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Post Editor arrested

General News Post Editor arrested

Post newspaper editor Chansa Kabwela
Post newspaper editor Chansa Kabwela
Police have formally arrested Post News paper Editor, Chansa Kabwela, for circulating obscene materials.

Ms. Kabwela who was briefly detained has however been released on police bond.

Post newspaper lawyer, Sam Mujuda, told ZNBC that Ms. Kabwela will appear in court on Tuesday.

The arrest of Ms. Kabwela comes barely two weeks after police recorded a warn and caution statement from her for being in possession of obscene pictures.

President Rupiah Banda at the last press conference ordered investigations into the circulation of pictures of a woman giving birth at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

The incident took place during a strike by nurses and other health workers.

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  1. Let Justice be done. This lady is innocent, she was doing her job and she did not distribute porno but was just showing the big shots what was happening during the strike. Maybe someone should elaborate what is pornography.

  2. Ths RB will have a worse of end to his presidency than Chiluba. Tha man has no nzelu olo pang’ono.

  3. Even after being told that these photos were taken by the husband of the lady in this photo, they still want to punish the innocent soul. God deliver them.

  4. What a perveted goverment we have with nothing but pornographic minds. They most likely wank to that picture. Pervets!

  5. This is what should be done all the time.
    Arrest someone and take them to court immediately.
    Lets hope you have all the evidence and witnesses which should include RB as the complainant. We would be interested to hear how his morals were corrupted by looking at a dying woman.

  6. This country will be on fire if RB continues this type of behavor instructing police to arrest innocent people,if anything the blood of those people who died during the health worker’s strike will be on RB ‘s head,his time to dance will come no matter how long.

  7. The police should have acted proffesionally in dealing with this issue. They should not just follow directives just for the sake of it or to impress RB. They will end up embarasing themselves by so doing.


  9. The RB saga has started. I trust he is happy now that Kabonde has done what he wanted. The IG should have advised the old man that the pictures did not amount to Pono

  10. this govt is trying to use the police as the other arm of cadres..honestly this IG must resign on moral grouds…RB is tipical unipist and unfortunatly getting advise from KK,this is how KK ruled Zambia 4 27 years ,through intimidations…VIVA Post,Dig Dipper…dont be intimidated by these babaric acts of RB..continue wit the good works Post

  11. RB is taking us back to Unip rule. This action is clearly aimed at stifling press freedom and muzzling the private media(The Post, as it were).

  12. When RB sees Kabwela`s photo, he will most definately order the police to withdraw the case and most probably ask for a closed door meeting with her!! I hear he has a great weakness with women.

  13. A goverment that never takes or accepts criticism is a dictatorial goverment. RB’s governing remainds me of some Prefects in school

  14. Our Father,……forgive us our tresspasses, as we forgive thoze who tresspass against us…..

  15. You see guys, the disadvantge of having senior citizens as presidents ka. A definate no no!!!!

  16. Utter rubbish from the 20th Century! Chibwezani, you cant fool us. You are an old shameless, faceless old buboon. Chansa will be vindicated….!!! VIVA PRESS FREEDOM, ABASH POLITICAL MUSTURBATION..!!!!

  17. Since when has giving birth become porn? Do these guys know what porn is! All the picture did was induce sympathy unless you are a pervert.

  18. Congrats IG..you will soon be promoted to serve the Nation in overseas mission.Just make sure you die before Sata becomes president..

  19. Under Rupiah assisted by cadres, Zambia is now a police state. The police work for him and him only. We are finished as a nation.

  20. My understanding of pornography is that, something of a creative nature or activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire. What I am not sure is, if those pictures which where not displayed but sent to a few people in higher offices to show how bad the situation was at that time on the outside world where we, the commoners live. were sent to stimulate sexual deisres. I think RB was sexually aroused. That is why he is so fussy about them.

  21. i feel sorry for the prosecutor, he is gonna embarrass himself! how is he gonna prove his case? thats the problem with politically motivated cases, someone just ram-loads a case at yea and hope the judge will favor you. shame on you RB!

