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Govt keen to develop sports stadia


Ministry of Sport,Youth and Child development Permanent Secretary Susan Sikaneta (in blue) is surrounded by officials from CHinese An Hui construction firm who have been engaged to repair the Independence stadium.
Ministry of Sport,Youth and Child development Permanent Secretary Susan Sikaneta (in blue) is surrounded by officials from CHinese An Hui construction firm who have been engaged to repair the Independence stadium.
Government says it is determined to ensure state of the art

national stadium is put in place in Lusaka.

Sport, Youth and Child Development Permanent Secretary, Susan Sikaneta, says the country is currently relies on Konkola Stadium in Chililabombwe on the Copperbelt for important international matches.

Speaking when she met a 9-man delegation from China at the Independence stadium in Lusaka today, The PS said government is geared to accelerate the funds for the completion of the US$65 million Independence Stadium.

Ms. Sikaneta said told the Chinese Architectures and Engineers that they will be working closely with her Ministry and the Ministry of Works and Supply.

She said the Ndola stadium that is under construction will cost US$65 million, while the Livingstone one would cost US$57 million.

She disclosed that her ministry has devised an action plan to facilitate smooth construction works at the stadium.

She said her ministry will be conducting inspection tours and monitoring of construction works of the three stadiums on a monthly basis.

She said Zambia is keen to learn from China in the area of construction and engineering.

And Chinese delegation leader Jin Meikang said three stadia to be constructed in the country will have the life span of 50 years.

Mr. Meikang, who is in the country to conduct feasibility studies on the construction of the stadia, said the stadia will be of international standards with a capacity of over 40,000 spectators.

Yesterday, Mr. Meikang and his team from Anltui Foreign T-conomil Construction Group arrived in the country to construct three stadiums in Zambia.

Recently, Sport, Youth and Child Development Minister Kenneth Chipungu accompanied with his Permanent Secretary Susan Sikaneta visited China to negotiate for the construction of modern sports infrastructure to which the Chinese government has favorably responded.



  1. “A barking dog never bites”So imwe mwe buteko just develop the sports stadia in silence then people will appreciate it.We are tired of reading about your unfulfilled desires!

  2. I think it is more important to ask the Chineese to help and teach Z people how to build a second university, improve the road infrastructure or build a second hospital like UTH . A stadium is not a priority to Zambians in this economic climate. Personally, I think UNZA have educated enough engineers who should be capable to build a stadium

  3. Okay from an economic point of view what is the objective of the Zambian economy ? As a blogger I assume to increase employment and living standards….Is a stadium an answer to that issue? How many people can a stadium employ? Surely we should ask countries that are willing to help us for things that will impact and help change Zambia in the long run . ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE it promotes tourism , helps distribution of products for buisness (ACCESS) . A HOSPITAL employ nurses and doctors , UNIVERSITY we only have one prominent one in Z. Don’t ask the Chineese to build a stadium when there are more important things that can change the well being of Zambia. Honestly as stated before stadiums can be sorted by Zambians engineers. Z really needs help learning how to build things like road

  4. Please build roads and railway systems in developing infrastructure as opposed to wasting money since our people have no money to pay in order for them to watch games.
    Psalm 119 + KJV Bible
    95 The wicked have waited for me to destroy me: but I will consider thy testimonies.
    96 I have seen an end of all perfection: but thy commandment is exceeding broad.

  5. Most of you are missing the objective here, the sports facilities are just not going to be used for football but all kinds of sports and such infrastructure will bring revenue to the country in so many ways, tourists, sports delegates etc and of course one can not build such infrastructure with out accompanying roads etc. Of course there is need to build more hospitals and even universities but even the Zambians can do that, we don’t have to wait for government to do everything.

  6. Bachelor #6 a house has stages of being built. You start with the foundation…what tourists are coming to Zed to your stadium on bad roads?? Hell no …you need to make your business accessible as I said Z people can build stadiums that is easy . Ask the Chineese to help in infrastructure of road and railway that is wisdom . When the foundation of the house is built it is easy to add the fixtures like windows . In this case I view a stadium as a window. But as a country we should focus on the foundation ROADS, UNIVERSITIES, HOSPITALS, ZAMBIAN MANUFACTURING COMPANIES….use foreign aid help with wisdom to build a strong foundation for a better Zambia. Kaunda administration were the last ones to build a hospital and unza and those things are still contributing to Z economy today.

