Police hunt for a witchdoctor


Police in Siavonga have launched a man hunt for a named witchdoctor that allegedly administered medicine to two sisters who later died.

Sources at Siavonga police station told ZANIS in an interview today that they were taking frantic efforts to apprehend a Lusaka based witchdoctor who is said to have given medicine to the two sisters.

The sisters, Esnart Mujae aged 38 and Sabeta Mwanja 46, both of Simasanga village in Siavonga district died on Wednesday after receiving and taking the medicine given to them by the witchdoctor.

The witchdoctor was in the area treating sick people.

A medical report from Siavonga district hospital indicated that the two died of suspected poisoning.

And village headman Stanley Simasanga confirmed to ZANIS that the two sisters had been sick hence they sought treatment from the witchdoctor.

Headman Simasanga said the witchdoctor gave the two sisters some powdered medicine, assuring them that they would be cured once they drunk it.

He disclosed that the witchdoctor prescribed the same type of medicine to the sisters one of whom had a mental problem and another paralyzed legs.

He said the witchdoctor was paid the sum of K200, 000 and three chickens for the prescribed powdered medicine.

Headman Simasanga explained that immediately after taking the medicine, the two sisters started complaining of abdominal pains and later started vomiting and developed diarrhea, a situation that led to their death.

He said the bodies of the two sisters were later taken to Siavonga hospital where medical authorities pronounced them dead and took them to the brought in dead section.

Headman Simasanga charged that the witchdoctor fled the village after news of the death of the two sisters reached him.

The bodies will undergo a postmortem before burial takes place.



  1. Sad story. Where I come from, the Traditional healer/killer has to taste the medicine before the patient takes it….

  2. How possible is it that the same powder can remedy a mental disorder in one patient and paralysed legs in another? Traditional doctors are cashing in big time on people’s ignorance.

  3. take off all your cloths that’s how they couhgt katele…….ati stinayende nama bamba mwami!!!!. otherwise just prayers

  4. Ba ng’anga nawo ni ba mfwiti maningi. They say send a thief to catch a thief.. Maningi ubuloshi inganga ishi.

  5. Once caught please use a firing squad on this witch, otherwise we need prayers for this christian nation.

  6. First of all, the chief and headman should be apprehended for allowing the so called healers in their chiefdom/village. It’s really appalling to note that many people even in this era still believe in ing’anga. And the K200,000 plus chickens charged as consultation/treatment was too much. In short they have just ended up selling their lives for nothing. Anyway finshi balelwala ifyofine?

  7. Sorry my sisters who lost both their lives, money and livestock. But honestly how can the same concoction be said to heal both a mental illness and paralysis?? This is witchcraft damn it!!! nab the fool. My condolences to the family

  8. These Valley Tongas are fond of traditional medicine. The Police should realise that perhaps those two sisters had bin sick for a long time suffering terminal dieses and their bodies were already weakened. The concortion they drunk induced vommiting and pugging. Even those who hired the traditional medine should equally be charged. Who produced 200pins and the three chickens. Lives will continue b eing lost due to ignorance last month its an Angolan busineness man in Chungu Lusaka who was duped into believing that he would given juju to multiply his wealth. Firstly how does some who is poor and living in a slum, without decent standard of living make another type of his rich. Its as good as a blind man leading another blindman. For our blind pa Zed move with their children and ask be led

  9. Too bad for the 2 sisters but I think it’s about time the people learnt not to trust witchdoctors blindly. In the same way that medical doctors make fatal mistakes, these witchdoctors are also human and prone to err. Sometimes prayer is the better option. It never backfires!

  10. # 2 I remember reading that story about Katele… How is it that now he is still holding a public office despite of those implications??? Here is Zambia helding????

  11. Witchcraft in Luapula is science. This is why Katele got away with it, and he is still pround about it, may be that is what is keeping him in public office. Sorry for the humble Tonga “girls”, Zambia for sure is the real Africa.

  12. 18 Mwanamulume says: Witchcraft in Luapula is science….. If that is what you believe in Why not come up in the open…. Where did his computer he used to see the happenings in Lusaka went to. Govt would save money if he could make such computers out of bush roots and grass. Those Tongas are not girls.. they are women.. shame to u Mwanamulume promoting witchcraft.

  13. Is this the same Doctor linked to the Micheal Jackson death? I had no ideal he was from Siavonga, If Micheal Jackson´s toxicology results would take 6-8 weeks, our sisters fate will probably take 6-8 years.So we can only expect results around 2017…..That is long enough to wait for your own death

  14. #19. Kanjimaano. I am not promoting witchcraft, read my posting again and get the meaning. On the other hand, do you remember those guys from Chingola who wanted to make their witchcraft public? Witchcraft is there, we need to know how to deal with it in our time. For you to have sex , do bussiness etc in the village you need juju.If you don’t pray to God, now way you can have victory over witchcraft.

  15. 21. Mwanamulume says: Witchcraft is there, we need to know how to deal with it in our time. For you to have sex , do bussiness etc in the village you need juju >>> SEX WITH OWN WIFE OR WHAT??? HOW DOES JUJU PROMOTE BUSINESS. guys from Chingola who wanted to make their witchcraft public >>> I DIDN’T SEE THAT ARTLE. .. AS I LEFT THE COUNTRY LONG AGO… NOW I AM MERELY A TOURIST WHEN VISITING ZAMBIA.

  16. #22. The witches in Chingola were ready to fly their aeroplane, using blood as their gas, and to be on that plane you had to be naked. (Sorry if you missed out) the other recent story is that of a tortoise (Turtle) delivering mail to the judge, and also to the other man who owned him money. Also do you remember the story of Katele Kalumba?-all these stories are carried out by Zambian media. Witchcraft works differently in diff places, even here in the US witchcraft is very common.( Check out Rabbeca Brown’s books). Only in Jesus do we have power over satan.

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