  22. Where is Thandi to fight for this woman. Women organisations stand together and rebuke this nonsence.

  23. policemen in zambia should know who to arrest, thieves are busy exchanging guns with them and they cant arrest them, but about an innoncent lady bafundumana no kufundumana.

  24. As a woman i oppose to this arrest, unless the photos were NOT printed in the post newspaper, the lady was just trying to help by sending them to RB and his team. Let justice prevail and let us be fair not just becuase MMD has grudge against the Post news paper.

  25. #16 that is not RB’s likes. Him goes by the likes of Dora Siliya (The first lady was by mistak i guess)
    Its a shame to see such things happening in our country. The worse of it all is to freeze the pay for these health workers that participated in the strike. How then does he expect them to survive? Does our man has advisors

  26. Since the lady has been arrested, we need to have evidence before the court. please, let us see the pictures of the women giving birth. The pictures were only send to those in authority for them to take action but having the president bringing the story of the pictures which very few had seen should make the government publish the vophotos so we too can see the porns taked byu RB

  27. Walla#-24 , that is how i also understand porno, arousing of sexual feelings!! So Banda could only see porno on this helpless woman with a dieng child. What a satanic view you hold of the Suffering of Human Mr Presidentless Bwezani Bana Kumbuyo. Sympathy and empathy should be the automatic human feeling when a normal human being sees such a picture. TIME WILL BE THE BEST JUDGE…!!!!!!!
    GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!

  28. This lady was just trying to show the world the truth AND HOW THE STRIKE affected the poor,anyway the truth pains,VIVA POST!

  29. Very soon Hospitals managers and health centre in-charges will be arrested for posession of obscene materials which are are used and displayed in these facilities (especially family planning and STI clinics). We have very petty chaps in charge. Very good at poor judgement and expending their energies on peryphery issues. Chopeti….!!!!


  31. Halo jounalist’s.it goes to show that you need a user friendly president like the incoming prof clive chirwa whounderstands the pros and cons of your proffesion.


  33. RB believes that a monkey urinating on him is good Luck. I think after doing this , he needs a greater blessing, I’m prepared to make Kaka in his face for this.

  34. Where is Senior (or is it Junior) Citizen to defend the indefensible? 40 comments, nil in favour. Shame….!!!

  35. I am no fan of anyone publishing pictures of a woman giving birth in a national newspaper. However, I also think that legislation on pornography is way too heavy. Bad judgement should not lead to people being arrested. Chansa Kabwela should have exercised a lot more judgment, but arresting her is going way too far.

  36. mrk, them pictures were NOT published in any newspaper but circulated as an email. that makes this thing even more ridiculous dont it?

  37. The girl looks so young,how did she become Editor of a major tabloid,she could be inexpererienced and that could explain why she authorised the publication of innappropriate images however ”obscene” they were.
    I am wondering what law they will apply to prosecute her because what she had published was not pornographic as it is not sexually exciting to viewers/readers.It is also debatable how they classify the material published as being obscene as it all depends on the context & reason for their publication which we know was to highlight effects of the strike so in effect,the Banda & the prosecutors have brains for causing so much unnecessary drama over the images in question.

  38. Yaba bwafya sana, when these same people watch those tuna chisungu dancing half naked at traditional ceremonies, they just smile ati kali naya ntutu ! But actually that’s indecent exposure they must all be arrested, its even more porno than what they are saying as porno, because those tuna chisungu you would want to look again and again paka yaima.

  39. CONTND FROM #47
    meant to say Banda & the prosecutors have no brains because they have caused so much unnecessary noise over nothing,all they need to do is refer The Post newspaper to their regulators or governors to re-check their work ethics assessed.

