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PF denies violence accusations

Headlines PF denies violence accusations

Patrotic Front cadres
Patrotic Front cadres
The PF has refuted allegations that its supporters are causing

violence in Chitambo constituency by-election campaigns in Serenje district.

Lusaka Mayor, Robert Chikwelete, has said he is disappointed that the MMD has implicated him in the violence in which two supporters of the ruling party at Chalilo in Chitambo constituency were on Sunday beaten up by suspected PF carders.

Meanwhile Central Province Police Commanding Officer, Simon Mpande, has warned that anyone who will cause lawlessness in Chitambo constituency by-election will face the law.

The MMD complained bitterly on Sunday after two of their supporters were beaten by PF cadres.

In an interview at Chalilo yesterday, PF constituency youth Chairperson, Katobaula Mpundu, said the PF was provoked by the victims who were beaten.

He explained that Morris Mwansa and Lloyd Kabanga who were beaten up strayed into the PF camp in a drunken state and started making noise demanding to be given nshima.

“We were not there when it all started but what we were told is that the two MMD cadres were drunk and provoked those that remained at the camp. How can they come drunk and start making noise at our camp. It is unfortunate because we have been peaceful all along,” he said.

Mr Mwansa and Mr Kabango were admitted to Serenje district hospital for observation on Sunday and medical officer, Dr Jackson Kasela, discharged them yesterday after attending to them.

Mr Chikwelete said it was unfortunate that the MMD allegedly implicated him in the violence.

“It is shameful for the MMD to start talking about cadres. I was not even anywhere near when the incident happened and I am one person who cannot support such,” he said.

He said he would not be involved in politics as he was above politics by virtue of the mayoral position he holds and charged that the MMD were allegedly behaving like that because they knew they were losing the election.

Mr Chikwelete said he did not even travel to Serenje to campaign but his trip was purely on family affairs to see his parents and other relatives at the village at Chalilo, adding that be travelled with his two nephews and one young brother who were not even cadres.

The Lusaka mayor charged that his life was in danger and that whatever would happen to him the MMD would be accountable.

Mr Chikwelete also said police should not work under instructions but should investigate matters and act professionally.

The Police Commanding Officer, Mr Mpande, yesterday described the situation in Chitambo as calm, saying police were watching vigilantly and would not tolerate any lawlessness.

Mr Mpande, who just returned from Chalilo, however said anyone who will cause violence will face the law.

Chief Chitambo, whose palace is within Chalilo area, condemned the violence and called for peaceful campaigns by all participating political parties.

Chitambo parliamentary seat fell vacant after the death of Nasim Hamir on May 1 this year and has four candidates vying for it in the by-elections scheduled for next month on 13th.

These include Dr Solomon Musonda for MMD, Evans Chola for FDD, Chanda Mutale for PF and Timothy Kapolo for UNIP.


  1. Are these not the same bushy manners that were taking place in Mugabe land (previously known as Zimbambwe)? was it struggle for power and freedom or meali meal and MMD T-shirts?

  2. ba MMD u have faild wat,s with you dnt u accept difeat u are foolish and as well as yo president thick head nyama soya defiller

  3. PF must be very popular, that they even have cadrez able to beat poeple in Chitambo! I have friendz in MMD, UPND, UNIP, PF, NADA, PUD, FDD, ULP, UPP, HERITAGE, NCP, NGP, and even in partiez where the prezident iz the only member, and I can’t imagine any1 beating the other since they are all Zambianz.

  4. On : ” He explained that Morris Mwansa and Lloyd Kabanga who were beaten up strayed into the PF camp in a drunken state and started making noise demanding to be given nshima.” This kind of behaviour by PF cadres is uncalled for. There is no justification to beating someone to the point of being hospitalized for reasons that he was making noise demanding for Nshima. A few slaps on the face would have been enough.

  5. # 10 We Can are you by any chance related to Maestro? Nimbona copy and paste of text.Or perhaps Maesto has come to RSA?

  6. #11, bob doe,

    What evidence do you have that I copy and paste? I challenge you to copy and Paste this word: WE CAN . OR you have to apologize to me!

  7. When I was a bit younger, I used to say “sorry but maale (it was happen for the better)“. Too bad for those who were beaten following “We were not there when it all started but what we were told is that the two MMD cadres were drunk and provoked those that remained at the camp. How can they come drunk and start making noise at our camp. It is unfortunate because we have been peaceful all along“. I am just wondering whether those who were beaten are real MMD cadres. Whatever the case, fighting is not good and PF cadres ought to refrain from such behaviour.

    All the best PF as UPND-PF PACT in the elections and may you succeed.
    Psalm 16:
    8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  8. But why are people surprised about such incidences? Uyimbwa ulupakishe in Zambian politics. So without blaming anyone we just have to accept these ills and come up with a way to stop the rot. I have longed for a time when institutions like FODEP Anti-voter apathy or ZIMT (R.I.P) to be educating people by hosting workshops and tournaments to promulgate good electoral practices and a sense being humane towards others. That should be done at all times not when we know that Dr Chishima has resigned or an MP has died because depending on such is not strategic for an organisation in rather unpredictable elections. Education of these imbutuma or vindele cannot be effective just by holding a press conference just to create an activity to show donors that you have spent money wisely.

  9. #14 WE CAN You want evidence? For real? okey check the article and check what you wrote in #10 …duh! I’m convinced you are related to Maestro. No offense we all have a twin in this world!
    Guess you want to show off the little IT you learned hey? Obviosly you can’t copy and paste WE CAN

  10. Mr CHIKWELETE just tell us the truth…How come your family visit coincides perfectly with the by-election? Who do you think you kidding? Do you think we are kids? You are now behaving like a child…the ENTIRE MAYOR of the Capital City of Zambia, you don’t even feel ashamed of yourself! It is even better for you to just admit and say that you went there for elections but you don’t condone violence…OR even better just say sorry to the people of Zambia for hiding behind a family visit to cause violence. Don’t be silly! Start behaving like a Mayor! Now I actually believe that you were just imposed upon other councillors by your Sata.

  11. PATRIOTIC FRONT as a party you have the responsibility to behave well like other Zambians. This loutish, ruffian, street-gang type of behavior has no place in modern Zambia and is only helping to alienate your president even more from the people of Zambia. Continue behaving like this and you will never see the door of state house as a party. You must behave, remember that 2011 is Sata’s last chance to stand in any elections. Beyond 2011 nobody will ever take him serious although you could still continue voting for him as a party. You cannever win an election as Patriotic Front alone, you need the support of other citizens. But…who cares??!! Rupiah is busy making big blunders and you PF guys are busy with your violence instead of taking advantage of his mistakes to win votes. WASTE!

  12. Recently at a funeral in lusaka i was shown the Mayor of lusaka.i had no words but to weep.at first i couldn’t believe but when i saw a kapaso trailing this man i believed.the man is beyond description.he was in a suit if it was on may the 1st you can mistake him to be on a labour day parade from one of the security companies.and the guy could not nail his ass to one place.he was just all over showing off.people wondered where people of high stature have gone to in zambia.people recalled the good times of people like FISHO MWALE,PATRICK KANGWA,PATRICIA NAWA and the like.what lusaka has now in office as a mayor is a tragedy.if lusaka been the capital can have such what more other towns.

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