  7. For sure this fairytale has been around for years now. These chipmunks should do a good job and also pay the zambian labourers decent wages as they construct this ill-placed priorty.

  8. I think we just understand economics differently. I see nothing wrong with the commencement of stadia construction.

  9. With all respect for Livingstone, why should we have a stadium that side when we do not even have a team in the ZPL. In my view Kabwe would be a good place for a new stadium as it is more central

  10. Govt keen to develop sports stadia > Why it took so long untill there remains only one good stadium. A week ago there was a warning that this Konkola stadium need to be developed to meet FIFA’S expectation in terms of good lawn, security, etc..

  11. I think the govt. should consider Kabwe for the third stadium being the central town in Zambia.It will be easy for everyone from different towns to come to Kabwe for games.

  12. I have just seen an article of 450 pupils sharing 15 desks at Chibwe Basic School in Choma. How can one honestly think building a stadium is a priority economically. What kind of engineers is UNZA producing if they can not build a stadium in the C21st??? It is wiser for the goverment to open a univesity or technical college to teach Zambians how to build their own stadium than build it for them. This hand out , we need foreigners to do it for us needs to stop….Zambians should ask the Chineese to help them build roads , railways that are more complicated. Even a desk??? Are you telling me there are no carpenters in Zambia who can start a company building desks we have so much timber. I suppose the Chineese will be asked to donate desks next. Zed wake up u can do it urself

  13. #16. You have made a lot of sense in all your postings. Our priorities are wrong as a country .I won’t even get to improving standards for teachers and policemen and nurses.
    What even hurts most is that the National Team stinks. If they won or qualifeid to big events an argument could be valid. Above all these are loans from the Chinese thats why your point of using UNZA engineers is the right way to go in regards to cost.

  14. Thanks #17 for seeing my point of view. #18 we are not saying we do not need an art stadium . This is a project that can be handled by Zambia. If Zambia continues ignoring the talent they have to handle projects like a stadium. these young talented UNZA Zambian engineers will migrate to neighbouring countries and thus we have a BRAIN DRAIN. We lose the income they can generate for the economy. Use the Chineese for help in more complicated projects. If Zambia wants to compete nationally as a developing nation we need to find a system that includes and works with all Zambians. We have extremely intelligent, bright hardworking educated people who are not being integrated into the Z system. Dependency is not the answer. Teach a man how to fish and he has a life time supply

  15. Thanks#19. I know we have talented young UNZA Zambian engineers but do we have the money to pay for it? I thought this was GRANT from the chineese to be payed later?

  16. #20. If this is a grant to be payed later…That is the more reason why it is better to negotiate and ask them for a project that is more complicated. Road projects improve tourism, business and employs people instantly…..The goverment can handle building stadiums in Zed if they really want to….. The main issue here is money has to be recycled in Zambia we need to start letting the Z engineers handle money and build their profile by giving them projects that will be seen worldwide. If Z can not build something as simple as a stadium then the country needs to reflect on it’s education system in engineering. The govt can also work out a share scheme with the unza engineers whereby they can get revenue from the proceeds of stadium when it becomes profitable (this should reduce…

  17. Mind the typo errors I am not an economist but just an ordinary blogger. When you look at the way the devekoped countries run business and investments they have a very practical basic approach. I see a stadium as a project where a homeless person buying a mercedes benz when they do not own a house. It will look good in the short term but the owner does not take into account the depreciation of the vehicle immediately they buy it. BUT if they bought a house it would appreciate in value. As long as we do not focus on the basic foundation to build Z when grants are being offered. You find you have a lovely stadium surrounded by people living in poverty.

  18. I am not keen on too much dependence on the Chinese, what’s so special about them? If we are not careful as a nation we are gradually becoming a colony of China. They are now even getting involved in local politics and other national issues. Let us wake up before it’s too late.

  19. another white elephant.

    basically we are just getting fried in our own oil all the time.when are we ever going to wake up that nothing in life is free.

    brother zambians please move with the times..

    anothery typical muntu..

  20. Does auntie Suzana Sakatele understand what she is talking about. Those things need Director of Buildings, Works & Supply Ministry Wyson Ngulube to explain. We need more technical costings on how they arrived at such costings of US$65M &US$57M for Lusaka & Livingstone. Local experts lets take keen interest in this project before we are reaped off. Auntie Suzana has little or no knowledge of engineering works.


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