  40. The Police have charged Chansa Kabwela Ngilazi with distributing OBSCENE MATERIAL! Did anyone see those pics? It is for this reason that even the women movement NGOCC and Emily Sikazwe of Women For Change (WFC) have criticised Fred Mmembe and The Post for their poor sense of judgement! It is for this reason that in yesterday’s editorial and today’s editorial The Post has insulted these women as prostituting themselves to Rupiah Banda! calling them opportunists and chancers! Really? after these women stood with u in the fight against corruption and the quest for a good Constitution? Its Fred Mmembe who is a prostitute, and opportunistic. He tried to use the suffering of this woman to achieve his own political ends! WHY DIDNT MMEMBE write the letter himself or Sam Mujuda or Amos Malupenga?

  41. This is all wrong. Who is going to fight for this woman?

    Zambia, it breaks your heart but you still love it. Its sickening.

  42. Chansa mwaiche don’t be used by Fred Mmembe, this pretty thing does not own the Post Newspaper, why in the world is she making this issue a personal issue for her? If I was her, I would direct all enquiries to Fred Mmembe himself and stay way clear of this matter. She is just an employee but it seems she takes pride in been in the thick of things, the question I have for her is why? Where is her husband to advice her to so the right thing, let Mmembe take responsibility for this issue not her personally. Let it be between the owner of the Post and the Government not her personally. Unless she sees this issue as an opportunity to make a name, I would advice her to lay low and let the owner take the raps. This is what happens when you have no other job options. Desparado actions!!

  43. Banda and Zuma dancing in front of naked girls showing breats was OK, kwena katwishi mwe. My foot
    Leave Chansa alone maybe lu ku mbwa fwye

  44. Why are all these poofters supporting the broadcasting of obviously obscene and distressing pictures? A country with no laws, is that what you want you imbeciles blogging here? Get the pictures and watch them with your sisters and your mothers! You are low-lives.

  45. This case is a non starter for me. My worry is how RB is miss managing tax payers money. Ba Kunda teti mukambe po apart from boot miangaling.

  46. Iye Mayo tata, i thought they were phornograhic pictures? Kanshi its geniune news when nurses were on strick, kwena ba president besu in CHIMBWI NO PLAN. what happened to ZAMBIAN AIRWAYS investigations? Let the girl do her job iwe we fontine lyakantu.

  47. Low level headed bloggers are supporting RB and his perveted thinking. The only way to fight people like RB is to do exactly what Chansa did. Guys! honestly speaking, Banda knows very little of what goes on in our hospitals, and does he care anyway? that is why even for a simple knee surgery RB runs to South Africa. One sight on such pictures should have exumed sympathy from RB and by now we should have been hearing some changes in the operations of our hospitals in ZED. Instead the poor girl who politely with respect sent the pictures directly to RB is now arrested. I think RB felt guilty because the pictures spoke volumes about his incompetence. Some bloggers like # 57 CHAD don’t think at all. Imagine it is your wife giving birth with no attention, would you still support RB?

  48. Out of interest, what is Chansa’s salary as Post Editor because I don’t think risking her life and reputation is worth the money she gets. Some might see this as a noble cause while others see this matter differently, on a personal level, I wouldn’t risk my life and reputation over this issue. lts not like Chansa shares some of the profits from the Post. Let Mmembe take responsibility. Chansa’s husband must be a weakling for letting the mother of his children and his wife take all the beatings over this matter. Where are the true victims of this sad story, the woman who lost the baby or the husband of the woman, they are the true victims, Chansa and the Post are just trying to make political capital out of this matter. God must help the real victims not the post opportunitists.

  49. it is amazing how Zambia is being run. And what is the Journalist union saying about this. What about the human rights commission. what about the NGO’s saying. My goodness this country has misplaced priorities. if it is politics they whole NGO’s,Unions etc set up would have been all over because they just want money but on a geniune issue of serious abuse of Human Rights and interference everyone is quite. Why are we so dumb in Zambia. It starts small before we know it all our rights will be gone. Wake up pips

  50. # 61 you are missing the point. She obviuosly didnt think she would be victimised for exposing the counttry’s short comings. she was just doing her job only because this is Zambia, has this thing turned around. If KK and them never fought the British we would still be under them. it is the same with her. if such matters are not exposed we will never know the extent of the damage this country is going thru

  51. On “Post newspaper lawyer, Sam Mujuda, told ZNBC that Ms. Kabwela will appear in court on Tuesday“, good news and I ask the accused and her lawyer to be consistent in their talk so that they can conveince the judges about Mrs Kabwela C.’s innocency.

