate about Tongas/lozis is the way they behave when you are among them,they use their languange even when they know that you are not understanding it even when all can speak cizungu which is neautral for everyone..


    Thank you so much for hightlighting me on the language.

  43. Let us not fall prey to ethnic stereotyping that RB seems to be encouraging. Each ethnic or racial group is very complex in the variety of the people that make it up. Each race or tribe will have proportions, in varying degrees, of the lazy and indolent, the hard working and the diligent, the honest and the trustworthy, and all other variety of characteristics. Each race or tribe is blessed with infinitely rich variety of attributes – whether Tonga, Bemba, Lunda, Chewa, Lozi, etc. None is cursed with only negative attributes; nor is any blessed with only positive ones. Let all of us be proud of who we are and appreciative of what others are.

  44. #79 Akapondo, that is why your recipe of a cup full of Chirwa, two litres of Miyanda and a teaspoonful of Magande has a mouth-watering taste. May be a pinch of Bwalya Chiti cannot be bad for the savour.

  45. Mune Matworld #70, watch it. It is just that we’vebeen polluted by bembas otherwise we are hardworking especially if we crank it with fwaka ya cingoni.

  46. Iam from the east but I must agree that Tongas are really hard workers.RB is just calling a spade a spade and there no offence in that.I have cousins whose father is tonga but thongh just having high education have accumulated staggering wealthy through their own hardwork.They have really inspired into farming something I never contemplated on in the past.

  47. I like Tonga people, i dont know about hard working though…. prejuduced perjaps???…like they are almost all SDAs..whats up with that… I love being a Bemba girl, even though they accuse us of talking too much..i dont think am that bad….

  48. Sony Ericsson Phiri.

    My beloved Mbuya where have you been Kanshi,Hey! today Iam blessed all my friends are here.Glory to God at least I now know that they are still alive.

    Sony Ericsson Phiri. Yes its easy my mother used to catch 50 a day before we had put her on sanctions.We wanted to deport her back to eastern power for poarching.

  49. # 79. AKAPONDO. ‘twachenjelesha fye proper kalulu.’ I hope you’re not including thievery in your description of being clever. I detest thieves.

  50. Yo Matworld long time, so you see we are very hardworking, we like hardi work, as long as it means we can chew 😉

  51. # 81, Matworld,
    I appreciate your point. They speak their language so you can learn it.

    It is a challenge to you to know their language. How many Zambian languages do you know? I know 5. Bemba, Tonga, Nyanja, Ila, Lozi, and and next target is Luvale. At international level, I must learn French. Most times we hate other languages because we are not prepared to learn them, but immediate we want to learn we get keen to here every word and find out what it means so that come nest time we will be experts .

  52. Miss Daisy ……..Meastro will not come until you indeed indicate to him that Abena Animal has resigned to join the mighty UPND……..Party of the overeducates and cadreless.

  53. Dongo na sundu
    Exactly,nakabili walasa.Bwalya chiti is in the camp and we are adding a double shot of chrispin milupi. Then we will take Anna chafungula to head ACC so that she can pursue all those pimps who were untouchable.there is another upcoming lady we have told her to groom to take up from her but for security reasons i wont mention her name.Mpombo is not welcome

  54. LT Iam vexed.YOu are now sitting on my freedom.Ukunjikala pansansa.Anyway Iam on holiday,naya mukukunwina LT.Ndeisa!!

  55. #59, there is no official notification apart from LT bloggers who cannot be trusted. Last week someone said VJ was dead and it was a lie that is why am waiting for something official either on LT or post websites even Zamnet.

  56. I admire Prince Cobra’s perseverance. He should attend all traditional ceremonies. Do not give RB an aorta of opportunity to hoodwink village voters. VIVA PACT COMPLIANCE.

  57. it seems Mpombo has just realised that if you cant beat them join them…he is joining the pact is my asumption…he nopw wants good leadership. so next thing is when the new constitution comes to effect he will resign from the party and so be able to join the pact and still remain MP. The rebel Mps and the MMd did not realise that they have given advantage to the pact by addind in the clause that an MP does not cease to be after he leaves the party.So Mpombo joings pact as my guess…lets wait and see..Miss daisy so what do you say lets be friend kaili…

  58. #108(Vaseline Petroleum Jelly ) and #58 Go to W-A-T.-C-.H-D-O-G and ypu will find the story on Mpombo.

  59. Who knows the tribe called Bemba well??? Go and ask the imperialist Britain will tell you all about the Bemba tribe. When reporting to the Queen, the Northern Rhodesia governor had this to say “ a Bemba is our child who has given us problems “. The Imperialist tried by all means to stifle the resilient resolve of a Bemba tribe to reject the rule of the British. The Imperialist after seeing that a Bemba could not be tamed, they resorted to divide and rule. They came up with a strategy against the Bemba …this was to deny a Bemba education, no Bemba in police etc. The imperialist knew very well that if a Bemba became educated would give them more trouble. So they saw it fit not to invest in educating a Bemba while the invested a lot in educating aTonga. However a Bemba is coming up.