    I wish all the involved including President RB Banda all the very best in this case.
    Psalm 119 + KJV Bible
    98 Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever [10] with me.
    99 I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation.
    100 I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.
    101 I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word.
    102 I have not departed from thy judgments: for thou hast taught me.

  52. I hope Banda will be called to testify in this case and tell us how indeed a picture of dying mother and her child corrupted his morals. He will only succeed in proving that he has no morals and has no idea what pornography is.

  53. Nice move, the Post think that they can be above the law
    Lock her up
    Abash Porn!
    Abash Anti Government Newspaper!

  54. Those of you chaps speaking of Chansa having distributed pornographic material are ill informed. Fisrtly its not porno, secondly she didnt publish it, thirdly the intention was not as your fellow MMD leadership *****s have chosen to see it. Be advised as you support this that these people careless about anyone carrying or distributing porno, its simply about persecuting the POST newspaper and those who represent it. If these baggars were serious about curbing the circulaton of porn they would have been at town centre were its sold openly as well as on cairo road were impondo will offer ….’ka private viewing bosses’ as you are stuck in traffic. I alerted the police officers pretending to be patrolling and they couldnt be bothered on one occassion….anyway, off for a knee massage pa CT.

  55. Zambia is slowly but steadilybecoming a failed state in every sense of the word.

  56. iwe ka bachelor, get some sense between those two kangoroo type of ears. GRZ and RB have no case here, its just a matter of them trying to occupy empty tins like yourselves with nothing to think about. Mark my words, this is anither emabarrsement for RB and will go down well for Chansa and the Post. Watch this space mwaiche

  57. RB should also be arrested for possession of obscene material!!!!
    useless boma!

  58. #69 You are just victims of propaganda, the post is playing on people’s emotions, what you are forgetting is that the Post is a private newspaper. The only way for them to push sales is to capitalise on other people’s misery. They also want to get people’s sympathy by trying to get themselves caught up in what appears like a moral issue. This is all working to their favor, get sympathy, get all sales and have loyal blind followers like yourself. The post does not stand for anthing, have you already forgetten the Zambian Airways scandal, or the election rigging tactics of 2006 and the fact that they were trying to get there boy Magande to be President so that they can continue stealing using purppet leaders like the late Mwanawasa? Where are the true victims of this story, I ask again?

  59. whoever is saying she should leave it to Mmembe to fight it out himself is a geek! ni kuwe,they are all is this together as Post Newspapers though she is just a pawn in the very dirty game between MMD and the Post.Go Chansa fight for what you believe in regardless of what it takes!

  60. So many illiterates on LT!Where in the story have you seen the word “pornography” that you keep talking about?Read the charge clearly and tell your lawyers to prepare a defence against
    “circulating obscene materials” and not your pornography you keep bringing up here. The charges are very clear so if you plan to enter the “not guilty” plea then be prepared to prove elements in court: (1)the material that was circulated was not obscene material or (2)if the material in question was obscene,it was NOT circulated.Bear in mind an apology that the post issued in their paper about the same pictures .This charge,unlike the charge of pornography,will be tricky to defend so advise your lawyers properly.Me I would only ask to be in the same prison cell with her and locked in the same…

  61. Some of you are funny, the Post has been operating for at least 18 years now, they have a 101 chances of exposing Zambia’s poor health system so this situation is nothing new to the average Zambian, we all know our hospitals are poorly equiped and the government administrations of the MMD have done thing to improve things, so the point that some of you are putting across that Chansa is fighting to expose what is wrong with our society is just dead wrong. This has nothing to do with that, the Post saw a woman going into labour and they saw an opportunity not only to push sales, but to try and discredit the current government because they betted on a wrong horse by supporting Magande.