  60. Judging people by the resonance of their vocal cords are we? Broad sweeping statements should not be entertained. When someone makes a bad broad sweeping statements it’s always met with cries that not all are like that but when it’s good you accept. If you are willing to accept broad good criticisms then you shouldn’t complain when people make bad broad critism’s.

  61. MPOMBO, George W MP, Kafulafuta (MMD)

    Constituency Number:
    > 29

    Date of birth:
    > 1st January 1954

    Marital Status:
    > Married

    Educational Qualifications:

    Grade 12, Diploma in Purchasing and Supply

    Year First Elected:
    > 1988
    > Sessional Committee membership:
    > Profession:
    > Buyer
    > Hobbies:
    > Football,
    > Contact Details:
    > Ministry of Defence, edited

  62. This talk about bemba this, tonga that, lozi this and so on is not health at all for our peaceful zambia. If you want to know what this tribal thing can do, learn from the experiences in kenya. If one bemba is a thief, it doesnt mean all bembas are thieves, its unfortunate though that the language is abused and is mostly used by thieves and those who like insulting, eg lumpens at UNZA, CBU.

  63. As the evening starts across Zambia and office together with Internet Cafe LT bloggers retire to home, I now release my thoughts on the above mentioned issues.

    Firstly, I am impressed by “Speaking when he officially opened the Lwiindi traditional ceremony, President Banda said Tongas were very peaceful and hardworking people” attributed to our Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. This rare statement was very political though my distant relative Mr Rex Natala failed to recognise this.

    In my view, President RB Banda is in full swing doing 2011 elections campaigns and his statement was bent to wind sympathy from Tonga voters which late President Mwanawasa LP alienated by his statement in Monze during the 2006 elections period: Tongas must redeem themselves.
    Matt 6:33

  64. However, thank you Mr President for being this “Speaking when he officially opened the Lwiindi traditional ceremony, President Banda said Tongas were very peaceful and hardworking people” honesty.

    Indeed as expressed in many negative sentiments above, a lot of tribalists have misconstrued your words Mr President.

    Secondly, ”Please maintain these important traditions. Make sure that the younger people and the educated men and women are fully involved and participate in these traditional ceremonies and ensure that they do not participate like expatriates from Europe,” mentioned by President Kikwete is well put, though our Zambian politics may make me operate as an expatriate when I will come home. Sadly, I am over the Tonga traditions but SDA culture.

  65. Thirdly, to the best of my knowledge, the ”Chief Monze also appealed to government to recognise him as Paramount Chief of the Tonga people in Southern Province. ”I’m the 9th Paramount Chief. I ask government to recognise me as Paramount Chief in this province.” does not hold water as Tonga people have never had a paramount Chief. So, let the cold war between Chief Monze and Chief Mukuni be sorted out nicely insead of rushing to make statements that border on dividing Tonga people. Or is this fight graced by the MMD GRZ which desperately wants to gain popularity in Southern Province following their better performance than the mighty UPND in Livingstone in the 2008 presidential elections?

    I hope this behaviour will not escalate with the Mukuni ceremony.

  66. On ”Patron of the Lwiindi Tradition ceremony, Hakainde Hichilema, said collectively, Zambia could address the challenges the country was facing.” I am appalled that the news reporters are behaving like Cowards by failing to inform the readers that Hakainde Hichilema is UPND president.

    Such behaviour is bad for our young democracy. Good message though from president HH and let us all unity in developing Zambia.

    On “Mr Matala further said that traditional ceremonies were not places to show political strength, but were meant to bring people together in unity“, this is a good statement although it may be possible that the MMD has twisted Mr Natala to say such.
    Matt 6:33 + KJV Bible

  67. Lastly, I have just noted that while I thought I was sending a solar wind to send characters scampering away from me, some young self-proclaimed Bemba woman, whom characters have been clearly panting over day in day out — even in this thread, has been attracted to me by some sort of magnetic or gravitational force from me.

    This is really encouraging for I thought characters are only interesting in lambasting me with insults on here LT. I have been sure that there would have been rejoicing should I be announced dead following the insults, but this gesture has indicated that some do care.

    Let us thus continue with this spirit of love so that we develop Zambia together.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 + KJV Bible

  68. #120…Maestro.. you have sent me in laughter even as i go to sleep…..some character ka?,…lol nite

  69. 121 UMUMBULU IN JOBERG ati bwanji mudala? On your “Maestro mudala you enjoy talking te“, aawe baba, I just talk and/or write enough.

    122/3 Miss Daisy , following your “Maestro.. you have sent me in laughter even as i go to sleep…..some character ka?,…lol nite” chill for I am just a normal firm character and nothing impressive about me.

    Take care and be blessed.
    Matteus 6:33 + KJV Bible

  70. hi guys.. sorry been busy today.. i bet most of you are going to sleep now..

    on this issue all i have to say is: TONGA BULLLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STRONG MEN!!!

    daisy bay bay have sweet dreams, also sweet dreams to the others just in case you all feel left out.. dont worry i care about you all..