  62. The post is my favourite newspaper but I must mention that the editor crossed the line big time. Come on guys, just because the pictures where published by the Post does not make it right. Wrong is wrong. You can’t have pictures of a woman giving birth – a sacred part of human nature, brought out in the public. Imagine if that woman was your sister, wife, mother or girlfriend. Infact I keep wondering why this woman hasn’t sued. Kabwela should be locked up for a very long time. Let her feel the wrath of prison bars. Shame on her.

  63. My advice to this beautiful chic awaiting jail is to enter a plea bargain so that she gets a lesser sentence.I hope our legal/judicial system provides for such.

  64. Thank God am no longer in Zambia,but I feel sorry for my fellow Zambians suffering and living in fear at the hands of this demonic government of ruphiah banda.2011 is too far for many poor Zambians they need to be rescued now!! RB must be castrated and hanged!!

  65. I think RB and all those hoodlums that support him are all pereverts. Why isn’t he telling the nation what his economic stategies are for Zed during this global economic crisis? He and his dead beats in in his party are busy talking crap whilst each day goes by without any serious GP about developiing the nation. Why did he marry someone less than half his age, when he was supposed to be looking after his late friends grandchild. So does that not make him a prev? For him to conclude that a mother giving birth was porn is beyond any noramal understanding. what would he think about kids being tought about sex education in class with distrubing grapics from how a man and woman have sex to the point where a lady gives birth.

  66. I wish Elijah was still alive today, he would have ordered fire from heaven to consume RB and his dead beat ministers and all who support him. That is my prayer from now on enough is enough power must change hands it is high time the kingdom of light which is the new breed of young intellectual minds and freash blood to replace those tired devils agents oppressing my fellow people. Like pharao he refused the children of israel to go, in fact he refused seven times but God is not aslumber RB and the rest of the fools must repent of their evil or else woe to them. God of Elijah ARISE!! it is time for justice to be served on those oppressing your people in Zambia. Chansa Keep up the good work of exposing the devil and his agents in Government. I will be praying for you from Midnight tonight

  67. Chad you call all bloggers embiciles Walisamwa mumbwe iwe What sense have you seen in RB arresting an innocent editor If you really have got brsin coning just shut up makaka iwe

  68. Can we all just keep silent, as Zambians we talk to much, its time we acted, our words are just like wind, at least even wind brings change to the world in some way.

  69. #78 Kadopi. We understand the difference. It is president Banda who does not understand the difference. At his press conference he said that the Post was a malicious newspaper, which had even gone to the extent of publishing ‘pornography’. Most bloggers are basing their argument on what the President said.

  70. Pornography is the depiction of sexual behavior that is intended to arouse sexual excitement in its audience. During the twentieth century, Americans debated whether pornographic material should be legally protected or banned. Those who believe pornography must be protected argue that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, including sexual expression. Traditional opponents of pornography raise moral concerns, arguing that the First Amendment does not protect expression that corrupts people’s behavior. Toward the end of the century, some feminists advocated suppressing pornography because it perpetuates gender stereotypes and promotes violence against women.

    Pornography has been regulated by the legal standards that govern the concept of…

  71. Definition of Pornography-Pornography is the explicit depiction or exhibition of sexual activity in literature, films or photography that is intended to stimulate erotic, rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

  72. The definition of pornography has historically been difficult and sometimes controvercial. The word itself comes from a Greek word meaning “writing about prostitutes.” Some have said this original root word is no longer relevant to the modern usage of the term “pornography.” Some radical feminists, for reasons I will discuss in future articles, consider this a useful starting-point for a modern analysis.

    Both American commissions on pornography and obscenity had trouble with the terms “erotica,” “pornography,” and “obscenity.”

    The Johnson Commission (1970) decided that the term pornography had “no legal significance” and that is “often denotes subjective disapproval of certain materials rather than their content or effect.” Erotica was determined to simply be…

  73. The charge is not pornography but circulation of obscene material. Good job Zambia Police. Job well done.

    The law is the law and must be enacted on every citizen.

  74. Test of obscenity
    “….an article shall be deemed to be obscene if its effect is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter……..

    A person shall not be convicted of an offence………if it is proved that publication of the article in question is justified as being for the public good on the ground that it is ………….of other objects of general concern.

    So RB as complainant, has to prove that he was corrupted “morally or sensuality” by the picture he received from The Post.—We wait.

  75. What about the family member who took the photo and went with it to the post? how come there is no mention of his/her arrest or police caution. They said the picture was circulated on the internet, how come the police have failed to arrest the people who circulated the material in the first place. the Picture(s) Were not published in the paper but sent to the relevant authorities, can somoene plese tell me what crime the Editor committed? Midnight is just a few hours away, I will be on my knees to ask God whos is the judge of all the earth to rule in this matter and the counsel of RB and any corrupt people will not stand. That spirit of pharao that is behind RB must die in JESUS name

  76. Kelchi says:
    July 13, 2009 at 3:10 pmpolicemen in zambia should know who to arrest, thieves are busy exchanging guns with them and they cant arrest them, but about an innoncent lady bafundumana no kufundumana.

    You have made my day, “bafundumana no kufundumana.”

  77. Propaganda is communication aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense, often presents information primarily in order to influence its audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively (thus lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or gives loaded messages in order to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the attitude toward the subject in the target audience to further a political agenda.

    Propaganda is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist.

  78. Nice conclusion to the matter Bachelor. Indeed RB is trying to sway our attention form his incompetence nece ever so often screaming blue murder at around the POST at every conference. Not anymore, we have had it!

  79. What do you expect from a president with “ama nkwinya pa menso?”. She was just doing her job. Even the monkeys now know that Zambia has gone to the dogs.

  80. We all know that nowdays people in Zambia do watch porno thru. TV. Are all these people with porno channels going to be arrested or what is RB doing about that? RB was dancing with Zuma surrounded by girls showing breasts, he did not even close his eyes and his mouth was all water. No fool has ever complained. This girl was trying to champion a case and here we are behaving like we are still in the early stone-age. Just wait until Zambia becomes like Zimbabwe after all Banda is Magabes best friend

  81. Disgusting!!! Pure intimidation. can someone please locate Kolwe kanitundila. He needs to work again.

  82. What shall we do, what shall we say, do these politicians and police officers read peoples views on these blogs, then they will understand how people are feeling. So shameful..

  83. #79 and 80. Those pictures were not published in The Post. That’s why RB has not sued The Post but Kabwela Chansa Ngilazi who sent them. Those pictures were sent to NGOCC and RB for them to see the extent of the strike. Besides, those pictures were taken by the husband of the woman who was giving birth.

  84. By the end of the day it all depends on who is looking…..Some people saw the critoris in that pic, others the labia others pubic hair, stuff they shouldnt have seen! The circulation was also unsolicited for; While other saw pain and suffering. What will the Judge see? Will the same pictures be availed to the Judge ?

  85. Dear Lord,we pray for our beloved country Zambia that you may let it rise above its troubles like an eagle on our national flag.We pray for wise ,credible and honest leaders to be elected in office.We commission the hand of the Living God to move on our behalf and heal our land Zambia.We access your annointing that breaks the yoke and in this case our current burden is this present government.We pray that You destroy this yoke of oppression and free our people from lack and poverty.Let the cry of our people like the woman who gave birth on the street reach the heavens and like the Israelites come out of that bondage with great wealth and victory,It is in Jesus’ name we pray.AMEN

  86. #8, you are totally right!! It is amazing that our law enforcement agencies can stoop so low. I think that the notion of pornography has been totally misconstrued and this is just a personal vendetta but alas, its is a good thing that she has been taken to court because now the real losers will come out in the open. I hope that the man who ordered the arrest can also testify. Long live Zambia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. straight up bull..she was just doing her job. what was obscene in that picture…they cant even differentiate between obscene and disturbing pictures..does this mean that reporters aren’t suppose to take pictures IN PUBLIC of events if they are sensitive??? what kind of crap is this??