  72. 123 Miss Daisy , thanks checking on me and sorry for this delay as I had to sort out ill-motivated characters in the MP Mpombo topic above. On your “#120… u must have been a prefect….ukutemwa amabomba…shinning pali ba grade 8 sana..te?” nay, no, no, nicht, … I have never been a prefect.

    I do not like shinning but characters who attack me end making me very popular – which becomes a pain in characters that have jealous.

    126, take it easy ad keep well.
    Matthew 6:33 + KJV Bible

  73. #124 Maestro, “Screaming is bad for the voice, but it’s good for the heart.” I think you are troubled man, you need these screems. This LT is good therapy for you, never change my bro, stay around, you are aloner. And loners usually take ropes around their necks.

  74. u r right RB…ouyr friends are hardworking,peaceful and indeed intelligent unlike ifwe!!..I respect them for that!Tongas,hats off!!

  75. Any sane living being knows this that Tongas can easily be manipulated any time. Telling them that they are good and hard working, will surely pacify them, come election time, they will vote anything called MMD, beacuse they are said to be Good & Hard working people. Its unfortunate that our my tonga brothers and sisters can’t see beyond their noses. Balemimona ukushishita ngatamwishibe!. Check the story carefully, does RB really mean that his brothers and sis in eastern province are not hardworking? Well, maybe he understands himself better, Thats why he cant sit in his office but to trote around the globe. Rubbish!!!

  76. Abatonga Ukushishita!! You mean you can’t read in between the statement that this man is just trying to buy your vote. He knows very well that telling you in public that you are good and hard working will pacify you, come election time you will flock to go and vote for anything called MMD. Why are you people so backwards? Zoona ndimwe ba mumbwa mumbwa!!!. You are even happy ati batiuza ati ndise ba mushe, tisebenza na maningi. Kushishita! You can’t even ague his comments intelligently. yaah koma pa zed eeeeh!

  77. Peace and Hard working , is that all he can say. Why has tribalism increased in the past year in Zambia. My Question to All ,”ARE YOU A ZAMBIAN OR TONGA”. and how can you generalize like that, its like saying All Zambians Drink MOSI

  78. #137, Kadoli Katapa, stop insulting or giving ugly names to people ! Why are you referring to them as ukushishita? Did the Tongas make any statement or it is RB ? Have respect for others!!!


  80. Lets call a spade a spade Iam a Senga from Chama, but i totally agree with RB. Tongas are humble, intelligent like us and above all hardworking and peacefull people. Tribalism was labbeled against them by our Traditional Cousin Sata while he was in MMD.

  81. # 137 Sorry my dear if my writing really had a bad taste. I neither meant to insult or ridicule Tongas. I wish you could see that the man RB is just out there to win sympathy from the Tongas. He knows very well that he can not beat the likes of HH. My concern was how all the tonga’s on the blog quickly jumpt to accepting RB’s comments on their tribe without seeing that he may just end up using them. Please note that there is no tribe in Zambia which stands out better than the other. we are all equal. Those of us in spora don’t see no tribe. Sorry once again.

  82. #140 My sincere apologies aswell. I respect Tonga’s just like any other tribe in Zambia. I want to ask you too to read Banda’s sentiments on the Tonga’s. Noting the platform and time he used. I am sure you have noticed that most of the Tonga chiefs are no longer interested in RB’s lip service. As for Mazoka’s education. I wish you can elaborate more on the archivements he really attained. I know that he worked for Boart long year and Anglo American. To be very honest my dear these had been two outstanding organisations way before Mazoka. To be made CEO of any one of them doesn’t signify archivement of any sort. Any other educated Zedian have run them. Those are organisations which had been stable long before. They just needed some body to drive them.

  83. My friend # 140 I want you to know that Mazoka was not the only person who was very educated in Zambia at his time even now. You are in spora, and I believe there are Zambians who are very eduacted out there. Akashambatwa Mbikusita has more than five Degrees on him alone. I guess you know that. I am sure you would also like to know that there is no institution that Akashambatwa has ever successfully run. Is that the education you are talking about?. Once again I would like to appologise for earlier sentiments. Nuff Respec!!


  85. mentioning tribes comes out as tribalism to me. just a few ago we were fighting elements of tribalism

  86. Tongas are good, yes! but the first and top on the list are the Lundas where most you come from. Then Tonga and Kaondes come second, the rest of the tribes then follow.

  87. “Mwanamulime”, why are you also promoting TRiBES, why can’t you pepo ever learn, it causes tension and Can you remember Rwanda?

  88. people if you do not understand the chief’s hierarch and who has been a gazetted paramount chief of the bantu botatwe, the ask or shut up.

  89. # 150, Kelvin. Hello? This has nothing to do with Tribes, or tribalism, this is our history and we can not run away from it. If I am wrong give me another piece of history.

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