  88. #107 are you comments serious or are you trying to crack us up? if any one saw what you are suggesting then they are sick, twisted and deranged. that picture cut me deep, and it was all caused by the negligent MMD ..they didn’t want to address the situation…

  89. According to current GRZ theory, we must conclude that police should now arrest all the doctors, nurses and scientists for being in possession of GRZ defined porn material. Further all heath centres must pull down all the family planning pictures and those showing STIs! What a shame!

  90. 80 LIVINGSTONIAN, learn to read before writing , are just a cleaner, there in London. You are also not part of the the Brain drain in Zambia. Zambians were even laughing when you left, because they what type of ***** Britain were getting.

  91. …is where u find dogs ruling and monkeys pissing on the top dog to wake him up. top dog thinks its a blessing but its actually a curse!

  92. Thanks police arresting Chanda Kabwela and charging her and quickly appearing in koti. Its unbelievable at the supersonic speed the police responded to their masters voice. There are so many pipo languishing in prisons now for yrs and ve neva appeared in court but for this young lady its express. I hope the police are aware of the implications of this case, it started with poor administration of health delivery system. Its like showing a picture of a dead man crushed under a mangled truck body then accuse one of murder case. Let those who care for the less privaleged express solidality with Ms Kabwela. Its good the matter is expressly before the competent courts and she will be accorded a chance to defend herself. Its bad that the majority of NGOs, Politicians and other stakeholders are ze

  93. t of things will unfold in court and my guess is as gud as any other concerned citizen. Its all trying to save the master’s voice from shame. ZP is as usual is being forced to grow hair on an egg. Its a pity some few yrs ago when a young lady was almost sriped naked by call boys at town centre women of all shapes and colors went ot ZPHQ to protest but this time around when someone in confidence wanted to bring to the attention of those in authority to pay attention to suffering women in labour and others whose death could have bin avoided. Everybody is indwi. Bustards. This country is no better thasn Iraq. This should serve as a lesson to every vigilant citizen to condem GRZ action of silencing the press. Its Zambia One who blew the lid open. The whole country is in the DOCK. Shame upon…

  94. #107 you should be serious with what you blog this matter is serious and calls for level headedness. Chanda is appearing in court on raising serious issue with the authorities and to cover up their mishandling of the matter they have found a scape goat and the judgement may be in her favour or not depending on the mood of the judge like some case a few years ago. If the case goes against her it will mean serving a setence and by the time an appeal is made damadge could have bin done to a free press and Chanda’s life. Journalism has big enemy No.1 for those in authority world over. These guys in power only interest in journalists is when they carry stories in their favour and not otherwise. There are alot of evil being committed by those in power and the rich in society on fpress can…

  95. Arrest all those who demonstrate how to put on condoms and printers of Posters on Sexually Transmitted Diseases. They expose obscenities to the public including children who visit health centres.

    We should have one Law for the same deed

  96. She broke the law and anyone who breaks the law deserves to be prosecuted.

    If you break the law in the US or UK, the local constablia would never let you slide. Zambia is a nation governed by laws. The law does not allow distributing material showing peoples genitals. If it was a picture of her mother, would she have circulated it the way she did? What if it was a picture of your mother; would you sit back and watch it being circulated by the Post and do nothing?

    Zambia is special because we have culture and tradition that teach us to behave responsibly, and going around circulating pictures of nudity is not acceptable. This young reporter seems to have been used by Mmembe to betray her own conscience and values in the name of press freedom. It is embarrassing that we can let our…

  97. 122 op Mambo, you are a caveman wanker. If Zambia is so good , then what are you doing in Britain. So dum ***** , lets say that they where a million Zambians been touched and hanged, info and pics of the event can not be distributed because of law. you would have no problem with that. I am ashamed of Zambian like you.

  98. Fred has resorted to using young girls to further his ill motives. If he is as brave as he claims, he should have written the letters and circulated those pictures himself. He knew she’d be in trouble and he left her to face the authorities herself. He is nowhere to be seen yet his ka girl is in trouble. If she thought what she did was right, she would not have written a letter to NGOCC appologising for this irresponsible act. Shame!

  99. If it was a picture of my mother being circulated around, I’d certainly be suing the Post for everything it has today because it is WRONG! This is not how we were raised. Chansa should have written to the organizations like she did but it is disrespectful and immoral for her to have included the pictures. If she was raised right, she would have known this

  100. 123 Kelvin, i forgive you because i am a Christian and a Pastor, and i live in the light of Jesus. You must be ignorant of culture, tradition and morals because you think distributing pictures of someones mother, someones sister and someones wife giving birth, is the correct action to take during a nurses strike. Well, if you were Christian you’d know that we are not taught to act in this disgraceful way. We are taught to respect our parents, our sisters and our wives, and not to turn them into sacrificial lambs to prove a point. Once again, I forgive you! Please learn about Jesus why he gave his life for you. You’ll learn to respect your mother and stop thinking that it is right to parade her naked body in public.

  101. BTW i live in Zambia but travel a lot to raise money for our church activities like providing ARV’s, supporting medical facilities in compounds, free treatment of malaria, marriage counselling, educating the less privaleged, to name a few. I know we have not done enough but i am working day and night to do better. Thank you for letting Jesus into your heart by reading my comment. Now let Jesus take over and you’ll be saved!

  102. You know what ! Op Mambo, for a man that preaches god, you surely have not seen the bigger picture here. I am very open minded person. It is important that Zambia does not stay in 18 century. If someone takes pictures of people suffering in-order to show the reality of what was happening to government official that have never ever visited any hospital during that period. The Zambian Government is to slow trying to Block freedom of expression. Secondly those Photo were not going to be published , it was meant for 3 government official who needed a reality check, instead they connected the police, but they never solved the problem that people are dying, where is the Christianity in that.

  103. “Pictures of the woman giving birth, to a child which subsequently died, were taken by a family member and handed to the Post.” from the BBC.

    The editors’ decision to post copies of the pictures to government ministers to focus their minds on the consequences of the strike did not go down well, the BBC’s Jonah Fisher reports from Zambia

    At a press conference, Zambian President Rupiah Banda condemned the Post for circulating what he called pornography.(two months before the president attended a ceremony where young bare breasted and half naked woman were dancing for him.)

  104. i saw the pics.i think there are really disturbing.tears filled my eyes.my hairs literally moved.howeva,its sad the young lady is going down for such.in my opinion that isnt porn.porn usually does not leave one with the effects i have briefly mentioned above.infact those pics had an opposite effect from porn.
    mayb ms kabwela shud have circulated the pics in the manner she did (purely on moral grounds).im sure the post like many other private media houses can easily secure person to person appointments with the big shots she was targeting.an appointment with health minister at 10hours at cabinet office.may she shud have done that.on the other hand there may never had been time to do that given the fact that the minister was busy trying to sort out the issue.anyway let me no folo that line

  105. i think the solution is not in arresting the lady.mayb we can use the lawyer fees and all the associated costs to try and improve some conditions for these health workers.i know the money wont be much but i know our mothers in rural areas give birth in even in wheelburrows because the nearest clinic is very far.mayb we can target our resources towards taking health delivery nearer to the pipo.when we arrest her then what?lets be forward looking.gentlemen lets pray for this nation.for some us its the only place we can safely and proudly call home.i love zambia.its all we have got.lets pray to pur God.

  106. According to this publication, on 13 April, prominent lawyer Mumba Kapumpa said business was “not just about making profits because most major decisions made when dealing with public resources meant to foster social economic development affected the lives of many Zambians.

    “He also called on all corporate institutions to take their corporate social responsibility seriously and treat their human resource as an important asset since they could not succeed without it.

    “Mr Kapumpa, however, said good corporate governance could not guarantee an end to corruption and theft as long as people in decision making positions continued to be greedy and ignored the greater good.”

    Don’t these institutions include University Teaching Hospital and the government that is supposed to be…

  107. You actually make it seem so easy together with your presentation however I find this matter to be really something which I feel I’d never understand. It kind of feels too complex and very broad for me. I am having a look ahead in your subsequent put up, I’ll try to get the hold of it!

Comments are closed.

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